TheOrator.Press: Events Dear Boy, Events! Royal Racism Row Erupts Again As Another Black Woman Alleges Racism Within The Palace. Charity Worker Has A Bad Experience At The ‘Hands’ of One of The Late Queen’s Ladies In Waiting. ‘Duck’ Anyone? ~ December 2022

If It Looks Like A Duck…

Old Ugly Racist Troupes Raise Their Heads Again As A Black Charity Leader Is Targeted After Speaking Out But Biased Defenders With Double Standards Say The White Aristocratic ‘Lady‘ Who Acted Like A Racist Relic Should Be Treated Kindly Because She’s Just An Old Dear

(…Despite 60 Years of Royal Service Meaning She Should Have Known Better. Afterall This Is The Same Old Woman The Royal Household Assigned To Meghan)

They Can’t Have It Both Ways!

First Came The Alleged Serial Racist And Then Came The Accolytes And Excuse Makers. Desperate To Deny The Realities of Royal Racism They Also Exposed Themselves As Diabolically Ageist.
Having Shown Utter Disregard For Ngozi Fulani’s Pain, The Black Community’s Historical Hurt And The Global Majority’s Current Feelings, Once Again It Is The Black Person Who Is Vilified, Not The Commonwealth Foil Who Actually Uttered The Offending Words And Executed The Offending Behaviour.
Oscillating Between Excuses And Double Standards, The System Has Shown The World Exactly How The System Works

Baroness Hussey of North Bradley Is The Very Same Woman Assigned To School Meghan Markle In The Ways of Royal Ettiquette. Both Meghan & Her Husband Prince Harry Subsequently Made Claims of Royal Racism That Were Denied, Derided And Defamed At The Time. Especially After Their Interview With Oprah Winfrey In March 2021. Hussey Hung Around. Meghan And Harry Left Town Went To Live Abroad For The Sake of Their Family, Sanity And Mental Health.

Now, Once Again, Baroness Hussey Is At The Centre of New Royal Racism Accusations Made By An Entirely Different Woman. This Time The Palace Went Cold Turkey And Effectively Forced The Resignation of “Old Lady” Hussey. |It Was A Decison Apparently Made By King Charles & His Hier Apparent William. But Why?

Well If It Looks Like A Duck. Waddles Like A Duck. And Quacks Like A Duck. It’s A Duck! And Clearly, Notwithstanding The Infamously Cold Quote “Recollections May Vary” It Seems That The King And His Hier Realised There Was No Ducking The Issue This Time. Hussey Was Seemingly Exposed And So, Like Harry, Was Thrown Under Regal The Bus.

William’s Notable Pattern of Behaviour Towards His Younger Brother

The Queen With William’s Godmother Lady Hussey (Left) With Fellow Lady-In-Waiting Lady Farnham, Lady Hussey In Green At Windsor In A Family Photo, Lady Hussey With Her Late Husband, Marmaduke Hussey, Chairman of The BBC Governors 1986- 1996 (Effectively William’s Godfather). William At The Launch of His EarthshotPrize Project 2021
(But In Light of Royal Colonial Historical Evidence & Facts, Recollections May Vary!)
Royal Racism Is Not New As This Shocking Royal Expose By The Sun Has Previously Helped To Reveal

The Hussey Scandal Highlights An Interesting Pattern of Behaviour From Harry’s Older Brother William, First In Line To Be The Next King of England.

For The Longest Time He Has Ignored The Civil Rights Mantra ‘Silence Is Violence’ And Failed To Exemplify The Bravery, Courage, And Requisite Diplomacy To Stand Up And Support His Brother In His Hour of Need. Even Though He Is Fully, Uniquely And Undeniably Aware of The Depth of Prince Harry’s Hurt, Anguish And Particular Outlook. And Yet Now Suddenly, Curiously, And Intriguingly, He Has Swiftly Thrown Lady Hussey Under The Bus. His Own Godmother. Just As He Appears To Have Done Previously With His Own Brother.

