The Orator.Press Magazine Business & Leadership Interview: Michael Squire ~ September 2020

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Michael Squire

A Real Local Squire.

Ever Higher. Ever Inspired.

Still As Keen As Mustard!
The Dome Room At ‘Upstairs’ At The Department Store, Brixton’s Private Members Club
The Dome Room At ‘Upstairs’ At The Department Store, Brixton’s Private Members Club
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Michael Squire Founder of The Department Store Private Members Club & Community Hub, SW9

Michael Squire Has Reached Dizzy Heights In His Career As An Architect, Yet He Chooses To Keep His Feet Firmly On The Ground. From His Headquarters In Brixton SW9, He’s Still As Keen As Mustard To Keep Going. Still Interesting, Engaging, Inspiring. TheOrator.Press Interviewed Him By Telephone Conference Back In June 2020 Just Before Lockdown Was Lifted, For This First Edition of TheOrator.Press (Sept 2020).

Coleman’s Est.d 1814. Owned By Unilever Since 1995. Squire Remains As Keen As Mustard To Keep On Goin’ Doin’ What He Does Best. Creatin’ Great Spaces For Livin’ Workin’ And Enjoyin’ Life. He’s Still Hot Stuff.

Renaissance of A Brixton Building

The Department Store Is The New Collaborative Hub Buzzing With Edge, Style & Innovation In Brixton, South West London.

It’s A Bold, Brave Redesign of A Large Former Retail Building Built In 1906.  Over The Following Hundred Years or So It Was The Property of Various Different Owners, & Withstood Various Different Uses, Finally Being Used For Squatting After Becoming Derelict. That Was Until Architect Firm Squire & Partners Spotted Its Potential In 2015 & Eventually Took Occupancy In 2017.

Divine Designs

Squire & Partners, Is A High End, High Profile, High Stakes Building Design Company, Once Based In Central London & Now Relocated To Great Effect In Brixton. Michael Squire The Firm’s Namesake Has A Great Eye For Potential, A Very Long History Of Creating Great, Innovative Structures & No Intention of Going Anywhere, Anytime Soon.

Squire Is The Third Generation In A Long Line Of Gentlemen With Architectural Inclinations In Their Blood. He Is Father To George & Henry Who Are Heading Up The Fourth Generation & Also Work Within The Firm. There Is Also His Daughter Who Is Into Graphic Design & Two More Sons Who Are Into Property Development. It Seems To Be A Dynasty Involved In Divine Design One Way or Another.

Squire & Partners Have Left Their Mark With Beautiful Buildings Around The World, In Towns, East, West, North & South, National, International, Official, Commercial & Residential. These Include But Are Not Limited To:-

  • The Hanger Lane Student Accomodation W5
  • The Kensington Primary Academy W14
  • The Zubabox Throughout Africa
  • Albany Marina, In The Bahamas
  • The Brighton Marina, Brighton
  • The British Counsel In Kenya
  • The Chelsea Barracks SW1
  • The Tom Ford Offices SW1
  • One South Bank Place SE1
  • One Tower Brigde SE1
  • One The Elephant SE1
  • Unison HQ NW1
  • Island Point E14
  • Reiss W1

“My Work & My Family, I Love Them Both.”

Michael Squire, Husband, Father, Architect, Club Owner & Brixton Community Member. Talkin’ By Telephone To TheOrator.Press Online Magazine June 2020
Squire & Partners Converted An Old Vertical Siloh Building In Docklands Into Million Pound Apartments At One Tower Bridge

The Pursuit of Happiness

Despite Having Already Designed All These Mind-blowing Buildings, At 74 He Tells Me That He Still Gets A Buzz From His Work. I Ask Him The Secret To His Joie De Vivre. His Answer Is Simple Yet Powerful.

“My Work & My Family, I Love Them Both.”

He Then Adds, “If You Can, Try To Develop A Thinking of Being Happy With Your Life & Live With What You’ve Got, Rather Than Thinking Negative & About What You Have Not Got”.

He Also Says He Loves Dancing, Fiestas & Carnivals. “It’s Good Having Days In Your Life of Just Letting Go. Do Your Own Thing In Your Own Time”.

Upstairs Downstairs

I Witnessed A Micro Moment of This Philosophy In Action, Pre-lockdown, In February.

The Department Store Is Literally An Upstairs, Downstairs’ Enterprise. Whilst Downstairs Is A New, Bright & Open Work Space, Upstairs Is An Open Plan Privte Members’ Club With A Restaurant, Bar, & Seating Areas, A Roof Terrace, & Two Additional Function Rooms. There Are Regular Membership Events.

