TheOrator.Press: Events Dear Boy Events! Ainsley Harriott Special Presentation ~ May 2022

Ainsley Shares The Story of His Culinary Journey As Part of The Food Season At The British Library.

He Answers Questions, Gives Great Hugs & Says He’s A Product of His Jamaican Heritage & His South London Upbringin’.
And Those Who Don’t Like It – Can Stuff It!

His Mum Would Be So Proud!

Filmin’ In The Caribbean For His Dream Series of A Lifetime – Caribbean Kitchen In 2019. The Series Was A Runaway Hit And Ainsley Hasn’t Looked Back Since. Well, Except For The British Library’s Food Season “Talks & Tasting” Series On Monday May 9 2022, Which Went Down Very Well Too. Photo By Dan Jones

On Monday May 9th 2022 Mr Harriott Gave A Very Relaxed, Honest, Tasty Chat At The British Library’s Knowledge Centre.

He Sat Down In Conversation With Food Writer Melissa Thompson Who Co. Directed The Event With Fellow Foodie Angela Clutton. It As Was Part of The Library’s Annual Food Season Which Is Curated By Food Historian Polly Russell @the_history_cook

It’s Post Lockdown. People Are Gatherin’ Again. Hugs Are Back! And The British Library Is Hostin’ Another Series of Its Food Season “Talks & Tastings”. For The First Time In Two Years They Have Invited A Live Audience. It’s A “Hybrid Audience” Infact. People Are Allowed To Attend The Event In The Flesh or Can Participate Online If They Prefer.

Now In His Mid Sixties Ainsley Harriott Is Still Very Dishy. Literally! For He Is Charismatic, Engagin’, Funny And Youthfully Boyish, All Whilst Being Simultaneously Knowin’, Focused And Disciplined When It Comes To His Favourite Thing. Cookin’& Deliverin’ World Class Delicious Food Dishes!

Immaculately Dressed And Standin’ 6’3 Tall He Looks A Picture of Health And Healthy Eatin’. He Is Sartorially Splendid, Sportin’ A Trademark Claudio Lugli Shirt. Pink With A Matchin’ Stylish Pocket Square. Sittin’ On Top of His Italian Designer Shirt Is A Deep Green Waistcoat, Underneath A Sharp Brown Suit.

With Just As Much As Fun, Flair And Flamboyance As Seen On TV Mr Harriott Was In His Element As He Held The Audience In The Palm of His (Self-Confessed) Very Large Hands For The Whole of The Hour And A Half Hour Session, Which Flew By. Plus He Stayed At Least An Hour For A Post Presentation Book Signin’ Session During Which He Laughed, Joked And Posed For Selfies & Pictures With Members of The Appreciative Audience Who Also Enjoyed Post Lockdown Hugs.

Other Guests In The Series Include Chef Andi Oliver @wadadlikitchen, Angela Harnett@cafemurano, Husband & Wife Team Sam & Sam Clarke@thehappyfoodie, And Michael Twitty, An Award-Winning Expert In Africa-American Food, Culture & History

Still Dishy, With Dreamy Feedback

Now In It’s 5th Year
His Mum Would Be So Proud!

The Jamaican Cookbook “Motherland”
By Melissa Thompson Is Available To Pre-Order Before Publication September 2022 @foulmouthfoods

Melissa Thompson & Ainsley Harriott At The British Library Monday May 9 2022.

Both Met At A Caribbean Food Festival In Croydon Pre Lockdown A Few Years Ago.

