TheOrator.Press Bond Film Review Special: ‘No Time To Die’ ~ November 2021

Bond Is Back

And He’s Never Been Better!

Daniel Craig’s Five Star Exit Positions Him Firmly In Our Hearts Forever. And That Is Something of A Surprise As He Wasn’t Exactly Gushin’ When He Got The Role And So Neither Were We. But The Role Grew On Him And He Grew On Us.

And Now We Are Seriously, Gut-wrentchingly, Unexpectedly Feelin’ The Love.

No Time To Die Is Enough!

It Does What It Says On The Tin!

Trailer MGM. All Rights Reserved @007

It’s Early November 2021 And TheOrator.Press Finally Watches The New Bond Movie ‘No Time To Die‘ After All The Fuss & The Buzz of The Royal Albert Hall September Premier Has Left Town. At This Post Lockdown Glitzy Glamourous Cinematic Gatherin’ It Was Finally Revealed Exactly How Daniel Craig’s 007 Says Goodbye. And Over Four Weeks Later Screenings Were Still “Sold Out”. Even Locally On A Quiet Sunday Night. So We Went Large To Central London And Watched It At The Vue Cinema Leicester Square In London’s West End Instead. It Was So Epic That We Tried Again And Have Now Successfully Booked Tickets Locally To Watch Him On The Big Screen At Least Once More In Quick Succession Whilst We Can.

This Bond Film Quite Literally Moves You And Leaves You Achin’ For More. And There Will Be More. It’s In The Bond Production DNA. The Film Delivers Exactly What It Says On The Tin. It Is Exquisitely, Excellently, Exceptionally Bond At His Most Passionate, Explosive’ And Protective Best And This Is Absolutely ‘No Time To Die.’

We Love Him More Now Than We Ever Did Before. And When He Started Out, To Some People (Includin’ To ‘Skyfall’ And ‘Spectre’ Double Director Sam Mendes) That Never Seemed Possible. So Miracles Do Happen. But of Course They Do – After All – This Is “Bond”. “James Bond”.

Daniel Craig
Remi Malik
Photos MGM. All Rights Reserved
Lashana Lynch

Daniel Craig’s Last Delivers Many Firsts

No Time To Die Is So Well Constructed That You Just Don’t See The Twist Comin’ And When You Finally Workout What’s Goin’ On You Realise That Daniel Craig’s Last Mission Impossible Has Made The Impossible Possible. Although This Is His Last Outin As 007 This Bond Bombshell Delivers A Series of Firsts And In A Long Line of Twenty Plus Predecessors These Insightful, Premium, Big, Bold, Beautiful Adaptations And Modernizations Ultimately Add Up To The Best In The Fleming Franchise Yet. He’s Never Been More Strong, Sophisticated, And Sincere.

Bond 25 And How We Got Here!

The Sean Connery 7/6

Dr No (1962) The First Time Those Immortal Words “Bond, James Bond” Were Uttered On The Silver Screen By The Big Man He Was A Smooth, Charmin’ Confident, Cool, Smokin’ Gamblin’ Womaniser. Sixty Years On He’s Still Smooth, Charmin’ Confident And Cool. But Things Have Changed Significantly In Line With Changes In Society.

George Lazenby 1

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969). Bond Actually Marries In This Film. Wife Tracy Is Played By Diana Rigg. George Lazenby’s Dismissive Attitude Towards His Role As Bond Meant That It Did Not Work Out For The Aussie’ Actor And It Was Decided Once Was Enough For Him. A Dud In Hollywood Is Now None As A Lazenby Which Is A Bit of A Tragedy. And It Also Means That Sadly His Stint Does Not Count In This Celebratory 25 Tally. The Film Also Starred Telly Savalas And That Worked Out For Him As He Went On To Play Popular Cool Good Cop Kojak In The Highly Popular 70s Detective Series.


Actress Akiko Wakabayashi As Japanese Ninja Agent ‘Aki’, 1967, Jamaican Singer & Actress Grace Jones As Mayday, 1985, And Pop Princess Kylie Monogue In Video For Single Can’t Get You Out of My Head, 2001.

Pierce Brosnan 4

Pierce Bronsan Did Well & Took Care of Bond Throughout The 90s And Into The Early 2000s.

Whilst Die Another Day (2002) Was His Last Bond Movie It Was Also The Continuation of Stronger Bond Girls Such As Jinx Played By Halle Berry, Who Was Fit, Fierce & Fightin’ Back Alongside Bond.

Bond Meets Jinx Played By Halle Berry In The 2002 Bond Movie ‘Die Another Day’

Grace Jones Was Rather The Same In The Fitness & Fighting Stakes, Except She Was The Lover of Christopher Walken’s Villian In 1985’s A View To A Kill

Grace Jones Supremely Fit As May Day In 1985′s A View To A Kill

Above: Bollinger Is Bond!