And After Doing So He Conveniently Hides Behind The Elitist Moto “Don’t Complain. Don’t Explain” An Old Royal Self-Serving, Accountability Swerving, Colonial Mantra. Who Else Gets Away With That In The Modern Day Digital Information Era Apart From The Royals (Who Have Adopted That Self-Styled Slogan For Their Own Convenience)?

So, In The Absence of Him Explaining Himself, What Does This Mean? Does It Mean He Is Utterly Ruthless Within The British Royal Corridors of Courtier Power And Will Do Anything To Protect An Anodyne Chronological Journey To The Throne For Himself And The Ever Quiet Katherine (Who Professes Concern For Everyone’s Mental Health Except Her Own Self-Declared Previously Suicidal Sister-In Law’s)?

Or Does It Mean Having Suddenly Dispensed With His Godmother Hussey, He Considers Himself Now Free To Attempt To Revive The Original Famous Four Composed of Himself, Harry, Wife Katherine And Sister-In-Law Meghan? And If So, Is He Willing To Finally Offer His Brother And Sister-In-Law Some Vindication After Years of Publicly Ghosting Them As Their Names Have Been Torn To Shreds By Some In Certain Quarters As He Stood By And Did Nothing? And With Hussey Gone Does He Endeavour To Bring Harry Back Into The Fold And Out of The Cold Now She’s Been Exposed? And Would Harry Want To Come Back To The Same Ole’ Same Ole’ Anyway?

Having Publicly Shown Great Interest In Everyone Else’s Mental Health, Except His Own Brother’s And Sister-In-Law’s (Even After They Both Revealed In Their Interveiw With Oprah March 2021 That Meghan Was Driven To Feeling Suicidal By Her Isolation) Will William Now Finally Stand Up, Speak Up And Formally Acknowledge That Their Experience Must Have Been Horrible And Unacceptable Within The Courtiers’ Corridors of Powers, Monitored By Men In Grey Suits, As So Monikered By Their Mother Lady Diana.

Ngozi Fulani Detailed Her Experience Contemporaneously On The Sista-Space Website. Sista Space Is An Awareness & Anti-Violence Against Women Charity

The News Story of What Happened To Ngozi Fulani At Buckingham Palace Broke On Tuesday November 29 2022 After She Uploaded A Post To Her Instagram (Directly Above). Speaking On GMB Within The Next 48 Hours Afterwards It Was Explained That She Did This Because “Sista Space Is An Awareness Charity As Well As Being An Anti-Violence Against Women Charity” (So She Felt She Had Bring Awareness of What Happened To The Forefront). And Also, Under The Circumstances She Did Not Feel She Could Talk To Anyone About It In That Moment That She Was At The Event.

BBC’s Question Time Also Aired Within 48 Later And Discussed The Matter For The First Twenty Minutes of The Show. Most People In The Audience Were Sympathetic To Her Situation As Were The Two Black And Brown Members of The Panel (Video Below) And Two of The Three White Panel Members. A Third Member Was Keen To Make Excuses As Was A Particular Audience Member And They Are Not Alone In Such Opinions. Particuarly Online, In The Right Wing Press And On Right Wing TV Channels.

With Great Clarity of Purpose Ngozi Said On GMB That Her Wish Is Simply To Focus On The Charity’s Support For The UN’s 16 Day’s of Action Regarding Fighting Violence Against Women. The United Nations’ International Day For Eliminating Violence Against Woment Falls On The 25 November Each Year (This Year It Was The Friday Before The Event) And Camilla Was Holding An Event On The Tuesday To Mark It. She Declined To Give Her Opinion on Whether What Happened To Her Vindicates The Racism Claims Made By Meghan And Harry During Their Interview With Oprah In March 2021.

At The Event Baronness Hussey Is Said To Have “Made A Beeline” For Ngozi And Repeatedly Asked Her Where She Was “Really” From, After Ngozi Said She Was From The Charity SistaSpace. And In Order To Read Her Name Badge She Moved Ngozi’s Hair Out of The Way. Ngozi Reported That After That Encounter She Simply Wanted To Leave And Was Traumatized By What She Considered To Be An Act of Violence.