It Was Presented By Caribbean Cookin’ Kings, Brothers Craig & Shaun McAnuff @originalflava

Ainsley Delighted Fans With A Generous
Book Signin’ & Selfie’ Session After His British Library Presentation At The British Library May 9 2022 @ainsleyfoods

Afterwards We Spoke To Melissa Who Said: “It’s Quite Surreal For Me Because Obviously I Grew Up Watchin’ Ainsley On Television. That’s The Priviledge of Doin’ What We Do As Journalists. You Get To Be Nosey But It’s Legitimate Noseyiness. It Was For Me Like A Dream Come True. He Was A Dream”

And We Spoke To Polly Too: “We Needed Another Person To Help With The Food Season And Melissa Was Our First Choice Because She Is Such An Excitin’ Voice In The World of Food . I Knew From Other People Who Worked With Her That She’s Really Collegiate, She’s Great Fun And Everything Anybody Said About Her Turned Out To Be True In Spades And It’s Been A Complete Pleasure. A Hoot. And Also She Bloody Good And She Has Great Ideas. It’s Been A Delight. I Just Never Want Her To Ever Leave.”

“The Food Season Is In It’s Fifth year This Year, So It’s Goin’ Strong. Definitely Plans For Next Year. We Will Keep Buildin’ On The Stuff That Works Really Well And That Is Bringin’ People Together To Have Interestin’ Challengin’ Really Fun & Engagin’ Conversations About Food & About Lifes In Food. And About How All Our Lives Are Shaped Around Food. So We Want To Hear More Voices Around That.”

“Some Have Been Around A Long Time And Are People Who People Love & Cherish Like Ainsley Tonight. And Then Others Who Are New Voices In Food Like The Future Legends. We Absolutely Want To Hear From Them Too.”

Gallery: Bottom Right Hand Corner – The Flava Festival Croydon, Presented Original Flava Where Ainsley & Melissa Met As Chefs (The Event Was Organised By Original Flavas The Culinary Sensation of The McAnuff Brothers Craig & Shaun); Top Left – Ainsely’s Fans Come From All Over The World (One Fan Even Revealed That In Turkey Ainsley Is The Poster Boy For British Cookin; And Another Revealed Ainsley’s Presenting Style Helped Him With His Mental Health);

Top Right – The British Library Food Season Curator Polly Russell With Naked Chef Jamie Oliver; Lower Middle Centre – Co-Presenters For Ainsley’s New Show The Best of British By The Sea With Ainsely & Co-Presenter Grace Dent; Lower Bottom Left – Melissa’s Thompson’s Co-Presenter of The British Library Food Season Series, Angela Clutton, Top Centre Picture – Ainsley Super Fan Pastry Chef Ariyatu of Yatu’s Bakery Was Thrilled To Meet Her Gastronomic Hero Ainsley On The Night As Part of The British Library’s Food Season;

We Also Spoke To Adiyatu Sambu-Balde A Petite Pastry Chef From London. She Is A Livin’, Breathin’ Beamin’ Example of Ainsley’s Guidance That Pastry Chefs Need To Have Small Hands, Such Is The Delicacy of The Work Required (And Havin’ Been Told Durin’ His Career That His Are Too Big For Dainty Delicacies). Earlier Had She Piped Up With A Question, Askin’ The Classically French Trained Ainsley What His Favourite Dessert Is?

We Subsequently Discovered That This TV Chef Is Gastronomically Versatile In His Sweet Treat Pleasures. He Appreciates The French Delicacy And Simplicity of A Crème Brulee. And Yet He Also Takes Pleasure In The Comfortin’ Indulgent Warmth And Spongeyness of The Classic English Puddin’ Spotted Dick With Custard.

How Did You Find Tonight, What Was It Like Seein’ Ainsley In The Flesh And How Was It Getting’ To Ask Such A Good Question And Get Such A Good Answer?

“I Loved It. I Feel Like It’s Been My Life Long Dream. I Always Wanted Him To Adopt Me. And I Got A Cuddle. And I Got A Picture. And I Feel Like We Look Like Father & Daughter.” [She Laughs].

We Also Spoke To Sisters Karen And Opal. What Made You Come And See Ainsley Tonight Ladies?

Opal:  “I Like Ainsley. I Was A Bit Curious About What He Would Discuss And What Kind of Things Would Come Out. As A Positive Black Role Model I Was Keen To Find Out A Little Bit More About Him And What It Took For Him To Get Where He Is Today. And All The Hurdles And Barriers That He Faced. He Covered That Quite Well.”

