TheOrator.Press Business Interview: The Clip-Knix Company. Owned By Funmi Lawal ~ November 2022

The Clip-Knix Adaptive Underwear Company Was Founded By Stroke Patient Funmi Lawal In 2018. She Wanted To Help Others Know That Underwear For People With Mobility Issues Can Be Both Practical And Beautiful

Her Heart Is Invested In The Company As She Has Had Lived Experience About These Simple Yet Important ‘Unmentionables’

We Had A Chat With Her & Got To The Bottom of How The Product Design Works And Her Run In With Kim Khardashian

This Is The Inspiring Story of How A Businesswoman Survived An Unimaginable,    Unexpected, Life-changing Medical Trauma, Immeasurable Personal Loss And Subsequent Insensitivity From British Authorities Regarding Her Disability ~ Continues To Strive For Success Regardless.

Now She Is Open To Negotiations As She Seeks To Establish A Mutually Beneficial Business Relationship With A Business Investor To Bring Her Underwear Invetion For The Physically Challenged To The World’s Attention. The Goal of The Business Is To Help Them Feel A Stronger Sense of Independence And Privacy. It Is Her Way of Helping And Doing Her Bit For The Community.

Her Business Product Was So Good She Even Had To Fight Off A Certain Kim Khardashian. Legally. With A Business Patent. Stroke Survivor And Griefing Mother Funmi Lawal Shares Her Story With TheOrator.Press (TO.P).

The Power of Prayer. Prayer Is Power.

As A Small Business Owner Funmi Has Worked Hard To Immerse Herself In The Business Networking Scene In Order To Get As Much Positive Marketing And Exposure For Her Adaptive Underwear Business As Possible. Established In 2018 To Help Those With Limited Mobility Clip-Knix Was Finally Accepted Into The Business Group Small Business Saturday UK In 2022.

Small Business Saturday UK Highlights Small Businesses All Year Round, Has An Annual Extra Festive Push On The First Saturday In December And Has Been Running It’s Local High Street & Business Support Campaign Since 2010. It Invites Entrepreneurs To Join The Organisation On An Anuual Basis Every Year And Celebrates It’s Successes Annually With A Blue Tie Dinner, And Regularly On Social Media. In Addition It Embarks On An Annual Tour Around The Country Visiting Small Businesses & Talking To Small Business Owners.

Clip-Knix Adaptive Underwear Company Was Founded By Stroke Patient Funmi Lawal In 2018. She Wanted To Help Send A Message That Underwear For People With Mobility Issues Can Be Both Practical And Beautiful. And Her Heart Is Invested In The Company As She Has Had Lived Experience About How Much of A Simple Yet Important Issue It Is. We Had A Chat With Her About It. And Got To The Bottom of Her Run In With None Other Than Kim Khardashian (Featured In The Picture Gallery Above In A Front Fastening Workout Top Whilst Promoting Her  Beats Fit Pro Collection @beatsbydre).

The Festive Season Is A Time For Booming Lingerie And Underwear Sales…And Coincidentally It Is Traditionally Said To Be The Season of Peace & Goodwill To All Men (And Women of Course). So Make of That Fact Combination What You Will!

But One Under-Served Area of The Underwear Market All Year Round Is Dynamically Designed Underwear For Disabled People And The Mobility Restricted. And Also For Those People With Particular Medical, Physical or Personal Conditions. Such As Stroke Patients For Instance. And Also For Men In Particular With Such Concerns.

This Is A Situation Which Funmi Lawal Found Herself Having To Address After She Suffered A Stroke Seven Days After The Birth of Her Daughter In 2002. It Was Caused By Pre-eclampsia “Uncontrollable Blood Pressure During Pregnancy”. It Came Completely Out of The Blue. And It Changed Her Life Forever.

It Happened In The Early Hours of A Saturday When She Was Due To Have A Baby Naming Ceremony For Her Newborn Baby The Next Day. She Suddenly Felt A Throbbing Headache,  Like Her “Brain Was Going To Burst Out of Her Head”. Before She Knew It She Had Passed Out And Later Woke Up In The Hospital. Doctors Thought She Was Going To Die, Lose The Power of Speech And Be In A Wheelchair For The Rest of Her Days. Despite Being Incapacitated She Could Hear Her Family Willing Her On To Survive And Live For Her Newborn Child. The Post Stroke Operation Was A Success And She Was Prescribed Extremely High Powered Bloody Pressure Tablets As Part of The Recovery Process.

However, Sadly They Affected Her Kidneys And She Subsequently Began Kidney Dialysis In 2009 For Nearly Two Years. And She Had To Learn To Read And Write And Walk All Over Again. And Her Recovery Was So Strong & Successfull She Was Not Restricted To A Wheelchair, But Her Mobility Was Nonetheless Impaired.

The Stroke Stories Podcast Points Out That In The UK, There Are More Than 100,000 Strokes Every Year. That’s One Stroke Every 5 Minutes. Around The World There Are As Many As 15 Million People Suffering From The Illness Every Year. It Shares The Stories of Stroke Survivors To Provide Others With Inspiration. In July 2022 Fumni Lawal Spoke To Them About Her Experience. Along With Fellow Survivor Susan Pollard.