Valentine’s Night 2020 Saw A Great Night of Dancing To Soul Classics & Michael Was In The House & On The Dance Floor Doing His Thing. He Looked Like He Was Having Great Fun, Full of Energy & Indeed “Letting Go.”

It’s A Family Affair & A Case of Socializing Upstairs & Working Downstairs At The Department Store S.W.9

Watching, Learning & Loving In Lockdown

I Ask Him How He Coped With Lockdown, Being Such A Clearly Sociable Being.

“Absolutely Fine. Luckily I Have A Garden & I Was With My Wife & Daughter. We Did Our Daily Walking & Went Walking Through London Which Was Very Quiet For A Change. We Watched A Lot Less Television Than Ever, Played Card Games & Got To Know Each Other Better. The Best Thing About Lockdown For Me Was Spending Time With My Wife & Daughter. Also I Developed A Greater Appreciation For My Home & Garden. I Had Never Experienced Them In The Same Way Before. Coincidentally The Garden Was Coming Into Bloom & I Watched It Blossom & Grow.”

I Reply That Is Great & Indeed It Was Reported That More People Tended To Their Home & Gardens During Lockdown. Thankfully Michael Did Not Have Any Problems But At One Stage It Was Reported That The Medical Profession Asked Us All To Desist From Such Activity As We Might Injure Ourselves & Thus Require Medical Attention, Putting Greater Strain On The Pandemic Stretched NHS.


Michael Is Fortunate & We Are Naturally Happy For Him. Sadly Some People With Less Loving Families Reportedly Suffered Increased Neglect & Abuse During Lockdown, According To Various Charities Who Deal With Domestic Abuse & Child Abuse Cases. If Required For Support or Guidance:-

The NSPCC – (National Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Children) Can Be Contacted on 0800 1111 By Children – or – 0808 800 5000 By Adults on Behalf of Children; The NSPCC Website Is;

Refugee Run The National Domestic Abuse Helpline Which Can Be Contacted on 0808 2000 247;

The Women’s Aid Website Is

The Global Response To George Floyd’s Murder

Picking up on His Point About Being Home Like Never Before, I Share Something The Reverand Al Sharpton Said Regarding George Floyd’s Murder. One Reason The Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) & Social Justice Movement Went Stratospheric Like It Has, Is Because The World Was Universally At Home In A Way It Had Never Been Before & Was Therefore Able To Pay Attention & Galvanize In Ways It Had Not Been Able To Before. The World Was Largely Locked Down & off Work Due To Corona Virus. This Unforeseeable Collision of Two Defining Events of 2020 (The Corona Virus & The Police Brutality Murder of George Floyd) Are Proving To Be Two of The Most Momentous Events In History.

He Says “The Fact That The Murder Was Filmed From Beginning To End Is Enormously Significant. There Is Much Negative About Social Media, However What Is Positive Is That Describing Something To Someone May Lay Itself Open To Accusations of Exaggeration, However In This Case We Have Clear Unarguable Evidence Which Was Able To Be Sent Around The World”.

The Family Business

“I Always Enjoyed Drawing & Art. Actually The View From Dad Was Trying To  Put Me Off By Making Clear That A Good Living Was Not Guaranteed From Architecture.  But I Always Understood Architecture.
My Father Would Point Out Certain Buildings & Details Etc.”

My Research Tells Me That Your Grandfather, Sir John Squire, A Poet, Managed To Make A Working Connection Between His Love Of Classic Literature & His Appreciation of Georgian Architecture, By Co-Founding The Architecture Club.

Plus Your Father, Raglan Squire, In 1952 Established Raglan Squire & Partners. It Was Involved In The Redevelopment of Eaton Square Houses Into Apartments, At A Time When WW2 Recovery Programme Was Still Underway & A Lack Of Housing & Materials Meant Architectural Solutions Were Necessary.

This Was After Raglan Squire & Partners Had Been Working With ‘Prefab Arcon Houses’ During 1945-1949 As Part Of A Government Housing Drive In The Much More Modest Section Of The Housing Market. Comparing The Different Sections of The Property Market He Developed A Greater Appreciation For The Beauty of Design on One Hand & Commercial Interests of Developers On The Other. Plus A Combined Respect For Both, As A Solution To The Dual Role He Found Himself In

“I Always Enjoyed Drawing And Art.”

