TheOrator.Press Business, Language & Leadership Mother’s Day Special! Angela Andrews, Founder of Natural Well~Being & Beauty Business ‘Brown Angel Naturals’ Shares The Story of How Her Daughter Charleyne Inspired Her Extraordinary Entrepreneurial Spirit. And How Granddaughter Eliyah Is A Little Miracle ~ March 2021

Browsing Through A Local Facebook Group On A Relaxing Sunday Morning Earlier This Month, March 2021, Looking At Local Businesses Purely Out of General Interest, We Came Across A Lovely Description of The World’s Most Romantic And Emblematic Flower. The Rose. And Rose Essential Oil. It Was So Fragrant That We Were Immediately On The Scent And Willing To Follow Wherever It Led. And Indeed It Led Us To The Very Fragrant Angela Andrews, The Founder of Natural Well~Being And Beauty Business ‘Brown Angel Naturals’.

On Her Facebook And Instagram Page brownangelnaturals There Is A World of Well-Being To Discover With Many More Beguiling Descriptions of Nature’s Natural Healing Properties. And Some Great Videos And Pictures To Help Illustrate How Dedicated She Is And The Amazing Power of Her Products.

In Light of The Lockdown A World of Well Being Sounds Very Attractive So We Call Up To Find Out More And Maybe Get Fresh Inspiration. A Lady Answers. She’s Warm, Welcoming, And Happy To Help. That Lady Is Angela Andrews. And We Quickly Learn It’s A Family Affair. She Started The Business Over A Decade Ago In 2010 In Search of A Remedy Following Her Daughter’s Diagnosis of Lupus. Unimpressed With The Uninspired Approach of Some of The Doctors She Encountered At The Time She Went With Her Heartfelt Believe That A Mother’s Love Could Source Much Better Solutions For Her Daughter’s Condition. And On That Basis, The Former Housing And Mental Health Worker Built A New Health And Well-Being Business From Scratch And Has Never Looked Back.

Jamaica Has A Long Tradition of Using Natural Remedies For Healing Its People Naturally And Angela Went On A Series of Courses To Educate Herself And Put Herself In A Position Where She Could Create Naturally Healing, Empowering And Restorative Products Professionally For Her Most Important Sampler. Her Daughter.

All Her Products Are Natural, And Her Daughter Responded Well To Her Remedies And Has Never Looked Back. Indeed From Being Told As A Teenager She May Never Have Children, Her Daughter Has Recently Had A Little Baby Daughter of Her Own. And Like Her Mother She Now Also Works In The Well-Being And Beauty Industry.

Apparently The Latest In This Long Line of Strong Willed Females, Baby Eliyah Cora, Who Is Named After Her Strong And Loving Great-Grandmother (Angela’s Mother), Already Has A Mind of Her Own, Knows What She Wants And Is Not Putting Up With Anything Else. She Let’s This Be Known Through A Very Effective Baby Communication and Baby Body Language System Which Includes Smiles, Giggly-Gurgles, Innate Infant Attempts To Repeat Words, A Pushing Up of The Face or A Pushing Away With The Hands – Depending How She’s Feeling On Any Particular Subject At Any Given Time! She Makes Up The Third Lady In The Current Family Group of Three Generations of Fabulous Females Who Regularly Meet At Angela’s Home.

We Speak To All Three Lovely Ladies Starting With Charlene First, Angela To Finish And Eliyah Chipping In From Time To Time Throughout, In Little Baby Speak Bursts As The Baby of The House.

Three Generations of Fabulous Feisty Females

TO.P: Please Tell Us About The Rather Fabulous Name Eliyah Cora Kelly-Lang And How It Came About?

CK: Elijah [Pronounced Phonetically E-Lay-La]  Is A Hebrew Name And Means Beautiful One In Peace With God. Cora Is My Grandmother’s Name. Kelly Is My Surname. Lang Is Her Dad’s Surname.  

[Angela Explains That Her First Name Comes From Elijah [Pronounced Phonetically E-Lie-Jah]  Which Was A Name That Came Up In Discussions With Her Father. He Demonstrated The Power of God When He Acted As The Prophet of Bal And Warned of Jezebel. As A Spokesman For God He Spoke of The Importance of Being Aware, Careful And Thinking Straight When It Comes To Leadership, In Order To Avoid Being Caught Out, Going Astray And Losing One’s Way]

TO.P: What Is It Like Having Your Mum To Help You Now With Your Baby?

