Events, Dear Boy. Events! Gather-Gate: February 2022

A British Prime Minister Who Claims He Does Not Recognise A Party In His Own Back Yard Is Not Fit To Be On The International Stage Dealin’ With International Issues & Crisis

The Tory Party Need To Beware Tory History.

Chamberlain, Churchill, Thatcher Were Ousted From Office As Casualties of War

And Boris Too May Be Yet Out The Door
Power-Hungry, Gutless,Tongue-Tied BoJo Enablers & Acalytes Underestimate The Power of The People & The Pendin’ Public Vote In May 2022 At Their Peril – Whilst British Viewers Reportedly Complained To British TV Regulator Ofcom In Record No.s Followin’ Award-Winnin’ Dance Troupe Diversity’s Dance Presentation of George Floyd’s Murder – The Group Won A TV BAFTA Award At The TV & Film cademy For Must See TV Moment of The Year The Followin’ Year. Black Voters Matter!

News! It Happens Everyday! Everybody Wants It! Sometimes It’s Good And Sometimes It’s Bad! But Who Decides What’s Newsworthy? And Who Decides What To Say? Ultimately Voters Can Have A Big Part To Play!

Let Him Eat Cake In N0.10’s Back Yard

Sue Gray’s Initial Update Was Released Monday January 31 2022 And Was Damnin’ of The Lack of Discipline And Leadership At Downing Street. And The Copious Amount of Booze Consumed During Covid In Government Offices!

Bojo Apologised Afterwards In The House of Commons. Dragged Kicking And Screaming To Do Such A Thing (As Apologise). It Was Half-hearted And Largely Not Worth The Time & Effort It Took To Listen To Such Balderdash. So Little Is It’s Value. And As If To Prove It, Within Moments of The Apolology Bojo Continued Largely As He Had Done Before, With Bluster & Bombast. Only This Time He Threw In A “Scurrilous” Attack On Keir Starmer, By Adoptin’ The Extreme Right Wing Tactic of QAnon & Others And Accused Him of Supportin’ A Peadophile, Namely Disgraced Presenter Jimmy Saville, By Not Prosecuting Him. This Was A Proven Misrepresentation of The Facts, But He Stooped That Low Nonetheless.

He Has Since Behaved In A Way Which Signals He Believes He Is Too High & Mighty To Have To Apologise To Anybody – Sincerely; Includin’ Labour Seniors Sir Keir Starmer & David Lammy Who Were Attacked By A Jeerin’ Mob of Thuggery Outside Parliament The Followin’ Week On Monday February 7 2022 Further To His Aforementioned Grotesque False Accusations The Previous Week.

Opinion On The News
Comment On The News
Discussion, Debate & Difference of Opinion
Fair Comment

It Is A Ceaseless Source of Fascination That Some Conservative Cronies Continue To Debase Themselves In Their Cronisim And Say A World of Worthless Words Such As “He Was Ambushed By A Cake” And “The Country Has So Many Issues Deal To With Other Than Parties & Cakes” Followin’ The Outbreak of The Gather-Gate Scandal At No.10 ‘Down It’ Street.

This Is Not About Cake, This Is About Character! This Is About Commitment To Country & The Great British Public Durin’ A National Crisis, Namely The Prevailing International Covid Pandemic! And This Is About Confidence & Trust! Boris & His Enablers & Acalytes Have Betrayed The Trust of The Great British Public. And Votin’ In The Upcomin’ May 2022 Local Elections Is How The Public Can Do Something About It!

Whilst The MPs Have Power In Parliament It Is The People Within The Great British Public That Keeps Them In or Out

How On Earth Can An Eton & Oxbridge Educated Man On One Hand Claim He Is Worthy of The Highest Office In UK Politics At No.10 Downing Street, Build A Multimillion Multimedia Press Room In No.9 Downing Street, From Which He Commands Daily National & International Attention As He Announces Covid Edits, And Yet At His Convenience, When He Is Exposed For The Tory Chancer Many Always Knew Him To Be, Effectively Claim That He’s An Idiot – And Then Expect To Command National & International Respect? By Disrespectin’ The Great British Public, Especially The Power of The Black Vote, The Female Vote, And The Workin’ Class Vote, That’s How.

