TheOrator.Press:Manners Matter! MET Police Commissioner, Dame Dick Has To Go! September 2020

Is Her Majesty’s Constabulary Speaking The Queen’s English Right Now? It Doesn’t Seem So. One Reason Why Dame Dick Has To Go!
HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary) Is Tasked With Reviewin’ Police Impropriety, Trainin’ And Efficiency. But Is It Really Serving & Protecting In The Public Interest?

Is Her Majesty’s Constabulary Speakin’ The Queen’s English Right Now?

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With Repeat Civility Offenders. Serial Allegations of Power Abuse. And A Series of Citizen Killed, Is This Police “Intelligence” – or – Self-Inflicted Alienation Due To Ancient Attitudes? Perhaps A Polite Word Might Help.

Continued From Front Page. In This Launch Edition, In The Wake of The Police Brutality Murder of George Floyd We Take An Extended Look At Recent And Previous Police Practice. We Find A Lack of Basic Manners, Communication Skills, Descalation Skills And Leadership. And Consequently We Conclude Commissioner Dick Needs To Go. We Need Modern Leadership Which She Clearly Does Not Have To offer – Even After All These Years. And Police Horror Stories.

How Is It Possible After Generations Since The Brixton Riots of 1985 & The Macpherson Report of 1997 That There Are Still No Effective Solutions Preventing Police Brutality & Community Disharmony Due To Police Impropriety?

The Two Biggest Events of 2020 Thus Far, Making It One of The Most Momentous Years In The World’s History, Are The Global Outbreak of The Corona Virus (On Epic Proportions With A UK Lockdown Beginning Monday March 23 2020) & The Police Murder of George Floyd (Monday May 25 2020). Demonstrations, Protestations & Social Justice Reforms Seeking An End To Police Brutality Have Dominated The News & The Civil Social Agenda Ever Since. Police Impropriety Has Become A Matter of Great Public Interest At The Forefront of The World’s Public Consciousness, Including Corporate & Brand Consciousness.

The Queen Adores The Commonwealth. She Is Dedicated To It. She Is The Head of It. Olympian Bianca Williams, A British Citizen Won A Gold Medal For Britain As Part of It. Then The Police Sauntered In & Wrongly (…On So Many Levels) Accused Her of “Smelling of Weed” Whilst She Drove Around London With Her Family. Up Until That Brutal, Rude, Traumatisin’ Intrusion On That Family’s Life, She Was A Proud Member of The Commonwealth Who Had Won A Sporting Gold Medal For Her Country. Then The Police Let Her Down And Turned Her Life Upside Down. Recordings Saw Them Make A Right Royal Mess of Things.

Being Verbally & Physically Attacked By “Bureaucratically Tooled Up” Individuals, Dressed Up In Intimidating Uniforms, With No Manners, Civility or Common Decency Towards Men, Women or Children – & – Who, For Good Measure, Make Out That The Victim Is The Bad Guy As They Launch The Bureaucratic Attack – Is Traumatizing, Wrong, & Dehumanizing. It Needs To Stop. For The Good of Society, Humanity & Morality. A Thug In A Uniform Is Still A Thug. A No Good Leader In A Uniform Is Still A No Good Leader. A Murderer In A Uniform Is Still A Murderer.

Cressida Dick, Head of The Met, Says She Does Not Find The Term “Institutionally Racist” Helpful. The Black Community Does Not Find The Real Live Consequences of The Police Being “Institutionally Racist” Particularly Helpful Either. But For A Moment, Let’s Entertain The Notion It Is All About Her, As She Seem To Be Implying.

One of The First Things Children Are Taught Is Right From Wrong & Not To Be “Rude” But Instead To Have “Manners” & Be “Polite”. So Let’s Start With Manners. Too Many Officers Just Come Across As Plain Rude, Arrogant, Thuggish, Ill Mannered & Ill-Trained In Communications Skills.

