TheOrator.Press: Manners Matter! Serving & Protecting Who Exactly? Dame Dick Finally Dispatched – February 2022

Dame Dick Finally Dispatched As Mayor Khan’s ‘No Confidence’ Sanction Forces Her Resignation – February 2022

Both Issue Separate Statements On The Same Day Explainin’ Why She’s Finally Gone For Good. Some Ask What Took So Long?

Dick, Head of Met Finally Dispatched. London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Finally Gets Her Gone. Here Are Extracts of Their Respective Statements

Mayor Khan Renders “No Confidence” Sanction To Dame Dick, Now Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner

The Dispatched Commissioner Was Initially Put On Notice After A Damnin’ IOPC Report Into A WhatsApp Group of Police Officers At Charing Cross Police Station Which Circulated Offensive, Racist, Sexist, Misogynistic, Homophobic Messages. Most Officers Within The Group Are Still Workin’ Within The MET As Discussed On GMB ITV

Sadiq Khan, Who Is Both The Mayor of London And The Police & Crime Commissioner For London, Has Officially Withdrawn His Support For The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick. After Puttin’ Her On Notice Last Week That This Would Happen If She Failed To Present Are More Persuasive Action Plan For Satisfactorily Policing London, She Apparently Failed To Respond Sufficiently Pro-Actively To That Notice. Instead She Reportedly Only Submitted What Mayor Khan Considered To Be A Sub Standard Set of Proposals, Given The Gravity And Long Standin’ Nature of The Policing Problem.

To Many People Dame Dick She Has Form ‘As Long As Your Arm’ In The Shape of Police Failure After Failure After Failure. Her Biggest Failure Would Appear To Be The Police Not Appearin’ To Learn From Past Failures. Hence She And The MET Kept Repeatin’ Them. In Case After Case.

TheOrator.Press Reported Back In September 2020 How In A Channel Four Interview She Demonstrated A Disturbin’ Inability To Show Empathy To Young Black Men In The Black Community, Constantly Harrassed By Excessive, Traumatic & Often Ill-Mannered Stop And Search Impositions. She Also Said “Any Officer Worth Their Salt” Would Have Stopped The Olympic Athlete Bianca Williams. And She Said She Does Not Find The Term “Institutionally Racist” Helpful. In The Time She Had Not Been Findin’ The Term Useful And Thus Not Implementin’ Several of The Significant Changes The Macpherson Report Recommended, The MET’s Relationship With The Community At Large Plummeted. Consequently Things Got Worse.

Despite Her Constant Self-Praise Spouted Out Systematically On TV And Radio Airwaves It Has Since Deteriorated So Much The MET Has Also Since Been Declared Institutionally Misogynistic, Homophobic And Corrupt.

Report After Report Was Published, After Outrage After Outrage Was Exposed. And Ultimately The Public Trust Ran Out. And Finally So Did The Mayor’s Patience. And Ultimately, Along With It So Did His Vote of Confidence. Ding Dong Dick Has Finally Gone! However, A Key Question Is – What Took So Long?

In A Statement She Said “Havin’ Had Contact” With The Mayor Earlier In The Day (Thursday February 10 2022) He Had Left Her “No Choice But To Step Aside.”

Dick Repeatedly Refused To Go Despite Having Form For Failure “As Long As Your Arm”

Many Feel That The Former MET Commissioner Took The Institution Backwards With Her Refusal To Acknowledge That It Is Institutionally Racist As Discussed By Former MET Police Superintendant Leroy Logan On Sky News

This Is A Spectacular Development Given That Earlier In That Same Day (Thursday February 10 2022) The Commissioner Once Again Displayed Dogged Refusal To Stepdown, Durin A BBC London Radio Interview In Which She Said “I Have Absolutely No Intention of Leavin”. Yet Within Hours Later She Was Readin’ A Resignation Statement In Front of The Cameras That Very Same Evenin’.

