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Christmas Is The Season of Good ‘Will’, Magic & Miracles. But Will Smith Proves Extra Special Magic Can Be Found All Year Round…

You Just Need To Know Where To Look!

Super Smooth. The Book Cover of “Will” By Will Smith Is Smooth To The Touch. But of Course, Don’t Judge It By That. The Real Beauty Comes Fron The Inside!

The Magic Touch

The One Man Show

The Book

The Process

The Magical Power of Self-Empowerment

The Fans

The Graham Norton Show, King Richard, And Hamilton

The Magic Touch

The London Leg of The Will Smith Book Tour Comes To The Savoy Theatre

You’ve Got To Be In It To Win It. And Will Smith Is In It. He’s In The Habit of Believin’ In Magic. And Oh Yes, Magic Works! That’s Accordin’ To Him, His Late Grandmother Gigi And His Hollywood Rainmaker Mentor Quincy Jones. There’s A Special Powerful Trick To Conjurin’ The Magic. It Lives Inside of Each of Us. And The Trick Is To Conjure It Up From Within. It’s Just A Matter of Movin’ The Mental Furntiure Out of The Way. Unblockin’ The Cave. Activatin’ The Alchemy. So Says Will In His New Memoir, The Self Assured And The Self Titled “Will”. It Is Clearly A Book Only Possible After A Powerful And Life Changin’ Arch of Self Development From The Man In Black.

Tickets To The London Leg of Will’s Book Tour At The Savoy Theatre On Thursday November 18 2021 Sold Out Within Seconds. 120 Seconds To Be Precise. Within Two Minutes of The Hotline Openin’ They Were Gone. Billed By AGT (The Ambassador Theatre Group) As Will Smith: An Evenin’ of Stories With Friends The Event Was Hosted By Idris Elba. With Two of The Hottest Names On The Planet It Is Little Wonder Tickets Sold Out Within Two Minutes. This Was Will’s Only London Book Tour Event But The Fifth And Final One In The Series of Events Which Began With The Fresh Prince Talkin’ Hip Hop Queen, Queen Latifah In Philladelphia AKA Philly. Latifah Actually Appeared In The Fresh Prince & Credited Smith For Givin Her & Others Their Breaks.

He Travelled On To Brooklyn New York Where Film Producer Spike Lee Was His Host. And Then To The Chicago Theatre Where Co-author Mark Manson Played Host And Los Angeles Dolby Theatre Where He Spoke To Film Producer Ava Duvernay.

Will The Audio Book Is Read By The Man Himself Which Is A Special Treat. Members of The Audience At His Book Tour Event At The Savoy Theatre London Also Enjoyed A Live Personal Readin’ From Him. And He Also Shares Some of The Most Influential Music In His Life At It Takes Will. DJ Jazzy Jeff Was In The House On The Night And Will Spoke Passionately About How Impressive His Work Ethic Is When It Comes To Music. This Is A Work Ethic The DJ Built Whilst Seriously Ill. He is A Star In His Own Right As Will Told Us More About Him On The Night.
Media Power House Oprah Winfrey Has Described The Book As “The Best Autobiography I’ve Ever Read”

The One Man Show

The Magic Was In Full Motion On The Graham Norton Show (GNS) Friday 26 November 2021 When Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton Fame Agreed To Work With Will On A One Man Show About Him And His Life. Mr Miranda Was Unexpectedly On The Receivin’ End of An Invite From Mr Smith To Get Involved In His Latest Autobiographical Venture. And He Looked Thrilled And Shocked In Equal Measure. Watch This Space! And Before That Watch BBC iplayer To Catch This Very Special Episode of (GNS) The Graham Norton Show.

Will Was Back In London This Time On The GNS Promotin’ His Other Media Triumph “King Richard”. It Is The Story of Serena & Venus Bein’ Coached To Tennis Excellence By Their Father Who Cultivated A Vision of Great Power For Them Before They Were Even Born. King Will Plays King Richard.

