Extra Coverage News Nuggets: President Biden Issues Annual Statement On Armenia ~ April 2022

Armenia Matters! And To Proud Armenian, Entertainer & Entrepreneur Kev Orkian It’s Deep.

It’s Very Important To Him That The Leader of The Free World Acknowledges That.

And The Told TheOrator.Press He’s Happy To Say President Biden Has!

The Annual Historical Acknowledgment of What Happened In Armenia On April 1915 Is Everything To This Essex Businessman


On April 24, 1915, Ottoman Authorities Arrested Armenian Intellectuals And Community Leaders In Constantinople. Thus Began The Armenian Genocide—One Of The Worst Mass Atrocities Of The 20th Century. Today, We Remember The One And A Half Million Armenians Who Were Deported, Massacred, Or Marched To Their Deaths In A Campaign Of Extermination, And Mourn The Tragic Loss Of So Many Lives.

As We Reflect On The Armenian Genocide, We Renew Our Pledge To Remain Vigilant Against The Corrosive Influence Of Hate In All Its Forms. We Recommit Ourselves To Speaking Out And Stopping Atrocities That Leave Lasting Scars On The World. And, As We Mourn What Was Lost During The Meds Yeghern, Let Us Redouble Our Efforts Toward Healing And Building The Better, More Peaceful World That We Wish For Our Children. A World Where Human Rights Are Respected, Where The Evils Of Bigotry And Intolerance Do Not Mark Our Daily Lives, And Where People Everywhere Are Free To Pursue Their Lives In Dignity And Security. This Is Also A Moment To Reflect On The
Strength And Resiliency Of The Armenian People. After Enduring A Genocide, The Armenian People Were Determined To Rebuild Their Community And Their Culture, So Often In New Homes And New Lands, Including The United States. Armenian Americans Are A Vital Part Of The Fabric Of The United States. They Make Our Nation Stronger And More Dynamic, Even As They Continue To Carry With Them The Tragic Knowledge Of What Their Ancestors Endured. We Recognize Their Pain And Honor Their Story.

Today, 107 Years Later, The American People Continue To Honor All Armenians Who
Perished In The Genocide.


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