And How Was It Takin’ Your Picture With Him?

“It Was Really Good Because He’s Really Approachable. You Know You See Him On Television And You Wonder If He’s Goin’ To Be The Same. He’s Very Affectionate. He Seems Very Genuine. Just A Happy Go Lucky Person. Yeah He’s Lovely. Definitely. Plus It’s My First Time At The British Library As Well.”

Tracie: “I Found Out About The Event Through My Sister. She’s On Facebook. It Was Great. I Mean I Love Cookin’ Anyway. I Watch Ainsley’s Programmes On The TV, So I Was Quite Keen To Come. To Hear His Story.”

“I Don’t Think There Were Any Surprises As Such In Terms of The Hurdles He Faced. I Wasn’t Surprised By That. It Was Good To Listen To It. It Was Very Inspirational. He’s Quite A Lively, Vivacious Character.”

He Looks Great For A Man In His 60s Doesn’t He?

Tracie: “He Does. Absolutely. Yeah! What’s His Secret? It Must Be All The Good Cookin’. “[Laughs]

What’s It Like Bein’ Out With Your Sister Tonight?

[Laughs] “She’s Good Company. And Again, First Time For Me At The British Library.”

Gallery: (Top Left) Ainsley Looking For A Career In France? Ainsley Super Fan, Pastry Chef Ariyatu @yatusbakery Shows off Her Impressive Bakin’ Creativity Skills (Bottom Centre). Ainsley Durin’ Filmin’ of Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen@ainsleysfoods (Bottom Left). Cooking With Guest Alison Hammond (Bottom Right). She Was Filmin’ With Him When “Well Hello Jill” Came To Fame Followin’ An Initially Underwhelmin’ Come Overwhelmin’ Mother’s Day Surprise Sprung By ITV On An Elderly Lady Called Jill. It All Worked Out Well In The End. But Not Without Creatin’ An Iconic Meme! (See Video Bottom Left).

Ainsley With Fellow Chefs James Martin, Brian Turner, &Anthony Worrell-Thompson (Top Left). Mr Harriott And His Book ‘Just Five Ingredients’ Published In 2009 (Top Centre). Young Ainsley On A Day Out, Back In The Day, In London Town, With His Mother And Brother (Top Right). Takin’ A Moment For The Mental Health Campaign artoflondon Their Exhibition This Year Is In Association With PiccadillyLights (Top Right). May Is Mental Health Awareness Month In The USA & In The UK Mental Awareness Week This Year Is May 10th -16th. The TakeAMoment Campaign Exhibited In London’s Piccadilly Circus & At The Piccadilly Burlington Arcade For A Month Before That (March – April 2022). Members of The Public Are Still Also Invited To Upload Selfies As They Take A Moment Too.

“Give Your Meat A Good Old Rub” Proved To Be A Healin’ Ainsley-ism For One Particular Fan
Why Hello JillOn The Radio ~ With Ainsley On The Greg James Breakfast Show. Ainsley Shared With The British Library Food Season Audience How Much This Ainsley-ism Has Taken Off

Vive La France!

And How The Church & The Boy Scouts Helped Some Families With Social Integration

The British Born Connisseur Grew Up In South East London, England
Ainsley’s Parents Are From Jamaica And Came To Britain At The Request of The Britsh Government As Members of The Windrush Generation To Help Build The Post War Nation
Following A Teenage Trip To France, Ainsley Is Trained In Classical French Cuisine Havin’ Studied At The Renowned Westminster Catering College

As A Teenager Ainsley Took A Trip To France And Feel In Love With The Country And Its Cuisine. He Said He Loved Bein’ In France And Goin’ At “A Holiday Pace.” He Loved The Whole Process of Cookin’ In France. Buyin’ Ingredients. The Conversations. Goin’ To Market And Back. Prepin’. Marinatin’. It Was Not Too Long Afterwards That He Started Trainin’ In The Art of French Cookin’.