Photo: ‘Will’ The Autobiography By Will Smith. Mr Willard Carroll Smith II. Seen Here With Mr Willard Carroll Smith I. We Believe This Is One of The Best Photographs Ever Taken In The History of Photographs. It’s A Beauty On So Many Levels. No Wonder Will Selected It For His Powerful Book

The Book

Even The Book Cover of Mr Smith’s Modern Day Memoir Is Super Smooth. It Is A Heavyweight, High Grams And High Quality Cover, Embossed With Raised Capital Letters Spellin’ Out The Author’s Name And It Features An Artist’s Impression of His Likeness, Against A Canvas of Vertical Lines In Black, Peach, Yellow And Blue. It Looks Great. It Feels Great. It Feels Special. And It Is Special! Like Its Author It Is World Class!

TheOrator.Press Has Read Hundreds of Celeb’ Literary Offerings. Some Horribly Written. Some Barely Even Written. Some Ghost Written With More Ghostly Goings On Than Halloween. “Will” By Will Smith In Association With Mark Manson Is A Brave Autobiography Written With Cool Middle Age Authority And Worthy of Being An Educational Tool In Secondary Schools And Within The Arena of Global Scholarly Philosophy On Humanity. We Learn Alot. Not Least of All About Hollywood Workings.

Smith Reveals He Has Lived Through Genuine Gut Churnin’ Childhood Fear Which Impacted His Whole Life For A Very Long Time. And Yet He Came From A Good Home. But His Father Was Fearsome. And Sometimes Violent. Judgementally Will Was Later Considered By Some To Have Had Too Good A Life To Even Try Becomin’ A Rapper. Why? Tragically And Tellingly Because He Was Raised By Both A Mother And A Father! And Then Later, After The Success of Provin’ The Doubters Wrong, Came Further Confliction When Seriously Hard Times Endured And He Became Acutely Aware of Certain Sections of The Society Who Were Suffice To Say ‘Purveyors of Adult Pharmaceuticals’.

Will’s Book Tour Event Host, Idris Elba, Posted This Picture of Himself With Book In Hand Beside Will At The Stage Door of The Savoy Theatre

The Process

Followin’ Various Conflictions In His Life And Impacts On His Identity He Has Done The Recovery Work To Counter These Contradictions And Conflictions And Successfully Move Past Them. He Makes Clear It Is Not An Easy Thing To Do. But Ultimately It’s Worth It As It Is Literally Life Changin’ For The Better!

He Shares Examples of Three Very Different Powerful Generational Familial Influencers In His Life. Namely Two Parents, And One Highly Religious Grandparent. Each Within The Context of A Good But Tough African-American Upbringin. He Had His Father’s Tough ‘Wall’ Work Ethic Installed In Him. He Was Inspired By His Mother’s High Intelligence And Love of Books. And He Had His Grandmother Who Guided Against Usin’ Profanity In HIs Music. This Is Something That Powerfully Distinguishes Him From Many Others Within The Genre. Indeed If There Is One Criticism of This Book It Is That He Did Not Transfer This Writin’ Skill To His Autobiography. He Is Far To Smart To Have Succumbed To So Much Unnecessary Profanity. Which Ironically His Rap’ Writin’ Has Proved Time & Time Again Musically.

He Lived In One Household With Three Other Siblings And Yet Each Child Manifested Three Very Different Responses & Approaches To Their Sometimes Tough Familial Reality. At Some Point He Recognised He Needed Help To Deal With The Interpretation of His Experiences. So He Went And Got It. He Processed It. Owned It. And Genuinely Got Better. Lived Different. And Now Talks Different Havin’ Wholly Embraced Self Development. Then And Only Then Did He Decide To Help Others By Sharin His Experiences In This Book. And Also Tellingly – Only After His Father Passed Away – Followin’ Years of Regular Smokin’.

