TheOrator.Press TV Review: The Sky Arts Book Club ~ August 2021 ~

Sky Arts Book Club Series 2 Starrin’ Andi Oliver & Elizabeth Day

Sky TV’s Monthly Sky Arts Book Club Returned For A Six Month Run From Tuesday July 27 2021. In Accordance With Its Usual Broadcast Pattern There Is A Repeat Episode The Followin’ Sunday (In This Case Sunday August 1st 2021). This Should Take Viewers Through To The End of The Year And Into The First Sunday of Next Year (Sunday 02-01-22).

Book Clubs Can Be Dull, Dry And Full Of Their Own Self Importance But Hosts Andi Oliver And Elizabeth Day Together Both Have Personalities, Chemistry And Authenticity Which Avoids This Literary Frumpdom.

Addin’ A Digital Presence To The Team Is Bookworm & Literary Expert Simon Savidge Who Posts Associated Elements Online Via The Private Members Only Book Club At This Means A Bespoke Catchup Facility Is Available As Members Can See Each Monthly Online Shortly After TV Broadcast. Ad Free!

This Cultural Channel Was Gifted To The Nation For Free By Sky TV Powers That Be, In Septemer 2020 Durin’ The First Autumn of The Pandemic.

The First Series of The Sky Arts Book Club Was One of Its First Major Arts & Culture Offerings And Has Been A Notable Success. This Is In No Small Part Due To The Presentin’ Partnership of Andi Oliver & Elizabeth Day.

With The Relaxin’ Reassurance of Their Ease of Personalities & Generous Hostin’ Sensitivies, What Becomes Fascinatin’ Is Not Just The Books Themselves But Watchin’ This Partnership And Also The Interminglings, Inhibitions And Somewhere Inbetweens of The Different Book Club Members Who Come To Chat To Them. Plus The Simulataneous Reality That Each Member Has Individuality, But Has Opted To Position Themselves Within A Group Mentality, That Co-exists Within Their Particular Book Club. It’s A Thinkin’ Person’s People Watchin’ Heaven.

These Hosts Are Naturally Bright, Light And Stylish Whilst Simultaneously Demonstrably Well Read. Consequently One Never Feels They Are Patronisin’ To Their Audience Nor Their Guests Nor Takin’ Themselves Too Seriously, Although Clearly They Are Dedicated To The Cause. The Literary Cause of Enjoyin’ And Sharin’ Good Books, The Joy of Readin’ For Pleasure, And Fulfillment, And Buildin’ A Readin’ Community Around That.

For Instance, They Genuinely Seem To Like Each Other And Their Guests And Genuinely Seem Good Friends. Yet It’s Never All About Them Showin’ Off Intellectually. In This Day And Age of Faux TV Personalities, And “Me”, “Mean”, or “Clever old Me” This Is No Small Feat. And It’s Refreshin’ To See.

It Helps To Make A Simple TV Show Format About Books Very Bearable Indeed. Some Are Not. Believe Us We’ve Tried. We’ll Mention No Names (Temptin’ Though It Is)!

The Photo

The One Monthly Guest Book Club, And Two Monthly Guest Authors, Plus The Series Same Single Resident Guest Author (Who Returns Each Month Throughout The Series With Their Recommendation of A Classic Book) All Seem Very Thoughtfully Selected And To Chime Well With The Series Format, Such That One Show Glides Seamlessly Into Another Despite The Month Gap And You All Too Soon Find Yourself Wishin’ The Series Wasn’t Over.

Particularly Interestin’ Is Learnin’ How The Different Books Clubs Came Into Bein’ And Then Observin’ The Different Dispositons of The Members, And Ultimately Seein’ Which Members Gel With The Senario And Open Up And Which Members Remain Reserved – If Any.

The Second Series of The Sky Arts Book Club Returned Tuesday July 27 2021 With The Angie Greaves Book Club (ABC). L-R Karen, Host TV Presenter Elizabeth Day, Lyn, Pamela, Angie, Host Andi Oliver, Ayesha (Daughter of Lyn), Auther Natasha Brown, And Online Book Club Literary Expert To The Show, Simon Savidge

“ABC’ (Angie’s Book Club) Appeared As Guests On Sky Arts Book Club Episode 1 Series 2 July Tuesday 27 2021 (Aired Again Sunday August 1st).

It’s Powerful, Playful, Enjoyably Educational, And Well And Worth The Watch. You Can Catch It On Catch Up (Now TV). And Also At Their Members Only Private Online Book Club

Lady In Red. Sky Arts Book Club Co Host Andi Oliver
Lady In Red. Co Host Elizabeth Day

The Online Sky Arts Book Club Is Great Because Members Can See Each Monthly Edition Previously Broadcast On The Sky Arts Channel And Have Them Imperpetuity Even When The TV Series Is Over. They Can Watch, Pause, Rewind And Enjoy As Many Times As They Wish. All Without The Interference of Unwanted Commercials.