Royal Supporters And Some Reporters of The Palace Focused On The Fact That The Incident Would Distract From Williams Visit To Boston America, On Friday December 3rd 2022 For His Earthshot Awards Ceremony. It Seemed As Though In Some Instances They Were Complaining About That More Than Being Concerned About How Ngozi Felt Considering What Had Happened To Her At The Palace.

Word From The Palace Was Soon Tweeted That Ngozi, The Suddenly Famous British Charity Boss Inappropriately, Publically, And Repeatedly Interrogated And Also Touched By Lady Hussey At A Women Against Violence Charity Event Hosted By The Queen Consort, Camilla, Had Been Invited Back To The Palace To Discuss Her Experience. Word From Ngozi Fulani, The Woman Herself, Soon Followed That She Had Received No Such Invitation.

That Difference In These Two Tales Is Very Tellingly. But Sadly Not At All Surprising. Even If It Is Greatly Disappointing. The Palace Should Not Have Had Someone So Even Draconian And Outdated Hosting Black And Brown Members of The Public At This Event. If They Had Acknowledged That Long Ago The Incident And Subsequent Disparity Afterwards Could Never Even Have Happened At All.

However William Could Have Avoided This Scenario If He Had Stayed Away From His Brother’s New Manner And Not Sought To Steal His Thunder By Moving In On His Territory And Staging It In America, The Very Country Harry And Megan Moved To In Order To Start Afresh And Do Good Work Through The Archwell Foundation. Or If He Had His People Liase With Their People In Order To Avoid Such Clashes In Terms of Timing (Publicity For Harry & Meghan’s Netflix Documentary Started Dropping Around The Same Time). Or If He Had Dealt With Lady Hussey Alot Sooner (For Instance Like When Meghan Originally Cried Out For Help. But Was Denied It).

Or If He Had Left The Diplomacy To Camilla. After All It Was Her Who Hosted The Event. So Why Did He Rush In All of A Sudden? Maybe Because He Knew What Hussey Was Like All Along. The World Heard Allegations of Royal Racism Back In March 2021 In The Oprah Interview With The Duke And Duchess of Sussex.

Those Who Wish To Complain About Lady Hussey’s Departure Should Direct Their Questions To William, The New Prince of Wales For He Is The One Who Reportedly Officially Discharged Her. Dismissing The Baroness Was Not Within Fulani’s Gift, So Blaming Her Is Utterly Misguided. Notably We’ve Heard Nothing From Camilla Who Hosted The Event Focused On Speaking Up And Fighting Violence Against Women!

Other Questions That Need Royally Addressing

When Heartbroken, Devastated, or Aggrieved Community Members Search For Answers After Yet Another Transgression Is Perpetrated By Police Officers, Teachers or Even Prime Ministers or Other So-Called Leaders, The Honest Answer Is Dodged By A Self-Declared Inability To Comment Due To A Lack of Information, Not Being Present When The Alleged Trangression Occured or A Impending Investigation Which (Convieniently But Not Necessarily Legally) Prevents Them From Being Able To Comment.

Yet Conversely When It Comes to Defending One of Their Own They Hurriedly Speak Up And Offer Up Excuses As Though They Are Experts. Or Worse Still, Like Everybody Else Is Stupid And Cannot See What They Are Doing. In Reality They Are Simply Offering Up Speculation, Supposition And Conjecture Order To Help Maintain The Status Quo.

A Case In Point Is The Case of “Old” Lady Hussey And It Is As Sickening As It Is Enlighening. And Those Sufficiently Interested Must Learn From It. It Tells People Where They Stand, The Job In Hand And Arugably To Some Extent Where Meghan Stood.

An Excuse Maker Asks For Kindness Based On Hussey’s Age. And Even Suggests Hussey’s Behaviour Was An Act of Kindness. No Such Words Would Come From the Mouth of A Sane Person With Lived Experience of Racism Who Recognises Firstly What Megan Was Talking About And Now What Ngozi Fulani Was Talking About. So One Has To Wonder Who Exactly Are The Excuse Makers Are Trying To Kid And Why?

