TheOrator.Press News Nuggets ~ September 2020

(Monthly Publication – First Issue Wednesday September 23 2020)

Corona Breach Investigation




Birthday Boy Bolt

Despite Different Corona Conscious Pre Party Precautions

Usain Bolt & Girlfriend Kasi Bennett Uploaded Pictures of The Olympian’s August 21 2020 Birthday Party To Social Media

Usain & Kasi’s New Baby, Olympia Lightening, Was Introduced To The World Shortly After Her Birth In The Spring 2020 (May 17 2020) & Her Arrival Was Announced By Her Parents’ On Their Social Media Accounts & By The Jamaican Prime Minister, Andrew Holness on His.

14 Weeks Later, on 24 Monday August The Prime Minister & His Health & Wellness Minister Dr Christopher Tufton Held A Joint Virtual Press Briefing At Which They Confirmed Bolt Had Tested Positive For Corona Virus. He Was Tested Saturday August 22 2020 In Preparation of Travelling Abroad For Work. The Test Was Carried Out The Day After His 34th Birthday Party Friday August 21 2020.

Paradoxically Party Goers Had Reportedly Been Dancing To “Lockdown” By Jamaican Singer Koffee.

Pictures on Social Media & In The Press Illustrated There Was A Lack of Social Distancing & Mask Wearing At The Event, Which Was Attended By Various Celebrities, Including Raheem Sterling Who Subsequently Tested Negative.

Holness Said Authorities Have Initiated Contact Tracing & Police Are Investigating The Circumstances Surrounding The Birthday Party. Dr. Tufton Said The Rules Apply To Everyone. “All Jamaicans Have a duty, & of Course, Those Who Have The Public Ear & Influence In The Public Spheres Have A Greater Duty.” He Said He Was Not Aware of Anyone Breaking The Quarantine Rules on Entering The Country.

Jamaica Has Seen A Surge In COVID-19 Infections Over The Summer Months & Early Autumn. In Early Summer It Had Less Than 10 New Registered Cases Per Day; By August It Had Over 60. By September It Had 3,511 & 40 Deaths. Many Believe That The Recent Surge In The Number of Infections Is Due To The Country Re-opening It Borders To International Travelers In Mid June.

In A Recent Report The Police Commissioner Confirmed Over 1000 People Have Been Charged For Breaches Under The Disaster Risk Management Act 2020 (Effective From June 01 2020). The Commissioner Himself, Antony Anderson, Tested Positive The Same Day As Bolt Did (Saturday August 22nd 2020) & Subsequently Confirmed In A Statement That He Went Into Self Isolation & Quarantine. Bolt Announced On Insta He Had Done The Same.

Holness Declared He Would Halt Campaigning For The Sept 3 2020 Election & Urged Others Contenders To Do The Same.

Ultimately It Transpired That He & The Jamaica Labour Party Were Re-elected.

The Outcome of The Investigation Into Bolt’s Party Behaviour Is Yet To Be Confirmed. In The Meantime It Is Reported That Party Permit, Temperature Testing & Sanitizer For The Surprise Birthday Party, Thrown By His Girlfriend Kasi Bennett, Had Been Secured Beforehand.


Live Music Tours In The Covid Era Explained, Strictly Focused & On Point

Dizzy Fixed Up & Looked Sharp When Dealing With Piers Morgan Trying To Take A Detour On GMTV June 23 2020

Dizzee Did Better This Time At Setting Boundaries & Not Being Drawn Into Impromptu Political Questions, At The Start of His Planned Summer Music Tour, June 2020. The Covid Crisis Forced Him & Fellow Musicians To Come Up With Creative Solutions To The Problem of Having To Socially Distance & Avoid Gathering In Large Crowds, Yet At The Same Wanting To Bring Live Music To The People Hungry For Entertainment.

The Award Winning Music Star Was On GMTV To Promote His Up & Coming ‘Car Concerts’ Across The Country. Fundamentally The Concept Resemble A Drive-In Movie Format, But With People Watching Musical Performances Instead of A Movie.