A Booklist of All The Titles Comin’ Up Over The Series Is Made Available, As Well As A Chance To Ask Authors Questions. Members Can Also Ask Questions of Literary Expert Simon Savidge (Pictured Above). There Are Also Member Surveys, Questions To The Authors. An Interestin’ Question This Series For Instance Is Should Authors Whose Books Are Offence & Out of Date Be Cancelled?

The Programme Question And Answer Sessions Between Presenters, Club Members And Authors Highlights The Different Things Diffferent Members Discern From The Book As Reflected By Their Different Questions or Answers To Questions.

Keyes, Elfin

Marian Keyes Has A Fascinatin’ Elf-like Irish Charm That Keeps Her So Naturally Youthful & Endearin’ That Despite Knowin’ Age Is Neither Here Nor There, Her Revealation That She’s In Her Late 50s Manifests As A Momentary Mystery. But One Swiftly Moves On As She Has Such Captivatin’ Literary Authority. This Is Further Embeded Somehow When She Also Reveals She Is The Eldest Within Her Large Sibling Family. Hence In Part Perhaps Why, As She Explains, She Has No Problem Mastering The Natural Order of Things Within A Huge Cast of Characters Present In Big Families, Such As The Huge Family In Her New Book “Grown Ups.”

Displaying Her Captivatin’ Analytical Depth She Explains She Doesn’t Like To Be On Her Own But Instead Be Part of A Group And So Is Interested In How People Control Those Parts of Themselves That Would Otherwise Interfere With The Smooth Operation of The Group. A “Curated Version” of A Person As She Calls It, “Will” However “Break From Time To Time.” And Therein Lies The Intrigue.

Everisto The First Black Woman & Black British Person To Win A Booker Prize

2019 Booker Prize Winner Bernadine Evaristo Is The Series Resident Literary Expert And For Her Ep 1 S2 Monthly Book Choice She Selected The Publication Powerhouse That Is Earnest Hemmingway’s The Old Man And The Sea. It Is A Tale of An Old Fisherman Battlin’ The Elements & Himself As He Endeavours To Reel In A Fish That Fights Back.

Particularly Interestin’ Was One Observation That It Was Important To Get Past What One May know of Hemmingway As A Man And Not Let That Interfere With One’s Appreciaton of Him As An Author. He Was A Chauvanist & A Drunk. This Question of Character Ties In Thematically With The Question To Cancel Or Not To Cancel Offensive Authors? As Discussed With Online With The Show’s Online Book Club.

Everisto Chose A Fellow Prize Winnin’ Writer For Her First Selection of The Series As Earnest Hemmingway’s The Old Man & The Sea Won The Noble Prize For Literature In 1954.

Brown, Concise

In June 2021 Cambridge Mathmatics Graduate Natasha Brown, Published A Timely Short Novel (Namely A ‘Novella’ or ‘Novellette’ – Typically Two To Three Thousand Words & Approximately 100 Pages). It Is Entitled Assembly And Like Ernest Hemmingway’s Novella, The Old Man & The Sea, It Has Received High Aclaim Indeed. Speakin’ To The Book Club Natasha Says “Maths Gave Me An Appreciation of Brevity.”

Indeed So Brief Is Her Skillful Use of The English Language That The Name of The Protagonist Is Not Revealed. However The Racism She Has To Navigate Is So Poisonous & Prolific That She Could Be Just About Any African/Caribbean Subjected To The High Level Covert Complacency of White Supremacy. This Professional Woman’s Elite Education Did Not Protect Her From Racial Degredation, Which Forces Her To Put The High End Yet Ultimately Superficial Assembly of Her Life Under Investigation. And It’s Not An Easy Operation!

Two Special Angies’ In Conversation About A Special Book Come Movie

The Late Social CommentatorTupac
This Book Tells The Devaststin’ & Destructive Impact of Police Brutality On Society
Destructive Police Hate Is On Full Display In “The Hate You Give”

Presenter Angie Greaves Loves Books, Tennis & Lookin’ After Her Listeners On Smooth FM

Tupac’s Poem of Hope ‘Concrete Roses’ Was An Inspiration To Writer Angie Thomas As She Shares In An Interview With Epic Reads.

Writer Angie Thomas Shares The Sad Story of Her Inspiration & How She Turned It Into A Positive Venture For The Benefit of Her Nation

Tupac’s Tatoo “THUG LIFE” Was A Denouncement Police Brutality & Corruption: “THE HATE YOU GIVE LITTLE INFANTS Fs’ EVERYBODY”

Late Writer Tupac’s Concrete Roses Inspired Author Angie Thomas To Share The Message of Hope

Angie G’ & Angie T’

The Police Brutality Killin’ of Oscar Grant Inspired Author Angie Thomas To Write The Book ‘The Hate You Give’ In 2010. It Became An Iconic Film About Police Killings, Community Unrest And Activism In Relation Starrin’ The Oscar Winnin’ Rapper, Song Writer & Actor ‘Common’.

Song Writer “Common

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