Prior To That He Had Become Used To The Aroma of Different Foods From Different Cultures, Courtesy of Two Major Different Social Organisations. The Church And The Scouts. He Said As A Boy Scout It Was All About Meetin’ Different Communities Such As Chinese, Indians, Italians, Greeks, Not Just Indigenous Local People. “We All Wanted To Get Along.” And He Used To Do Bob-A-Job Week (Where Boy Scouts Would Earn ‘A Bob’ For Various Helpful Little Jobs Around The Place). ‘A Bob’ Was A Shillin’ Pre-decimalisation.

“This Is Why I Developed This Taste For Different Cuisines From A Very Early Age. Meetin’ Different People And Walkin’ Into People’s Houses There Were Different Smells.” He Explained “I Found The Different Smells of Spices And Marinatin’ At Different People’s Houses Intriguin’. If Something Is Given To You At A Young Age You Just Get On With It.”

Indeed He Believes Letting Kids Learn Through Trial & Error Is Key To Cookin’ Success. But He Also Believes, Eventually, So Is Too Is Consistency (So People Can Rely On Returnin’ To An Enjoyable Food Experience). “It’s All About Escoffier” He Says (The Famous French Chef Known For Settin’ & Maintainin’ High Standards In The World of French Cookin’).

And When It Comes To Development It’s All About Access To Certain Ingredients And Demand. For Example He Says When He Was Growin Up Garlic Was Considered “Foreign Muck” But Now It’s Everywhere (Peter Kay’s Comedy Garlic Sketch Comes To Mind). But Jamaican Food Which Is Readily Available In South London Is Not So Available In Chester Where His Partner Lives. As A Solution To Such Situations He Believes More Community Gardens Could Do The Trick.

Of Church He Says “One of The Ways of Building up A Community Was Goin’ To The Local Church Because That’s What Attracted People. You Go To Church You Meet People. And It Would Be Like ‘Would You Like To Go To This Garden Party? Would You Like To Help Out Here or There? Would You Like To Go To This Event?’

With This Open, Social And Diverse Social Attitude No Wonder Then He Has Made So Many Cookin’ Shows. His Current TV Series, Co Hosted With Grace Dent “The Best of British By The Sea” Is Currently Showin’ On Channel 4 ( And His Other Current Series Good Mood Food Is Currently Showin On ITV ( Also The Food Network Is Currently Runnin’ Various of His Numerous Food Shows From Over The Years Includin’ Ainsley’s Market Menu’s Where He Travels Throughout Australia (

Cookin’ & Entertainment Run In The Family

Picture Gallery: Ainsley With Beloved Mum Peppy; Nina Simone Was A Favourite of His Mum’s Whilst Cookin’. The Boy Scouts Moto “Be Prepared” No Doubt Served Ainsley Well Later On In The Kitchen When It Came To Mise En Plus, Havin’ Joined The Organisation As A Boy. He Says The Church Helped His Family With Social Integration By Provindin’ An Opportunity To Get Involved In Social Events. His Dad Was An Entertainer, Which Perhaps Has Something To Do With Him Becomin’ A Calypso Twin, With His Long Time School Friend Paul Boross (Centre). The Musical Duo Are Still Goin’ Today The Calypso Twins

He Also Shared Stories of His Career History Includin’ Where He Studied Which Was At Westminster College (Centre). The Racism He Had To Overcame And His Mum’s Words of Encouragement (Bottom Left). He Also Told The Audience About His Love of Seein A New Generation of Kids Learnin’ To Cook, Especially Through My World Kitchen (Bottom Centre). We Also Learnt About His Favourite Occasional Sweet Treats Amongst Other Things (Bottom Right & Centre). It Was A Great Night Which Did The British Library Food Season Proud.

He Revealed That He Gets His Entertainment & Cookin’ Pedigree From His Family. His Father, Chester, Was A Successful Entertainer, As A Singer And A Piano Player “During A Time When If You Were In The Entertainment Business, You Were In The Entertainment Business.” By This He Meant A Time When Dedication To An Entertainment Career Meant You Could Make A Stable Livin’ Even If You Were Not The Headline Act. Compared To Now Where Entertainers Seem To Come And Go Much More Quickly. Chester Harriott Senior Had A Grand Piano At Home & Loved Classical Music.