From R – L And Order of The Race Run At Commonwealth Games 2018 4×100 Relay – Asha Phillips, Dina Asher-Smith, Bianca Williams, Lorraine Ugen

After Michelle Gayle Finally Allowed To Speak Out Many More Cases Exposed & Gaulling Old Cases Re-Told

Singer Michelle Gayle Recently Revealed This Summer Durin’ An Appearance On Daytime Debate Programme ‘Loose Women’ That She Had Been Subjected To 3 Police Producers In One Week When She Was With Her Record Company At The Time, Despite Being A Well Know Actress From Eastenders And Subsequently A Singer Signed By A Famous Record Company. Back Then, She Was Subjected To A Double Whammy. Firstly, Police Power Abuse. Secondly, Music Industry Corporate Complicity (Through Her Music Company Management Team Operating Willful Silence, Ignorance, & Tolerance of The Abuse of Power She Suffered; Plus Their Instruction To Her To Discuss “Less of The Black Stuff” When She Shared With Them What Had Happened To Her). Since Sharin Her Experience It Appears The Original TV Video Clip of Her Explainin What Happened (To ITV’s Loose Women) Has Been Substantially Edited (No Doubt After The Company Became Concerned About The PR Implications & Entered Negotiations).

Since Then, Bianca Williams. Her Boyfriend &…Her Baby! Have Been Subjected To Retro, Casual, Stereotypical, Unsubstantiated, Allegations of Driving On The Wrong Side of The Road & “Smelling of “Weed”. Yet Bianca & Her Partner Are Olympians. They Are Used To Operating At Elite Levels of Discipline & Self Control. Greater Than Your Average Individual – Including Your Average Officer. They Are Highly Health Conscious. They Were Being Super Cautious As Their Newborn Baby Was Also In The Car At The Time.

In This Forensic High Tech Age The Police Were Unable To Present Any “Evidence” of The Alleged “Weed”. Something Definitely Stinks. But It’s Definitely Not Weed!

Progressive, Powerful, Technical, Objective “Evidence” Will Not Tolerate It. So How Much Longer Must Civilized, Digitalized, Forensic, & Forward-Thinking Society Tolerate Her & Her Standard of Officers “Worth Their Salt”?

We All Deserve Better. In The Police Service Today Surely There Is Already Better. It’s Time They Were Allowed To Shine. There Has Never Been A Better Time For Them Arrive. Good Cops & Demonstrably Good Leadership Anyone…?

Commissioner Dick, By Her Own Admission & Clear Demonstration, In An August 2020 Channel 4 News & July 2020 LBC Radio Interview Cannot Relate To What Someone on The Receiving End of Policing Under Her Leadership Is Feeling & Does Not Do Empathy. Being Able To Relate, Build Rapport & Have Empathy Are Basic Modern & Indeed Classic Leadership Skills. She Needs To Stand Down If She Does Not Have What It Takes To Galvanize Modern Society, With It’s Widespread Modern Technology & Modern Communication Skills.

She Stated That She Was Involved In Implementing Elements of The Macpherson Report Yet, Now Says She Does Not Find The Report’s Conclusion That The Police Are Institutionally Racist “Helpful.”

The Black Community Does Not Find Her Failure To Accept The Commission of An Indepenent New Report, With New Assessments, New Phraseology And New Ideas Helpful, Given That All She’s Done Slate The Old One.

McPherson Was Over A Generation Ago & The Stephen Lawrence Murder Is Still A Primary Focus, Yet The Service Should Have Made So Much More Progress By Now, Considering There Has Sadly Been Many More Cases Concerning Poor And Racal Injustice Since Then. Which Ever Term Dick Prefers – She Herself & Time Itself – Have Demonstrated She Is Not The Solution. She’s Failed To Fix The Problem She Apparently Started Working On Over A Generation Ago. Positioning Oneself As A Leader Yet Exhibiting Such Hopelessness Is Equally Uninspirational & Unhelpful. We Need Innovative, Constructive And Effective New Blue Blood.

This Is What Great Leadership Looks & Sounds Like. Regardless of Colour. And We Salute It!

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McPherson Still Needs Addressing

I Can’t Breath. I Can’t Feel My Legs. Am I Going To Die?

Cherry Groce September 1985. After Shot Being Shot By Police. The Brixton Riots Followed.

Institutional Racism Helped To Kill George Floyd. It Was A Police Murder, That Along With The Corona Virus, Has Dominated 2020. The System & Structures of Policing In The US Are So Stacked, Including The Powerful Police Unions, That Officer Derek Chauvin Thought He Could Literally Get Away With Blue Murder, In Broad Daylight, In His Uniform, In Front of Three Other Officers Junior To Him, Who He Inviegled Into The Crime, In The Face of Modern Technology & Social Media. Hence The Cry Far & Wide For Social Justice Reform.