Photo: Will By Will Smith. Gigi & Mom-Mom Who He Describes As “Black Excellence”. Gigi Is The Greatest Name We’ve Ever Heard For A Grandparent. Affectionate Yet Powerful & Cool, As Indeed Was The Lady Herself According To Will. He Also Reveals That His Mum Was An Intellectual Who Loved To Read & Was A Leader Educationally

The Magical Power of Self-Improvement

He Still Looks Like, Sounds Like And Acts Like The Same Will Smith We Came To Know & Love. But He’s Not. Now He’s The Real Will Smith. An Even Better Version of The Guy We Met In Bel Air In 1990. That Young, Keen, Green Will Smith Was Wearin’ A Mask & Still Findin’ His Feet. He Was Loveable But Has Since Revealed That Donned A Self-imposed, Invisible, Survival Mask (Long Before Covid Made Masks What They Are Today). Now He’s More Knowing. More In Tune With His True Self. And Paradoxically – Despite Bein’ An Actor’ Less Inclined To Be Someone Else. There Are Laugh Out Loud Moments Along The Way. Pain Too. But Ultimately Empowerment.

And He’s Still Growin’. In The End, He Was With His Father To The End. And The Exploration of The Different Dynamics Between This Father & Son Is One of The Most Interestin’ Ones. He Is Now A Father Himself of Course And That Threw Up Numerous Challenges. As Has His Marriage To Hollywood Actress Jada. But Ultimately He Found Peace, Love And Happiness. With His Father. With His Wife And With His Kids. And Most Importantly ~ With Himself ~ From Which All Else Flows.

The Ultimate Message? We All Have Magic Within Us. The Question Is Do We Have The Courage, Self Love And ‘Willingness’ To Go Find It? The Pursuit of Happiness Remains All Powerful.

The Fans

Photo: TheOrator.Press ~ Brenda Emmanus Pictured In The Savoy Forecourt

Brenda Emmanus, Veteran Entertainment Reporter Turned Up To The Savoy To Report On Will & Idris In Action. She Is Busy On Various Entertainment Assignments In London And Around The World Includin’ Fashion Shows In Africa, Workin’ for The Britsh Library And Previewin’ & Reviewin’ Films At The BFI. Indeed She Recently Saw King Richard Starrin’ Will Smith At A British Film Institute London Film Festival Preview And Told Us How Much She Liked It And Why It Should Be Shown In Schools As Inspiration To Young Black Kids. And Families.

Exterior of The British Library Readin’ Room And Glass Roof of The Great Court

Will Smith Fan, Style & Fashion Expert Emmanus, Told Us That She Puts Her Evergreen Looks Down To Daily Doses of Aloe Vera & Regular Exercise
Photo: Fashion Show Runway Model
Emmanus Is Impressed With Will & Idris

Photo: TheOrator.Press ~ Quincy Pictured Inside The Savoy Hotel

Stand Up Comedian Cockney Prince ‘Qunicy’ Got A Shout Out From Will Who Had Been Speakin’ About The Holllywood Mover & Shaker Quincy Jones. He Teased The Audience That Quincy Was In The House And They Got All Excited With Anticaption At Seein Mr Jones (Indeed ‘Mr Smith & Mr Jones’ Together). They Laughed & Took It In Good Humour When Will Announced The Quincy In The House Was The Cockney Prince Not The Hollywood King. And The Jesture Graciously Took A Bow After Playin’ His Part In The Comedy Moment. Music Man Jazzy Jeff Was In The House Though And Will & He Enjoyed Some Great Musical Performances.

Qunicy, Comedian & Radio Host of ‘Extra Time Fridays’ on Community Radio Station Supreme FM He Describes His Show As “Graham Norton Show Meets The One Show With Extra Seasonin.”

Quincy Jones Played A Magical Role InWill Smith’s Career
Cockney Prince Quincy Says You Can’t Beat Two Generations of Men Reasonin’

Idris Fan Brenda Emmanus Is Coverin’ What African Has To Offer, Includin’ Trade Expos, Fashion Shows & Rich Writin From African Literary Afficionados Such As Wole Soyinka, Who She Has Been Commissioned To Interview For The British Libary.