CK: I Think I Am Very Privileged And Very Lucky To Have My Mum As Supportive As She Is. I Think It’s Been Great Because Eilyah Love Her And It’s Just Nice Having My Mum Around Really. I Think I’m Very Very Lucky And Thankful. Obviously It Is A Lot Sometimes Being A Mum, But To Have Your Mum There With You Just Makes It All That Much Better And It’s Good Because She Can Advise Me And Help Me. It’s Nice To Have That Support And That Security There.

TO.P: It Must Have Been Extra Special For You To Have Your Own Baby Given That You Went Through Your Recovery Process After Your Mum Started Brown Angel Naturals So That She Could Protect You From A Place of Love Rather Than Using Any Old Drugs…

CK: Yeah I Think It’s Amazing Because I Remember The Doctor Said He Doesn’t Think I’ll Be Able To Have Kids And I Was Really Young. I Think I Was About 17/18. And I Always Used To Think “What If I Can’t?” But That Wasn’t The Case. Sometimes Doctors Predict Things For You And It’s Not How It Is At All. They’re Just Going By Their Predictions or They Just Want You To Be On Their Drugs For Life. So I Think It’s Good That There’s Always That Alternative That You Can Go To And Stick With It. And There’s So Much Herbs And Natural Remedies And Oils That Can Heal You. And Food As Well. Like You Don’t Need To Be On Medication, There’s So Much Other Things That We As A People Can Use.

TO.P: And Do You Do That With Your Baby?

CK: I Cream Her With The Oils And The Creams. And I Try To Give Her Fruits And  Healthy Things To Eat And Hardly Any Sugar As Well.

TO.P: And What’s She Like With Water?

CK: She Doesn’t Really Like Water. She Was Okay With It But Now She’s Kinda Gone off It. But I Think It’s Just A Phase.

TO.P: And Does She Drink Milk? Yeah. She Likes Almond Milk. I Gave It To Her And She Liked It. I Tried Everything With Her, Even Normal Milk And She Rejected It. I Read An Article And It Said Breast Milk Is Similar To Almond Milk So I Said Let Me Try It, Because I Even Have The Formula Milk And She Doesn’t Take It. I Tried The Almond Milk And She Took It. I Was Happy With That.

TO.P: And May We Ask If It’s Not Too Intrusive, Did You Breastfeed or Did You Decide Against That?

CK: I’m Still Breastfeeding Her. She’s Fifteen Months And I’m Trying To Wean Her But It’s Quite Difficult. She Never Really Took To Bottles. She Has A Little “Sippy” Cup That She Drinks Out of Now, From About The Age of 5 or 6 Months.

TO.P: Is It Common For Women To Do A Combination of Both – Breastfeeding And Other Milk?

CK: Some Women Do Both. Some Women Express And Put The Breast Milk Into The Bottle or Some Formula Feed. But It’s Each To Their Own. Every Woman May Have Their Own Reasons or Beliefs As To What Is Best For Their Child And Them. Me, Because I’m At Home, Because I Can’t Go To Work Because of Covid And Being Self-Employed My Situation Is Different, So I Didn’t Mind Breastfeeding Her. I Didn’t Think I’d Breastfed Her For This Lo-oong But I Didn’t Mind. Like I Said She Really Didn’t Take The Bottle So I Couldn’t Express Because She Didn’t Take It.

TO.P: So How Are You Doing Now As A Mum?

I’m Doing Great. I Think I Was Beginning To Go Through A Phase Where I Was A Bit Down Due To The Current Climate (Covid Restrictions) And How Things Are In General But I Did Speak With My Mum And Came To A Conclusion Just to Be A Bit More Upbeat, Just To Stop Wearing All My Black Clothes And Wear Some of My Brighter Clothes. And Just Really Be More Focused On Life And More Upbeat. I’ve Done That And I Feel A Lot Better For It.

TO.P: That’s Great. And The Clocks Have Sprung Forward Now And That Always Gives A Natural Boost To One’s Mood Doesn’t It?

Exactly And It’s Nice That We Had That Little Bit of Sunshine While It Last To Pick Up The Mood.

TO.P: So How Is Dad Doing?

Yeah He’s Doing Well.

