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Nelson Mandela’s Leadership Legacy Digitially Embraced By Granddaughter Tukwini, Also Known As Queenie As She Works With Snapchat & The Black Cultural Archives To Help Highlight Black British History

Education! Education! Education!

Modern Learnin’ Available For The Many As Snap Chat Embraces Black History

On Friday February 11 2022 Queenie Mandela, The Grandaugher of The Late South African President Nelson Mandela, Announced On ITV’s Good Morning Britain (GMB) That She Has Launced An Education Campaign Workin’ With Snap Chat & The Black Cultural Archives To Promote Shared Learnin’ of Black History.

The Fundamental Digital Device Required For Such Technological Learnin’ Is The Mobile Phone or Tablet, A Simple Tool of Great Ubiquity. This Means That Black History Can Be Learnt By Virtually Everybody. Black History Inherently Includes White History So There Is Opporutnity For Modern Learnin’ For All Within The Community.

Black British History Has Been Systematically Disregarded By The British Education System. World Class Documentaries By The Likes of Historian David Olusoga (BBC iplayer), Politician David Lammy (All 4), Actor Samuel Jackson, And Journalist Afua Hirsch (BBC iplayer), Have Highlighted The Extent of Such Deliberate Disregard And How Wrong That Is, As Black British History Is So Powerful, Important, Informative & Rich…And Often Very Tragic – Meanin’ We Should All Learn From It. Queenie Mandela Believes It Is Part of Her Family Legacy To Support The Revealation of Black British Historial Facts So That Society & The World Can Move Forward – Not Back.

Majestic Ancestral Roots Means Queenie Has Big BootsTo Fill

She Explained That Her Ancestry Is From The African Timbu Nation And Her Family Are Descendant’s of Presidential Kings & Leaders Within That Nation, Which Is Where The Late President Mandela Learnt The Art of Leadership.

Queenie Is The Nick Name of Mandela’s Grand Daughter. But Her African Birth Name Is Tukwini. Tukwini Mandela, Known As Queenie.

She Gave The Example of Her Great Grandfather (Mandela’s Father) Being’ A Presidential Style Leader Within The Timbu Nation And Bein’ Faced With Havin’ To Chose A Replacement Leader At A Certain Stage. The Orthodox Thinkin’ From The Powers That Be Was That He Should Choose The Most Obvious Person, But His Thinkin’ Was That The Most Obvious Person Was Not Suitable Enough And So He Would Chose From A Lower Rank Because Within That Group There Was A Better Leader. This Is An Example of The Fact That, As She Said, Her Grand Father Believed That Maintainin’ The Status Quo Was An Obstacle To Progress.

Learnin’ From His Father Helped To Equip Mandela To Deal With The Struggles of Apartheid & Later Show Leadership Himself. She Said He Did Not Learn His Believes In Apartheid Nor In Jail, He Learnt Them Before, From His Family.

Hence She Believes In The Power of Education And The Importance of Learnin’ Black History And Said “It’s Not Just The Job of Black People To Talk About Black History. It’s The Job of All of Us. That’s How You Build An Inclusive Society. That’s What My Grandfather Stood For, That’s What My Family Stand For, And That’s What I Stand For.”

A Very Handy Teachin’ Tool If One Wishes To Home School or Self School. Even On The Move. And Snap’s AR App Makes Independent Learnin’ Fun To Do.
Photo: The Famous Snap Chat Logo!
Sharing Is Carin’. The Omnipresence of Mobile Phones & Tablets With Quality Cameras Makes Snap Chat’s AR Accessible & Black British History Lessons More Readily Available To All
It’sAbout Meetin’ People Where They Are, Says Queenie Mandela, Who Has Helped Launch Snap Chat’s New ‘AR Education App‘, In Association With The BCA

Dual Heritage Queen Charlotte, Black Romans And Black Tudors

She Gave The Example of Not Knowin’ Herself That Queen Charlotte Was Mixed Race, About Black Romans, And Black Tudors. Historian David Olusogu Has Produced A Number of Documentaries Highlightin’ These Facts And As An Associate of The Black Cultural Archives, Who Are Workin’ With Snap Chat On This Campaign, It Appears That He Will Be Very Much Involved.

The ‘Black Hidden Stories’ Project Is Also Supported By The Mary Seacole Trust, Nubian Jak Trust, Black Historical Walks.Co.UK, 100 Great Black Britons, Slavery Rememberance. Org And A Panel of Various Experts.

Queenie Said “Snap Chat Has Millions of Users So It’s A Great Way To Connect With Those People Were They Are.”

Speakin’ To Claudia Liza of Channel 5 News Later She Said As His Grandchild She Has A Responsibility To Make Sure Mandela’s Legacy Will Live On. The School Programme Will Be On The Snap Chat Platform Which Has Circa 300 Million Users, Most of Whom Are Young People. Snap Chat Will Provide An AR Platform So That Users Can Learn About Black History Interactively.

Claudia Liza Explained That Her Own History GCSE Had Very Little Black History Content And When She Asked Her Teacher About That And Learnin’ More The Teacher Refused To Teach Her Black History. So Instead She Decided To Learn About It Herself With The Help of Her Mother.

So Rather Like Mandela Himself, It Appears That As Citizens We Need To Continue To Educate Ourselves About Ourselves, And Not Solely Depend On Somebody Else To Do That For Us.

Queenie Mandela – About Connectin’ With People Where They Are.
Snap Chat’s AR App Is Accessible Through Mobile Phone Cameras


It’s Not Just The Job of Black People To Talk About Black History. It’s The Job of All of Us. That’s How You Build An Inclusive Society.

That’s What My Grandfather Stood For,

That’s What My Family Stand For,

And That’s What I Stand For.