Below: Part of The Burlington Arcade 60th Anniversary Celebration Installation 2022

The Roger Moore 7

Live & Let Die (1973) Publicity Shot Featurin’ Gloria Hendry As Rosie, Roger Moore As James Bond For The First Ever Time, And Jane Seymour As Solitaire.

Timothy Dalton 2

License To Kill (1989) Saw Timothy Dalton In His Second And Final Bond Movie. Some Thought It Was Too Violent. It Did Lead To A Classic Gladys Knight Ballard of The Same Title Nonetheless. And This Bond Theme Tune Made It To No.6 In The Top Ten At The Time.

Daniel Craig 5

Click To Watch Daniel Makin’ A Splash!

Casino Royale (2006) Was No Jokin’ Matter Nearly 55 Years After The Original Spoof (Starrin’ Peter Sellers & David Niven – And Made By A Different Company To The Brocolli Family). Daniel Craig Is The Fittest Bond There Ever Was And The Most Modern, Contemporary And Fearless. His Exit Is Just As Breathtakingly Impactful As His Arrival Was.

Style & Fashion & Fitness

Whilst Daniel Craig Is The Fittest James Bond Ever Grace Jones Was Definetly The Fittest Bond Girl. (‘Mayday’ A View To Kill (1985) With Roger Moore & Christopher Walken). She Was Stylish Too. Perhaps She & Kylie Were Influenced By Japanese Ninja Secret Service Agent ‘Aki’ In You Only Live Twice (1967) With Sean Connery. Supreme Style, Fashion & Fitness Is A Signature Feature of The Bond Franchise. See Our Special Premiere Feature In The Orator.Press October Issue 2021.

Grace Jones of Jamaica

David Niven 1/ (Spoof)/ Peter Sellers 1 (Spoof)

Casino Royale (1967) Had Two James Bonds For The Price of One In The Form of David Niven & Peter Sellers. You Only Live Twice (1967) With Sean Connery Also Came Out The Same Year (Sean’s 5th Outin’ Since 1962).

This Was A Spoof Series By Producers Who Held The Rights Before The Brocolli Family (So It Is Not Included In The Celebratory 25 Tally). When Chubby Brocolli’s Daughter Barbara Brocolli Acquired The Rights In A Legal Settlement Circa 1997 The Producers Decided To Do Casino Royale “The Way Ian Flemming Had Intended It To Be”. Seriously! As An Action Adventure Thriller.

Although That Did Not Hit The Screens With Daniel Criag Until 2005.

The Gamble With Daniel Craig As Bond Paid off (Even Though Initially He Was Not A Popular Choice) And Other Than Connery And Moore’s Joint Score of 7 He Made The Most Bond Films of All Six Bond Actors To Date (With 5 Bond Films).

The Gamble With Aussie Actor George Lazenby Did Not Pay Off However And He Only Got One Go of It As The Chemistry Just Wasn’t There. On And Off Screen Behind The Scenes. Sadly!

Lazenby Believed He Was Above Bond And So He, The Audiences & The Production Team Never Got On.

Connery = 7/6

(Sadly “Never Say Never Again” Is Discounted As It Was Made Outside of The Brocolli & Eon Production Team. So Although Connery Made 7 Bond Films Only 6 Officially Count As Far As The Eon Production Team Are Concerned)

Moore = 7

Craig = 5

Brosnan = 4

Dalton = 2

Lazenby = 1

Total = Bond 25

Click Here:

To See Which Actors Made Which Bond Films And When Since It All Began With Sean Connery And Ursula Andres In 1962.

Dr. No Was Filmed In Jamaica, Where Writer Ian Flemming Chose To Reside.

Link: TheOratorPress-bond-25-special-november-2021

Brocolli Keeps Bond Movin’ With The Times Based On The Franchise Philosophy “Adapt or Die”

And of Course

This Is ‘No Time To Die’

It’s Still Cool, Classy & Classic

The Classic Bond Movie Signature Features Are Still Present And Correct With High End Sartorial Style, Luxury Cars With Spectacular Secret Agent Features Such Bullet Proof Windows And Built In Weaponary, Guns, Gadgets, One Liners And Beautiful Women. Car Chases, Fight Scences And Action Packed Drama With Special Effects And Explosives. The Psychopathic Villian, Voyages To Adventurous Lands And Exasperated Intelligence Bosses. And Cinematic Images of What It Is To Be British. Sweeping’ Shots of The Shard And The Central London Landscape For One – And A Portrait of Dame Judi Dench As The Former ‘M’ Proudly Positioned Within Intelligence Corridors of Power For Another.

The Sweepin’ Shots of Italy Are Breathtakingly Beautiful (As Are So Many Things Italian). And Some of The Scenes & Sounds of Jamaica Made Our Hearts Sing. Jamaica Was of Course Flemings’ Adopted Home. And Some of The Biggest And One of The Most Impressive Action Scenes Were In Cuba.

Wonderfully Woke!