The Very Reason She Had Been Answerin’ Yet Another Question About Whether She Would Resign Is Because So Many People She And Met Officers Had Offended Kept Callin’ For To Go After Each High Profile Failure But She Repeatedly Just Stuck Around. She Was Literally On Borrowed Time After The Mayor & Home Secretary Priti Patel Extended Her Contract, Circa September 2021 Ignoring High Profile & Community Demands Askin’ Them Not To Do So. It Was Claimed They Could Not Find A Suitable Replacement.

In His Own Statement The Mayor Said It Is Clear That The Only Way To Begin To Deliver The Scale of Change Necessary Is Through New Leadership At The Top of The Met Police.

ITV’s GMB Talkin’ To Officers On The Beat & In The Street

In Another Amazin’ Piece of Timin’ There Was The Release The Day Following’ Dame Dick Steppin’ Down, of A Report By GMB’s Nitya Rajan, In Which She Canvassed The Opinion of A Number of Officers On The Street & On The Job, Prior To The Announcement That Dick Had Resigned. She Asked If They Would Be Sorry To See Her Go (Bearin’ In Mind That Khan Had Put Her On Notice The Week Before), Whether They Had Confidence In Her, And How They Felt.

Drivin’ A Police Car With The Correspondent Sittin’ In The Back He Declined To Answer The First Question. Another Officer Said He Had Complete Confidence. And A Third, Sergeant Ben Chelton, Said He It Was Drainin’ On Morale Receivin’ Messages “From On High” About Standards If You Are Not One of The People Breakin’ Standards.

Speakin’ To ITV’s GMB, Chris Phillips, A Counter-Terrorism Officer, Outlined The Fact That She Took On The Job At A Time When Huge Cuts Were Made To The Police Service Which Was “Culled” Across The Country (This Began When Conservative Theresa May Was Home Secretary & Continued After She Became Prime Minister).

Notably, Nitja Rajan Pointed Out That Several Officers Told Her That They Felt Protected Under The Now Former Police Commissioner Dick, Because She Gave Them The Equipment They Needed, Includin’ Tazers.

Incidentally, It Is A Well Evidenced Fact That Tazer Misuse Is One of The Most Egregious, Dangerous, And Exemplified Abuses of Power Perpetrated By Police Power Abusers.

Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith Explains MET Commissioner Role Is Unique – But It’s The Charing Cross Station What’sApp Group That Did It

All English Forces Swear An Oath To Serve The Monarch In The Office of Constable With Fairness, Integrity, Dignity And Impartiality. Upholding Fundamental Human Rights And According Equal Rights To All People. To Keep The Peace And Prevent All Offences Against People & Property.

Also Speakin’ On ITV’s GMB, Was Labour’s Jackie Smith, Herself Also A Former Home Secretary, Who Also Previously Worked With Cressida Dick. She Explained That The Met Commissioner Is An Interestin’ Appointment In That It Is Made By The Home Secretary, In Consultation With The The Mayor of London And Has A National Role In Terms of Counter Terrorism As Well As The Localised Challenge of Policin’ London.

She Acknowledged That Cuttin’ 20,ooo Officers Makes It Difficult To Police The Community But That The Police Do Police The Community By Consent And The If The Public Have Lost Trust In The Police (Which They Have Especially After The Recent Case of The Charing Cross Police Station Racist, Sexist, Vile Discriminatory & Abusive Messages) Then They Will Not Cooperate With The Police Nor Come Forward As Witnesses.

She Outlined That The Problem With The Met Was Not Just Structural But Cultural Includin’ The Need To Make Whistleblowin’ More Readily Possible For Those Who Wish To Report Misbehaviour And Avoid Gettin’ Dragged Into or Havin’ To Witness Toxic Behaviour As Part of A Toxic Culture.

She Also Said She Believed That It Was The Revealation (By An IOPC Report Last Week) of The Deeply Misogynistic WhatsApp Messages Exchaged Between Police Officers From Charing Cross Police Station That Was The Final Straw For Dick. And She Said That It Was Ironic That Misogyny Played Such A Significant Role In Her Resignation Given That She Was The First Female Met Police Commissioner.