Welsh Minister Explains Why Being ‘Anti-Racist’ Is Important Not Just Claiming To Be ‘Not Racist’
Journo For Right Wing News Station Trys To Claim Age Is The Reason For Baroness Hussey’s Racism

What of The Kindness And Sensitivity That The World Has Seen Denied To Meghan? Even When She Was Pregnant. Even After She Gave Birth. Even After She Told Oprah she Had Become Suicidal In Her Isolation. And That Harry Had To Saved Her Before They Went On An Official Night Out At The Royal Albert Hall. Even After She Told The World In That Same Interview That A Particular Courtier Told Her She Should Indoors For A While As She Was Getting Too Much Media Attention. And Yet The Reality Was That She Had Not Been Out For Weeks. And The World Can See The Truth of That As The Media Keeps Writing About Her And Harry No Matter What They Do (From Which The Media And Their Select Commentators or So Called Experts Make Money of Course).

And Whilst They Insist The Couple Stop Talking About Themselves And Making Money In The Process. The Commentartori Never Stop Talking About Them And Writing About Them And Making Money From Them And Their Royal Connections In The Process. No Wonder Then That The Couple Feel They Need To Set The Record Straight In Response. In Their Own Words. They Didn’t Start This Fight. They Are Just Trying To Deal With It. And They, Like The Press, Also Have A Right To Free Speech.

So The Double Standards Are Self-Evident. The Media Moguls of This Country Live In A Capitalist Society And Are Millionnaires. And The Royal Family Are Aristocratic Wealthy Landowners. In A Captialist Society People Have The RightTo Make Money And Meghan And Harry Have The Right To Legally Make Theirs Just As Everyone Else Does (Including Those Who Get Paid To Turn Up And Slag Them off).

Where Was The Call For Age Appropriate Consideration And Sensitivity For The Deported, Disrespected And Callously Disgarded Members of The Windrush Generation Who Came Here Upon The Government’s Invitation To Help Reuild Post War Britain And Then Were Turfed Out So Tories Can Present A Faux Tough Stance On Immigration. Against Lifetime, British, Now Senior Citizens – Who Dedicated Their Lives To This Country. Queen & Country. And In Some Cases King And Country Before That. Which Is To Say To The Queen’s Father George VI. Not Her Son Charles III.

Where Was The Call For Age And Gender Appropriate Consideration And Sensitivity For A 15 Year Old School Girl, Child Q, Who Was Stripped Searched By Police Officers In The Middle of An Exam Whilst Menstruating? As Confirmed In A Child Safeguarding Report Published March 2022. Did We Hear From These Age Excuse Makers Then? Officers Swear An Oath To Serve At His or Her Majesty’s Service. It Is Relevant. It Matters. And Right Now It Remains Systemic.

Where Was The Call For Age Appropriate Consideration And Sensitivity For 14 Year Old School Boy De-Shaun Joseph Subjected To The Time Immemorial Racist Police Gateway Line “You Match The Description…” And Then Set Upon By A Gang of At Least Four or Five Adults Who Happened To Be People Dressed Up In Police Uniforms Traumatizing Him In His School Uniform. His Mother Now Petitions For The DeShaun Joseph Police Bill Which Seeks A New Law That Police Officers Should Be Legally Required By Statute To Treat Children Age Appropriately Instead of Subjecting Them To Racism And Adultification. Officers Swear An Oath To Serve At His or Her Majesty’s Service. And Right Now It Remains Systemic.

And Again Where Was The Call For Age Appropriate Consideration And Sensitivity Shown To 70 Year Errol Dixon Punched In The Face By A Much Younger Man Who Happened To be Dressed In a Police Uniform In The Bromley Area. The IOPC (Independent Office For Police conduct) Ruled This Month That The Police Officer Had No Case To Answer. Thus They Have Licenced Officers To Dispense With Learning And Using Descalation Skills. And Instead And Continue To Go Around Trumatizing People. Of Any Age. Officers Swear An Oath To Serve At His or Her Majesty’s Service. And Right Now It Remains Systemic.

