TheOrator.Press: Unassuming Hero Moments ~ February 2022

A Caller’s Modest Moment of TV Observation Helps Highlight The Obstructive Nature of Minimalization: February 2022

Photo – TV Audience Member Joan From Staffordshire Was Not Dettered By Dumbing-Down Mellow Dramatics of TV Host Jeremy Vine. Her Call Highlights The Operation of Minimization

A Caller To The Jeremy Vine Show On Channel 5 Thursday February 10 2022 Gives Important Common Sense Comeback To Minimization

Dumbing-Down Does Nobody Any Favours

Photo Pixels.Com: Downing Street Is One of The Most Policed Streets In London & The Nation Yet Gather-Gate Was Allowed To Happen!

On Or About February 10 2022, Joan From Staffordshire, Called Into The Jeremy Vine Show TV Debate Panel Show On Channel 5, To Voice Her Opinion About The Metropolitan Police Not Havin’ Made More Progress On The Downing Street PartyGate /Gather Gate Investigation, Which Was One of The Show’s Topics of Debate That Mornin’.

Incidentally It Is Worth Notin’ That Downing Street Has Amongst The Highest Number of Bobbies On The Beat Policing The Street And Surroundin’ Area Virtually More Than Anywhere Else In The Country. So The Fact That Downing Street Had The Parties Durin’ Lockdown In First Place Raises Basic Questions of Police Favouritism In The First Instance.

Displayin’ Himself In The Full Grip of His Penchant For Unneccesarily Dumbing-Down And Trivializing Some Things, Whilst Over-Playing & Over-Eggin’ Others, He Appeared To Belittle A Very Serious Situation By Grinning & Askin’ Which Policeman In The Land Would Want To Knock On The Door “And Go Upstairs” To Arrest The Prime Minister And Risk Ridicule By All His Police Mates? The Question Itself Was Ridiculous Because Obviously It Would Not Work Like That Procedurally. And Vine Is Intelligent Enough To Know That.

Yet He Repeatedly Insults The Intelligence of His Audience By Actin’ As If He Doesn’t Know Better Than His Faux Dumbed-Down Behaviour. It Seems Such A Squanderance of TV Resources (Especially Those Ridiculus Wall Demonstrations He Does) When We Could Be Havin’ More Sincere & Substantial Discussions About Curent Affairs Which Are Truly Important Durin’ These Challengin’, Transformative And Delicate Times.

The Question Is Why Does He Do It? Why Do Channel 5 Allow Him To Keep Doin’ It When It Runs Contrary To Some Other Great Intelligent Programmin’ They Do? And Why He Deliberately Choses Not To Dumb Down In This Way When Presentin’ Eggheads On The Same Channel In The Evenin’?

Minimization Is Part of The Problem

Casual, Passive-Aggressive, Jurrassic Comments Do Nothin’ To Help Society Make Positive Progress On Important Social Issues. Vine’s Presentation Priviledge In Bein’ So Dismissive Is Precisely Why Diversity In News Presentation, Panel Programmes, And Consulations Is Imperaative

Despite His Seeemingly Dismissive & Deliberately Dumbed Down Treatment of The Situation Joan From Staffordshire Stood Firm And Ventured A Powerful Comeback.

She Pointed Out That Him Sayin’ What He Did Says Alot More About The State of The Police And The Prevailin’ Unprofessionalism Within Some of Their Quarters, The Machismo And Lads Culture Within The Institution, Than It Does About Any Police Officer Who Would Should & Could Find It Within Themselves To Show Leadership & Do The Right Thing.

We’ve Never Met Joan And Probably Never Will. We’ve Only Heard Her Talkin’ On The Phone And Simultaneously On The Telly, From That We Would Say She Sounded Like A Lady of Mature Years, With Fortitude And An Interest In Current Affairs.

We Have No Doubt That She Spoke For Many People That Day. Respect To Her. Thank You To Her. And Well Done Her!

The Minimising of Major Problems Is What Allows Them To Never Be Truly Solved And Also Allows Others To Get Away With Bad Behaviour. It’s Important To Stand Up To Such Obstruction & Minimization. Be It Intentional or Inadvertant. Excusary Is The Foe of The Forward-Thinkin’ And of Change For The Better. Just Because Such A Situation May Not Effect A Person Directly Does Not Mean They Cannot Show Consideration For Humanity And Society. To Do So Is Sometimes Simply A Matter of Civic Duty.

Better TV Can Contribute To A Better Society

Photo Pixabay: Professional Diversity In TV, Both Behind & In Front of The TV Screen, Is Essential For Better Broadcastin’ Quality In A Modern, Democratic, Diverse Society

Incidentally, Since When Have Cosy Questionnaires Been The Preferred Method of Criminal Investigation By The Metropolitan Police And Indeed Any Police In The UK ? Or Is This Just A Special Preserve For A Privileged Few – Who Appear To Be – Contrary To The Rule of Law – Above The Law?