TO.P: And Is He Loving Life As A Dad?

Yeah He Loves Being A Dad

TO.P: And What About The Grandads On Either Side (Yours & His Side)?

My Dad Loves Eilyah. They Both Do. Because of Covid She Hasn’t Seen Her Other Grandad As Much As We Would Like. But She’s Seen My Dad A Lot. He Lives In East London, Walthamstow. He Works For TFL, Engineering, He’s Always Out And About. Her Other Grandad Lives In West London Shephard’s Bush.

TO.P: So How Was Mother’s Day – Was It Your First or Your Second Mother’s Day?

CK: It Was My Second. Mother’s Day Was Okay. To Me It F

elt Like Any Other Day If I’m Honest. We Had A Really Lovely Fruit Platter. It Was Nice It Had All Exotic Fruits And Stuff Like That. It Was Lovely.

TO.P: What Would You Say Is The Best Thing About Being A Mum, And Being A Daughter – And Whilst We’re At It – The Least Best Thing?

CK: So For Me, Being A Mum It Just Changes Your Whole Opinion On Life, It Just Changes Everything You Can Possibly Think About. You Become More Mature. Overnight You Just Have To Change And Get Into Mum Mode.

I Can’t Explain It. It Is A Great Feeling. It’s Very Tiring But It Is Great. And Also Being A Mum Has Taught Me A Lot About Myself. You Learn So Much. And Also Being A Mum It Has Made Me Value My Mum More. Being A Mum Is Just Great. It Feels Good. Yeah It’s Just Great.

The Worst Thing Is, Being A Mum You Don’t Have Any Time For Yourself, And You Don’t Get Any Sleep Especially When They’re Young. Things You Think Are Yours Are Not Yours Because They Go Into Every thing.

I Don’t Think There’s Anything I Don’t Like About Being A Daughter To Be Honest.

TO.P: Oh That’s A World Class Answer Right There. Fabulous. That Answer You Just Gave Was Wonderful.

TO.P: CK: She’s Standing In Front of Me. (Both Laugh.)

TO.P: So How Did You Come To End Up In The Same Industry?

TO.P: CK: It Wasn’t Planned That Way. It Just Happened.

TO.P: So, No Pun Intended, You Are Saying It Was Quite Organic.

CK: Yes.

As If Perfect Timing She Says She Has To Go As The Baby Is Now Wanting Her Attention.

So We Continue The Second Half of The Interview With Her Mother, Angela.

TO.P: Your Daughter Charlene Said Some Amazing Things Which Were Testimony To Your Close Relationship. Across Three Generations. Yourself. Your Daughter. And Your Granddaughter.

AA: It’s Nice Hear Those Things (Because Sometimes You Don’t, As You Just Go Along). But I Know Charlene Appreciates What I Do For Her. She’s A Lovely Daughter. And I Love My Granddaughter To Bits.

TO.P: That’s Brilliant! So How Was Mother’s Day For You?

AA: Mother’s Day Was Really Nice. It Was A Nice Time For All of Us Together Actually. Charlene When Out of Her Way And Did Breakfast In Bed. We Both Treated Ourselves To The Fruit Platter Like She Was Saying. We Were Both Looking For Healthy Options To Cut Down On The Sugar And Chocolates And What Have You. It Was Something We Both Shared Together Previously Because She Bought Me A Massive Big Platter For My Birthday Last Year And That Was So Nice We Really Enjoyed It, So We Said Let’s Put Together And We’ll Share This Time.

And I Got Some Bits And Pieces For Her Because Being A Young Mother Is Tough And There Are Time Constraints And Everything You Have Is Focused On The Baby. So I Bought Things For Her In Terms of Gifts That She Can Have For Herself And I Think She Appreciated That.

TO.P: And Where Did She Find This Platter? We Might Have To Get One Ourselves.

It Was Somebody That She Found On Instagram. Because What We Try To Do Is Support Black Businesses. Black Small Businesses. So We Lookout And Try And Support Various Companies. Like The Fruit Platters. Even All of Our Birthday Cakes Are From A Baker Based Up In Streatham, She’s A Bit Pricey But They Are So Worth It. Charlene Is Very Good At Searching And Finding Out Who Is Who And What They Do. And We Try And Support Them.

TO.P: What Do You Like Best About Being A Mum, And Now A Grandmother – And Again, The Least?