She Was Finally Able To Have A Transplant In 2011 After A Cadaveric Kidney Donor (A Person Who Agreed They Wanted Their Organs To Be Used To Help Others After Their Death) Was Found And Her Medical Team Deemed She Was Suitable For The Momentous Operation. Thankfully The Operation Was A Success.

But It Is Not Automatically Plain Sailing Going Forward Simply Because One Has Had A Successful Operation. Because It Takes Dedication To Re-establish Good Health, Stay Healthy And Stay Alive With Good Quality of Life For As Long As Possible After Such Surgery. Post-Operative Care Is Essential and Can Change One’s Way of Living Forever.

For Instance Funmi Has Subsequently Been Prescribed Anti-Rejection Medication For The Rest of Her Life. As A Result, During The Covid-19 Lockdown She Was Officially Designated As Being Within The Extremely Vulnerable Section of The Population And That Meant She Had To Shield In Isolation.

And To Add Insult To Injury The Food Packages Which Were Sent Out To The Extremely Vulnerable Members of The Population By The Government Contained Food Items Which Funmi Was Not Able To Eat Due To Her Extreme Medical Vulnerability Which Impacted Her Nutritional Needs. This Included Alot of Tin Food Such As Tinned Soup (Tomatoe, Chicken, And Minestrone). And High Carbs Such As Potatoes And Rice. She Rejected Largely Everything But The Rice.

In Addition To This Suffering Fumni Experienced A Loss That According To The Natural Laws of Natural Should Not Be Experienced By Any Parent, When She Lost Her Son Following A Cardiac Arrest In His Early Twenties In 2021. She Says Half of Her Died With Him (Mubarrak). The Other Half Now Lives For Her Daughter (Amina). When We Ask How She Has Survived Such Enormous Trauma And Loss In Her Life She Replys It Is Her Believe In God And The Power of Prayer. With This Positive Attitude She Also Now Works As A Volunteer For The Royal Free Hosptial Kidney Patients Association

Rishi Sunak’s Business Bounce Back Loans & The Power of Business Patents

Funmi Says During Covid The Government Did Provide Some Light Relief, In The Form of Their Bounce Back Loans For Businesses. She Says “Rishi Sunak Was A Saving Grace”. He Was Chancellor Under Boris Johnson’s Tory Government At The Time And Was The Face of The Financial Management of The Pandemic In Britain. Especially British Businesses. It Was He Who Came Up With The Scheme To Help Businesses Out In This Way. This Was Significant For Her Because In 2018, Just A Couple Years Before The International Covid Outbreak, She Had Started Up Her Own Business “Clip-Knix”.

Clip-Knix Is A Patented Collection of Adaptive Underwear Items With Front Panel Fastenings Made Up of A Clips And Hooks Facilitity or Buttons.

Next Year, Circa March 2023 Funmi Hopes To Expand The Range To Include Underwear Garments Which Have Three Different Flat And Flexible Magnetic Clips Along The Front Panel. Thereby Making The Options Clip And Hook, Or Buttons, Or Magnetic Clips.

Which Ever Fastening System Is Preferred The Customer Will Have of A Singular Piece of Comfortable, Sustainable, Waterproof, Fabric Interconnected By A Reinforced Central Gusset. It Is Designed To Slip Underneath The Privates And Fasten At The Tummy. The Design Concept Is An Adult Version of Nappies Enginering For Babies In As Much As It’s One Piece of Material Which Is Placed Between The Legs And Fastens At The Tummy Area. This Is Adaptive Underwear For Adults However, And Much More Grown Up And Attractive.

All These Especially Adaptive Underwear Pieces Allow For Greater Independence, Privacy, And Practicality For Those With Restricted Mobility For Instance. They Can Be Put On or Taken off Sitting Down or Lying Down By Being Slipped Under The Bottom Rather Than By The Wearer Having To Put Their Feet Through Two Leg Holes As Usual.  As Illustrated.

She Explains “When I Was Getting Better I Wanted To Get My Independence And Privacy Back As I Was Being Washed By Different People. Including Men. Male Nurses. And I Hated It.” This Invasive Experience Inspired Her To Develop Ways of Increasing Her Independence. And With The Help of Innovate-Design In Sailsbury (Who Helped The Underwear Entrepreneur Decide On A Name) Clip-Knix Was Born. And It Was Promptly Protected With A Legal Patent.

It Was So Good It Soon Caught The Attention of A Certain Kim Khardashian, Who Shortly Afterwards Announced Her Own Line of Adaptive Front Fastening Underwear As Part of Her SKIMS Underwear Brand. Funmi Claims Clip-Knix Was The First Underwear Specialist To Introduce This Intelligent, Empathetic, Disability & Imparied Mobility Underwear Product. So Recognising Her Own Hard Work & Design Style In Khardashion’s Collection Funmi Called In The Intellectual Property Lawyers. Suffice To Say Kim Khardashian Climbed Down, The Products Were Removed From The SKIMS Instagram And The Case Was Seemingly All Zipped Up Pretty Quickly. TheOrator.Press (TO.P) Has Seen The Legal Papers Exclusively.

