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A New Online, Monthly, Positive MagazineFor Positive People. By Positive People.

Launched September 2020

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The Orator.Press Is A New, Online, Monthly, Independent, Positive, Magazine Begun In The Era of Social Justice Reform of 2020, Followin’ The Filmed Police Brutality Murder of George Floyd In May of That Year.

Firstly We Believe There Needs To Be Better More Accurate, Balanced And Fair Reporting When It Comes To The Representation of Members of & Issues Concernin’ The Black Community.

And Secondly We Believe There Needs To Be More Than One Alternative Voice, Style & Norm Within The Black Media Arena.

Thirdly & Finally We Believe It Is Important To Highlight The Fact That Black People Are Not A Monolith. Black People Are Not All The Same. And Infact We All Come In All Different Shapes And Sizes, Classes, Views, Attitudes & Values. However, Most Importantly, We Are All Human And Deserve To Be Respected, Treated, And Valued As Such.

And With Regard To These Three Things The Media Plays A Big Part. And So Post Floyd, In This Era of Social Justice Reform, We Need To Take Greater Control of The Narrative, And Control Our Own Voice, And Express Ourselves In A More Truly Representative Way.

We Offer A Little Alternative Media Voice, Style & Norm. Launched September 2020, The Momentous Year of Historical, Political, Civil, Judicial, Social, & Medical Events, We Aim To Be Part of The Development of A More Diverse & Dynamic, Positive, Professional Press For Black People By Black People, Other Marginalised People And Their Allies.

We Aim To Constantly Evolve & Work Towards Building A Positive Press Legacy So Positive Members of The Black Community Know There Is Somewhere Else They Can Go Within The Media Arena To Receive A More Accutate, Balanced And Fair And Positive Press, We Are A Positive Magazine, For Positive People, By Positive People.

The Orator.Press Is Dedicated To Making A Positive & Professional Contribution To A More Diverse & Dynamic, Positive, Positive And Independent Press In Order To Help Create A More Diverse & Dynamic, Positive And Peaceful Society. Our Goal Is To Grow & Evolve Because We Know That The Positivity or Negativity of The Media Is A Powerful Cultural Influencer.

Thank You!

As Such We Need, Appreciate & Thank All Those Who Support Us & Help Us To Move Forward Towards Better Days For All In A Civilized, Caring, Democratic Society. Each Positive Contribution, Collaboration, Donation, & Sponsorship, Is Welcome & Valued, Particularly At This Stage of Our Development. We Appreciate It. We Are Grateful, Dedicated, & Driven.

The Foundin’ Editor Has Been A Life Long Media Observer Having Kept A Media Cuttings Scrap Book As A Child, Worked For The University & Local Newspapers As A Student & Become An Editorial Media Lawyer As A Professional. She Has Now Launched This News Review, Digital Journal, As An Inspired Supporter of The Social Justice Reform Movement.

Having Witnessed How Mainstream Media Make Decisions On How To Cover News Stories Featuring Black People She Has Long Believed Things Need To Be Better In This Regard. A Change For Better Is Going To Come & TheOrator.Press Was Launched To Help Build A Positive Media Legacy For The Future. A New Positive News Review Platform. For Positive People. By Positive People.

Thank You!

We Hope Ultimately To Leave A Media Legacy In The Form of The Monthly Magazine Itself & Also Educational & Media Training Outlets In The Future, Under The TO.P Umbrella For Future Generations. As The Sayin’ Goes “No Man Is An Island.” We Cannot Do It Alone. At This Stage We Need A Helping Hand.

We Need Ongoin’ Requisite Resources Required To Develop And Grow. Such Resources Include Independent Business Offices, Meeting Facilties In Different Locations For Production & Interview Purposes, IT & Marketin’, Remuneration For The Editorial Teams & Reportin’ Teams. Travel. Media Equipment. Security Expenses. Educational Development. Continued Professional Development Courses. Professional Group Memberships. Research & Development. Team Well Bein’ & Mental Health Facilities. External Lawyers. Fund Raisin’ Events & Community Endeavours.

You Can Make A Contribution To Positive Change By Becoming A Supporter, Sponsor Collaborator. or Donor.