AA: The Best Thing About Being A Mum Is Having Your Own Bundle of Joy. She Was That From Day One. I Lost Others But She Was The Only One I Was Able To Carry Full Term And Have. That Itself Was A Miracle. And Then To Have Somebody To Call Your Own, You’re Never Lonely. There’s Somebody That Leaves A Footprint In Your Life. And That Was Nice. And Then Watching Her Grow.

And Unconditional Love. Because I Don’t Think Anybody Can Love You As You Love Your Child And Your Child Loves You. As She Grows Up And Goes Through, She Will Always Need Her Mum And That’s Nice. And Even Today, She Needs Me, But You Know It Goes Through Different Phases.

Now As She’s 30 I’m More of A Friend And Someone Who Can Advise Her, Rather Than The Development Stage Where You’ve Got A Different Hat On.

We Can Have Frank Discussions With Each Other As Well.

Anything In Life, She Is Mine, She Is My Child. And That’s Got A Nice Ring To It.

And Then Having Eliyah Now, That Is A Different Kettle of Fish.

Once She Reached The Age of 18 The Doctor Had To Advise Her In Terms of The Implications of The Medication And How That Would Affect Her If She Had Children. And That Was At The Stage Where Charlene Was Quite Determined That “That’s Ok I’m Going To Work Hard To See What We Can Do To Come off The Medication, Because My Future Is To Have A Child. And That’s What She Did. And When Elijah Came She Was 29 And She Was Such A Beautiful Charming Adventurous Strong-Willed Child.

Elijah Reminded Me of My Mum As Well, As My Mum Was Also December Born And The Characters…I’m Thinking This Is Like A Cora Again. So There Was A Lot of Sentimental Value As I Miss My Mum, So To Have Her Come Again As Eliyah Is A Real Blessing. And It’s Nice To Say That I Have Got A Grandchild Because I’m 56, 57 This Year, And Was Thinking Will Charlene Settle Down And Have A Child? Will We Go On As A Legacy And All That. So It’s Lovely. I’m Really Tired. It’s Been A Long Time Since There’s Been A Baby In The House But It’s A Joy, A Real Blessing.

TO.P: And What Do You Like Least About Being A Mum – Having Been A Daughter Yourself?

AA: Having Charlene I Think There’s Been Various Challenges. The Teenage Years! I Think When She Was Sick That Was The Least. Feeling Powerless! It Was A Challenge To Turn It Around. [‘Kiss From A Rose’ Rock Star Seal, Former Husband of Super Model Hiedi Klum Is The Most Well Known Person To Have Successfully Overcome Lupus Conditions. @seal]

You Don’t Know Your Strength…You Don’t Know How Strong You Are Until You Have To Be Strong. I’m Blessed And Thankful That I Can Look Back And Celebrate Those Times But When You’re Going Through It It’s Hard Work. It’s Hard. It’s Taxing. It’s Challenging. It’s Dreadful. And Because You Don’t Know What The Future Holds or Know What’s In Store, All That, By Having Faith And Having Trust You Are Able To Come Through. Hope And Faith Is A Big Factor.

If You Don’t Hope For Something Better Then There’s No Opening For Something Better.

Having Eliyah Now Is Wonderful, It Really Is.

Lockdown, The Enviroment, Well~Being & Mental Health

It’s Clear Nature Needed A Break Says Well-Being Advocate Angela Andrews, Founder of Brown Angel Naturals (DophinsFilmed By Luca Folin (March 2021) Working With Italian Drainge Company

AA: The Lockdown Is A Phase Where You Can’t Do As Much. The Mother And Baby Places Are Not Up And Running. It Lacks Socialization. Charlene Is Not Used To Being Locked up. And I Think She Was Struggling With That And I Can Understand Why Some Mothers Are Going Through Post Natal Depression. There’s Very Little Available For Them To Interact With Other People And If They Haven’t Got A Like A Strong Network Behind Them They Are Going To Find It Extremely Hard.

You Feel Like Your Incarcerated For A Crime You Haven’t Done.

I Think You Do Need To Have A Plan. My Plan Was To Learn A Bit More About Mental Health And Aromatherapy And All That. That Was Always The Plan Even When I Was Working, I Wanted Help In Terms of Moods And Emotions And Looking At How To Improve. Because We’re All Stressed These Days And We Need To Help People De-stress And Come Out of The Box We Always Seem To Put Ourselves. That Was My Aim. But During Lockdown I Got Increasingly Busy.