Queenie Mandela, Grand Daughter of Later Former South African President, Nelson Mandela

Friday 11 February 2022 ~ ITV, GMB

The Reality of Teachin’ Has Changed. It’s A Whole New World & A Whole New Ball Game. With New Technology We Can All Learn In Different Ways.

Alternative Ways of Teachin’

Tukwini “Queenie” Mandela In Trafalgar Square. The Snap Chat “Hidden Black History” Lens Shall Be A Permanent Installation There. This Means A High Profile Chance To Discover or Engage With Some Great Black British History Can Extend Way BeyondThe Established Annual Celebration of Black History Month In October

The Famous Snapchat “Ghost Face Chillah” Logo Designed By One of The Original Three Founders, Reggie Brown. He Named It After Ghostface Killah of Hip-Hop Group The Wu-Tang Clan


Snapchat Is A Camera Focused Multimedia App, Designed To Reinvent The Camera Experience & Thereby Empower Users (Known As Creators) To Live, Learn, Inform, Educate, Express Themselves, And Have Fun On An Enhanced Level. The Power Lies In Creatin’ Their Own Designer Interactive Photos & Images Through The Use of Special Digital Snapchat “Lenses.” There Are Different Lenses For Social, Personal, Educational And Business Projects. They All Have Associated Filters, Backdrops & Digital Props To Help Camera Users Be More Creative, Interactive & Immersive With Their Photographic Storytellin’. This Image Action App Has A Set of Front End & Back End Power Tools Which Include A Special Lens Studio, A Lens Cloud, Simple Storage Facilities, Location Facilities, Trackin’ Facilities, And Scannin’ Facilities, And Audio, And Special Opticals In The Form of Integral AR Glasses. Snapchat Are Very Particular About Their Approach To Social Media Compared To A Famous Camera Giant Predecessor. Kodak Was Established In 1892 And Dominated The Camera Market For Over A Century. It’s Slogan Was “Capture A Kodak Moment.” However In 2012 It Filed For Bankruptcy Havin’ Failed To Keep Up With The Digital Revolution. In The Same Year Snap CEO Evan Spiegel Explained “Snapchat Isn’t About Capturing The Traditional Kodak Moment. It’s About Communicatin’ With The Full Range of Emotions. Not Just What Appears To Be Pretty or Perfect.”

Optical Engagement Is Essential To Reality Augmentation


Augmented Reality Overlays Computer Generated Images, Objects & Enironments Onto Real World Images, Objects & Environments Creatin’ A Computer- Mediated Reality With 3D Imagery. Subsequently An Altered, Immersive, & Often Intensified Perception of The Real World Is Created. AR Can Be Either Constructive (An Addition To The Real World Enironment) or Destructive (A Mask of The Real World Enviroment). Virtual Reality In Comparison Presents A Simulated Version of A Particular Scenario. In Case of The Hidden Black Stories Project AR Is Bein’ Used As An Educational Tool. This Educational Collaboration Between Snapchat, The Black Cultural Archives & Queenie Mandela Is In Commemoration of The Anniversary of The Release From Prison of Her Grandfather Nelson Mandela On February 11 1990. Lisa Anderson Is The MD (Managin’ Director) of The Black Cultural Archives, Based At No.1 Windrush Square Brixton. She Says That Over Two Thirds of Brits Surveyed Were Unable To Identify or Recognise Black Historical Figures Throughout History. (By Whom, When or Where The Survey Was Conducted Was Not Confirmed At The Time.) However She Did Indicte That She Was Confident This New Snapchat Collaboration Will Help Facilitate Greater Educational Intergration.

BCA, 1 Windrush Square, Brixton, London SW9
Trafalgar Square Now Features Nelson Mandela As Well As Nelson’s Column Thanks To Snapchat’s Landmark Lens

Business Executive Former Labour MP & Contestant On BBC’s Strictly, Oona King, Is Snapchat’s Head of Diversity.

Digital Monuments & Maths

American Company Snap Inc Aim To Bridge The Gap Between Artistry & Technology In Order To Make Technology Less Intimidatin’ To The Masses. They Even Offer Users The Opportunity To Become Creative Digital Image Producers Without Codin’. They Do This By Usin’ Clever Programmin’. In 2019, The Year Before Covid, At Its First Los Angeles Partnership Summit, It Launched Its New “Landmarker Lens”. 30 Technical Templates Featurin’ World Famous Landmarks Were Revealed, And Included Buckingham Palace, London, Trafalgar Square, London, The Eiffel Tower, Paris And The US Capital Building, Washington DC. The Wonder of These “Digital Monuments” Can Be Explored & Immersed In By Usin’ “Lens Links” Within The App. For The Black Hidden Stories Project The Digital Monuments Are Based At Trafalgar Square And Include The Story of Boxer Bill Richmond, Sailor Tom Molineaux And South African’s First Black President The Late Nelson Mandela (Queenie’s Grandfather). Arguably The Digital Monuments Are Comparable To Art Installations Which Visitors Can Immerse Themselves In & Interact With In The Real World. And Like Goin’ To A Gallery Gift Shop People Can Make Purchases Too. In A Press Statement Issued Durin’ The Summit The Company Said  “Scan The World With The AR Bar. Just Press And Hold On The Camera Screen To Shop For Products…” The App Can Also Be Used For Maths Learnin’ Too. So It Really Is An Educational Coup.

Tutorials, Guides & Videos Are Available For Those Who Wish To Learn More About Snap & Its AR Capabilities.

Snap Chat Has 300 Million Users So It’s A Great Way To Connect With Those People Were They Are.

Queenie Mandela, Granddaughter of The Late Former South African President, Nelson Mandela!

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