In Addition, His Mother, Who Was A Windrush Nurse, Used To Love Listenin’ To Nina Simone Whilst Cookin’ In The Family Kitchen (Memorably ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’) And He And His Sister Jacqueline Used To Love Listenin’ To A Bit of Status Quo Down Down Deeper And Down Whilst Cookin. The Family Musical Tastes Were Clearly Very Eclectic. What Ever One’s Musical Tastes The Chef Believes Music Helps Get You In The Right Frame of Mind For Cookin’ & Entertainin And That’s Something Passed On By His Mother Which Is In The Genes.

Chester His Older Brother (Named After His Father) Is The Main Cook In His Family Home. And Sister Jacqueline Is A Home Economics Teacher. And As Professional Chef In The Family It Seems He Has Passed On Some of His Own Flair Too. The Apple It Seems Does Not Fall Far From The Tree As He Shared With The Audience How A Teacher Watched His Son Once In Cookin’ Class And The Flamboyant Way He Was Puttin’ Ingredients In The Pan. She Could Not Place Where She’d Seen That Before And Told His Mother (Who Is Caucasion) About It. That’s When The Mother Revealed Who His Father Is!

Amazingly It Seems His Son May Not Only Have Inherited His Father’s Flair In The Kitchen But His Great Grandfather’s Too, As Ainsley Revealed That His Grandfather, (His Son’s Great Grandfather) Was A Chef At The White House Back In The Day. Indeed He Had The Idea To Make A Cookin’ Programme Along The Lines of ‘Goin’ Back To The White House’ But Alas He Could Not Get The Requisite Records.

As Melissa Said On The Night, Once One Knows Ainsley’s Story, It All Makes Sense How He Came To Be Such A Vivacous Personality.

No Surprise Then That Along With His School Friend Paul Boross He Ventured Into The World of Entertainment As One Half of The Musical Duo ‘The Calypso Twins’ Who Still Perform Together Day.

In The Early Days They Performed On The Comedy Scene Appearing At Jongleurs Comedy Club, The Comedy Store, Radio Gigs, TV Gigs And Gigs Abroad.

Ainsley Recently Appeared As A Guest On Paul’s Podcast Humourology (

Generations of Racism. We Shall Overcome!

But It Wasn’t All Fun And Laughter For Ainsley Along The Way, As Typified By Some of The Racism He Revealed He Had To Face.

Ainsley Studied French Cuisine At The Highly Regarded Westminster Catering College And Managaged To Secure An Apprenticeship At Verrey’s Restaurant on Regent Street. Here He Was Mentored By Black Chef Clifford Walker Who Took Him Under His Wing. At The West End Restaurant He Managed To Earn Himself An Apprenticeship Which Included A Modest Pay Each Week Plus College Fees.

But Ainsley Observed That His Mentor Had Been There Twenty Years Before He Arrived And Was Ultimately In A Job Now Goin’ Nowhere.

In Addition To The Inherited Talents of His Mother And Father He was Inspired By Graham Kerr AKA The Galloping Gourment. He Was One of The First Chefs To Have A TV Show (Which Ran From 1968 – 1973). Ainsley Would Have Been Approximately 10-14. He Told The Audience “I Wanted To Share My Food Like He Did.”

So Ainsley Had Ambition And Whilst He Managed To Eventually Work His Way Up To Become Sous Chef (Effectively Deputy Head Chef) He Knew He Needed To Become Actual Head Chef To Get Where He Wanted To Go In His Profession. He Worked Under Head Chef Malcolm Cowan At The Westbury Hotel On Conduit Street, In London’s West End. He Explained It Is Normal For Ambitious Sous Chefs To Want To Spread Their Wings After About Three Years. But Racism On The Road To Progression Meant His Journey Took Longer. He Was Often Rejected For Head Chef Positions Based On The Colour of His Skin.