The Police Are Institutionally Racist. So Declared Justice William MacPherson In His 1999 Report After An Inquiry Into The Police Service, Following It’s Failure To Properly Investigate The Racist Murder of Black Teenager Stephen Lawrence, In 1993, In Well Hall Road, South London, Eltham, SE9.

Pre-dating MacPherson, Cherry Groce Was Shot & Paralyzed By Police In 25 September 1985, When They Barged Into Her Home Looking For Son Michael (In Connection With A Robbery He Was Never Charged For). The Shooting Sparked The Brixton Riots of The 1980s. She Died In 2011 Aged 63 After 26 Subsequent Years In A Wheelchair. Inspector Douglas Lovelock Was Acquitted of Inflicting Unlawful Grievious Bodily Harm In 1987. Her Son, Lee Lawrence, Discussing The BLM Movement This Year Said “The System Is Still Broken”. This Is Highlighted By The Fact That, Prophetically At The Time, Cherry Groce Said: “I Can’t Breath. I Can’t Feel My Legs. Am I Going To Die?”

Jean Charles de Menezes Was Shot & Killed By Police In A Case of Mistaken Identity July 22 2005. No Officer Was Individually Prosecuted For His Death. Family Spokesperson, Asad Rehamn Said, “His Death Reflected Wider Issues About Police Accountability & Trust.” The Police Were Fined £175,000 for Health & Safety Breaches £385,000 Costs In 2007. In 2016 The European Court of Human Rights Declared No Individual Officer Was Responsible For Breaching Article 2 The Right To Life. Harriet Wistrich, Birnberg Peirce Solicitor Which Represented The Family said: “This Judgment Will Do Nothing To Counter A Widely Held Belief (Particularly Among Marginalized Communities) That There Is One Standard For The Police & Another For The General Public.”

Mark Duggan, Of Irish Jamaican Descent, Was Shot Dead By In August 4 2011. A Public Inquiry Returned A Verdict of Lawful Killing. This Set Off The London Riots of 2011. His Family Claim The Police Engaged In Much Misrepresentation of Him.

Former EastEnders Actress, Singer & Theatre Performer (Currently In Harry Potter) Michelle Gayle Explained Her Experience With MET Police

In April 2020 Tracie Cooper, 50, Died After Suffering A Bleed On The Brain & Collapsing Whilst Being Arrested By Southampton Police. Her Husband Was Retained In Custody For 7 Hours Afterwards Before Being Allowed To Visit Her After Being Released Without Charge. Relatives Say The Arrest Was Unnecessary As The Husband & Wife Had Volunteered To Be Questioned Over What Was Reportedly A Family Dispute, Including Racial Aggravation. Their 15 Year Old Son Was Home When His Mother Collapsed. The Matter Has Been Referred To The IOPC.

Cressida Dick Has Been On Excursions To America For Inter-Operational Police Meetings Training & Resource Sharing Over The Years In Her Role As MET Commissioner. George Floyd’s Murder Shows That The System Is In Fact Still Broken In America & Lee Lawrence Says The System Is Still Broken Here (Over 35 Years Since The Brixton Riots Which Followed The Police Shooting of His Mother). Dawn Butler MP Says The System Is Still Institutionally Racist, After She & A Friend Were Stopped By Police DWB This Summer. Yet Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick Says She Does Not Find The Term “Institutionally Racist” Helpful. The US Attorney General, For The Trump Administration, Which Has Been Associated With A Number of White Nationalists, Says He Does Not Accept The US Police Is Institutionally Racist Either. Coincidence?

Failure To Fix The Problem, And There Clearly Is One, What Ever Name A Police Chief Might Prefer To Call It, Is Ultimately Not Helpful To The Community The Police Are Supposed To “Serve & Protect.” As She Is Not Part of The Solution After The Separate Yet Coincidental Cases of Lee Lawrence & Stephen Lawrence, Two Generations Later, It’s Time For Commissioner Dick To Stand Down & Give A New Fresh Generation of Police Leaders A Chance To Make Effective Change – By Presenting New Solutions To The Problems That Are Actually “Helpful” – Instead of Just Dismissing Those She Says Are Not.