And If Respect Is To Be Reclaimed Amongst This Section of The Electorate – Then They Have To Respect & Effect Their Own Votin’ Power. Them Not Voting Is Something Upon Which The Tories Are Countin’. The Forebears of These Demographics Fought Hard For The Vote And They Did So With Greater Courage, Character And Class Than This Political Populist Has Ever Shown. Those Forebears Can Be Honoured By Bringin’ The Votes Home.

He Is Bankin’ On Tory Chancers Bein’ The Only Voters In Town – And If That Is Allowed To Be Proven True – Then We Let Ourselves & Our Loved Ones Down – Those Still Here Or Previously Passed! We Need To Show That We, Our Loved Ones And Our Country & Our Democracy Are Better, Greater And Worthier Than That. White or Black!

Conservative Stalwarts Have Been Kicked Out Before – Even Durin’ War

On Saturday February 12 2022 Nigel Nelson Political Editor of The Sunday Mirror Spoke To Niall Patterson of Sky News About The Impendin’ Ukraine/Russia War & The Fact That Yesterday (Friday February 11 2022) Despite Dame Dick Bein’ Dispatched & Officially Resignin’, The Metropolitan Police Issued Boris Johnson And 49 Others A Crime Questionnaire As To Illicit Party-Gate Gather-Gate Behaviour At Number 10.

A British Prime Minister Facin’ A Military Crisis Abroad And A Political Criminal Crisis At Home Is Pretty Much Unprecented. Notably Nelson Pointed Out That It Would Not Be The First Time That A Prime Minister Has Been Unseated In The Midst of War, Citin’ Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, And Margaret Thatcher As Examples.

This Is Interestin’ Because Both Scenarios Involve Operations of War on A Third Party Country By British Prime Ministers At The Time And Their Subsequent Demise. And Now, Whether He & His Enablers & Acolytes Wish To Face It or Continue To Deny, Currently, In The Midst of Gather-Gate BoJo’s Job Is Also Very Much On The Line – And It Is Is The People Who Have The Power To Draw A Line Under It All – This Time!

Chamberlain ~ And ~ Churchill

One War.

Three Different Prime Ministers!

Failed Appeasement Effort With Hitler.


Conservative Leader Neville Chamberlain. Failed Appeasement Mission To Munich. As Prime Minister At The Start of WWII He was Replaced As Leader of The Conservative Party By Winston Churchill After A Forced Resignation. Fellow Politicians And The Public Thought Churchill Would Make A Stronger Wartime Leader After Chamberlain’s Failed Efforts At Appeasement. Notably Now With Ukraine, Despite All His Bullishness & Bombast It Was Not Boris Who Went Out To Face Putin. His Input Has Been Rather Muted. It Is The Rather Meek & Weak Lookin’ Liz Truss Who Was Thrust Into The Political International Diplomatic Limelight To Do The Hard Yards. Of Course Knowin’ The Character of Boris As We Do Now, Post Gather-Gate In Particular, If There Is Any Credit To Be Had For Britain’s Efforts He Will Lap Up It All Up & Place Himself Front & Centre.

“This Is Gettin’ Like Waitin’ For Godot. It’s Ridiculous!”

Roger Gale, Former Tory Grandee, Who Submitted A Letter To The 1922 Committee Supportin’ Johnson’s Removal From Office
Waitin’ For Godot Is An Anglo-Franco Play By Irish Playwrite Samuel Beckett About Two Men Waitin’ For A Happenin’ That Never Happens. In 2010 For The First Time It Was Performed By An All Black Cast From The Talawa Theatre Company.
Great War Leader. But Not A Great Humanist.


Conservative Leader Winston Churchill. PM Front & Centre And Right In The Middle of WWII. Lauded For His Famous “We Shall Fight Them On The Beaches” Speech Which He Made Whilst Prime Minister Durin’ WWII. But He Lost The July 1945 General Election Towards End of The War As His Domestic Policy Was Poor. He & The Tories Were Voted Out of Office. Churchill’s Focus On Foreign Policy Was No Doubt Because He Was Originally A Millitary Man. In Particular He Served In South Africa, Known For The Boer War & It’s Subsequent Brutal Apartheid System. He Was A Known Eugenicist, Who Supported Seperation of “The Feeble-Minded” And Those “Unfit” To Reproduce, And The Notion of White Supremacy Based On “The Black People of Australia & “The Red Indians of America” Bein’ Inferior “As White People Were More Worldly Wise.” He Called The Sudanese Savages (Havin’ Served In Sudan Before Becomin’ An Oldham MP) & He Believed In Chemical Warfare Usin’ Poisoned Gases. He Blamed The Bengal Famine of 1943 on Indians “Breedin’ Like Rabbits.” On The Subject of Indian Independence of Which Ghandi Was The Leader He Commented “I Hate Indians. They Are Beastly People With A Beastly Religion.” (That Said, Ghandi Believed Indians Were Superior To Black People And Thus Was A Racist Himself.) Racism Does Not Only Operate One Way. It’s Sad To Say. But It’s True! It Takes Many Different Forms! And We Need To Get Real About It In Order To Effectively Address It!).

