TheOrator.Press Business & Leadership Feature: Edward Enninful ~ December 2022 ~

“I Wanted A Magazine Where Everyone Could See Themselves”

Edward Enninful, Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Since 2017
On Sunday December 4th 2022 Sky TV Aired Francine Lacqua’s Bloomsberg News Interview With Vogue Editor Edward Enninful OBE (Photo: Rafael Pavarotti) (Photo Bloomberg Media Group/ Mikael Selassi)
It Prompted Us To Review Some of His Busy Book Tour Schedule For His Memoir ‘An Invisible Man’. Hardcopies of The Book Were Out By Mid August 2022 & Globally Available From September 6th 2022 Onwards.
On Sunday September 4th 2022 Prior To The Big Book Launch Party At Claridges That Evening, Enninful Was The Guest of Honour At The National Theatre, On London’s Southbank Where He Was In A Discussion With Award-Winning Writer & Actor Michaela Coel. The Hot Ticket Event Was Billed As ‘An Evening With Edward Enninful’.
The Next Day On Monday September 5th He Sat Down With Bloomberg’s London Based International Reporter Francine Lacqua For Her Series ‘From The Ground Up’ (Wherein She Talks To The Great And The Good In Business). The Interview Was A Captivating Modern Day Business Masterclass On Diversity, Inclusion, Setting An Example And Mixing The Traditional With Modern Day Digital.
Sky TV Channel 502 (Bloomberg News) Re-Ran It 9.30 am ~ 10.00 am Sunday December 4th 2022 .

Photo By Rowben Lantiton: Businessman François-Henri Pinault, Vanessa Kingori, Salma Hayek (Actress & Wife of Francois-Henri Pinault), Michaela Coel, Edward Enninful, Darnell Strom (Premiere Entertainment Agent) At The Claridges Launch Sunday September 4th 2022

He Describes His Fashion Filled Career Journey To The Very Top, Which He Calls A Journey “From Outsider To Insider.” With Style, Self-Awareness And Authenticity, He Gives An Excellent Revealation of His Motivations And How He Made It. (In 2018 A Year After Becoming Vogue UK Editor In Chief He Was Awarded An Honorary Degree bY Goldsmiths University, South London, Having Left His Course There As A Student, Over Three Decades Ago, To Become The Youngest Ever Editor of I-D Magazine At The Age of Just 18).

Lacqua Too Is Excellent As She Gives A Masterclass In How To Naturally Illicit The Best From A Guest By Not Making It About The Interviewer But About The Guest And Staying Focused On Them. All Too Often We Witness Some Journalists Ruining The Experience For The Audience By Trying To Hard To Show What A Tough or Clever Journalist They Are. This Is A Trap So Many Interviewers Tediously Fall Into And In So Doing Ironically They Fail To Get What Was Potentially An Informative Interview.

Here Lacqua’s Skill Is Simple. She’s Just Having A Chat With Someone She Respects, Treats As An Equal And Is Genuinely Interested In And To Whom She Takes The Time To Listen, And From There They Both Develop A Naturally Informative, Flowing, And Fun Conversation.

Stand By What You Believe In

Even Though I Was The Token Black Editor In The 90s I Knew Even Then That I Needed To Bring People Up With Me.

Maybe It Was Growing Up In A Family of 6 [Kids] I Don’t Know. [Lacqua Laughs.]

CL: When You Run A Team How Do You Instil That Work Ethic?

EE: You Set An Example You Know. If You’re An Editor Who Leaves And Has Lunches And Is Never In The Office. You Don’t Really Instil Faith. My Team Know That We Are On A Mission. We Have To Reflect The World We Live In Beauty of Multiculturalism, The Beauty In Diversity And Inclusivity. So Everyone Takes It Really Seriously. We Have Really Intense Conversations About The zeitgeist And The World. So I’m Very Lucky To Have A Team Which Is Passionate. And You Know I Can Call My Team, Somebody, At 6.00am or They Can Call Me At 6.00am And I’ll Pick Up And They’ll Pick Up. So You Know We Have Something Very Special That We’ve Built Up Over The Past Five Years.

CL: But There Have Been Difficult Times Though. Like One of Your First Issues You Thought You Could Have Been Fired For It. Right?  [Enninful Laughs]

EE: I Lived In America For A Bit. I Was Working For W Magazine And There Was Talk of Brexit And Americans Were Like “Your Country’s Really Xenophobic”. And I Came Back And I Was Like I’m Going To Welcome Everybody With Open Arms. A Baptism of Fire.  I Remember Thinking  I Wanted To Create A Magazine Where Every Woman Could See Themselves. Where Every Woman, Regardless of Their Background, Their Age, They Could See Themselves.

Now It Looks Like It’s The Norm When You Look At Other Magazines But In 2017 That Was A Radical Idea. But I Also Remember Thinking With My Background I’ve Lost So Much And Gained So Much If I’m Fired I’d Rather Be Fired For What I Believed In. I’d Rather Be Fired For Putting Out A Magazine That Reflects The World We Live In Rather Than Creating A Secondary Version of Someone Else’s Vision.

Vanessa Kingori MBE With Edward Enninful OBE Who She Describes As Her “Work Husband”

Enninful Is A Change-Maker Diversity Champion (See Top Right Hand Corner Opposite Column) Who This Summer Won The Media Trail Blaizer Award At The LGBT Awards 2022, Presented To Him By Munroe Bergdorf. (Bergdorf Was The First Ever Transgender L’Oreal Model, But Parted Ways With The Company Following A Race Row, After Which She Was Hired By The Illamasqua Beauty Brand Instead).