The Era Was About Well Being And People Came Across Me And Looked At What I Did. A Lot of People Wanted To Be Healthier And They Were Looking For Healthier Options. The Shops Were Not Open. They Could Not Go And Visit Beauty Salons, So People Decided To Take Care of Themselves, Themselves. And With Partners They Said Let’s Share Something We Can Enjoy Together As More People Were Spending Time Together.

TO.P: Well That’s An Interesting Point Because It Has Been Reported Before Now That Divorce Is Quite Prevalent In January After People Spend Time Together At Christmas, So This Lockdown Has Effectively Been Months And Months of Christmas Days…

AA: Yes They’ve Said Abuse Has Been On The Increase, Domestic Violence Has Been On The Increase. That’s Really Sad As Well Because You’re Jailed With Your Abuser.

A Lot of People Have Been Mentally Challenged. Where’s The Help That They Go For And Who Can Help Them, Because They’re Afraid. There’s A Lack of Money. If You’re Not Stable In The First Place This May Just Topple You Over.

So We Are Just Going To Have To Wait And See The Impact of Covid Because It’s Not Just About The Finance And Economics It’s Also About People, The Community, How Are We Dealing With It. Are There Services That Are Going To Be Set Up To Help.

We Are Very Much In Unchartered Waters Right Now And With Different Implications For Different Aspects of Society.

TO.P: Yes. Really Interesting. Really Very Well Said. It’s Not Just Going To Be ‘The Pandemic’s Over And We Get Back To Normal’. In Fact I Don’t Think We’ll Have That Normal Again Really Because It’s Highlighted So Many Things. Including The Difference Between Racial Groups And The Impact on Them. The Different Jobs People Do And How It’s Impacted On Them. The Ability To Work From Home. Or Not.

For Us One of The Great Takeaways Is Seeing Wildlife Just Getting Back To Nature. There Were Cows Wondering Through Villages Because The Humans Weren’t There. There Were Sea Turtles Coming Up On To Beaches Because The People Weren’t There. There Were Thousands If Not Tens of Thousands of Them. And In Venice There Was A Dolphin Swimming In The Grand Canal Because Man Was Not There.

So That Tells Us That We Are Impacting Nature So Negatively And We Cannot Now Deny Climate And Environmental Change Therefore.

AA: Exactly Because The Air Is Cleaner Because There’s Less Pollution. There Is A Big Impact Because We Do Destroy. We Are The Main Destroyers. You Look At Factories. If You Look At All The Emissions That We Put Up In The Air.

So Yes I Think It Needed A Break. Nature Needed Us To Give Them A Break. Because For Far Too Long We Have Taken Everything For Granted Like Oil And All The Natural  Resources. It Was A Time When Enough Is Enough. It Was Also A Time To Slow Things Down. A Time To Heal And For Revelation And To More or Less To Get Back on Track. Because We Are So Busy.

Hundreds of Thousands of Sea Turtles Returned To Shore & Visited Beaches In The Absence of Humans During Lockdown Highlighting Just How Much Humans Effect The Natural Flow & Movement of Wildlife & Nature

A Lot of Children Saw Their Parents And Were At Home With Their Parents And Them Going Back To School Was A Big Issue Because They Loved Being At Home With Mum And Dad Because They Haven’t Been In That Position For A Very Very Long Time. Normally Mummy And Daddy Are Always Working. You Bring Home Work. Or You’re Working Late. There’s No Proper Interaction. But Now They’re At Home With Their Children Interacting. That Must Be Such A Bonus On A Lot of Children.

TO.P: Absolutely. I’ve Heard A Number of Men In Particular Say That They’ve Rediscovered Their Children, And In One Particular Case Fallen In Love With His Wife All Over Again (Not That They Were Ever Out of Love But Because They Suddenly Were Once Again Spending The Majority of Their Time Together).

For Our First Issue We Interviewed The World Famous Architect Michael Squire, Who Is Very Much A Family Man, And He Was Saying That The Best Thing About Lockdown Was Seeing His Garden Blossom And Bloom In A Way He’d Never Had Time To See It Do Before, His Home Because He’d Never Enjoyed So Much For So Long And Spending Time With His Family And Getting To Know Them Even More And Them Just All Enjoying Each Other’s Company. And A Number of Men Have Said They’ve Got To Know Their Kids More, Which Is Interesting.