Property Creative, Michael Squire, Talking To TheOrator.Press (By Telephone) Lockdown June 2020

Did The Family History Give You Confidence To Find Your Own Design Style?

“It Was An Advantage Seeing The Experiences Of My Father. Seeing Him Go Up & Down Meant It Was Not A Surprise When It Happened To Me. So Many Things I Did I Had Seen Happen Before. My Father Wanted Me To Join Him In His Firm Which Was Established & With Older Partners But I Wanted To Find My Own Road. It Was A Slow & Difficult Road Initially, With Kitchen & Bathroom Extensions. We Still Don’t Always Get To Do Our Own Work.”

“I Always Enjoyed Drawing & Art. Actually The View From Dad Was Trying To  Put Me Off By Making Clear That A Good Living Was Not Guaranteed From Architecture.  But I Always Understood Architecture. My Father Would Point Out Certain Buildings & Details Etc.”

“Really Deep In My Soul I Love What I Do. It Always Gives Me A Buzz To Design Something New. But There Is A Real Monstrous Journey Between That & Building The Building, Such As Actually Building It, Planning Permission & Regulations.”

“I Have A Brother (Retired Now) & He Never Went Into Architecture. He Preferred Engineering & Figures & Worked For A Property Development Company.”

Did You Work Together At All or Was It More of A Case of You Avoiding Each Other Due To Sibling Rivalries & The Like?

“It Was More of A Case of Us Avoiding Each Other As It Would Have Been Too Obvious.”

“Property Developers & Designers Are Quite Reliant On Each Other. Some Firms Are Very Design Led & Not Interested In The Commercial Side Of Things. The Commercial Side Involves The Property Developer Making A Return On His Investment In A Project. However As A Designer I Think It Is Important To Try & Convince The Property Developer That Good Design & Architecture Can Be To Their Advantage. Designers Can Be Dependent On A Property Developer Coming Through The Door & Asking For Help With A Property Project. So Design Can Now Be A Key Issue In Getting What The Developer Wants. “

Squire Is In This Way Describing A Kind Of Symbiosis Between Designer & Developer. A More Holistic Approach If You Will. No Doubt This Perspective Has Been Able To Develop From Observing The Aforementioned Work His Father Did After The War.

When Did You First Get Your Big Break To Start Doing Your Own Work?

At The Same Time Squire Was Building One Tower Bridge Sir Terence Conran Designed His Famous Gastrodome At Tower Bridge, Which Includes The Very British Butler’s Wharf Chop House. Next Door Is The Very French La Pont De La Tour. Visited By The Great & The Good, It Famously Includes A Visit By Tony Blair & Bill Clinton As Part of the UK/USA Special Relationship Back In 1997.
It Was Sadly Announced Monday September 14 2020 That Sir Terance Conran Passed Away Friday 12 September 2020, Aged 88.

“We Got A One Page Letter Of Appointment In The 80s From A Client Who Just Liked Us, To Work On Vogans Mill, St Saviours Wharf In Docklands. It Was An Abandoned Grain Silo & We Replaced It With A High Storey Development of 18 Contemporary Flats. It Was Very Close To Butler’s Wharf. Things Have changes So Much & Become So Regulated Now, A One Page Letter of Appointment Is Unheard of These Days.”

Really Deep In My Soul I Love What I Do

Squire To TheOrator.Press June 2020

Butler’s Wharf Was Extensively Redeveloped By Sir Terence Conran Into A Series of Restaurants & Apartments Around The Same Time In The Same Area, Namely Docklands. He Called It The Gastrodome. Squire Still Managed To Make His Mark & Remain Totally Separate To Conran. His Team Had Not Long Moved To Their South Kensington Offices In 1988. Vogan Happened In 1989. Then Came The 1980s Property Crash – In 1989. The Market Slowed Right Down, Property Became Hard To Sell, Staff Were Cut By Over 50% & The Firm Went Into Survival Mode For The Best Part Of A Decade.

Britain & France Are Side By Side At Tower Bridge. The Famous French Cusine Restaurant Le Pont De La Tour Sits Right Next Door To The Very British Butler’s Wharf Terrace Restaurant Which Sells Fancy Versions of Classic British Dishes. Restaurant Chain D&D Bought Out The Gastrodome in 2006. The Chain Now Has A Property Portfolio of At Least 30 World Class Restaurants Throughout London, Paris, New York, Tokyo & ‘Leeds!