Trump Administration Seeks To Wipe Out Police Racial Sensitivity Training, Whilst In Comparison Bon Jovi Respect Their Country & Lament George Floyd’s Police Brutality Murder

Meantime, Seeking The Blue Vote, After Previously Openly Encouraging Police Brutality At A Police Conference, The Current Incumbent of The White House Has Ordered, By A Letter From The Office of Management & Budget on or About Friday September 4 2020, Issued To Executive Branch Agencies, That They Declare Spending on “Critical Race Theory, White Privilege or Any Other Material Purporting The US or Any Race or Ethnicity Is Inherently “Racist or Evil.” The Administration Is Seeking To Cut Funding To Race Relations Training Deeming It “Propaganda.” Clearly, Reminiscent of Dick, They Too Have Decided They Do Not Find Such An Initiative “Helpful”.

“I was moved to write “American Reckoning” as a witness to history,” said Jon Bon Jovi, “I believe the greatest gift of an artist is the ability to use their voice to speak to issues that move us.” The American Rock Band Released The Track In Response To The George Floyd Police Murder Witnessed Around The World.

Yet Both Commissioner Dick In The UK & Attorney General William Bar In The USA Rigidly Repeat The Rhetoric That The Police Are Not Institutionally Racist. They Appear To Be Ignoring or Actively Not Listening To Others. They Appear To Be Incapable of Showing Quality Consideration or Empathy.

They Appear To Believe Good Communication Skills Begin With Officers Not Asking or Engaging Nicely But Acting As Aggressively As Possible From The Start And…Escalating As Quickly As Possible As Opposed To De-escalating Situations.

They Appear To Condone Officers Unnecessarily Physically Imposing Themselves Upon Members of The Community. They Appear To Encourage Officers Telling Tales About Community Members Behaving Stereotypically Based On Aged Old Racist Troupes.

Institutionally Racist? Self-Evidently! Like So Many Other Ancient Systems In Place To Support The Status Quo. Rude? Definitely! All Too Often. Manners Matter! There Is Vast Room For Improvement.

It Is Arugable That President Trump Has Encouraged Unprofessionalism In Police Officers By Seemin’ To Admire Them Treatin’ Detainees “Rough” And “Thrownin’ Them Into The Back of A Paddy Wagon” And Proactively Tellin’ Them “Don’t Be So Nice” And That They “Can Take The Hand Away When Puttin’ Them In Police Cars

Rotten Police Power Abusers Now Officially A Pain In The Neck or Are They Still Gettin’ Away With Blue Murder?

At The Funeral of George “Perry” Floyd, The Family Lawyer, Benjamin Crump, Recited A Long Series of Killings, By The Police, of Unarmed Black People & Said They All Deserve Better.

Leading The Service Was The Reverand Al Sharpton Who Declared George Floyd’s Killing “Both A Murder & A Hate Crime.” Hate Crimes Carry Extra Jail Time. Reverand Sharpton Also Deplored The Police To “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks”

The World Is Watching & Waiting Eagle Eyed To See What Legacy The Trial of The Historical, Phenomenal, Technological Police Murder of George Floyd In America Will Bring.

Michelle Gayle Was Hurt That Her Management Team’ For Her Single “Sweetness” Silenced Her Suffering of “3 Driving Whilst Black” Police Stops In 1 Week

In A Welcome Change To The Appearance of Just Regularly Absolving Officers, Who Throw Themselves On Their Mercy Through Regular Self-Referral, The IOPC (The Independent Office of Police Conduct) Announced That It Will Be Launching Criminal Investigations Into Two Separate Incidents In Which Officers Appeared To Interfer With The Breathing of Citizens.

In One Case A Black Man, Martin Coutain, 48, Was Arrested Thursday July 16 2020, In Finsbury Park, Near Islington, London, & Pleaded With An Officer To Get Off His Neck, Whilst He Was Handcuffed On The Ground & Another Officer Held Him Down. He Was Reportedly Arrested For Knife Possession After Apparently Being Involved In A Fight. One Officer Has Been Suspended, Is Facing Common Assault Charges & Is Being Investigated For Gross Misconduct In Relation To Use of Force; Discreditable Conduct, Honesty, Integrity & Authority, Respect & Courtesy. The Other Has Been Placed On Restrictive Duties & Is Being Investigated For Misconduct In Relation To Failing Challenge & Report Improper Conduct, As Well As Authority, Respect & Courtesy. Both Will Be Investigated To Establish Whether They Treated The Man Differently Because of His Race.