Iain Dale, Radio Host & Regular GMB Commentator, Reported That Alot of Senior Officers Said On His Radio Show Last Night (February 9th 2022 – LBC Radio) That They Supported Her. But He Also He Went On To Say That The Problem Was “It Was One Thing After Another” And He Felt The Right Decision Was Made.

Dame Dick’s Dossier of Disasters

In Their Wisdom Durin’ A Vigil In Memory of A Female, Sarah Everard, Raped, Murdered And Desecrated By A Serving Police Officer, Wayne Couszens, The MET Decided It Would Get Heavy Handed. More Disturbingly, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabularly Effectively Concluded This Was Okay. Something The MET Repeats In Its Defence To This Day. Reclaim These Streets Commenced Legal Action After Supporters Turned Up Anyway And The Police Got Heavy Handed (As Illustrated In This Now Famous Picture).

Dick’s Dossier of Disasters Date Back Most Infamoustly To July 2005 When Innocent Electrican, Brazillian Man Jean De Menezes, Was Killed By Officers Under Her Command As Operation Leader (Gold Command Position). He Was Wrongly Suspected of Being A Terrorist Involved In The 7/7 Bombings of July 2005. His Family Wrote An Open Letter of Complaint When She Replaced Bernard Hogan-Howe As MET Commissioner In June 2017 (Virtually 10 Years Later).

Dick joined the Met in 1983. By 1993 She Had Moved Up The Ranks In Thames Valley Police Where She Stayed For Eight Years. In 2001 She Graduated With A Masters Criminology Degree, Leadin’ To Roles Within The Diversity Directorate, Anti-Gang Operations And Anti-Gun Operations And Counter-Terrorism Operations. Despite Her Led In The Operation That Led To Jean Charles De Menezes’ Death In 2007, In 2009 She Became Assistant Commissioner.

Although The MPS Was Found Liable For Breachin’ Health & Safety Laws In Relation To The Killin’ of Jean Charles De Menezes, Dick Escaped Any Personal Liability After Tellin’ The Jury Durin’ Three Days of Evidence That She Was Told 5 Times Surveillance Officers Thought He Was The Terrorist They Were After. [Wrongly of Course!]

In The 2007 Trial She Said “From The Behaviours Described To Me, Nervousness, Agitation, Sending Text Messages, Using The Telephone, Getting On And Off The Bus, It All Added To The Picture Of Someone Potentially Intent On Causing An Explosion.” [Wrongly of Course!]

That Description Could Fit Any Modern Day Traveller or Londoner!

Similarly At The 2008 Inquest Into Mr De Menezes’ Death, Which Ultimately Returned An Open Verdict, She Said: “If You Ask Me Whether I Think Anybody Did Anything Wrong Or Unreasonable On The Operation, I Don’t Think They Did.”

To This Day She Has A Reputation For Bein’ Popular With Her Officers, But Not With The Public.

Those Who Signed An Open Letter Callin’ For Her To Go In September 2017, Include:

Baroness Lawerence, The Mother of Murdered Teenager Stephen Lawerence, Killed In A Racist Murder, After It Was Announced In 2020 That The Investigation Would Go No Further (Despite Only 2 of The 5 Killers Bein’ Brought To Justice & Convicted).

Lady Diana Brittan The Wife of Lord Leon Brittan Who Was Subject To An Unfounded Claim of Sexual Assault By Fantasist Carl Beech In The Wake of Operation Midlands Which Believed Claims of A Westminster VIP Sex Ring.

Alastair Morgan, Brother of Daniel Morgan, A Solicitor Who Was Murdered By An Axe To The Head In A South London Car Park. A June 2021 Report Into His Death Accused The MET of Bein’ Institutionally Corrupt.

Radio 1 Presenter Paul Gambaccini, MP Harvey Proctor, Edward Heath Biographer Michael McManus, And The Son of The Late Lord Bramall, Who’s Father Was Subjected To Unfounded Claims of Sexual Abuse, Along With The Other Three Men.