Happy Families Security & Succession

What Is The Secret To Building & Maintaining Harmonious Relationships Within The Family, Such That The Kids Want To Work With Their Father, Whereas So Many Children Often Want To Put Space Between Them & Their Parents As Soon As They Can?

“I Have Five Children. Four Boys & A Girl. They Are All Close Between Themselves & We Are All Close As A Family. My Daughter Does Graphic Design & The Other Two Boys Do Their Own Thing In Property Management.” (We Previously Mentioned George & Henry Working With Their Father.)

“It Is Not Always Easy To Work Together In The Same Firm. There Can Be Competition For Instance. I Am Not Sure What The Secret It For The Family.  I Know The Team Get A Great Sense Of Security Out Of The Fact That There Is A Natural Future & A Natural Succession.”

It’s Amazing That Michael Squire Has Achieved What Even He Cannot Explain. Instilling Such A Sense of Security Is Some Feat, Especially In These Uncertain Times.

“I Know The Team Get A Great Sense Of Security Out Of The Fact That There Is A Natural Future & A Natural Succession.”

Micheal Squire. Interviewed By TheOrator.Press June 2020
Mary I. Bloody Mary. Daughter of Henry VIII & 1st Wife Catherine of Aragon
King Henry VIII Had No Male Heir & No Male Spare’ Which Tormented Him Throughout His Married Life. Squires Has No Such Issues
Elizabeth I. The Virgin Queen . Daughter of Henry VIII & Second WifeAnne Boleyn

No Doubt King Henry VIII Would Have Been Jealous As He Repeatedly Sought To Achieve A Similar Sense of Security For Himself But Ultimately Failed To Achieve His Lineal Dream. Four Sons & A Daughter For Him Would Have Been A Family Fit For A King. Little Could He Have Known or Imagined That Both His Daughters Would Become Legendary Queens & A Change In The Succession Laws Would Come Over Four Hundred Years Later When His Young Descendant Prince William Changed the Succession Laws For His Daughter Charlotte. That Modern Day Change Means That Any Child Next In Line (Irrespective of Gender) May Ascent The Throne In Their Own Right. Thus A English Royal’s Mind Need Never Be Plagued Again As Henry’s Was Back In The Tudor Times.

What Was The Worst Thing About Lockdown For You?

“Being Locked Down & Out of Touch. Despite Zoom People Just Don’t Connect & Communicate To The Same Extent”

Super Saturday & Back To Work Monday

People Are Already Referring To Saturday July 4 2020 When The Hairdressers, Pubs, Bars, & Restaurants Re-Open As “Super Saturday” & It’s Anticipated The Great British Public Will Be Out In Force. As A Design Professional Extraordinaire When It Comes To People, Places & Spaces, How Are You Planning To Manage The Movement of Members In The Club With Regards To Social Distancing & The Fact That The Virus May Have A Second Wave?

“Downstairs The Vast Majority of Staff Are Back on Monday.” (Monday Being July 6 2020 – As Was To Be The Case When We Originally Spoke With Him Back In June.)

“We Use A Complicated Technique For Drawings & So It’s Not So Easy To Work From Home. However Because They Can 80% Do Work From Home. The Big Issue Will Be Transport & People Are Still Nervous About That.”

“It’s About Making People Feel Comfortable About Going Back To Work. All Desks Are A Metre & A Half Apart. We Have A Very Clear Programme That We Will Follow. Based on Government Guidelines. One Adapts.”

The Design Team @ Squire & Partners, Including Leader Isobel Fletcher, Have Been Designing Scrubs For The NHS, As Well As Visors & PPE, Through The One Love NHS Charity Project It Launched.

“Customers Can’t Go To The Bar To Order. They Can’t Stand At The Bar To Drink. They Have To Book Tables In Advance & All The Tables Will Be At A Two Metre Distance Apart.  Each Table Booking Will Be Considered A Bubble & Each Member of That Bubble Must Stick Together In Their Own Little Space.”

“The Staff Will Be Wearing Visors. Our Model Shop Has Been Making Visors & Staff Will Be Wearing Them, Decorated of Course. We will be operating at 50%.”

“We Have A Model Shop onsite & We’ve Been Making Visors & Scrubs For The NHS Through The Charity One Love NHS. Usually We Use The Model Shop For Models of Buildings & We Have Seamstresses In There Who Use Materials For Carpets For Instance.”