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If You Would Like To Support The Positive Press Work We Do And Help Us Keep It Sustainable You Can Donate £20.00, £40.00, £60.00, £70.00, £80.00 or £90.00 or Any Other Sum You Wish, Using Our PayPal Account Details Below, Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash. Thank You Very Much. All Support Is Appreciated.

No Matter Your Civic Inclination or Philanthropic Ability Your Contributions Will Always Be Gratefully Received & Purposefully Applied & Credited To You. You Can Support Anonymously Too If You Prefer. Either Way We Are Always Grateful For Your Support As We Strive Towards Building TheOrator.Press CEG (Community Enterprise Group) For Community Good And A Positive Press Legacy.

As A Valued Member of Our Donation, Collaboration or Sponsorship Associates, Your Company, Brand, Business, Logo or Name Can Appear In Our Rollin’ Photo & Logo Gallery Or on Our Sponsorship Page or Otherwise Selected Space In The Magazine, Including Possibly On The Front Page. Anonymity Is Also Possible If So Preferred. We Will Respect Your Donation, Collaboration, or Sponsorship, In Any Practical & Appropriate Manner Reasonably Requested. You Can Also Sponsor Particular Pages. E.g Our Business Interview Page, Sports Debate Back Page, Good News Page, Education Section, or TV Review Section.

Donation, Collaboration, Sponsorship & Support Associates Can Generate Mutual Interest In Their Own Particular Enterprise By Reflectin’ Their Values & Attract Others With Shared Values. This May Be Good For Their Business Brand From The Point of View Corporate Consciousness, Awareness & Community Connection & Showin’ That They Care.

The Feel Good Factor of Contributin’ Towards Buildin’ A Happier, Fairer, More Just Society Is of Course Immeasurable. Everybody Wins As We Work Towards Helpin’ To Build A Better, Stronger More Harmonious Communities.

Social Justice Reform Comes In Many Forms. Working Together, Helpin Each Other & All Giving Back When We Can, Is One of Them. Please Help Us To Get Established Enough As A Positive Media Platform To Build Up, Stand Up, & One Day Give Back & Respectfully Recall All Those Who Helped Us Along The Way.

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TheOrator.Press. A Positive Magazine. For Positive People. By Positive People.

New Generation

TheOrator.Press Mission & Vision Statement

TheOrator.Press Is A New, Independent, Positive, Interview, News Review, & Education Magazine.

It’s Demographic Is A Unisex, Integrated, Open-Minded Readership of All & Any Age, Colour or Creed.

It Aims To Give A Much Needed New Kind of Press Voice To Positive, Productive & Progressive People Who Have Been Ignored or Misrepresented For Way Too Long.

It Aims To Give Positive, Truthful, & Respectful Press Coverage To Good, Productive, & Progressive Actions, Ignored or Misrepresented For Way Too Long.

It Aims To Present An Alternative To Negative Language, Narratives & Attitudes Systematically Perpetuated For Way Too Long.

It Does Not Tolerate Racism Nor Bullying Nor Any Other Negative or Abusive Behaviour From Any Person, Nor Any Organisation, To Anyone, At Anytime.

The Professional Production Team Strives To Maintain High Standards At All Times And Include Experienced Writers, Reporters, Content Creators, Photographers & Lawyers; An Editor, News Editor, Features Editor, Picture Editor, Style Editor; Marketing Department, PR & Communications Department & IT Department.

In Addition To The Mission of Buildin’ The Magazine Itself, We Have A Vision Too.

In Addition To The Mission of Buildin’ The Magazine Itself, Our Vision Is The Establishment of An Educational Element With Both Academic & Media Facilities For Generations To Come.

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As A New, Independent, Positive, Interview, News Review, & Education Magazine TheOrator.Press Welcomes Support, Sponsorship & Donations.

All Such Contributions Are Always Welcome, Appreciated & Acknowledged On Our Dedicated Sponsorship Page. Anonymity Can Also Be Maintained If Preferred. We Maintain Respect For All Different Confidentiality & Privacy Needs In All Circumstances.

People Caring To Contribute Can Do So Using The Contact Details Outlined Below.

Thank You For All Your Contributions & Support. They Help Make & Maintain Much Needed Change For Good.

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