“Most people listen to music in their cars anyway”

Dizzee Beamed Away As He Explained His Well Considered Summer Tour Format Amidst The Covid Crisis

As Piers Later Tried To Divert Dizzee Into Discussing His Thoughts On The Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) Dizzy Looked Sharp & Fixed Up. He Pointed Out That Was Not Why He Agreed To Appear On GMTV & Nor Was He A Spokesman On The Matter. He refused to be drawn And Instead Remained Firmly Focused On What He Does Best. Music Making & Promoting.

He told The “Life Stories” Interviewer That He’d Watched Him On Good Morning Britain & Seen How He Behaves With Some Interviewees. Clearly Cogniscent of Morgan’s Modus Operandi Mr Rascal Said He Was Not Going To Allow The GMTV Presenter To Do That To Him. Mr Rascal Observed That Allowing Others To Talk Was Not Mr Morgan’s Strong Suit. So He Deftly Deferred To Akala, The Rapper, Writer & Activist Instead, & Told Piers He Should Have Him On The Show If He Wished To Discuss Such Matters.

Piers Has Been A Great Unexpected Champion On GMTV When It Comes To Debate on Various Issues Concerning The Black Community. The Orator.Press Recognizes That & Thanks Him For It. We Hope He Continues To Do So. It Is Very Much Appreciated. Credit Where Credit Is Due.

Sadly Though, Alas None of Us Are Perfect. He Did Demonstrate A Pattern of Behaviour Which Black People Are Subjected Too Repeatedly, To Their Cost, Which Is To Label A Black Person “Aggressive” “Angry” or “Irrate” For Instance, Whenever They Are Standing Up For Themselves. Piers Insisted He Was Giving Dizzee A Chance To Express His Views On The BLM Movement & There Was No Need For Him To Get “Aggressive”. Dizzee Explained That He Is Perfectly Capable of Expressing His Views On The Matter At Anytime But Now, First Thing In The Morning, When He Had Appeared On The Show To Talk About His Tour, Was Not The Time. When He Duly Pointed Out That He Had Just Been Labelled “The Aggressive Black Man” By Piers (& Susanna), They Exclaimed Surprise & Incredulity. However, This Is A Prime Example of Members of The Caucasian Community Having The Privilege of Not Experiencing The Sufferances of The Black Community Because The Caucasian Community Are Treated Differently. Being Accused of Being “Aggressive”, “Angry”, “Irrate” or “Uppity” Is Standard Language For Those Who Wish To Dismiss, Discourage, Degrade or Defame Black People. Dizzee’s Displeasure & Pain About That Was Real. Many In The Black Community Will Have Recognized It. Many Will Have Felt It. Hopefully As Voices In The Black Community Are Now Being Heard More Clearly & Willingly Such Behaviours Will Desist To A Significant Degree.

Dizzee Did What It Says On The Tin!

During The Course of The Conversation Mr Morgan Said He Would Be Attending Dizzee’s Tour. We Shall Report Back On That If Morgan Makes It To A Dizzee Concert & Cares To Grant Us A Review. Of Course We Would Be Strict & Firm With Him Too As He Needs A Firm Hand & Clearly Does Not Get One Often Enough. Susanna!

No Doubt Dizzee’s Deference Was A Case of ‘Once Bitten Twice Shy,’ After The Notoriety of His Controversial 2008 Appearance On The BBC’s Flagship News & Current Affairs Programme Newsnight. For Reason’s Still Never Fully Explained The Production Team of This In-depth Analysis & Investigation Programme Decided Dizzee – (Who By His Own Admission Was Poorly Educated & Often Excluded From School – Hence The Stage Name) – Was A Suitable Match For Infamously Dry, Oxbridge Educated, Veteran & Vicious Political Interrogator Jeremy Paxman. Hot on The Heel’s of Barack Obama Being Elected US President Paxman Allowed The Rascal To Run Away With His Theory That Hip Hop Played A Central Role In Obama’s Election Success. Compounding The Situation Was The Fact That Fellow Guest Baroness Amos (Who From August 1 2020 Began Her Role As The First Female & First Black Master of University College Oxford) Could Barely Get A Word In As Paxman Was So Focused On Letting Dizzee Run Away With Himself. Some Thought The Show Took Liberties, Especially Members of The Black Community, Including Fellow Artist Estelle. It Was Not Quite Trump & Kanye West, But The Show Did Not Portray Dizzee At His Best. Fair Play To Him. He’s Long Since Fixed Up, Looked Sharp & Moved On.