“Initially It Was If You Can Work From Home, Work From Home. If You Can’t, Then Just Go To Work As Normal. Builders Can’t Work From Home. The Government Said Carry on Responsibly. In Terms of New Work, 6 Months Would Be A Problem. But 3 Months Short Term Is Ok”

Police, People & Property

In American Two Newspaper Editors Resigned After Both Published Articles Expressing The View That “Property Matters Too” & “Buildings Matter Too”.

In Response Staff & Protest Supporters Made It Clear In No Uncertain Terms That It Was Wholly Offensive To Seemingly Equate Permanent Loss of Life At The Hands of Evil & Corrupt Officers, With Properties & Buildings Which Can Be Rebuilt, Compared To Lives Which Are Lost For Ever & Involve Much Personal Human Pain. Both For The Victims So Murdered & The Families They Leave Behind.

The Brixton Riots In The 1980s. The Rodney King Riots In The 1990s. The Michael Brown, Ferguson Riots of 2014. The Freddie Gray Riots of 2015. The George Floyd Riots of 2020. To Name But A Few, But Way Too Many. All Stem From & Involve Sinful & Shameful Police Abuse of Power & Inhumane Brutality. Inevitably They Subsequently Also All Led To Arson, Destruction Of Property & A Paradoxical Ruination of The Local Areas & Incomes of The Communities Aggrieved.

As A Property Designer, With Architecture Running Through Your Viens, What Is Your Take on That Horrible Irony?

“People Can Be Pushed To Extremes.”

“Of Course Anything Destructive Is Negative.”

“However ‘Property or People’ Is Not A Comparison Anyone Should Be Making.”

As Someone Who Is Not Black, Do You Ever Wish The Police Would Just Stop Their Country Wide Wickedness & Let The Whole Of Society Just Get Along In Peace, So That People Do Not Feel So Hurt, Sad & Abused That They Also Feel Compelled To Burn Down Buildings & Upend Society Just To Have Their Voices Heard? Do You See That The Police Don’t Just Hurt The Black People They Murder Or Abuse, They Hurt The Whole Of Society, Including White People, Children, Families, Businesses & Communities?

Squire & Partners Have Recently Become Involved With The Brixton Windmill, 100 Blenheim Gardens, London SW2 5DA, Is The Last Operational Windmill In London,

“My Son Lived In America For His Gap Year. We Know There Can Be Extreme Police Treatment. Of Course I Wish The Police Would Not Do What They Have Done In These Situations. Some People Have No Sense. “

Upstairs At The Department Store Has Announced on It’s Instagram Page That It Supports The Black Lives Matter Movement & The Call For Social Justice Reform.

The Grade II Listed Building Now Has A Brand New Education Centre & Community Hub, With The Help of Local Architect Design Firm Squire & Partners. They Are Also Ambassadors For The Stephen Lawerence Day Foundation.

White Privilege. In Your Experience or Opinion Is It A Thing (…To Use Modern Parlance) – & – Is There A Thing To Be Done About It?

Back In The Day, Never A Stuffed Shirt. Michael Squire. “Things Don’t Happen Overnight. But Things Have Changed”.
Today, Still As Keen As Mustard. Michael Squire. “We Did Make An Enormous Effort To Connect With The Community & Local People…”

“There Is No Doubt Sometimes White People Are Treated Differently. It’s A Bit Like Gentrification. Because Historically White People Had More Power, Money, Jobs, Certain People Were More Friendly With White People. It’s About Attitudes At Home, School, Political Will & The Next Generation. Education. Education. Education.”

“Things Don’t Happen Over Night. But Things Have Changed. We Have At Least 29 Different Nationalities In This Building. When I Was Young I Had A Burmese Friend & My Father Once Referenced Him As – “Ah Yes, He’s The Half Cast Boy” – It’s About The Next Generation Doing Away With Such Language.”

You Started Out Your Business In Pimlico In 1976. 12 Years Later In 1988 You Moved To South Kensington. 13 Years Later In 2001 You Moved To Kings Cross In Central London. 14 Years Later In 2015  You Moved To Brixton. So Why Brixton – Do You Like It & Does It Like You?

“We Lived In Clapham Anyway & The Kids Had Enjoyed Some Good Nights Out In Brixton. It’s Not Just A Commercial Location. It Has Character. Markets. Facilities. Connections. The Victoria Line Is Connected To All Other Lines. We Do Feel Connected. A Client Even Bought A Building Here Recently.”

“We Have Been Warmly Received. We Did Make An Enormous Effort To Connect With The Community & Local People, Including Offering Work Spaces To Other Businesses (Such As Pure Vinyl Records), Working With Schools, & Our Windows At Christmas. We Try To Include Fun. Julia’s Team In PR Has Done Well. We Have A Great Relationship.”