The Excuse Makers Cannot Have It Both Ways. If They Wish The World To Believe That Lady Hussey Was “Accidentally Racist” (Yes, Someone Actually Offered That Up As An Excuse) Because At 83 She Had ‘No Idea of ‘ Nor ‘Interest In’ Current Affairs, Progress In Contemporary Society, And So-Called Culture Wars;

(i) Why Was A Woman So Obviously Not Fit For Purpose At Such An Event In The First Place? It Was Focused On Camilla Queen Consort’s Very Modern And Bold Involvment In The Issue of Domestic Violence. A Current Affairs Issue Being Tackled Head On By Contemporary Society. And Sistah Space Is Highly Involved In That, Which Is Why Its CEO Was Invited To The Event In The First Place.

(ii) Why Was A Woman So Obviously Incapable of Diplomatically Negotiating The Natural Generational Gaps In Society Palmed off On A Vibrant, Intelligent, Modern, Young Sociable Woman Like Meghan To Show Her How The Palace Ran And Make Her Feel Welcome? It Seems If There’s Any Teaching To Be Done It Needs To Be Mutual, As The Palace Clearly Has A Lot To Learn. And How Could Lady Hussey Not Have Learn’t Anything About Modern Society And The Sensitivites of Commonwealth Citizens Having Not Only Spent 60 Years Alongside The Queen, But Also Having Been Married To Marmaduke Hussey, Former Head of Governors of The BBC?

(iii) Why Should Ngozi Fulani Have Had To Consider Herself In The Midst of A War (An Apparent Culture War) On A Day Out At The Palace? The Invite Was In Recognition of All Her Charity Work – Concerning Which – All Those Invited Were Suppossed To Be On the Same Side?

It Is Ageist And Desperate To Blame Lady Hussey’s Behaviour On Her Age of 83 Years.

The Queen Kept Working Until She Was 96. She Was Good Friends With Prince Williams’s Earth Shot Mentor, Sir David Attenborough, Who Is Now 96. And Both of Them Had Great Reverence For The Late Former South African President Nelson Mandela. He Died Aged 95 And Had More Excuse Than Most To Be Racist After Being Falsely Incarcerated Under South Africa’s Racist, Rotten And Corrupt Apartheid Laws For 27 Years. Instead He Encouraged Love, Peace And Racial Harmony.

So To Even Try And Excuse High Life Hussey’s Behaviour Due To Her Age Is Absurd, Diabolical And Desperate.

She Lived Through The Second World War Where The Allies Defeated The Anti-Semitic Fascist Nazis And Liberated Hitler’s Horrific Concentration Camps. She Should Have Known Better. She Lived Through The Civil Rights Movement of The 1950s And 60s Which Made Great Progress In The Fight Against Police Brutality And Racsim Against Black People. She Should Have Known Better. She Lived Through The Brixton Riots And The Scarman Report. She Should Have Known Better. She Lived Through The Murder of Stephen Lawerence And The McPherson Report. She Should Have Known Better. She Lived Through The Murder of George Floyd And The Subsequent Black Lives Matter Movement And The Subsequent Calls For Social Justice Reform. She Should Have Known Better.

More Closer To Home She Lived Through Harry And Meghan Apparently Reaching Out To Courtiers For Help And Not Getting It. Driven To Feelings of Suicide And Then Feeling The Need To Leave The Country. She Should of Known Better.

She Was By The Side of The Queen, The Head of The Commonwealth, For Over 60 Years. She Should Have Known Better.

The Question Is Why Didn’t She?

What Are The Values Within The Social Circles Within Which She Moves Such That All This Critical News Central To Modern Britain Could Be Overlooked? We Do Know That She Is Infact The Widow of Marmaduke Hussey, Baron Hussey of Bradley, Chairman of The Board of Governors of The BBC 1986 – 1996. So She Was In The Thick of It. And Yet So Called Royal Experts Expect The Public To Believe There Exists Little To No Influential Relationship Between The Palace And The Press.