The More Recent Morgan Exchange Also Received A Lot of Coverage Online & In The Traditional Print Press. Some Said Dizzee Should Have Spoken Up On BLM When He Had The Chance To Do So & Others Say He Was Right To Decline. Ultimately Dizzee Did What He Felt Was Right & Ultimately By Doing That He Can Never Go Wrong.

Ironically The “Live From The Drive-In Concerts” In Association With Utilita Engery, Were Cancelled Mid July 2020 Anyway, As The Organizers, Live Nation, Felt They “Could Not Continue In Confidence” Due To The Random Nature of Local Lockdowns. The Drive In’ Concerts Were Also Supposed To Feature The Likes of The Streets, The Kiaser Chiefs & K.T. Tunstall. Live Nation Promised Fans Swift Refunds.

Meanwhile Dizzy’s Seventh Album “E3 AF” Drops Friday 30 October 2020, on Island Records, Featuring Various Collaborations & A Shout Out To His Local Manner, Bow, East London.

Dizzee Does His Manner Proud
As Album No.7 Drops Friday 30-10-20

The Rated Music Awards 2020, Organized By GRM Daily & Hosted By Presenter Julie Adenuga & Comedian Mo Gilligan, Presented Dizzee, Just 36, With The Legacy Award For “Changing The Face of British Music”. He Said He Was Inspired To Start Rapping [Years Ago of Course] By MC ‘D Double EE’ Who Won The Award In 2018. GRM Daily Readers Voted For Their Favs’ Online Mid-Late Summer. The Autumn Awards Tuesday September 9 2020 Were Corona Careful & Presented Online. There Was A Double Win For Male Music Duo D-Block Europe With Mix Tape of The Year For “PTSD” & Male Artist of The Year. The Wonderfully Named Stefflon Don Won Female Artist of The Year (& Was The Only Female Winner This Year). Track of The Year Went To “I Dunno” Featuring Stormzy & Dutachavelli (Stefflon Don’s Brother). J Hus Won Album of The Year With Conspiracy’. There Were Online Performances From George The Poet, M Huncho & Kano & Dizzee Himself Too.

J Hus Won Album of The Year With “Conspiracy” At The Rated Music Awards September 2020; Given The Prevailing Political Climate All Around It Seems Very Timely

No Doubt Dizzee Had A Happy Start To Autumn As September (18th 2020) Was Also His Birthday. Salutations & Congratulations Mr Rascal. You’ve Come A Long Way & We Hope You Had A Great Day – With Many More To Follow!

Words Matter. Wright?!

English & Drama Graduate & Veteran TV, Radio & Newspaper Journalist Matthew Wright Hosted Channel 5’s Morning Current Affairs Progamme
The Wright Stuff From 2000 – 2018

Croydon Boy & Veteran Journalist Matthew Wright Acknowledged The Deliberate Different Use of English Language In Some Reporting Whilst Appearing On A News Review Programme This Summer (Monday June 15 2020). He Also Observed A Difference In The Speed of Legal Pronouncements Pertaining To Different Populations. This Continues To Be Significant As The Call For Social Justice Reform & An End To Structural Systemic Racism Throughout Society Grew Great Momentum Following The Police Brutality Murder of George Floyd Monday May 25th 2020.

In A News Review Debate On ITV’s Morning Magazine Programme “This Morning” During A News Review Session ( Asked If Police Can Ban Protests During Lockdown Veteran Media Commentator & Journalist Janet Street Porter (JSP) Said: “No I Don’t Think You Can. You’ve Got To Allow Free Speech. It’s A Difficult Decision But Once You Institute A Ban When Do You Decide To Take It Back? So Although The Behaviour of These People On These Marches Has Been Disgraceful – On Both Sides – & Obviously I Deeply Regret What’s Happened To The Police & No One Should Treat The Police Like That When They Are Only Trying To Do Their Job. But It Would Not Be A Good Idea As It Would Only Lead Riots & More Social Disorder.”