Interestingly This Is Not The First Time Kim Khardashian Has Been Involved In A Breach of Intellectual Property Claim. Earlier This Year Khardashian Had Another Legal Showdown With Another Black Business Woman. That Was Esthetician (Beautiful Skin Specialist)  Cyndie Lunsford The Owner of Another Small Business, Called Beauty Concept, Which Owns The Specialist Skin Care Product SkknPlus AKA Skkn+

She Too Has Had A Patent Since 2018. SkknByKim Was Launched In 2022. And Despite Issuing Cease & Desist Letters To Khardashian, Lunsford Finds Herself In Legal Wranglings As The Two Brands Battle It Out To See Who Will Win Their Case. Both Brands Have Registered Their Products With The USPTO [U.S. Patent & Trademark Office] ~ Just At Different Times.

Here In The UK Funmi Lawal Fought Kim Khardashian Off With A Legal Patent Registered In Favour of Clip-Knix Adaptive Underwear
A Legal War Rages In Amercia Between Kim Khardashian, Cyndie Lunsford And Lori Harvey.

Kim Is Also At Legal Loggerheads With Vogue Model And Daughter of American Comedian Steve Harvey, Lori Harvey (Who It Is Widely Reported, Is Dating British Actor John Boyega, After Splitting Up With American Actor Micheal B. Jordan. And Reportedly Insists On Her Potential Suitors Signing NDA’s Before She Has Any Dating Dalliances With Them). Suffice To Say Lori’s Brand Is SKN By LH And Was Also Launched Before SKKN By Kim (Just Like The Case of The Other Two Businesses).

So With Funmi Lawal, Cyndie Lunsford, And Lori Harvey, That’s Kim Khardashian’s SKKN By KIM Having Become Embroiled In Legal Strife With Businesses Owned By Three Different Black Women. Duck Much? If It Looks Like A Duck (Literally), Waddles & Walks Like A Duck, And Talks Like A Duck…It Would Seem Fair And Reasonable To Conclude It Is In Fact A Duck!

Having Settled Her Case Against Kim Khardashian Due To Her Protective Patent. Funmi Is Seeking An Investor To Join Her Innovative Under Garment Enterprise. The Goal Is To Help Provide A Little More Privacy, Practicality And Independence To Others Through Her Underwear Designs.

Having Finally Recuperated Sufficiently From Her Kidney Transplant Operation of 2011, In 2018, She Launched The Business. However, Within Two Years The Corona Virus Broke Out And The Nation Faced Covid Lockdowns.

Being Medically Vulnerable After The Transplant Her Lockdown Was Additionally Dramatic As She Had To Shield From Everyone. Which Meant She Had To Stop Working Completely.

Previously She Had Been Working For A Beauty Salon And As A Film & TV Supporting Artist, Formerly Known As A Film & TV Extra, (Appearing In Productions Such As Eastenders, Batman, King Gary, And Spiderman The Homecoming),

Whilst The Bounce Back Loans For Businesses Were Initially Helpful The Bank Has Now Started Pursuing Repayments And This To Put It Mildly Is Now Very Challenging.

The Catastrophic Mini Budget of September 23 2022 From The Short Term Prime Minister Liz Truss And Her Slightly Even Shorter Term Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, Has Not Helped As The Country Suffers A Cost of Living Crisis, Spiralling Inflation And Unprecedented Energy Bills. The Quest For Increased Independence Is Now So Important To Her In More Ways Than One. It’s Physical. And It’s Financial.

A Recent Mid-November Special Buy One Get One Free Offer On The Website To Help Limited Mobility Customers During This Current, Unprecedented, Catastrophic Financial Climate, Will Be Returning As Part of The After Christmas Sales.

CEO Funmi’s Award-Winning Approach

Funmi’s Lifestory Is Captivating, Jaw-Droppingly Heartbreaking, Moving And Simultaneously Inspirational And Motivational. The Fact That She Remains Engaging, In Good Humour, And Committed To Her Faith Makes Her All The More Remarkable. This Woman Is Amazing. And Her Products Are Too. And She Has Her Heart Set On Finding A New Winning Combination.

This Year Funmi Was Nominated For A Shero Award 2022 By The Bolton Based Female Business Support GroupShe Inspires‘. The Annual Awards Ceremony Was Held On Monday November 28 2022 And As A Finalist Funmi Travelled To Event From London To Manchester, For The Special Evening, Staying Overnight In A Local Hotel For The Night With Her Husband. Her Nomination Highlights How Businesses Can Sometimes Work Across The North South Divide (See Picture Gallery At The Top of The Article).

In 2021 Clip Knix Won The CorporateLiveWire Prestige Award For The London And South East Region Retailer Award For Specialist Clothing.

Her Goal For 2023 Is To Formulate A Winning Partnership With A New Business Investor Whose Values And Ambitions Align With Hers. The Plan Is To Focus On Business Growth Abroad, Especially In Europe And America. And She Aims To Add A New Menswear Range To The Clip Knix Brand As Part of Her Expansion Plans To Greatly Improve The Bottom Line. Clip-Knix.Biz

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