Photo: TheOrator.Press ~ Deborah Ayorinde Pictured Outside The Savoy Theatre

Model Deborah Ayorinde @itsdeborah Was At The Savoy Theatre On Thursday November 18 2021 To The See Will & Idris In Conversation. She Is Soon To Star In A New ITV Drama Production Called “Riches” Which Has Been Describe As Similar To The American Hit “Succession” Starrin’ The Very Cool . Hugh Quereshie Will Be Starrin’ In It Along Side Her. The “Glossy” Series Is Written By Abby Ajayi & Produced By Independent Production Company Greenacre. In The Series Ayorinde Will Play Nina The Estranged Daughter of A Self-Made Millionaire. Filimin’ Has Already Started, In London For This Six Part Series.

She Recently Revealed In An Interview With Indie Wire Magazine That After Starrin’ In The Intense Amazon Prime Drama Series ‘Them’ That She Undertook Therapy, Having Availed Herself of The ‘On Set Therapist’ Provided By The Studio. Such Provision By The Studio Is Very Modern Safeguarding Indeed. And Availin Herself of Such Services Is Very Strong And Impressive Self Love On Her Part. Will Would Be Impressed With Both of Them, As Are We.

In Fact She Has Been Nominated For A Satelite Award For Her Role As Lucky Emory In This Series By Little Marvin About A Black Well To Do Family Livin’ In A White Neighbourhood And Subjected The Most Evil of Racism.

Ayorinde Has Also Acted With American Actor & Comedian Kevin Hart In Nexflix Movie Fatherhood Earlier This Year

Spice Girl & Civil Rights & Womens’ Rights Advocate Mel B, Influencer & Writer Candice Brathwaite, & Rock Star Motivational Speaker & “Child 0f God” Richard Asomugha Also Spoke To Us of Their Support For Will & Idris.

The Graham Norton Show, King Richard, And Hamilton

Virtual Guest Self-Made Theatre Thespian of Hamilton Fame, Lin Manuel Miranda, Discussed His Directorial Debute In The Form of Musical Film ‘Tick…Tick…Boom’ The 1990 Autobiographical Story From Subsequent Rent Writer Jonathan Larrson, Now Starrin’ Andrew Garfield.

Will Talks About The Physical Impact of Covid Durin’ This Appearance On The Graham Norton Show (GNS) With Fellow Penguin Random Ouse Author, Richard Osman, Who Was Promoting His New Book The Man Who Died Twice And Is The Host of Richard Osman’s House of Games BBC Two (Which Frankly Far Outshines Pointless From Whence This OxBridge Graduate Hails). Also On The Show Were Will Smith Fans And Podcast Sensation Married Couple & Social Influencers Who Recently Packed Out The O2, Chris & Rosey Ramsey. Singin Sensation ‘Yola’ Was The Special Musical Perfomer of The Night. And One Simple Practical Aspect of Brexit Was Humoursly Illustrated.

Smith Pictured (Above) In This Video Clip Proves Once Again He Is Not Afraid of The Hard Work It Takes To Transistion From A Place of Vulnerability To A Position Self Development & Self Improvement.

Richard Williams Faced At Lot of Racism & Disrespect In His Life And He Was Determined His Girls Were Goin’ To Be Special And Not Put Up With What He Had To. So He Made A Plan To Turn Them Into Tennis Champions. And It Work!

Will Smith Stars In King Richard. Released Friday November 19 2021 (The Day After The London Leg of Will’s Book Tour Event At The Savoy) It Tells The Story of Richard Williams The Father of Serena & Venus Williams, Who Trained His Daughters To Become World Class Tennis Champions. Serena & Venus Are Played By Demi Singleton & Seniyya Sidney Respectively. Aunjanue Ellis Play Mrs Oracene ‘Brandy’ Williams.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Set The Play Around The Hip Hop Music Genre Because He Believes It Has More Words Per Song Than Any Other Genre & Particularly Good Engergy

Hamilton Creator Lin Manuel Miranda, Who Rapped Freestyle With President Obama In The White House Rose Garden In 2016, Was Asked On GNS To Develop A One Man Show For Will Smith By Will Smith. The Musical Play Opened In February 2015 With Miranda In The Led Role. He Stepped Down From The Role July 2016 Allowin’ His Understudy To Step Up To The Spotlight. The Theatre Svengali Oversaw It’s Move To London Where It Is Still Runnin’ At Victoria Palace Theatre.

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