The Palace of Westminster Where Churchill Delivered His Famous “We Shall Never Surrender” Speech In The House of Commons, June 4th 1940
Pioneer of A New Social Order.


Labour Leader Clement Attlee. 1945-1951.
He Was PM At The End of WWII, In Winter 1945 After Labour Beat The Tories In The Summer Election. He Was Signatory To The Armistice Agreement On Armistice Day 11.11.1945. Still Commemorated Today, The End of The War Is Known As Armistice Day & Poppy Day. His Government Was Responsible For Much of Britian’s Post WWII Reconstruction. This Included The Launch of The NHS July 5 1948 (With The Slogan “From The Cradle To The Grave”). And Also Implementation of The 1944 Education Act (Introducin’ The 11+ Exam And Grammer Schools, Technical Schools & Secondary Modern Schools). Boris & The Tories Should Take Heed As Their Casual, Cavalier & Callous Attitude Towards Their Own Covid Rules May Come Back To Bite Them. Before Bein’ Voted Out of Office By The Electorate In 1945 Churchill Garnered An Approval Ratin’ of Over 80%, However Their Failure To Look After The Populas At Home Allowed Labour To Win Over New 140 Seats & Win The Election. Historically Tories Have Taken For Granted & Disregarded The Electorate At Their Peril

Whilst Chamberlain Resolutely Declared War On Germany 3 September 1939 After Hitler Invaded Poland On September 1st 1939. The Invasion By Germany Was National And International Acknowledgement That His Appeasement Visit To Germany of 1938 Had Ultimately Failed. Followin’ This Diplomatic Failure People Thought That Churchill Would Make A Better Prime Minister And So Chamberlain Was Effectively Ousted Although He Technically Resigned As Conservative Leader In May 1940, Eight Months After The Invasion. He Was Replaced By Fellow Conservative Churchill (“A Hero of The Boer War”) Who Ultimately Led Britain To Victory In This Second World War, Is Famous For His “We Shall Never Surrender” Speech And The “V” For Victory Sign.

However The War Ended On Armistice Day, At The llth Hour, In The llth Month, On The llth Day – November 11 1945, And It Was Labour Leader Clement Attlee Who Was Prime Minister At The Time As Churchill Lost The General Election In The July.

Churchill Was So Focused On Foreign Policy That He Neglected Domestic Policy And In The End The People Did Not Appreciate That. They Were War Weary And Wanted A New Leader.

Plus Had Espoused Some Insensitive, Ill-Timed, Terrible Rhetoric During His Campaign Which Backfired. For Instance, He Said Attlee’s Socialist Policies Which Focused On Rebuildin’ The Country With A View To Greater Equality “Would Require Some Form of Gestapo. No Doubt Very Humanely Directed In The First Instance.”

Furthermore The Tory Policy of Appeasement Did Not Seem So Clever Once The Second World War’s End & Successful Efforts of Liberation Revealed The Full Horrors of Nazism.

Howe’ Sir Geoffery Got Rid of Thatcher

The Iron Lady Finally Sheds A Tear. Not For The Miners And Their Families. Nor The Unions. Nor The School Kids No Longer Able To Get Free School Milk or Play At Youth Centres or On Playin’ Fields Sold To Property Developers. No Not For Them or Anyone Else. But For Herself As She Was Forced To Resign After Sir Geoffery Howe’s Attack In November 1990. JohnMay Was To Be Her Successor After Beatin’ Howe & Heseltine In A Leadership Race.

A Retro Look At Rhetoric Also Did For Margaret Thatcher And The Image of Her Leavin’ Downing Street Crying In The Back of A Taxi A La Eastenders Is The One That Will Forever Linger.