She Said She Could Completely See Why People of Colour Had Enough. “It Doesn’t Justify Breaking The Law, But Reading…Boris Johnson Announcing Another Inquiry…I Think Is Disgusting”. She Added “David Lammy Was On The Radio This Morning Saying All The Right Things” – Which Included – “Let’s Just Put In To Practice All The Things We’ve Agreed Already.”

“The Behaviour of These People On These Marches Has Been Disgraceful – On Both Sides -“

JSP Speaking Reminiscent of Trump Referencing “Fine People On Both Sides” Following The March In Charlottesville By White Supremacists August 2017 & Organised By Unite The Right – The Same People Who Organised The March In London Saturday June 13 2020, Also In Objection To The Removal of Statues of People Considered To Have Supported or Been Part of Structural Racism. She Also Failed To Distinguish Those Who Behaved Disgracefully & Those Who Behaved Peacefully or Heroically. Such As Patrick Hutchinson The BLM & Social Justice Campaigner Who Recused A Fallen Far Right Protester & Carried Him To The Police For Safety. The Fallen Far Right Protester Was A Former Policeman.

Matthew Wright Explained That Just Four or Five Years Ago People on The Right Were Complaining They Could Not Talk About Immigration Because They Were Accused of Being Racist. Then In A Very Short Period of Time Things Have Gone From Conversations Like That To Scenes of Outright Far Right Racist Thuggery On The Streets of The UK. “Where Our Newspapers Don’t Even Call Them Out As Far Right Racist Thugs But Call Them Pro-Statue Protesters. I’ve Never Heard Such Orwellian Nonsense In My Life”.

He Agreed With JSP That Inquiries Were often Delaying Tactics To Do Nothing. He Also Noted That Grenfell Survivors Have Been Made To Wait Three Yeas Already For Answers To The Grenfell Inquiry & There Are Two Years To Go As The Conclusion Is Not Due Until 2022. He Said It Was “Just Not Good Enough” (Compared For Example To Newspapers Immediately Reporting That A Man May Be Liable To Ten Years In Prison For Urinating On & Thereby Desecrating A Statue).

“…Our Newspapers Don’t Even Call Them Out As Far Right Thugs But Call The Pro-Statue Protesters”

Matthew Wright, English & Drama Graduate, TV, Radio & Newspaper Journalist – On UK Media Reporting of The
London Marches Over The Weekend of Saturday June 13 2020 By White Supremacists – Organised By Unite The Right – The Same People Who Organised The White Supremacist March In Charlottesville August 2017.

Oxford Honours It’s Offers

Oxford University Has 39 Colleges. For Its 2020 Intake Worcester College Made 83% of Its Offers To State Schools & Has Agreed To Honour All of Them. Not All Universities Decided To Honour Their Offers Despite The Algorithm Being Abandoned In The Government & Ofqual U Turn. Exams Were Disrupted & Dispensed With This year Due School Closures Which Began March 20th 2020 Due To The Covid Virus

In The Wake of The Chaotic Corona Virus Exam Fiasco Oxford University Showed Some Decisive Leadership By Assuring All Students, Even Those Who Received Downgraded Results Due To The Dubious Algorithm Grading, That It Would Keep Open All Offers Made To Those Students Who Still Wished To Accept Them. Speaking To BBC Radio 4, Admissions Tutor For Worcester College Oxford Said, Laura Ashe “It Was The Morally Right Thing To Do”.

Exam Results Came Out On Thursday August 13th 2020. Various Governmental Changes Were Made Within Days Shortly Before & After Them Being Released & This Caused Chaos For All Concerned Including Students, Parents, Teachers, Universities, UCAS (The Universities & Colleges Admission Service), Ofqual Itself (The Office of Qualifications & Examinations Regulations) & The Department For Education, Headed Up By Gavin Williamson.