AA: It’s Very Sad As Children Don’t Need Money, They Don’t Need New Things All The Time, All They Want Is Your Time, Affection And Attention.

TO.P: Simon Carter, The Clothier We Featured In Our January Issue Says There Will Be Lockdown Winners & Losers. And That Was Quite A Brutal Analysis. He Just Meant There Will Be People Who Will Actually Benefit From Lockdown. For Instance Amazon, The Delivery People, The Takeaway People, The Online People Will Definitely Be Lockdown Winners.

TO.P: So Bearing In Mind You Were Interested In Looking At The Mental Health Impact of Lockdown And Bearing In Mind You Got Busy As A Lockdown Winner, How Do You Feel About Finding Time To Go Back To The Mental Health Side of Things or Will You Just Focus on The Business Now?

AA: I Want To Focus On Mental Health Because It’s About Awareness And It’s About Helping At The End of The Day. The Business Is Already Established Now And Is Doing Good, But Also I Could Do More Through The Business In Terms of The Aromatherapy And Looking At It Lifting Moods And De-Stressing. Because If For Instance Stress Is Impacting On Your Mental Health, Then There May Be A Booster Oil or Something That You Can Apply To Yourself And That Can Help In Terms of The Chemicals And Electrons In Your Brain To Uplift You.

And Also Look To Talk More. If You Need To Talk Then Talk, And Try And Find Ways To Elevate Your Voice. And Speak And Not Be A Recluse. And Find Ways To Try And Live A More Healthier Lifestyle.

TO.P: How Would You Let People Know That Your Service For People In That Kind of Circumstance Is Available?

AA: Well I Already Do. I’ve Done My Mini Videos Regarding Rollerballs And A Blend of Essential Oils That Can Help To Lift Your Mood or When You Go Into A Stressful Situation or To Help With Anxieties. And I’ve Done Mini Videos Explaining The Properties of The Oils And That I’ve Got The Capability of Making These Blends For You. That’s What I’ve Started To Do. I Thought That Is Something I Can Offer And I Am Offering It.

They Have These Amazing Properties That Help Heal Us. It’s More or Less What God Has Provided For All of Us In That The Earth Is Able To Heal.

It’s Not Just The Physical Body But Also The Spiritual Body. The Emotional Body. So All These Properties Come Together.

And Also Smells Are Very Good In Terms of Receptors In The Brain. And As Essentials Oils Are Natural Chemicals And Able To Have The Molecules Vibrate In Different Fields And The Energy Aspect of It, The Essential Oils Will Play A Part In It.

I Have Always Been Interested In People Because As I Said I Previously Worked In Mental Health. Were Are Not Born To Sit Still And Do Nothing. Each And Everyone of Us Has A Purpose And Need Guidance To Fulfil That Purpose. Once You Start To Invest In Somebody They In Turn Will Start Investing In Themselves.

I Am Not An Island By Myself. We’re Here To Help One Another. To Elevate One Another. We’re Here To Teach And To Learn From One Another. There’s Nobody on This Earth That Should Be Homeless or Hungry. Once You Start Giving Back Then In Return You Get A Little More. I’m Not Talking About Financially. You’re Talking About Financially, Mentally, You’re Talking About Aspirations. I Want To Know That I’m Able To Help. Whilst I’m On This Earth Let Me Do Some Help While I Can Because We Are Only Here For A Short Period of Time, Sooner or Later We Go Back To Our Maker. So Why Not Help?

TO.P: Is There Anything That You’ve Started To Do In Lockdown That You Will Continue To Do After Lockdown – And Is There Anything That You Stop Doing That You Will Continue To Not Do Anymore?

AA: I Will Continue To Produce My Products. I Believe In My Products. I Believe In My Products. And I Believe That They Help People. And I Will Continue To Research, And To Get Training And To Be The Best And Offer The Best That I Can To Customers And Those Who Are In Need of Help.

AA: I Haven’t Stopped Doing Anything. I’m Quite Fortunate That My Partner, Charlene And Her Partner Are Willing To Help.

And They Are Helping. I Need Admin Assistance.

I Just Want To Stop Spending Money [Laughs]!

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