In A Second Case, A Pakistani Man, Was Arrested Sunday August 16 2020, & Was Wrestled To The Ground, In, Halifax, By A West Yorkshire Officer, Who Told The Man “Chill Out or I’ll Choke You Out” When He Complained He Could Not Breath. He Is Now Subject To Investigation Concerning Criminal & Misconduct Charges, After A Review of of Video Footage From His Body Worn Camera, His Own Statement & Video Filmed From Inside A Nearby House Which Went Viral. The Arrested Man Had Originally Been Accused of Assault. Video Footage of The Violent Arrest Circulated On Social Media.

Actress & Singer Michelle Gayle Has Revealed In A Series of 2020 Press Appearances During The Summer That Her Management Team At The Time of Her Hit Single “Sweetness” Told Her “Less Of The Black Stuff” After She Innocently Discussed With Them That She Had Been Subjected To “3 Police Producers” In One Week During in 1994.

A1Sweetness (West End Mix) Remix – West End
A2Sweetness (Steve Jervier Mix) Remix – Paul JervierSteve Jervier
B1Sweetness (The Mellow Drum & Bass Mix) Remix – LTJ Bukem
B2Sweetness (The All In Mix) Remix – Best Kept SecretRichie P.*
RCA74321 23019 1UK1994
RCA1st Avenue RecordsSWEET 4UK1994
RCA74321 23019-7UK1994
RCA1st Avenue RecordsSWEET 3UK1994

Following The Police Murder of George Floyd In The USA In May, More Members of The Black Community (& Indeed Caucasion Community) Are Speaking Out About Their Experiences of Racism. Particularly Racism & Thuggery Perpetuated By The Police. This Summer Former Eastenders Star Has Reported Experiencing Racism From Police DWB (Driving Whilst Black), From Her Management Team During Her Singing Career With The Release of Her Single “Sweetness” & In Her Television Career Whilst Working On Programmes Such As Grange Hill & EastEnders.

She Says She is Proud of the Work Now Being Done To Counter Such Racism.

The World Reimagined ( Is A Brave New Mass Participation Art Exhibition & Education Project Due To Officially Launch To The Public Next Year And She Is on The Board, Which Includes Sky News Presenter Gillian Joseph And Has The Right Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin CD, MBE, The Bishop of Dove,r As A Patron.

Reverand Rose Hudson-Wilkin. A Patron of TheWorld Reimagined.Org

A Mass Participation Art & Education Project

Now in 2020, Bon Jovi, Beyonce, Black Lives Matter And The Whole Wide World Is Talking About Police Power Abuses & “The Black Stuff” Following The Police Murder of George Floyd In America. Michelle Gayle Explained How Her Record Company Management At The Time Were More Inclined Towards Corporate Complicity Than Corporate Consciousness When She Explained Her DWB Police Experiences As They Told Her “Less of The Black Stuff” – Instead of Supportin’ Her.

Companies Are Now More Community Conscious Following George Floyd’s Murder May 2020 With The Likes of Uncle Ben & Aunt Gemima Seekin To Re-brand.

Only The Hand of God Made This City Police Officer Stop His DWB Attack On A Man of The Cloth

“By That Time He Saw My Collar”

Archbishop of York. John Sentamu. Black Is The New Black June 30 2020 (Re-Aired)

“I Think I Was Four When The Present Queen Was Enthroned. We Had A Tiny Little Transitor Radio So We Were Able, Through The World Service To Hear The Entire Service. When The National Anthem Came on My Dad Used To Make Us All Stand.

We Learnt About The History of How The People In Britian Are Governed, Far, Far More Than About My Own Country Uganda. We Knew Their English Laws, We Knew Their Customs, We Knew Their History, We Knew Their Traditions.

He Said “Oops”

Archbishop of York. John Sentamu. Black Is The New Black June 30 2020 (Re-Aired)

My Wife Was Secretary For The Church of England Vicars, She Had Forgotten Some Materials So I Drove From Stepney To Deliver It. I Was Coming Back & Was Stopped By A City of London Officer. It Was Raining. He Told Me To Get Out of The Car. He Searched Me. He Said “Open The Boot”. There Was Nothing In The Boot. He Looked At Me & Said What’s Your Name. I Said Sentamu. “What Do You Do?” By That Time He Saw My Collar (Which I’ve Cut off Because of Mugabe Now). He Said “Oops.

I am A Bishop. I Have A Bit of Education. I Can Defend My Case. What Happens To An Ordinary Black Guy? That Worried Me. It Still Worries Me.

“We Learnt About The History of How The People In Britian Are Governed, Far, Far More Than About My Own Country Uganda.”