Much In Common With Commonwealth Citizens?

It’s Quite Telling That A Lady In Waiting Who Has Been By The Queen’s Side For Circa 60 Years Lived Her Life Knowing, Learning. or Caring Demonstrably Little To Nothing About The Citizens of The Commonwealth, Basic Social Etiquette, And Due Protocol When Speaking To Members of The Great British Public – Which Includes People Of All Different Colours And Origins, Including Africa And The Caribbean – Invited As Guests To The Palace?

If There Was Any Genuine Interest In The Culture And Feelings of The People of Africa And The Caribbean Lady Hussey Would Have Learnt Long Ago That Touching A Black Person’s Hair Without Consent Is A No-No. It Smacks Full of Auction Block Abuse And The Historical Liberties Slavers Took With Black People’s Bodies. This Is Especially So If, As Was Reportedly The Case With Lady Hussey, The Tone & Manner Involved Is Patronising, Persistent And Priviledged…With No Sense of Having To Ask For Permission.

To Illustrate The Depth of Feeling On This Hairy Subject One Might Compare And Contrast The Warmth and Affection With Which Former First Lady Michelle Obama Tenderly Touched The Queen On The Back During A State Visit To England When Her Husband Was The American President. Some of The Reporting And Commentary Around That Friendly Gesture But Breach of Etiquette Was At The Time Full of Outrage And Sensationalism. And Yet The Queen Herself Was Fine With It According To The Amercian’s Biography “Becoming” (Since Surpassed By Her New Book The Light We Carry).

Technically As An American She Is Not A Subject of The Queen And The Usual Rules Don’t Apply. For Instance She Is Required To Curtesy. May That’s Why The Queen Took It So Well At The Time (And Indeed Embraced Her Right Back). But This Exception Hightlights The Rule Dynamically. Subjects May Not Touch The Queen. But Royalty May Touch Subjects! And Clearly Given The Outrage Caused At The Time, The Regal Attitude Is That Those Old Colonial Rules Still Apply Today.

One Rule For Them And Another Rule For ‘Others’

So Was The Commonwealth Only Ever Just A Showpiece To Keep Former Colonized Countries of The Empire Appeased? A Superficial Neo-Colonial Showpiece With No Depth of Respect or Regard For Its Citizens? It Was Said To Be Beloved By The Queen But Clearly Her Association With Lady Hussey Across Six Decades Appear To Have Taught Hussey Nothing. Exaclty How Could That Happen?

It Will Be Interesting To See How Many Other Commonwealth Countries Now Follow In The Footstseps of Barbados Which Choose To Detach Itself From The British Monarchy And Became A Republican Country Instead. It Established It’s Own Head of State In November 2021. The Two Women At The Top Are Now Prime Minsiter Mia Mottley And President Sandra Mason. Notably The Prince of Wales Was Polite But Very Particular Not To Say Sorry For Slavery, When He Subsequently Visited The Country To Mark The Occassion.

This Even Though The Slave Codes Were Established In That Country Under British Rule When His Ancestor James I (July 24 1567 – 1625) Was The Ruling Monarchy And Granted The London Company A Royal Charter To Colonize The North American Tobacco Territory of Virginia (In Which It Established The Settlement of Jamestown In 1607). By 1624 Its Royal Charter Was Replaced With A Declaration That It Was Now A Royal Colony, Dependent Upon The Slave Trade. At The Same Time It Also Colonized Canada Which Today Remains A Former Colonized Member of The Commonwealth. There Was Also The Africa Company. And East India Company. Both On Similar Missions of Empire Building.

Meghan Markle Made Clear That She Wanted To Help Maintain Commonwealth Relations, On The Day She And Harry Announced Their Engagement. Her Wedding Dress Included Each of The Commonwealth Countries Emblems. The Royals Squandered A Golden Opportunity Here. Many Commonwealth Countries Happily Embraced Meghan And Harry On Their Commonwealth Tour In October 2018. She May Yet Make A Great International Ambassador. Despite The Bully Boy Efforts of Some Quarters of The Press, Not Everyone Hates Her. Nor Harry.