Did Any Other Members of The Great British Public Receive This Gentle Touch And A Grace Period of Circa Two Weeks For Them To Complete It – Or – Were They Treated With The Wretchedly Omnipresent Police Heavy Handedness, Harrassment And Unprofessional Hosility They Overzealously Mete Out On The Street?

Often Sometime Later These Very Same Police Have The Gaul To Annouce In Their Hour of Need That They Are Appealin’ To The Community For Help. How They Expect To Get Such Help When They Keep Mistreatin’ Traumatizin’ & Alienatin’ The Community As They Do Is The Real Mystery.

Improvin’ Basic Manners, Communication Skills And Engagin’ Common Sense Suggestions From The Likes of Joan From Staffordshire Seem Like Basic Areas of Improvement The Police Are Still In Need of After All These Years. What Better Policing Requires Is Not The Provision of Elite Only Grace & Favour Questionnaires. It Is Still Simply Basic Good Manners, Integrity & The Openin’ of Ears. The Police Cannot Realistically Expect Help From The Community If They Do Not Give Due, Care, Consideration & Respect To The Community. And Also Displayin Apparant Favouritism To The Elite Whilst Displaying Bureaucratic Thuggery In The Streets Is of Course Not The Best Way To Go About It.

Whilst Jeremy’s Bugbear Is Apparently Thoughtless Pedestriations Walkin’ Out In Front of Cyclists And Other Road Users Bein’ Mindless, Who He Likes To Publicly Shame With Seemingly Little No Regard For Their Right For Their Right To Remain Private, Perhaps He Would Do Well To Remember “Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged.” Especially Whilst In A Glasshouse. He May Improve His Own Awareness By Realisin’ & Reflectin’ On The Fact That Modern Day TV Viewers Include Diverse Audiences, And One of The Things They Take Very Seriously Is Police Impropriety And The Need For Police Accountability. This Is Because They Are often The Ones Who Suffer Due To A Lack of It.

Accordingly, Instead of Faciliating Obstructive, Deliberate, Dismissive Dumbing-Down’ Perhaps Mr Vine Could Start Steppin Up And Makin’ More Constructive Broadcasts Which Help Make Genuine Positive Progress Towards Improvin’ Policing Standards & Society At Large. Being Part of The Problem By Making Crass, Flippant And Inconsiderate Statements At Other People’s Expense Really Doesn’t Help.

One Shudders To Think How Many Potential Whistleblowers Were Possibly Thereby Dettered. When Know What He Says Makes All The Difference As That’s Why The Programme Does Indeed Have Callers. Hero Joan From Staffordshire Being One of Them. Thank Goodness. And We Thank Her For Her Eloquence.

10 Recongizable Behaviours Obstructive To Accountablility & Progress ~ And ~ 10 Opposite Behaviours That Are Constructive

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Is Real & Occurs After Trauma Experieneced By An Individual. With Constant Attacks On Innocent Members of The Black Community How Much of It Are The Police Responsible For? And Who Is Holding Them Accountable?

I. Obstructive: Inhumanity, Inequality & Inaccuracy (Espl’y Adultification)

II. Obstructive: Appropriation & Mis-appropriation

III. Obstructive: Devaluation, Escalation & Minimization

IV. Obstructive: Demonization, Distratction, Changing The Narrative To Negative

V. Obstructive: Provocation & Penalization

VI. Obstructive: Prejudice, Underestimation & Denigration

VII. Obstructive: Erasure & Exclusion

VIII. Obstructive: Passive Aggressive Behaviour, Micro Aggression, & Macro Aggressions

IX. Obstructive: Cover Up, Silence & Compliance

X. Obstructive: Cowardice, Dishonesty & Corruption

The Community Needs Accountability For Each Individual Officer

I. Constructive: Humanity, Equality & Accuracy (Espl’y For Children)

II. Constructive: Appropriate Placement Appropriate Acknowledgement

III. Constructive: True Valuation, Descalation, Adressing The Full Situation

IV. Constructive: Fair Treatment, Proper Focus, Authentic Narration of The Situation

V. Constructive: Propriety & Proportionality

VI. Constructive: Individuality, Non-Bias, And Fair Assessment

VII. Constructive: Acknowledgment & Inclusion

VIII. Constructive: Genuine Courtesy, Civility, & Calmness

IX. Constructive: Honesty, Openness & Accountability

X. Constructive: Courage, Honesty & Integrity

Good Policing Requires Accountability For Each Individual Police Chief
Respect For The Police Throughout The Country Requires Accountability For Each Individual Police Service

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