Archbishop of York. John Sentamu. Black Is The New Black June 30 2020 (Re-Aired)

News of British “Police Producer” Travels From London Highroad To Hollywood

Wendell Pierce Stars As Detective William Bunk Moreland In The HBO Hit Series The Wire (Which Also Stars British Actor Idris Elba). He Regularly Work’s With TV & Movie Giant HBO, Part of The Warner Media Group, Hot In Hollywood & Over Here In London.

In An Interview With Channel 4 News July 10 2020 The Hollywood Actor Reported That Two of His Fellow Cast Members, Who Had Done Nothing Wrong, Had Been Stopped By Police, DWB (Driving Whilst Black) When He Was In London Last Year (2019). He Was In London For His Starring Role In Death of A Salesman (Which Totally Sold Out & Had An Extended Run).

Speaking With Reporter Symeon Brown of Channel Four News, Pierce Pronounced on Technology & The BLM & Social Justice Reform Movement, The Racial History of Brixton, The UK & The USA, His New Movie Clemency, Due For UK Release September 25, His DWB In London Experience, British Theatre, Megan & Harry, And Samuel Beckett

Samuel Beckett. Lived 13 April 1906 – 22 December 1989. Died Aged 83. Irish Born Intellectual, Novelist, Playwright, Poet, & Long Term Paris Resident

Technology & The BLM & Social Justice Movement

“It’s Different Because It’s Faster. The Impact Is Faster Because of The Technological Age We’re In Right Now. It’s Also Different Because It’s Very Diverse & It’s Global Also.”

The Brixton Riots

“There’s A Commonality Because There’s A Shared Humanity & A Shared Ignorance In Humanity. Here In The States & As It Is In The UK. We Are Celebrating With 40 Years Since The Brixton Riots Which Had The Same Issues of Inequality, Inhumanity & InJustices of Policing”

Clemency The BLM & Social Justice Movement

“It Shows You How What Has Been An Historical Confirmation of America’s Original Sin & Embodiment of Systematic Racism Has Transferred From Slavery To Jim Crow To A Generation of Mass Incarceration & The Idea of Putting People To Death Is Barbarism. If We Lose One Person Who Is Innocent To Execution, & I know That We Have, It Is A Condemnation of Our Society As A Whole. I Hope That Clemency Adds Fire To The Fuel of This Protest Movement.”

Police Producers & DWB

“Even As We Were Rehearsing Death of A Salesman Last Summer (2019) I Remember Tow of My Cast Mates Were Stopped In London, Pulled Aside, Because They Didn’t Believe It Was Their Car.”

British Theatre

“You Are Renowned Around The World For Your Theatre & People Come From Around The World To See It. It’s of Such Great Importance That It Must Be Saved At All Costs.”

Megan & Harry

On The Subject of – As The Reporter Put It – “Megan, Who Has Found Solace In The US” – And Whether America Can Be A Safe Space If Trying To Get Away From Perceived Racial Inequalities & Hostile Treatment –

“Yes Because We Are Going To Demand It For Ourselves. People of Colour Will Find Solace By Making Their Solace & Protecting Themselves & Exercising Their Right To Self-Determination. That’s What We Are Seeing In The Protest Movement & That’s What Megan & The Prince Will See In LA. “

“At This Place. At This Moment of Time All Mankind Is In Us. Let Us Do Something.”

“That Was Samuel Beckett In Waiting For Godot. I Think We Are Waiting For That Moment To Really Make Change.”

Black Lives Matter, Social Justice Reform, Patrick Hutchinson & Reverand Al Sharpton

Far Right Protester & Former British Transport Police Officer Bryn Male Is Rescued By Black Lives Matter & Social Justice Reform Hero Patrick Hutchinson

On Saturday June 13 2020 At A March By Far Right Counter Protesters, Organised By Far Right Criminal Tommy Robinson & The Britain First Group, Claiming To Be Defending Statues In The Capital, Far Right Protester Bryn Male Fell Over, Got Separated From His Friends & Was In Danger or Being Tramped or Attacked By The Crowed of BLM Protesters. Patrick Hutchinson, A Black Lives Matter Protester, Rescued Him By Picking Him Up & Carrying Him To A Police Unit At The Scene For Safety, It Transpired That The Far Right Protester Is An Ex Police Officer. Overnight Mr Hutchinson Became An International Hero, After Pictures of Him Carrying Mr Male Went Viral & News Stations Clamoured For Interviews.