Ofqual Chairperson Roger Taylor Announced Monday August 17 2020 That It Would After All Allow Teacher Assessments On A’Level & GCSE School Assignments In Place of The Computer Standardization & Moderation Process Introduced Because of The Corona Virus, Which Saw Schools Shut Down From March 20th 2020. He Said “What We Had Tried To Do Was Set Exams Without Exams Taking Place…But It Is Clear That This Was Not An Acceptable Experience For Young People”. Both He & Williamson Apologized. To Ensure Fair Competition Among Universities The Government Had Imposed A 5% Excess Cap On All University Places Freed Up Due To The Drop In Attendance By Foreign Students. It Also U Turned On The 5% Excess Cap & Lifted It.

Chief Ofcom Regulator Sally Collier Resigned Just Over A Week Later On Tuesday August 25th 2020. Collier Had Helped Develop The Algorithm Which Caused Disadvantaged Students To See Their Results Disproportionately Downgraded & Private School Students See Theirs Boosted. Complaints Were Writhe After The Algorithm Downgraded 40 Per Cent of A-level Results & Numerous Parents & Students Appealed On The Basis It Was Faulty. Ofqual & Education Minister Gavin Williamson Accepted Her Resignation (But Notably Williamson Did Not Tender His; He Had Previously Said On Saturday August 15 2020, Just Days Before “No U Turn. No Change.”).

Ashe Said “For Us, At A Very Simple Level, It Was Clear To Us Before The Results Came Out That These Students Were Not Going To Have Sat Exams & Therefore We Took The View That There Wasn’t Going To Be Any New Information There That Could Justify Rejecting Someone To Whom We’d Made An Offer.” She Added “And Of Course When We Did Get The Results…We Discovered Something Much More Disturbing, Which Was Quite How Much Already Disadvantaged Students Were Being Further Disadvantaged By The Way These Grades Were Being Given”.

Some Quarters Have Said That The Teacher Assessments Were Too High, To Which She Says “But Then The Algorithm That They Applied To Pull Those Down Literally Copied The Inequalities That Are Currently Existing In Our Education System.”

She Explained That 83% Of 2020 Worcester Offers Went To State Schools & Nearly A Quarter of Them Had Their Results Downgraded, Compared To 1/10th of Those From Private Schools.

Chair of The Education Select Committee Robert Halfon Said He Believed The Organization Was No Longer Fit For Purpose & It’s Abolition should Be Considered. He Said There Needed To Be Full Transparency Of The Correspondence Between The Department of Education & Ofqual To See When Concerns Were Raised. In July His Committee Had Warned That “Ofqual’s Standardisation Model Aims To Adjust Grades To Ensure They Are Broadly In Line With Previous Years … There Are Concerns About Risks Of Using Historic Data, Which Might Not Be Fair For … Schools Which Are On An Upward Trajectory.”

The Russell Group CEO Dr Tim Bradshaw Said “We Know The Changing Situation Is Creating Uncertainty For Students And Universities. However, There Are Limits To What Can Be Done By The University Sector Alone To Address That Uncertainty Without Stretching Resources To The Point That It Undermines The Experience For All, Not To Mention Ensuring Students And Staff Are Kept Safe As We Follow The Steps Needed To Fight The Covid-19 Pandemic.” The Group Represents 24 Leading Universities, Many of Whom, Compared To Oxford, Announced They Would Not Honour All Original Offers, Seeing A Number of Students Lose Their University Places or Having To Wait A Year If Their Appeals Are Successful.

Nick Hillman, Director Of The Higher Education Policy Institute, Said: “In The Cold Light Of Day, There Will Need To Be A Careful Postmortem To Ensure This Year’s Fiasco Never Happens Again.”

Golden Boy Marcus Rashford Strikes A Pose For September Vogue


Forms A Task Force To Help Him Achieve Even Bigger Goals

Marcus Rashford Has Now Teamed Up With Industry Experts With A View To Helping More School Kids Obtain Affordable Food, Beyond The School Summer Holidays

“I Really Just Wanted To Kill The Stigma of Asking For Help, Because I Think It’s A Positive Thing To Ask For Help To Get Yourself Out of A Situation. So Yeah, I Want The Stigma To Die.”