Reclaim The Streets Women’s Safety Campaign Group Also Called For Her Resignation Following The MET’s Heavy Handed Policing At A Vigil In Memory of Sarah Everard Following Her Rape And Murder By Serving Police Officer Wayne Couzens, Durin’ The Lockdown In March 2021. An Investigation By Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Police Found Them Not Guilty of Misconduct. But Largely Nobody But The Police Was Convinced By That.

The Heavy Handed Attack On Gold Medal Winnin’ Athlete Bianca Williams, Her Partner And Her Baby Son Durin’ A Traffic Stop Was Also A Notorious MPS Policing Outrage Which Led To An Investigation Into Police Misconduct. After Several Inquiries Decisions Are Still Awaited As To What Action The Rude, Overly Aggressive, Stereo-Typin’, Racial-Profilin’, “Cannabis-Claimin” – And Wrong Officers Will Face.

Dick Notoriously Said “Any Officer Worth Their Salt Would Have Stopped That Car.”

Bearin’ In Mind Both Adult Occupants Are World Class Athletes, Paragons of Self-Disicipline And Parents To The Baby Boy They Had In The Car At The Time – That Comment Was Not Well Received.

This Was A Classic, Yet Particularly Nasty Case of A DWB Traffic Stop. This Innocent Young Family Were Terrorised By A Gang Of White Police Officers Because They Were Black. Dame Dick Effectively Endorsed That With Her Comment About Any Officer Worth Their Salt Stoppin’ Their Car.

Similarly Continued Heavy-Handed Disproportionate Stop And Searches of Members of The Black Community Continue To Be A Source of Great Grievance. So Too Similar Discrimination At The Marches For The Black Lives Matter Movement In Summer 2020 Following The Murder of George Floyd In American In May 2020.

This Is In Stark Contrast To The Under Policin’ of The Football Finals of Euro 2020 (Which Took Place In Summer 2021) And Saw Football Violence And Bedlam At Wembly Stadium.

Despite All These Failings Her Up & Coming 5 Year Contract Expiration Is Under Extension Because The Powers That Be Are Strugglin’ To Find A Replacement.

This Surely Gives Some Indication of Exactly How Much Time, Effort, Money, Education And Trainin’ Has Effectively Been Invested Into MET Leadership Improvement. Clearly Not Enough!

Talkin’ To Other Police & Members of The Community

Sexism Is Rife Within The Police Force As Discussed On Channel Four News The Day The News Broke, On Thursday February 10 2022, With Two Former Female Officers

Shabnan Chaudhri Former Detective Seargent Confirmed, “Misogyny, Sexism, Racism, Homophobic Behaviour – All of These Exist In The Police Across The Entire United Kingdom. So I Think We’re Lookin’ At A Lot More Bad Apples In Terms of What The Organisation Is Goin’ To Have To Deal With And How They Change The Culture.”

Harriet Wistrich Director of The Centre For Women’s Justice Explained To Sky News On Friday February 11 2022 “We Have Been Contacted By Many Officers Unable To Speak Out. We Put In A Super Complaint Against The Police And 163 Other Women Came Forward When They Heard About It”.

Sky Asked If A Female Gay Commissioner Cannot Fix The Problem In the Met, Who Can? She Replied: It’s Not Just One Person, We’ve Just Submitted A Judicial Review Application Callin’ For A For Judge Led Public Enquiry Because Priti Patel Called For A Police Enquiry But Did Not Give It The Necessary Powers And Restricted It To Just Wayne Couzens (The Rapist Murderous Police Officer Who Killed Sarah Everard In Spring 2021). The Problem With Cressida Dick Is She Referred To Him As A “Bad Un” As If He Was Just One. There Needs To Be A Proceedure In Place For Whistleblowers, For Those Who Have Said That They Are Unable To Speak Out And If They Try To Do So They Are Punished.

Later Speakin’ To ITV Evening News Wistrich Outlined The Fact That As A Woman In Order To Rise To the Top In The Met She Will Have Had To Win The Confidence of Her Officers & Be Loyal To Them. That Is A Good Thing And Why So Many Say Good Things About Her. But The Problem Is She Will Not Allow Bad Things To Be Said About Her Officers And She Will Not Listen To Whistle Blowers. And So Members of The Public Lose Confidence In The Police.