“I’ve Always Been Smartly Dressed” He Explained, Sayin’ It Came From His Mother’s Insistence, Especially On Church Days. “But You Could Tell You Just Weren’t Goin’ To Get The Job.” He Said He Would Take His Interviews For Head Chef Very Seriously, Whilst The Interviewers Would Often Play It Down (Effectively Minimizing His Efforts And Dreams). Some Were More Blatant And Would Actually Say “Sorry We Don’t Want A Black Head Chef Frontin’ Our Restaurant.”

But His Mother, Peppy, Would Encourage Him To Persevere, Sayin’ Things Would Get Better (Which She Assured Him She Knew Because She Went Through Racism Herself). For Instance On A Number of Occassions She Had To Deal With Situations Where Just Because She Was Well Spoken, Upon Her Arrival At A Particular Destination Where She Was Expected, People Would Be Shocked To Discover She Was Black. And Tell Her That. Often In Such Circumstances They Prejudicial People Then Scrabble Around To Find The Words For Excuses As To Why An Agreed Arrangement Had Suddenly Changed.

Racism Would Also Manifest Itself In The Form of Prejudice, Underestimation And Denigration. Whilst He Was Rejected In Person Based Not On His Talent But On The Colour of His Skin, He Would Nonetheless Enter Cookin’ Competitions. And When He Was Revealed To Be The Chef, Back of House, The Powers That Be Would Respond Incredulously Because He Defied All Their Prejudices And Underestimations.

But Mrs Harriott Was Right. Things Did Get Better!

Ainsley Eventually Became Head Chef At The Famous Long Room Restaurant At Lords Cricket Ground And From Here Is Life Turned Around. Completely For The Better. It Was Wonderful Vindication For His Mother’s Words of Encouragement

After Five Years of Perseverin’ As A Sous Chef At The Westbury He Eventually Got His Break And Became Head Chef At The Prestigious Long Room Restaurant At Lords Cricket Ground.

Then Ainsley’s Big Chef Presentation Break Was To Follow With A Cookin’ Slot On The BBC’s ‘Good Mornin’ With Anne & Nick’ (From 1992- 1996). It Was The BBC’s Answer To This Morning On ITV With Richard And Judy. Ainsley Said His TV Break Was A Big Surprised When It Came.

 “Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook”Then Followed That And He Was To Host The Show From 1995-2000. And Then Came The BBC’s “Ready, Steady, Cook”. Ainsley Explained It Was Only Meant To Be A Short Run “Filler Show” But The Original Ran For 16 Years From 1994 To 2010, With Him Succeedin’ TV Presenter Fern Briton, After The First 6 Years. And Then He Continued Hostin’ The Last Ten, From 2000-2010. He Still Gets People Comin’ Up To Him In The Supermarket Offerin’ Up Red Tomatoes or Green Peppers.

Suffice To Say TV Presenter Ryland Hosted A Short-Lived Come Back Show For Two Series 2020-2021.

With His Youthful Disposition Ainsley’s Appeal Is Endurin’. Indeed A Member of The Audience Shared That In Turkey Ainsley Is Still The Poster Boy For British Cookin’ Further To Previously Workin’ In The Country. And Another Guest Shared That He Was Recently Grieving A Heartfelt Loss And It Was Only Duvet Days Watchin’ Ainsley On TV That Really Cheered Him Up. In Particular His Cookin’ Expressions Such As “Give Your Meat A Good Rub” And His Meme Moment “Well, Hello Jill” About Which He Asked Ainsley To Enlighten The Audience On How That Meme Came Into Bein’ (See Video & Gallery Above).

Harriott Is The Voiceover Artist For The Cbeebies Programme My World Kitchen Where Young Children From Different Countries Select Certain Cultural Ingredients Other Kids May Not Be So Familiar With And Then They Apply Their Cookin’ Talents To Transfer Them Into Amazin’ Delicious Dishes. He Says One of His Favourite Memories Was Filmin’ An Edition In Thailand Where Some Local Children Were Blown Away By A Simple Chicken Dish He Made As They Cooked And Danced Around An Open Fire On The Beach. Durin’ Covid This Programme’s Filming Stopped, But Things Are Gettin’ Back To Normal Now.