Marcus Rashford Explaining Why He Feels So Strongly About His Mission to Help Families On Universal Credit Continue To Receive Free School Meals. Beyond His Summer Success of Achieving A Government U Turn From Saying Meals Provided During Term Time Would Not Be Provided During The Six Week Holidays (Speaking On GMTV Wednesday September 16 2020) Marcus Has Teamed Up With Food Industry Experts To Keep The Food Poverty Protection Going

In Early Summer Downing Street Confirmed That A “Covid Summer School Fund” Would Facilitate The Continuation of School Meal Vouchers Worth £15 A Week To Children Eligible For Free School Meals During Normal Term Time, During The Six Week Summer Holidays As Well. It Marked The Continuation of The School Meal Scheme Set Up Following School Closures Caused By The Corona Virus.

Initially It Had Announced That The School Meal Voucher System Would Stop During The School Holidays. However Working In Association With The FareShare Charity, The Manchester United & England Team Footballer Marcus Rashford, 22, Posted An Open Letter To The Government, June 15 2020 On Social Media, Asking Them To Reconsider.

Rashford’s Letter Detailed That “1.3 Million Children In England Are Registered For Free School Meals, One Quarter Of These Children Have Not Been Given Any Support Since The School Closures Were Ordered.”  He Said “To Put This Pandemic Into Perspective, From 2018-2019, Nine Out Of 30 Children In Any Given Classroom Were Living In Poverty In The UK. This Figure Is Expected To Rise By An Additional One Million By 2022. In England Today, 45% Of Children In Black And Minority Ethnic Groups Are Now In Poverty.”

“My Story To Get Here Is All-Too-Familiar For Families In England: My Mum Worked Full-Time, Earning Minimum Wage To Make Sure We Always Had A Good Evening Meal On The Table. But It Was Not Enough. The System Was Not Built For Families Like Mine To Succeed, Regardless Of How Hard My Mum Worked.”

Marcus Rashford Speaks To BBC Education Correspondent Elaine Dunkley About His Empathy With Childhood Food Poverty & What Drives Him

“As A Family, We Relied On Breakfast Clubs, Free School Meals, And The Kind Actions Of Neighbours And Coaches. Food Banks And Soup Kitchens Were Not Alien To Us; I Recall Very Clearly Our Visits To Northern Moor To Collect Our Christmas Dinners Every Year. It’s Only Now That I Really Understand The Enormous Sacrifice My Mum Made In Sending Me Away To Live In Digs Aged 11, A Decision No Mother Would Ever Make Lightly.”

“Understand: Without The Kindness And Generosity Of The Community I Had Around Me, There Wouldn’t Be The Marcus Rashford You See Today: A 22-Year-Old Black Man Lucky Enough To Make A Career Playing A Game I Love.”

Following A Scheduled Vote On The Matter Tuesday June 16 2020 The Government Did A U Turn & Agreed To Extend The Policy.

“The System Was Not Built For Families Like Mine To Succeed, Regardless of How Hard My Mum Worked. As A Family, We Relied on Breakfast Clubs, Free School Meals, & The Kind Actions of Neighbours & Coaches.”

Extract From The Open Letter From Marcus Rashford To The Government On Social Media Spring 2020

In The Midst of Calls For Systemic Social Justice Reform, Following The Murder of George Floyd On May 25 2020, New Innovative Editor of Vogue Magazine, Edward Enninful, Featured Marcus On The Front Cover of The September Issue 2020 As One of A Number of Social Justice Reform Activists Featured In The Magazine For The Special Issue (As Above With Adwoa Aboah).

The High Sheriff Special Recognition Award Presented To Marcus Rashford Following His School Meals Charity Work Involvement

He Received A Special Recognition Award In May 2020 From His Beloved City of Manchester For All His Charity Work Helping To Fight Food Poverty. After Working With Food Charity FareShare For Over A Year & Raising Over £150,000 Through Public Appeal, Marcus Helped See That Tesco Pledged Food Worth £15,000 & Co-op, Asda, Pret a Manger & Pizza Express Also Pledged Support & Donations. He Himself Also Made One of The Biggest Donations. He Said The Certificate Belonged To Everyone Who Had Donated & They Were All Stars. In July Manchester University Also Confirmed They Will Be Awarding Him An Honorary Degree As “Social Responsibility” Is At Their Core. Rashford Joins The Likes of Sir Bobby Charlton & Sir Alex Ferguson In Receiving Such An Honour. Rashford Said “It’s A Proud Day For Me & My Family When You Look At Great Names That Have Been Awarded This Doctorate In The Past It’s Humbling.”