Talking To News Legend Jon Snow on Channel Four News, June 16 2020, Reverand Al Sharpton Said “That Man Patrick Did More To Show The Public The Values & Moral Outrage At It’s Highest Level, Than Any of Us Could Have Done With A Speech. I Respect Him Greatly & Hope Next Time I’m In England I Can Meet Him.”

He Told The BLM Hero, When The Two Were Later Linked By ITV’s Morning GMTV Programme, “You’ve Done A Tremendous Thing, Because We’re Not Marching Out Of Hate, We’re Launching Out Of Love For Everybody, And If We Become Infected By The Rancour & The Hatred That We’re Fighting, Then We Become The Replacements, Not The Reformation Or The Answer.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Wrote A Column In The Sunday Telegraph The Next Day June 14 2020 In Which He Praised Hutchinson “As The Best of Us”, Condemned The Violent Far Right Protesters & Also Those Protesters Who Pull Down Statutes.

“It Was Right That A Good Number Should & Have Been Arrested,” Johnson Said In A Column In The The Telegraph “They Were Violent. They Were Aggressive Towards The Police. They Were Patently Racist. There Is Nothing That Can Excuse Their Behaviour.”

He Said “It Is No Use Just Saying That We Have Made Huge Progress In Tackling Racism. There Is Much More That We Need To Do; And We Will. It Is Time For A Cross-Governmental Commission To Look At All Aspects Of Inequality – In Employment, In Health Outcomes, In Academic And All Other Walks Of Life.”

The American Civil Rights Leader – Reverand Al Sharpton. He Administered At George Floyd’s Funeral After Mr Floyd Was Murdered By Police In May 2020

” That Man Patrick Did More To Show The Public The Values & Moral Outrage At It’s Highest Level, Than Any of Us Could Have Done With A Speech.

I Respect Him Greatly

And I Hope Next Time I’m In England I Can Meet Him. “

American Civil Rights Leader Reverend Al Sharpton Praises The Heroism of British BLM Supporter Patrick Hutchinson Who Found It Within Himself To Rescue A Fallen Former British Transport Police Officer On A Far Right March In June 2020. Ironically, He Delivered Him To The Police For Safety!

Bryn Male, 55, The Tatooed Millwall Supporter, Former Police Officer, & Far Right Supporter, Made Front Page News Because He Responded To A Call For Action By Far Right Convict Tommy Robinson. Online. What Was Bryn Male Doing On Such Sites? How Many Police Officers or Former Police Officers Are On Such Sites? Why They Are They On Such Sites? The Claim That They Were Protecting Monuments Is Watered Down By The Photograph of & Subsequent Conviction of Andrew Banks. He Was To 14 Days In Prison For Urinating Alongside The Monument To Murdered London Police Officer Keith Palmer. (PC Was Murdered By A Terrorist In The March 2017 Westminster Bridge Terrorist Attack – Over Which Legal Action Has Been Launched Against The Met Police.) Banks’ Defence Was That He Had Drunk 16 Pints The Night Before & Was Unable To Find A Toilet.

Andrew Banks Caught Red Handed P*$$*g All Over The Far Right Fraudulent Excuses For Agitating. Namely That They Wanted To Protect British Monuments, With Their Counter Demonstrations. Former Transport Police Officer Bryn Male Made International News After Falling Over & Being Rescued By A Group of Guardian Angels Who Were All Black Men Operating As Exemplary Members of Society. ‘No Weed’ From Them. Just ‘Weeing From Him.’ Banks Was Convicted & Sentenced To 14 Days In Jail For “Offending Public Decency”.

Restructuring & Renewable Accountable Funding

Patrick Hutchinson Was Able To Rescue Mr Male Because In Response To Robinson’s Call To Action of Hate, Pierre Noah What’s App’d A Call To Action of Love & Protection. Noah, Hutchinson, Jamaine Facey, Lee Russell, & Chris Otokito Stepped Up & Attended The Marches As A Band of Brothers. They All Helped Cover Hutchinson As He Rescued Male. They Are Not Impressed With Johnson’s Delay Tactics.

Jamaine Facey Replies “How Many Reviews Do You Need? Everyone Knows What The Problem Is. Everyone Knows Funding Has Been Taken Out Of Areas That It Shouldn’t Have Been … We Really Need To Stop Talking & Actually Put Some Of The Plans That Are Already There Into Action.” Pierre Noah Agrees “Invest In The Community. We Need Funding, Mr Johnson. Help Us. We’ve Put Our Lives On The Line.” “What Is He Ready To Do?”