Chef Ainsley Harriott Meetin’ HRH Prince Charles When Awarded His MBE At Buckingham Palace In 2020

As Well As Bein’ The Voiceover For My World Kitchen He Also Narrates The BBC’s ‘The Best Dishes Ever’ Which Re-runs Recipes Demonstrated On Some of The BBC’s Favourite Cookin’ Shows.

He Has Produced Several Cookin’ Shows & Cook Books Himself Strectchin’ Way Back To The Beginning With Ainsley Harriotts Meals In Minutes 1999, Ainsley Harriet’s Barbeque Bible 2000, And His Ainsley Harriet’s ‘Just Five Ingredients’ of 2009. (Suffice To Say The Latter Sounds Strikingly Similar To A Book of Virtually The Same Title Released By Another TV Chef Some Years Later!)

Of All His TV & Book Titles, Possibly The Most Impactful Has Been Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen 2019 (Broadcast Again Durin’ Lockdown). Over A Series of Weeks He Toured The Caribbean Islands, Includin’ Jamaica, His Parents’ Homeland, And When His Production Team Surprised Him With A Hightlights Reel At The End of The Show He Was Visibly Touched & Emotional. So Were We, The Viewers. It Was Very Touchin’ And A Series He Described As “The Trip of A Lifetime”. He Acknowledged That Again When We Spoke To Him Privately On The Night. Again It Got Momentarily Emotional. It’s Still Deeply Movin’. Catch It On ITV Hub!

In 2020 He Was Awarded The MBE For His Contribution To Entertainment & Culinary Art. He Joked He Thought It Was A Parkin’ Ticket When The Envelope Arrived.

Ainsley’s Life Achievements Highlight Just Shows How Wrong The Racists Are. It Makes One Wonder What They Have To Say For Themselves Other Than The Colour of Their Skin. As With So Many Racists When Tested, There Can Be No Comparison.

The Chef Says “I Am Who I Am”

A South London, British Jamaican Man, Who Likes To Help Everyone

Melissa Displayed Quite A Relaxed Style And Yet Due To Her Openess, Skill & Questions, Ainsley Addressed A Number of Sensitive Subjects And There Were Even A Few Tears Along The Way.

On Being Asked What He Makes of People Who Call Him A Sell Out or “A Coconut” (A Derogatory Term Meanin’ Brown on The Outside And White On The Inside) or Accuse Him of “Panderin’ To The White Gaze” He Replied, “I Don’t Make of Them!”

“I Am Who I Am. I Have Jamaican Parents And My Cockney Accent Is From Growin’ Up In South London And The Kids I Went To School With. You Have People Who Want To Slap You Down Regardless.”

He Says “It’s A Bit Like People Who Complained Barrack Obama Did Not Do Enough To Help The Black Community. He Said He Was Focused On Helpin’ Progress. Helpin Everybody Move Forward. Helpin’ Americans. It’s All About Helpin’ All People.”

What Gets Him Upset? The Issue of Homelessness. People Abusin’ Other People. And Playin’ Tennis Badly.

And What Brought Tears To His Eyes? Recallin’ His Daughter & Her Partner Feelin’ The World Is So In Turmoil They Don’t Feel Ready To Bring A Child Into This World Right Now. He’s Keen To Become A Granddad, But He Understands.

That’s Something Many Will Understand.

In The Meantime We Might Take Comfort In Mama Harriott’s Words.

“Things Will Get Better!”

Style & Fashion & The Italian Connection

Ainsley, Centre, Is A Natural Chef & A Showman. The International Chef Loves A Dynamic Shirt In General (As Here Pictured With Chef Brian Turner, Lee Mead (Red Tomatoe) And His Brother (Green Pepper) & Italian Chef Gino D’acampo). And Loves A Claudio Lugli Italian Designer Shirt In Particular (See First Picture Up Top)

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