(Also Based On The Site Are ‘Mammal’ Brand Experts & Advisors, Canova Hall Bar & Restaurant, Which Includes A Hot Desking Facility, Kaboola Catering, Volcano Coffee Works, And The Exhibition & Events Space ‘Downstairs’ At The Department Store. And The Squire & Partners Are In Between.)

Is There A Particular Language Reflected In Your Design Approach?

“In Our Architecture We Use The Tree As A Symbolic Reference Point & Use Language Around It. We See The Roots As The Past & The Branches As The Future. We Take The Associated Area & History Into Account & Develop A More Contemporary Perspective. We Don’t Pull Up The Whole Tree & Turn The Roots Upside Down. But We Do Build on The Branches.”

Do You Seek To Get A Particular Balance of Members In The Upstairs At The Department Store Club & If So What Is It & How Do You Do It?

Private Members Club ‘Upstairs’ At The Department Store Has A Bar, Lounge Area, Restaurant And Function Room Facility.

“Initially We Were Not Sure Anybody Would Want To Come. Anthenaeum Has A Tie Policy. Soho House Has A No Suits Policy. Both Could Be Seen As Pretentious. Our Big Rule Is Civility. Respect Staff Members. Respect Neighbours. If You Don’t Do That You Get Your Money Back. Respect Other Members.There Is A Judging Panel Process. It’s All About Finding Like Minded People. I Find People Who Disagree With Me More Interesting.”

I Take My Cue To Raise Two Points About The Club...

The Club Does Not Supply Wifi Because It Wants People To Talk To Each Other. Members Are Grown Ups & By Virtue of The Fact That They Managed To Become Members Surely They Have A Reasonable Degree of Discernment, Sense & Sensibility. If  They Wish To Talk To Other People They Will. If They Don’t They Won’t. Anything Forced Is Not Usually Fun. After All They Applied To Join A Social Club All By Themselves. So, Can We Please Get WiFi Now? Or Is It As I Suspect, That The Logistics Just Didn’t Allow It? You’re A Whizz At All Things Property & Contemporary. Please Make It Happen! I Would Come Here So Much More If I Could Work Here As Well.

“The Building Has Perfectly Good WiFi. We Know People Love Being on Devices. But We Want To People Communicate With People. When You Are Here We Want You To Put Work Behind You. Loads of People Connecting In An Introverted Space Is Not What We’re About. You Have To Have Principles.”

“It’s All About Finding Like Minded People. I Find People Who Disagree With Me More Interesting.”

Michael Squire. Talking Paradoxically To TheOrator.Press, June 2020

Unisex Loos. I Have To Say As A Lady I Seriously Dislike Them & As A Lawyer I Feel They Are A Legal Case Waiting To Happen. Why Are They So Prevalent Now? Can We Ever Go Back To The Time Honored Social Custom Of Girls Going Off Together & Getting Away From The Boys – Who, Let’s Face It, Fundamentally Have Totally Different Toilet Habits & Hygiene Standards To Girls, Be They In Posh Clubs, Bath Tubs Or Anywhere In The World – Fact! -?

“Gender Neutral Toilets. I’m Not A Fan Myself. We Had To Extend The Kitchen Space. So Given The Layout of The Building The Area Originally Allocated For Separate Facilities Had To Go”

Competition & Collaboration

Sir David Adjaye. Award Winning Designer

Sir David Adjaye is one of the best architects of our time. Have you guys ever collaborated?

“There Are So Many Architects It Is Very Competitive. There Can Even Be A Lot of People Competing on One Property Development Project As There Are Different Aspects To It For Instance. We Have Not Collaborated But We Have Both Been on The Same Project Competition Before & We Wished Him Well.”

Thank You For Your Time. It’s Been A Pleasure.

“Thank You”

Finally, No Competition Here As TheOrator.Press Is Happy To Have Both Design Geniuses on It’s Pages, So We Bring You A Little Architectural Extra, Courtesy of A Mini Master Class Sir David Adjaye Posted Online. It Includes A Little Story or Two About His Life & Times & What Goes On In His Designer Mind.

Sir David Designed The Brit Awards Statue For 2019 & Chose To Reflect The Gold Standard of British Creativity With His Use of Deep Rich Gold Colour.
Click The Video Button Below To Watch Sir David’s Inspirational Video

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