TheOrator.Press: Nature’s Natural Goodbye. A Personal Sunset. One’s Last Earth Day. Tina Turner ~ SIMPLY THE BEST!

Tina Turner
November 26 1939 ~ May 24 2023 (Aged 83)

Reflecting On Miss Tina’s Life, This Amazing Poster Seems Most Appropriate As She Looks Wonderfully Divine, Happy & Heavenly! And It Beautifully Highlights The Prelude To The Second Half of Her Phenomenonal Career. She Forged A Magical Solo Career For Over 25 Years Which Represents The Greatest Career Comeback In Music History

In Unexpected But Characteristic And Cosmicly Dramic Style The News Broke During The Theatre Intermission of ‘Tina’ The Musical

Tina The Musical Opened In 2018

On Wednesday May 24th 2023 The Aldwych Theatre In London’s West End Was Surrounded By The Press After It Was Announced “With Great Sadness” On The Official Tina Turner Instagram Page @TinaTurner That The Rock Legend Tina Turner Had Passed Away.

A Couple of Months Earlier (On World Kidney Day, March 9 2023) Tina Had Posted That She Was Supporting A New Campaign For Kidney Health After Realising Too Late That High Blood Pressure And Kidney Failure Are Related. She Directed Followers To Read Her Story On The Website. There She Said “My Kidneys Are The Victim of Elevated Blood Pressure”. So One of Her Legacies Will Now Be Encouraging Other People To Take Care of Their Blood Pressure And In Turn, Their Kidneys.

The Cast Learnt of The Star’s Passing During The Intermission And Duly Told The Audience Before The Start of The Second Half. Undoubtedly That Is A Night At The Theatre None of Them Will Ever Forget. There Was Reportedly Alot of Emotion In The House Afterwards With Cast, Crew And The Crowd All Crying During The Second Half of The Performance.

That Night Singer Rick Astley (Famous For The Timeless Hit ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’) @officialrickastley Was One of The First To Post A Tribute To The Legend Saying: “What A Woman, What a life, What a voice! One of the GREATS! Such Sad News. R.I.P” 

The Above Beautiful Publicity Poster Featuring Tina Wearing A Wonderful Shimmering, Short, Skimmpy, Sparkly, Tight Fitting Outfit With Glamourous Expandable Wings Made of Metalic Looking Fabric, Was Created For A Show In Amsterdam In 1979. It Resides On The Wall of Bar Palazzo In Crystal Palace, South East London, Which Is Run By A Group of Lovely Italian & English Gentlemen Who Very Kindly Support TheOrator.Press (TO.P) @TheOrator.Press.on.Insta For Which We Are Eternally Grateful.

TO.P Took A Picture of It Back In March After We Last Lunched There And Interviewed Actress, Personal Trainer & Reggae DJ Judith Jacobs. On Her Thursday Concious Radio Show 1-4pm, The Day After The News Broke, She Said:

Didn’t That Woman Work That Stage. Jeez. In Her 60s. And 70s. That’s Why You Never Thought She Would Leave…”

She Later Read A Quote From The Late Tina Turner Herself:

We’re Living In World, Stars And Dust.

Between Heaven And All That Surrounds Us.

We’re Travellers Here.

Spirits Passing Through.

And The Love We Give, Is All That Will Endure.

Just Like A Rose After The Rain Something Beautiful Remains.

Tears Will Leave No Stains.

Time Will Ease The Pain.

For Every Life That Fades Something Beautiful Remains”


Tina’s Death Occured During The Middle of The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023. In July 1990 Tina Performed At Gateshead International Stadium, Whilst Gateshead Hosted One of Five National Garden Festivals To Take Place In Britain In The 80s & 90s To Help Certain .

The singer, who has died at the aged of 83, was performing in July 1990 at Gateshead International Stadium, as the town hosted a national garden festival.

Susan Wear, who worked at the festival, gave her the flower, created by one of Queen Elizabeth II’s rose growers.

She told BBC Radio Newcastle the star giggled when she was given the rose.

More than three million visitors flocked to the Gateshead Garden Festival, which was one of five held across Britain in the late-1980s and early-1990s on former industrial sites.

Susan, who was head of communications at the National Garden Festival in Gateshead, was tasked with publicising the event, something the star’s team was up for.

“Tina Turner was coming to do a concert at Gateshead stadium and we thought what would be elegant for Tina Turner would be to get a rose named after her,” she said.

“We somehow managed to persuade her people to let us go and present it backstage – it was so hot.

“By the time we got in to see Miss Turner there were strict conditions that we weren’t to speak to her because she couldn’t speak before the concert – she had to rest her voice – so we just had to give her the roses and she would pose for a photograph.”

‘Keen gardener’

However, Susan said she remembered her fear when the orange and yellow roses started to wilt in her hands before coming face-to-face with the US star backstage at her Foreign Affair world tour.

“The heads just drooped and it was mortifying,” she recalled.

“We got into the room and I was just overawed by her presence.

“She seemed tiny but she filled up the whole room and she was absolutely stunningly beautiful.

“She just had this great big smile and these big eyes and she just giggled when she saw the roses and said, ‘Oh I’m going to give them a drink, I’m a really keen gardener,’ and she started talking away.

“After all this time I have always had fond memories of Tina Turner obviously because of her fantastic talent but also how kind she was.”

The star told reporters at the time she would plant the roses in her new home in the south of France. She performed once more in Gateshead in 1996.

Tributes To ‘The Queen of Rock’ Continue To Flood In

Singer/Songwriter Janice Robinson, @janicelovesmusic, Who Toured With Tina And Opened Her Shows On The 2000 24/7 Tour, Appeared On Various News Outlets The Following Day, Thursday May 25 2023 And Shared The She Studied Tina Whilst Touring With Her And Learnt Something New Each Day. “It Was Like A PHD In Stage Craft And Performance. Those Legs And The Heels And The Singing.” She Said She Didn’t Need Any Awards After Being Chosen By Tina To Open The Shows (After Submitted A Reel To Her Music Company). “She Was Like A Fairy Godmother, Who Grants You This Huge Wish.”

“She Was My Blueprint. She Taught Me ‘Protect Your Private Life’. ‘Make Sure You Have A Private Life’. ‘Don’t Get Too Caught Up In The Career Life’. And Always Surround Yourself With A Circumference of Love. She Also Taught Me How To Have A Dialogue With The Audience, Which She Kept The Same All The Time”.

Illustrating This Last Point Janice MimickedTina’s Gravally Voice And Said “Nice & Rough” (Which Is What Tina Used To Say As Part of Her Introduction To Her Performance of ‘Proud Mary’).