What Hussey Should of Asked, But Didn’t!

Perhaps The Real Question Is Where Are The British Aristocracy & The British Royals Really, Really, Really From? And Their Vast Lands? And Their Stately Homes?

Whatever The Style, Randomly Touching A Black Person’s Hair Without Permission Is Socially Unacceptable.

Without Permission: A Poem By Jeanette Thompson

TheOrator.Press Is Honoured To Present A Poem Called ‘Without Permission’, Written & Narrated By Artist, Poet, And Windrush Generation British Citizen, Jeanette Thompson. A Very Proud British Bajan, Who’s Father Served In The British Navy.

We Are Grateful To Her For Sharing It With Us Upon So Early After Its Completion. It Eloquently Expresses Why Black People Do Not Like People Getting Handsy With Their Hair. And Why Touching Black Hair Without Permission Is A Cultural No No. Be It Man Or Woman. Boy or Girl. Old or Young!

It’ s Just Not Done. It’s Not Decorum. At Least Not Without Permission!

Where Was The Royal Protocol In Lady Hussey Assuming A Right To Touch Ngozi Fulani?

In Addition To The Public Interrogation Hussey’s Behaviour In Touching Ngozi’s Hair Was Highly Offensive & Insensitive Because Black People Have Been Traumatized For Years By White People Assuming A Right To Touch Them. In Particular Lustful, Rapist, Violent & Abusive Slave Owners And Violent Racist Police Officers. And In Some Cases Dreadlocks Are Not Just A Hair Style Choice But Religiously Sacred, Such As For Rastafarians For Instance.

Lady Susan Hussey,Reportedly Upon Royal Command Has Retreated Quietly Into Protected High Class Obscurity Whilst Ngozi Fulani Has Been Forced Into The Limelight And Subjected To UnsoughtAnd Unmerciful Scrutiny, With A Savage Level of Brutality. Ironicially Verbal And Written Violent Attacks Continue Against This Charitable Woman From Other Sources In The Press And Online After She Spoke Up About What Happened. Now It Appears As Though She May Need To Seek Legal And Public Relations Representation To Strategise How To Handle This Continued Savagery of Questions And Wild Accusations Which Include The Likes of:-

She Should Have Just Answered The Questions. If Hussey Had To Ask The Question So Many Times It Was Her Who Was Being Rude. She Only Provides Sistah Space Assistance To African Caribbean Women, So It’s Her Who Is The Racist. Why Was She Dressed In African Attire Yet Too Ashamed To Say She Came From Africa? Why Did She Not Complain To The Palace Instead of Taking To Social Media? How Was She Able To Provide A Transcript So Quickly. She Must Have Had A Recording Device And Got It Past Security! Her Name Is Not Ngozi Fulani It Nadine White! Her’s Charity Figures Don’t Had Up! Her Charity Has Been Advised By The Charity Commission About Conflict of Interest!

The Horror of Hussey’s High Class Cheap Shot Attack Highlights The Anatomy of So Many Attacks Lunched On Black People, Albeit This One Is On Another Level. Of Royal Proprotions!

A Black Person Is Attacked. A White Offender Is Protected By A Series of Low Grade Excuses or Systemic Manouvres. Then The Black Person Is Attacked Again With A Counter Accusation Claiming They Are Lying, Or That They’ve Done Something Wrong Which They Haven’t or For Putting The Excused White Person Through Such An Ordeal In The First Place.

But It Was Not ‘In The First Place’. It Was The Revealation of What Happened And The Fight For Justice or Due Recognition And Acknowledgment. That Pattern of Behaviour Is Also A Form of Violence, Which Is Centuries Old, And That Comes In Many Forms. Still Today!

And That Also Needs To Stop. As Well As, Violence Against Women. All Women! Of All Creeds! And All Colours!

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