In Stark Contrast To What Members of The Community Are Saying, The Cuts To Funding For Racial Awareness Training Outlined Above (Under “The White House Seeks To Wipe Out Racial Awareness Training“) Highlight The Difference Between What Communities Often Explain They Need & How A Lack of Political Will Often Means They Don’t Get It. This Is Problematic Because If Commissioner Dick Doesn’t Acknowledge That There Is A Problem, She Can’t Begin To Fix or Fund It – Nor – Help Others To Fix It or Fund It.

Similarly Many Believe There Needs To Be A Re-structuring of The Police Such That Rotten Police Abusers Stop Costing Communities And Taxpayers Millions of Pounds In Police Wrongful Action Payouts. Such Monies Need To Come Out of Police Budgets And Salaries Instead of The Public Purse At Large And Then Maybe That Too Will See Rotten Members of The Police Finally Buck Up Their Brutality Ideas.

Retired Met Police Superintendenant Leroy Logan MBE & Honourary Doctor And 30 Year Former Head of The Black Police Officers Association

Following The Recently Announced Met Decision To Put The Stephen Lawrence Murder Case Into “An Inactive Phase” During Summer 2020 Retired Superintendent Leroy Logan Said Trust In The Police Is “At It’s Lowest For Decades. Especially At This Time of The Black Lives Matter Movement.”

Sounding Automated & As Though Talking About A Different Reality To The One Prevailing In Summer 2020, In The August 2020 Channel Four News Interview (Last Month) Commissioner Dick Said She Does Not Accept Confidence Is At An All Time Low & Dimissed Logan’s Comments, Insisting “That Is A Ludicrous Thing To Say”. Instead She Says A Survey Earlier This Year Showed That The Black Londoners Had More Confidence In The Job of The Local Police Than White Londoners”. She Also Said ” We Have Zero Tolerence of Racist Behaviour Within The Met. Just Last Week Somebody Was Fired For Racist Conduct. And Everybody Knows That That Is The Case.”

Seeming Staggeringly Out of Touch With The Brutal Reality Which Members of The Black Community Are Subject To By Some Met Police Power Abusers She Also Said In An LBC Radio Interview Programme “Call The Commissioner” July 22 2020 “We Are A Compassionate Organisation.” She Later Admitted In The Aforementioned Channel Four Interview That She Cannot Empathise With “A Young Black Boy” Stopped By Police Officers.

Fresh Thinking, Ideas & Attitudes Needed, Not The Same Old, Same Old

After The Murder of Stephen Lawrence, Over A Generation Ago, Numerous Racist Killings or Maimings Since Then, Including By The Police or Those Associated With The Police, & Little To No Effective Resolution or Satisfactory Solution, Perhaps It Is Time To Look At This Problem From A Whole New Angle. With Fresh New Lenses. And A More Modern Perspective. Is It The Term “Institutionally Racist” That Is Unhelpful – or – Is It Hanging onto A Met Commissioner At The Top of The Institution With The Same Old Attitudes And Little To No Effective New Vision or Results That Is “Unhelpful”? Society Needs To Ask. Politely. In The Channel Four Interview She Advised Members of The Public Subjected To A Police Search To “…Be Polite & You Will Find Polite, Courteous, Compassionate, Patient People Talking To You”.

If Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary Are Proactive Enough To Review Current Police Training, Communication & Policy Implementation, They May Consider The Police Commissioner’s Own Words To Be Excellent Practical Police Advise For Met Police Themselves. This Is Because They Seem Totally Devoid of Communication And Descalation Skills. As Dr Logan Say, It’s All About Leadership.

The Police Are A Reflection of Her Leadership And They Seem Totally Out of Control. If Asked Reasonable Questions In A Reasonable Manner We Have Seen Officers Get Riled Up And Accuse People of Resistin’ Arrest. If Good Manners Is Her Advice To The Public, She Should Recognise She Needs To Ingrain And Train The Same Good Manners Into The Police Officers Under Her Watch. It’s Called Common Decency. And It’s For The Good of The Community. The Police Need To Show More Basic Civility. What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander! This Is About The Very Basics of Civility, Decency And Humanity. Power Comes With Responsibility. Anything Else Is Just Abuse.

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