‘I Am Just Trying To Impact The Next Generation In A Positive Way.

I Have Done A Lot Of Work With Children And When I Heard About The Schools Shutting Down, I Knew Some Kids Would Not Be Getting Free Meals’

Marcus Explains His Motivations After Winning His Special Recognition Award. He Has Empathy Having Himself Known Food Poverty

Rashford Went Into Overdrive After School Closures Were Imposed From March 20th 2020. During Lockdown Fareshare The Food Poverty & Food Waste Charity (FareShare.Org.UK) Raised Over 20 Million Pounds In Food & Finance & Distributed Over 3.9 Million Meals To Those In Need Working In Collaboration With Him.

After The Success of His School Holidays Food Campaign, Marcus Has Now Set Up A Child Food Poverty Task Force For Long Term Change For Good. He Has Reached Out To The National Food Strategy Review Organisation, Headed By Henry Dimbleby (Co-founder of ‘Leon’ Restaurant Chain), Who Are Conducting The Biggest UK Food System Review In 75 Years. He Has Put Forward Three Main Recommendations, Namely; The Expansion of Free School Meals To All Children On Universal Credit, As Well As School Holiday Meals & Healthy Start Vouchers From £3.10 To £4.25. A Government White Paper Is Scheduled Once The Two Part Review Is Complete In 2021 (Part One Involves Urgent Recommendations In Response To The Covid Crisis & Exit From The EU & Part Two Is Examining The UK Food System “Root To Branch” Said Dimbleby – NationalFoodStrategy.Org)

Celebrity School’s Award Winning Library Manager

(Continued From The Front Page) Awarding Winning School Librarian Lucas Maxwell. Loving Libraries & Listed On Linked In

Library Manager Lucas Maxell Runs The Library At Channel Four’s ‘The School That Tried To End Racism’. In 2017 He Won The School Librarian of The Year Award. Based In Surrey The School Library Opens 7.45 am & Is Open Throughout The Day & After School. Mr Maxwell Has Been There For Over Seven Years & Has A Masters Degree In Libraries & Information Science. Glenthorne School In Surrey Became Famous This Summer After Conducting A Televised Series of Experiments On The Matter of Racial Bias & Prejudice Which Showed The Children Learning About How They Have Different Experiences Based On Race & How To Understand Each Other Better. As Well As The Main Library Mr Maxwell Also Runs An Innovative Mini Library As An Add On To The Main Library. Here Kids Can Conduct Their Own Less Formal Book Exchange System Based On Books They Have & Would Care To Share. The Award Winning Librarian Is On The Social Media Site For Professional Personnel, Linkedin.

Beyonce, Bon Jovi, & The Business of Corporate Consciousness

Business Branding & Marketing Has Become A Matter of “Corporate Consciousness Or Corporate Complicity” Following Calls For Social Justice Reform. TheOrator.Press Will Continue To Review This Issue Going Forward Including The Case of Jo Malone, The Fragrance Company & John Boyega, The Star Wars Actor, Next Month.

(Continued From The Front Page)
By Urging People To Vote In The Coming US Presidential Elections Tuesday November 3rd 2020, Speaking Out About Police Brutality On Her Social Media & Setting Up Her Charity Foundation Bee Good Beyonce Has Shown That As Well As Being Dedicated To Her Music Fans & World Class Performances As A Triple Threat, Able To Sing, Dance & Action, She Is Also Dedicated To Doing Her Civic Duty As An American Citizen
(Continued From The Front Page).
Speaking On The George Floyd Police Brutality Murder Jon Bon Jovi Said “I was moved to write “American Reckoning” as a witness to history,” “I believe the greatest gift of an artist is the ability to use their voice to speak to issues that move us.” The American Rock Band Released The Track In Response To The Murder Witnessed All Around The World.