Wonderfully Also Included Are Wonderfully Welcome And ‘Wonderfully Woke’ Long Overdue Advancements In Bond’s Storytellin’. They Reflect Modern Reality And Impressive Members of The Global Majority Community (TGMC). For Instance Beautiful Bond Girls Are Now Also Beautiful Bond Women Excudin’ Great Girl Power. They Are Gettin’ Involved In The Fight Scences Instead of Just Watchin’ Helplessly On The Sidelines Waitin’ To Be Saved. Ana De Armas In Heels, An Evenin’ Dress And Her Own Martial Arts Zone Is A Stunnin’ Example. Lashana Lynch In Her Combat Outfit Is Warrior Confident, Lazer Focused And Superfit. And Bond’s Love Interest Actually Saves Him At One Point In Another Example of Impressive Modern Day Equality.

Versatile, Highly Trained, Highly Skilled, Advanced Driver & Jet Pilot, Fellow ‘007’ Agent Nomi Is Licensed To Kill And A Match For Bond. Lashana Lynch Reportedly Performed A Gruellin’ 600 Sits A Day In Preparation For The Role
(Publicity Photos MGM All Rights Reserved)

Other Highlights Include A Motorbike Moment That Literally Sees Bond Driven Up The Wall And Become A Free Runner On Two Wheels With Jaw Droppin’ “Wow!” Factor. Lashana Lynch’s Dance Club Queen Offerin’ Him A Ride Home On Her Own Motorbike In A Jamaican Accent Showcases The Cultural Language Versatility Within Migrant Communities And Reminds Us That People Aren’t Always Who They Appear To Be. And Also That Members of The Global Majority Community Are often Not One Dimensional Culturally.

A Uniform Cinematic Laugh Out Loud Moment At Bond’s Response To His Love Interest Sayin’ She Has Something To Show Him (Which We Know To Be His Offspring – Even Though He Doesn’t Yet) Confirms That Audiences Have Accepted Mr Bond Has Moved Into A New Phase of His Life.

The Absolute Standout Screen Shot For Us Is The One of Naomi Harris As Moneypenny And Lashana Lynch As 007 Agent Nomi ‘In The Room’ And In Conference With ‘M’, The Head of The Secret Service And Bill Tanner, The ‘MI6 Chief of Staff’. Just Bein’ Treated And Portrayed As Articulate, Competent, Dynamic Women Who Are Valued Senior Members of An Elite Intelligence And Security Team. Both At The Same Time. Amen! It’s About Time.

We Wonder How The Intelligence Service Would React If 007 Agent Nomi Ever Reported A Case of DWB To Her Bosses
(Publicity Photos MGM All Rights Reserved

So Long Have Such Simple Cinematic Graces Been Denied To Members of The Global Majority Community (And Audiences Generally) That Finally Seein’ Them On Screen It Is Notably Refreshin.’ And Heartwarmin’.

Optics Are Important And The More We See A More Balanced View of Society With Positivity And Reality Instead of Biased Negativity And Cultural Hostility The Better We Do For The Whole of Society. It’s Not About Politics But Basic Humanity And Social Harmony.

Agent Nomi Drivin’ A Highend Luxury Car Without Bein’ Subjected To DWB (Drivin’ Whilst Black) Treatment From Police Power Abusers Is Also Powerful And Important Imagery. Institutionally Racist Police officers Are Still So Consumed By Biogtry They’ve Not Yet Faced Up To The The Fact That An Educated, Successful, Professional Black Middle Class Is An Everyday Reality In This Country, America And Elsewhere. For Instance The Positive And Powerful Imagery of A Global Majority Community In Marvel’s 2018 Black Panther Is Only One Reason Why It Too Proved To Be Such A Phenomenal Hit And One of The Worlds Most Successful Movies of All Time.

Publicity Photos MGM All Rights Reserved

And It Pays Off!

These Most Recent Bond Achievements Are Due To The Mindful Adaptions of The Proactive Production Team Headed Up By Barbara Brocolli And Her Partners Monsieurs Wilson, And Their Directorial Collaboration With Pioneerin’ Director Cary JoJi Fukunaga, As Well As Bringin’ On Board Avant Garde Award Winnin’ British Writer Pheobe Waller Bridge of Fleabag Fame. Keepin It Fresh Has Meant Keepin It Real And It Shows. This Has Attracted A New Audience Demogrphic. The End Result Shows That These Executives Care And So Long As They Continue To Do So Their Trademark Adaptability Will Win Loyalty From Members of The Global Majority Community.

On Monday November 1st 2021 The Website Announced It Had Surpassed $600 Million In Global Tickets Sales Since The Film’s Release A Month Ago. And It Consecutively Took Over $1Million A Day For 29 Days. It Is Now The Highest Grossin’ Film In UK And Ireland. And Over That Previous Weekend It Was The Number One Film In China. It Is The Most Successful Bond Movie Ever Made.

As The World Moves On Generations Change And Adaptation Is The Name of The Game. And As This Movie Makes Clear There Is Definetly A New Generation of Bond Actors And Audiences To Look Forward To. After All, This Is No Time To Die!

Felix & James Formed An Atypical Brotherly Bond As Secret Service Men

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