Thatcher’s Moniker “The Iron Lady” Was Cemented When She Took A Tough Stance As Argentina Invaded The British Falkland Islands, Starting The Falklands War. It Ensued April 2nd – June 14th 1982. Roughly Two Months & Two Weeks And Was Known As The 74 Day War.

She Survived The War & It Was Only Eight Years Later That Her Former Foreign Secretary, Now Deputy Prime Minister, Finally Delivered A Resignation Speech In November 1990 Which Marked The Beginning of The End For Her. After His Speech And Before The End of The Month In Which It Was Delivered She Was Ousted And Forced To Deliver Her Own Swan Song. Famously She Left Downing Street In The Back of A Car As She Wept. Early EastEnders Inspiration Perhaps As That Is A Favoured Mode of Exit From The Square Too.

Thatcher Had Already Lost Popularity For A Number of Reasons, Includin’ The Very Same Falklands War Over Which A Number of Ministers Resigned At The Time And About Which Many Later Concluded It Had Caused A Substantial Needless Loss of Lives. The Feelin’ Was Britain Should Not Have Gone To War, But Have Engaged In Greater Diplomacy Instead.

Domestically There Were Accusations of Bein’ Out of Touch With The People, Increasin’ The Gap Between Rich & Poor, Public Program Cuts, And No More Free School Milk, Nor Higher Education And The Simultaneous Cullin’ of Youth Clubs. There Was Also A New Cripplin’ Tax (The Poll Tax Come Council Tax). And Also Racism Exemplified By Her Expressin’ “Fear of Being Swamped By An Alien Culture.”

Howe’s Particular “Enough Is Enough” Moment Was Her Unrelentin’, Bombastic, And Provacative Rejection of The Economic & Monetary Union (EMU) And The ECU (European Community Union) Which He Felt Would Lead Britain Into International Isolation. Domestically She Was Never A Fan of Workers Unions And Internationally She Publically She Denounced Sovereign Unions Too. Not Even A European Union Offerin’ European Unity Was Something She Considered Was Good For Britain. Howe Vehemently Disagreed. She Never Recovered From Howe’s Resignation Drubbin’.

Notwithstandin’ The Falklands War, It Was The First Gulf War That Was Playin’ Out As Thatcher Was Forced Out And John Major Was Voted In After Winnin’ A Leadership Contest Against Howe And Hesltine.

It Was A Particularly Tough Time For The European Coalition Countries,Which At This Time Included The Soviet Union, America And Britian. Middle Eastern Dictator Saddem Hussein Had Ordered Iraq’s Invasion of The Neighbourin’ Smaller Country of Kuwait, And The West Feared His Next Move Would Be The Invasion of Saudi Arabia And The Takeover of Their Oil Supplies. The War Commenced August 2nd 1990 And Concluded By February 1991 Subsequent To The Launch of ‘Operation Dessert Storm’. The Coalition Countries Were Victorious Havin’ Forced The Iraqis To Retreat.

Thatcher Was Forced Out In The Midst of This Wartime Drama, Namely In The November.

[Incidentally, The Second Golf War Occured In 2003-2009 And Involved The Notorious Search For Weapons of Mass Destruction – Which Ultimately Lead To The Political Downfall of Labour Leader Tony Blair – Who Was The Most Successful Labour Leader Ever Up Until This Time.]

Even After She Subsequently Left Downing Street The People Never Forgave Her Political Brutality Based On Her Attitude That There Was No Such Thing As Society. For Her It Was All About Laissez-Faire, Survival of The Fittest And Everyone Makin’ Their Own Money & Wealth. And Anyone Who Fell By The Waste Side Should Not Expect To Be Propped Up By The State. Creatin’ “Competitive” Circumstances Was The Overriding Narrative With The Notion Bein’ That Encouragin’ People & Organisations To “Compete” Would Improve Standards In Various Areas of Life. In The Process It Would Create Winners & Losers. ‘But So Be It’ Was The Brutal Thatcher Edit!

Comedian Harry Enfield’s Comedy Character “Loads of Money” Parodied This Political Mentality. Suffice To Say Thatcher Is One of The UK’s Least Popular Prime Minisiters, And She, Like Cressida Dick, Proactively Did Little or Nothin’ For Women. Although She Is Fetishised In Some Quarters. And Boris Is A Big Fan.