After The Hurricane Catrina Disaster Which Devastated New Orleans & Surrounding Areas, August 2005, Bon Jovi Donated Generously To The Recovery Effort & Helped The Rebuilding Programme Enormously. These Rock Gods Have Consistently Shown That They Care About The World Around Them & Giving Back To The Community

Quakers The Makers of Uncle Ben & Aunt Jemima Agree To Product Re-Branding

Quakers, The Company Which Produces Uncle Ben & Aunt Bessie Products Including Uncle Ben’s Rice (As Well As Quaker Oats) Have Agreed To Embark on Re-branding Further To The Large Scale Corporate Review By Many Companies After The Police Brutality Murder of George Floyd In May 2020 & The Large Scale Calls For Social Justice Reform That Followed. This Is After The Black Lives Matter Campaign Pointed Out The Problem Was Not Just Racism Within The Police That Was Institutional, But Racism In Society That Is Systemic & Structural .

Quakers Posted June 18 2020 On Twitter: We Have A Responsibility To Help End Racial Injustices. We’re Listening To Consumers, Especially In The Black Community, And Our Associates. We Don’t Yet Know What The Exact Changes Or Timing Will Be, But We Will Evolve Uncle Ben’s Visual Brand Identity”. It Also Said It Recognized That The Aunt Jemima Brand “Was Based On Racial Stereotypes Of Mammies.”

Broad Smiles In Stereotypical Marketing & Imagery Is A Common Practice Propaganda Tool, To Indicate The Systematically Oppressed Are Docile, Happy & Content With Their Subservience & Imposed Inferiority of Position.

Similar Attitudes Were Exemplified As Tony Blair Made An Official Trip To Africa In 2002, As Prime Minister, & Boris Johnson Wrote In The Telegraph: “It Is Said That The Queen Has Come To Love The Commonwealth, Partly Because It Supplies Her With Regular Cheering Crowds Of Flag-Waving Piccaninnies.” He Also Referred To African People As Having “Watermelon Smiles.”

In The Same Year, Whilst Writing For The Spectator He Wrote “The Problem With Africa Is ‘We Are Not In Charge Any More” & “British Colonialism In Africa Is Not A Blot Upon Our Conscience.”

It All Rather Smacks Of MAGA For Britain Even Way Back Then. Standard Issue Insincere Johnsonite’ Excuses & Mutterings Were Made After His Comments Were Criticized At The Time (& Have Continued To Be Criticized Repeatedly Ever Since).

Tony Soprano’s Visceral Reaction To Uncle Ben’s Rice Packaging, After His Daughter Meadow Brings Home Her Black Jewish Boyfriend, Illustrates How Structural & Systematic Racism Through Stereotyping & Imagery Can Manifest & Impact On A Most Basic Level
(The Sopranos S 3 E 6 “University” – Aired April 01 2001; – Quakers Reviewing Uncle Ben Branding Just Under 20 Years Later)

The Real Life Day To Day Consequences & Impact of Racial Stereotyping Can Be Seen Played Out Today, In The Year 2020. This Was Painfully Illustrated When The Republican Mayor of Luray, Virginia, Barry Presgraves, 77, Uploaded A Racist Facebook Post Over The Weekend of Saturday August 1st & Sunday August 2nd 2020 After Learning Joe Biden Had Selected Kamala Harris As His Running Mate & VP Candidate. The Decision Had Not Yet Been Officially Announced Publicly But The Mayor Posted “Joe Biden Has Just Picked Aunt Jemima As His Running Mate.”

On The Monday, August 3rd 2020, Many Queued Outside The Town Hall Where A Council Meeting Had Been Scheduled (Socially Distanced & With Attendance Numbers Restricted). By The Evening He Had Removed The Post, Apologized & Asked For Forgiveness. However, This Was After Having Initially Said People Had “Gone Overboard” With Their Reaction & “I Ate Aunt Jemima All My Life” & “It’s A Shame Everyone Has To Jump On The Band Wagon. Ultimately He Still Refused To Resign Insisting He Would Complete The Final Three Months of His Term.

The Town Council Issued A Statement Stating That Racism Was Not Acceptable & It Sought To Serve All Its Citizens.

Ben's Original USA on Twitter: "We have a responsibility to help end racial  injustices. We're listening to consumers, especially in the Black  community, and our Associates. We don't yet know what the
Quakers, Makers of Uncle Ben On Twitter June 18 2020