Mina Smallman Mother of The Late Sisters Bibaa Henry And Nicole Smallman Was The First British Female Archdeacon And First Black British Archdeacon. She Retired In 2016. She Called For Dame Dick To Go Following The Way The Investigation Into Her Daughters’ Disappearance Was Handled And The Fact That Officers Took Pictures of Their Bodies After They Were Eventually Found Murdered In A Brent Park, June 2020 And Shared The Photos In A What’s App Group. She Complained of Racism And Minimization By The Commissioner. The IOPC (The Independent Office of Police Conduct) Concluded Their Was Not Racism Involved Despite Many Believing It Clearly Was. The Officers Were Eventually Tried, Convicted And Sent To Prison For Misconduct In Public Office. And Dismissed From The Police Service. The Demonic Killer Was Jailed For A Minimum of 35 Years. Ms Smallman Was Honoured On The BBC 100 Women of The Year In 2021.

Mina Smallman Told Channel 4 News “I Met With Cressida Dick But Her Job Was To Protect The Brand.” Ms Smallman Is The Mother of The Two Daughters Tragically Murdered By A Madman In A North London Park. In Addition To Her Loss She Later Learnt That Her Daughter’s Dead Bodies Were Desecrated By Police By Bein’ Photographed By Two Police Officers Who Proceeded To Share Those Pictures In A What’sApp Group. They Were Subsequently Tried, Jailed And Dismissed From The MET.

Asked About The Possibility of An Outsider Bein’ Brought In To Replace The Commissioner She Highlighted Sir Robert Mark Who Was Brought In Years Ago To Arrest Corrupt Officers. His Task Was To Remove Criminality And Have A Clean Swipe.

It Is Fair Opinion That The Shameful State of The Police Service And The Obstructive, Self-Righteous And Egregious Mentality of The Dispatched MET Commissioner Dick Is A Reflection of How Unsuccessful He Was.

Ms Smallman Said There Needs To Be Someone Who Will Have Zero Tolerance.

Rt Hon. Stuart Lawrence Is The Younger Brother of The Late Stephen Lawerence And Author of The Book ‘Silence Is Not An Option’ (Encouraging People To Speak Up & Speak Out). He And His Mother, Baroness Lawrence, Called For Dame Dick To Go Following Her Decision In 2020 To Close The Investigation Into Stephen’s Murder, Despite Three of The Five Killers Still Being At Large.

Stuart Lawrence, The Brother of Stephen Lawerence Who’s Racist Murder And The MET’s Failure To Investigate It Properly Led To The McPherson Report Which Declared The MET Institutinally Racist, Also Spoke To ITV. He Said There Needs To Be Understandin’ Throughout The Force Not Just At The Top. Certain Things That Used To Be Acceptable Will Not Be Acceptable In The 21st Century.

He Said “For Me It’s Important To Get Rid of Those Officers From Charing Cross. Because It Will Send A Clear Message To Officers Who Will Think To Themselves If I Overstep The Mark I Will Lose My Job or Maybe Go To Jail Myself.”

Sue Fish, Retired Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police, Said, “Some People Get Some Sort of Perverse Power From Using & Abusin’ Those Powers. She Said She Was Disappointed And Unsurprised To Hear Cressida Dick Talk About A Few Bad Apples Rather Than Recognisin’ There’s A Problem.

It’s Redefinin’ What You Want From Policin’ In The 21st Century. Empathy Compassion Diligence Are Not Looked At And That Has To Change.

It’s About Trust. You Have To Rebuild Trust. You Have To Rebuild It And Rebuild It In A Robust Way As The Old Way Won’t Work.

Cressida Dick Needed To Go Says A Former MET Police Officer Who Served In The Institution For 30 Years. However The Leader of The Conxervatives Within The Greater London Assembly Disagrees With The Manner Is Which She Was Dispatched. As Discussed On Sky News After Her Departure Was Announced

Channel 4 News Also Revealed Dame Dick, As Former MET Commissioner Will Get A Pay off of Approximately £500,000 And An Annual Pension of Approximately £150,000.

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