Bojo Johnson

Some of ITV’s Loose Women Make Clear That The Tories Are Very Much Mistaken If They Think The People Will Forget Their Inappropriate Partyin’ & Gatherin’, & Their “Fumblin’ Around With The Truth”. These Women Say It Simply Won’t Do

& His Foreign Secretary Truss

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, Failed On Her Peace Mission To Try & Push Putin Back And Avoid A European War. Just Like In Munich Before The Second World War
Heartache & Broken Political Trust

Johnson And Party-Gate/Gather-Gate Have Broken Political Trust And People “Beyond Repair

Over Thirty Years Since Thatcher, We Now Have Another Tory Government, Led By Boris Johnson, And Still, It All Sounds So Familiar.

Same Meat, Different Gravy.

Same Game, Different Players.

But Some Have Stepped Away From The Game. Namely Two Main Women. Mirena Murza And A Woman Called Allegra. Allegra Stratton.

Mirena Murza, Johnson’s Policy Advisor, Has Gone Followin’ His “Scurrilous” Attack On Keir Starmer In The House of Commons Just As The Sue Gray “Update” Came Out, Monday 31 January 2022 And His Subsequent Refusal To Apologise For It.

Brexit Minister Lord David Frost Had Already Resigned In December Just Before Christmas As He “Did Not Like The Direction of Travel” The Party Was Takin’.

Jack Doyle The New Communications Director, Who Replaced Dominic Cummings (Once Johnson’s Closest Political Partner & Now Arch Enemy After Johnson Prioritised His Relationship With Carrie) Also Resigned The Same Day Murza. He Effectively Said Gather Gate Had Taken Its Toll On Him & His Family.

This Followed The Resignation of Allegra Stratton Just Under A Month Ago on Wednesday December 8 2021 After A Leaked Video of Her Practisin’ What Tale To Tell The Media About A Downing Street Gatherin’ In The Event That It Came Out.

Britain’s Attempts At Russian Diplomacy With Liz Truss As Foreign Secretary Failed Miserably. At The Best of Times She Does Not Exude The Body Language Nor Tone of Voice of A Stateswoman Actin’ Confidently. But Durin’ Her Diplomatic Missions To Russia & Around Europe She Was Effectively Disrespected And Laughed At On The International Stage Because She Was Hardly Formidable And So Largely Ineffective. Admitedly This Was Notably By Her Russian Counter Part And No Other European Country Managed To Save The Day Anyway.

However, Ultimately As A Result of Failed Diplomatic Efforts (Comparable To Those That Failed In Munich In 1939) On Thursday February 24 2022 Russia Announced It Had Commenced “Special Military Operations” In Ukraine. It Was A Declaration In Less Than Direct Terms That It Had Invaded Ukraine. All Diplomatic Missions Had Failed.

Anomoly In Ministerial Code Means Johnson Can Stay In The Commons, Whilst His Accusers Are Thrown Out

Interestingly, 12 Days Earlier On Saturday February 12 2022, Nelson Also Highlighted A Procedural Anomoly Whereby, Whilst There Is The Ministerial Code Which Prescribes That A Minister Who Calls Another Minister A Liar Can Be Thrown Out of Parliament, There Is No Mechanism That Exists To Throw The Actual Liar Out of Parliament. Hence Bojo Has Not As Yet Been Thrown Out. Notably The Ministerial Code Is A Self-Regulatory Code.

And The Indications Are That Even If Boris Johnson Is Handed A Fixed Notice Penalty By The Police For The Lockdown Parties, He Will Not Go Voluntarily. And Dramatically And Tellingly The Word On The Street (Down It Street) Is That He’s ‘Lawyered Up.’ Whether That Too Is A The Public’s Expense Is Yet To Be Confirmed. And By The Way, Surely An Organic Question Must Be Did The Public Effectively Pay For These Boozy Gatherings – Addin’ Insult To Injury? And Who Will Pay His Fine If He Gets One At Anytime? And What Proof Will Be Provided To The Public of That Payment & By Whom?

The People Now Have Johnson’s Number & Also Those of His Acalytes & Enablers

Various Commentators Keep Sayin’ Only The Tories Can Get Rid of Bojo By A Vote of No Confidence. In This Sense They Make The Very Same Mistake The Party Lovin’ Tories Have Made In The First Place. They Underestimate The Power of The People.

