TheOrator.Press September 2020 Editorial Favs’ & Focal Highlights’

(Monthly Publication – First Issue Wednesday September 23 2020)

Bye Bye Beautiful Mr Boseman – See Front Page Extra Coverage

Click Image To See TheOrator.Press Extra Coverage News Nuggets ~ Starting Front Page Upper Second Column

Calling All Architects…

Michael Squire Is In The House.

Still As Keen As Mustard!

Michael Squire. Click Image To See The Michael Squire Interview With The Orator.Press Launching The First Episode of Our Interview Series With The Great & The Good…& The Positive

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary.

Shocking “Service”. Rampantly Bad Mannered, Belligerent, Brutish, British Police. Speaking The Queen’s English? Modern Day Police Manners? Fit For A Queen…?

We, The Community & Members of The Commonwealth Are Not Amused.

Photo Buckingham Palace (With Unknown Nor Featured Police Officers Outside Standing In The Rain) By Connor Danyl on Pexels. Click Image To See Our Feature Opinion Piece On Alleged Power Abuse Within The Police

Rugby Football Union Swinging Low’ & Aiming High….?

Click Image To See Our Back Page Sports Review on The Swing Low Sweet Chariot Debate In The RFU

Baby Bolt. New Life. Fresh Hopes. Bolting Forwards. Like Never Before…

Baby Olympia Lightening Bolt

Judi Love Is Hot To Trot!

On The Town & Hosting January Last Year.

On The Telly & Masterchef July This Year.

George “Perry” Floyd Did Not Die In Vain.

His Niece Brooke Williams Said At His Funeral So Long As She Has Breath In Her Body She Will Fight For Civil Rights.

She Also Asked A Critical Pivotal Question, Which Has Never Been Officially Explained & Needs To Be Answered So The People & The Voters Have Full Transparency.

– When Exactly Was America Great – ?

For Whom & For Why?


What Would That Look Like Today?

Brooke Williams George Floyd’s Niece At His Funeral. Click Image To Read TheOrator.Press Extra Coverage News Nuggets
Contemplation & Saying Goodbye To George Floyd – Murdered By Police Monday May 25 2020 – Laid To Rest Tuesday June 09 2020

Then…The Unimaginable. The Unthinkable. The Unfathomable. The Police Do It Again!

When He Wakes Up From Surgery Jacob Blake Asks His Father – Why Did They Shoot Me So Many Times?

Jacob Blake Maimed By Police, Sunday 23 August 2020. Unarmed Black Man Jacob Blake Was Shot 7 Times In The Back By Police. In Front of His Three Young Children. Sons Aged 8, 5 & 3. Despite Making No De-escalation Attempts To Prevent Him Returning To His Vehicle, The Police, After A Number of Days, Release A Story Saying He Admitted To Them He Had A Gun & They Believe He Was Going To Get It. Despite Also, His Three Young Boys Being In The Vehicle. 17 Year Old Trump Supporter Kyle Rittenhouse Meanwhile, Had Already Shot & Killed Two People When He Casually Sauntered By Police. Yet The Police Did Nothing To Him. Except High Five Him, Thank Him & Give Him Water, Before He Was Allowed To Go Home, Change & Then Hand Himself In


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