There Are Three Ways This Privileged, Self-Interested, Wholly Unsuited To Public Service, Prime Minister Can Go:

  1. Resign
  2. Removed By A Conservative ‘Party’ Vote of No Confidence By Submission of 54 Letter To The 1922 Committee
  3. Be Voted Out By The People At An Election (Local/And or National)

He Refuses To Resign Despite The Revealations of Gather-Gate.

The Requisite Number of Conversative Party Members To Activate A Vote of No Confidence Is 54 And Not Enough of Them Have Stepped Up. Instead They Have Got Themselves Into All Kinds of An Embrassin’ Degradin’ Tongue-Tied Messes Tryin’ To Defend The Indefenisble With Diabolical Excuses.

So That Leaves Option Three – Bein’ Voted Out By The People.

The Next Major Local Elections Are On The Horizon – As They Take Place In May. And The People Can, And No Doubt Will, Make Their Feelings Known About ‘Down It’ Street’s Double Standards And Disregard For Human Life As It Partied Away Whilst Others Made Great Sacrifice. And Yet Still, Prematurely, Remotely, Distantly They Experienced Unprecedented Unique Pain As Friends, Neighbours, Associates & Relatives Died.

So The Reality Is, The Tories Need To Find Some Backbone And Dignity, Stop Spoutin’ Out Shameful Excuses And Press The Refresh Button For A Greater Sense of Decency, Decorum & Dignity Before The People Do It For Them.

John Major Gets Back To “Back To Basics”

Caught Red-Handed: Press Secretary Prepares A Christmas Tale To Tell The Great British Public Durin’ Covid 2020 – On December 22 2020 After A Gatherin’ On December 18th.

On December 17 The MET Police Announced On Twitter That They Broke Up A Weddin’ Pary of 40 People That Day Because It Was Against The Rules For Anyone In Tier 3 To Mix Indoors With Anyone Who Was Not In Their Household or Bubble.


It Said That Doin’ So Could Be The Difference Between Life & Death For The People Involved.

The Actual Party Concerned Took Place December 18 2020.

On December 22 2020 This Was A Mock Press Conference As Part of A Media Briefin’ Which Was Later Abandoned.

This Video Was Exposed By Tues Dec 7 2021. The Former Press Secretary At The Centre of It Resigned The Next Day.

Thursday February 10 2022 Yesterday’s Man John Major Talkin’ About Today’s Tory Party & Bad Behaviour. At The Institute For Government. Lookin’ At Standards of Behaviour In Public Life

Allegra Stratton Former Press Secretary To Bojo
(And Newsnight Political Editor) Resigned Wednesday December 8 2021. Boris Remains In Post.
He Said She Was “A Fine Colleague Who Achieved A Great Deal During Her Time In Government” But He Could Make “No Excuses For The Frivolity” of His Staff In The Video

Former Tory Prime Minister John Major Said This Week (Thursday 10 February 2022) Durin’ His Speech At The Institute For Government, Concernin’ This Government’s Careless Attitude To Standards In Public Life, “The UK’s Reputation Is Bein’ Undermined.” He Is Famous For His Political Slogan “Back To Basics” Durin’ His Premiership November 1990 – May 1990. And Upon Observin’ The Antics of Bojo’s Administration He Has Revived It Again As He Despairs At Conservative Party Standards In Public Life Rapidly Declinin’.

Sadly, Major May Have To Take A Major Credibility Hit, Given That His Back To Basics Included Going Back To Edwina Currie’s With Whom It Was Later Revealed He Had A Secret Affair – Whilst The Both of Them Were Married – To Other People. Plus He’s Been Dismissed By Fellow Tories As Historically He Makes No Bones About The Fact He’s Not A Boris Fan Nor A Supporter of Brexit. Plus Whilst PM Himself He Prorogued Parliament When ‘The Cash For Questions Scandal’ Was Ragin’ In 1997. Ironically He Lost The Election That Same Year To Tony Blair’s New Labour Party.

Having Paid The Price For Tory Sleaze Back In The Day, He Made Some Good Points In His Speech, And If There’s One Thing He Knows About…It’s Tory Sleaze!

Prime Minister Johnson Lied & His Ministers Demeaned Themselves As They Defended Those Lies

Says Major

In The Speech, Clearly Unrestrained By The Cowardice Currently Grippin’ Other Conservatives, Major Declared That At No10, “The Prime Minister And Officials Broke Lockdown Laws.”

Brazen excuses were dreamed up. Day after day the public was asked to believe the unbelievable. Ministers were sent out to defend the indefensible – making themselves look gullible or foolish.

Collectively, this has made the Government look distinctly shifty, which has consequences that go far beyond political unpopularity.

No Government can function properly if its every word is treated with suspicion. A report by the Constitution Unit of UCL tells us that the public trust the Courts more than the Civil Service; the Civil Service more than Parliament; and Parliament more than the Prime Minister.

The lack of trust in the elected portion of our democracy cannot be brushed aside. Parliament has a duty to correct this.

If it does not, and trust is lost at home, our politics is broken.

If trust in our word is lost overseas, we may no longer be able to work effectively with friends and partners for mutual benefit – or even security.

The Public Expects Government To Work Within The Law


Proroguing’ Parliament Was Unlawful

Says The Former Conservative Party Leader
Sir John Major

The Queen Pictured April 2021 Attendin’ Prince Phillip’s Funeral.

Bojo Has Had To Apologise To The Queen Twice. Once For Proroguin’ Parliament Based On A Lie & Actin’ In “Bad Faith”. And Once For A Gather-Gate Incident Where The Night Before Prince Phillip’s Funeral A Downing Street Gatherin’ Took Place (Contrary To Covid Rules).

Many Consider Bojo A Man on No Scruples.

Having To Apologise To The Queen Twice Is Not Cool, By Anyone’s Standards.

Johnson Threw Allegra Stratton Under The Bus After Her “Frivolous” Behaviour Was Exposed By The Leakin of A No.10 Video In Which She Practiced What Tale To Tell If A Christmas Party Held Durin’ Lockdown Was Ever Found Out. (See Video Above). She Tearfully Resigned Wednesday December 8th 2021 By Readin’ At Statement Outsider Her House. He However Remains In Post.

Kate Pictured April 2021 Attendin’ Prince Phillip’s Funeral
Down It Street!
The Leaked Video Was Recorded Next Door At No.9 In The New Multi-Million Pound Media Briefin’ Room
(Photo Left: Sue Gray Report Front Page Wikicommons)

Our way of life is built around the maintenance of Law. The public expects our Government to work within the Law and the accepted rules of public life.

It was unprecedented when this Government broke the Law by proroguing Parliament, to avoid debates on Brexit that might not have gone as they wished.

I had promised, in a BBC interview, that if the Government attempted to muzzle Parliament I would challenge their action in Court.

So I did – though not as swiftly as the civil rights campaigner, Gina Miller. Lawyers presented our cases separately but they were, in essence, identical.

Both our challenges were upheld unanimously by the Supreme Court, who ruled that the Government’s actions were un-lawful.

“It was,” the Court said, “impossible to conclude there was any reason, let alone a good reason” for proroguing Parliament for five weeks in the run up to Brexit.

The Prime Minister said he “disagreed” with the Court, and the then Leader of the House accused the Supreme Court Judges of “a constitutional coup”. The Government accepted the verdict, but in bad faith. It did not apologise – nor mend its ways.

Political Fundin’ Needs Cleansin’

Declares Thatcher’s Successor

It is time to re-focus on how our politics is funded. The system needs cleansing. It must never be the plaything of the rich, nor of pressure groups, yet no-one wants our politics fully funded by the State. Certainly, I don’t.

“One man, one vote” is a sound principle: and this essential fairness should not risk being undermined by any one man and his money.

We were seen as the free-est of nations, safe in our island, with allies and partners in every corner of our world. It was a position of influence, built up over centuries – envied, praised and copied.


All of this gave the UK a unique position in the world. It was not simply the influence of military or political power – but of example, which is as important as trust.

And Trust Matters!

It matters for self-respect. It matters for gentle persuasion. It matters for hard, uncomfortable decision-making.

It matters to our Parliament. It matters to our country. It matters to our United Kingdom. It matters in how we are perceived by others near and far.

And it matters for the long-term protection and wellbeing of democracy.

By Sir John Major Conservative Prime Minister from 1990 to 1997. Huntingdon MP 1979 to 2001.

Click For Full Speech: john-major-in-democracy-we-trust-100222.pdf

Indications Are Currently Clear How These Voters Will Vote At The Comin’ Local Elections Should Boris Still Be In Post

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