“I Am So Honoured To Be Part of The 2022 LGBT Awards, Especially As The UK Celebrates 50 Years of Pride”

Edward Enninful OBE On Winning The Media Trailblaizer Award At The LGBT June Awards 2022

His Book Tour Intinery Included Engaging With The Likes of Lupita N’yongo, Ana DuVernay & Oprah Winfrey From A Press Diversity Perspective (Which Is Our Raison d’etre). And We Hope At Some Stage One Day He Converses With Us Too Here At TO.P.

I See You. I Hear You. I Feel You. And Now I Can Read You!”

Mexican-american Actress salma hayek
to vogue editor edward enninful

Style Queen Salma Hayek, At Claridges Book Launch, September 2022

As Chief Business Officer At Conde Nast UK & Conde Naste Europe, Vanessa Kingori Has Been Busy Throughout Summer & Autumn Organising The High Level Book Tour & Associated Publicity And Marketing That Has Seen Enninful Interviewed By The Likes of Bernardine Everisto, Ava DuVernay, Tamaron Hall, And Media Mogul Oprah Winfrey.

The Publicity Drive Was In Full Force When A Star-Studded Book Launch Party Was Held At Claridges, On Sunday Night September 4th, After Enniful’s Discussion With Michaela Cole At The Southbank Earlier In The Evening.

The Charming, Enigmatic, Mexican-American, Hollywood Actress And Producer Salma Hayek Was Ever Glamourous In A White Swan-Like Designer Dress Worthy of Any Catwalk.

As Well As Appearing At Different Publicity Events In London, He Is Also Flying Around The World As Part of The Book’s Promotion, With Several Stops In America.

This Small Snap Shot In Time Highlights A Busy Run of Publicity Engagements & Promotions.

Sunday 4th September 2022 ~ The Southbank As Party of The National Theatre’s Literature & Poetry Programme. Followed By A Launch Party At Claridges.

Monday 5th September 2022 ~ Business Interview With Francine Lacqua For Her From The Ground Up Business Series On Bloomberg News Channel.

On Tuesday September 6th Kloss Films (Run By Alex Maxwell Husband of Enninful) In Association With Bloomsbury Publishing Released A Promotional Video Featuring Famous Faces & Their Appreciation of Edward’s Writing.

Thursday September 8th Saw An Interview With Oprah On Her OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) Channel And Also On Thursday September 8th It Was A Chat With Actress Lupita N’yongo At The Apollo Theater, “The Soul of American Culture” According To Its Official Slogan. It Marked The Start of Months of Obligatory Publicity & Marketing.

See TO.P’s November 2022 Book News & Review Which Includes A Video Clip of Him On BBC’s Graham Norton Show In October, Where He Reveals That He Was Quite The Man About Town In Ireland Back In The Day. Irish Actors Brendan Gleeson & Collin Farrell Were Also On The Sofa & Shared Recollections of The Time Too (S30. Ep 3).

Enninful With American Talk Show Host @TamronHall Sharing His Struggle To Overcome Vision & Health Issues

Fifty Plus And Looking Fabulous Salma Hayek British Vogue September 2019

Have Your Own Vision of Success

Sunday September 4th, The Night Before His Lacqua Interview He Was The Main Attraction In An Evening W Edward Enninful’ At The National As Part of Its Literature & Poetry Programme

CL: And That Continues. There’s This Idea of Always Pushing Forward. Right? What’s The End? How Do You Measure Success?

EE: Definitely Not Financial. For Me When I’m Really Exhausted, When I’m Really Tired, When I’m Really Questioning If I Can Go On, And I Walk Down The Street And I See A Little Girl, A Little Black Girl, Who’s Seen The Magazine, And It’s The Norm For Them. Or A Curvy  Woman On A Train To Paris Who Comes Up and Says “Thank You For Seeing Me”, You Know, That’s What Makes It Worth It. That For Me Means Success. Anyone Who Knows Me or Has Known Me For A While Can Witness That For Me Is Success. You Know, My Job Is Done When That Happens.

CL: Do People Come Up To You?

EE: They Do But It’s Always In A Positive Way. It’s Always Thank You For Seeing Us, You Know. But I Can Relate Because By All Accounts I Was Meant To Be Invisible. So For Me Shining A Light on People And Making Them Seen Is Natural For Me.

CL: They Say The Fashion Industry Is Changing. Are Others Around You Changing?

EE: I Mean Now You Know, If You Look At Other Magazines And See Real Women In There It’s No Longer A Radical Act. You Know People of Colour. Women of Colour On Covers Isn’t A Radical Act. So It’s Been Normalised. For Me I’m Quite Happy When I See That. When You Put Dame Judy Dench On The Cover And She’s 85 Year’s Old And The World Doesn’t Question Should She Be On The Cover or You Put A Girl In A Hijhab On The Cover It’s Not A Problem. For Me It Shows That You know We’re Advancing. We’re Progressing. Progress For Me Is Very Important.

On Tuesday 6th September Bloomsbury Posted This Video On Its Instagram Page All About Enninful’s Book And The People’s Reaction To It

Work With People You’re Excited To See

CL: So How Do You Take Care of Your Team. How Do You Build A Team Around You.

EE: Somebody Said To Me Once, When You Build A Team, Make Sure You Put People In That When You See Them Walking Towards Your Office, You’re Just So Excited To See Them. Be Good At Your Job, Establish A Connection, And Be Excited To See Other Team Members, Because You Have To Build A Team.

No Man Is An Island. I Don’t Create The Magazine On My Own. So It’s Great To Have A Team Who You Respect And Who’s Future You Also Respect. And They Respect Yours.

CL: How Do You Think You Are Seen By Your Team? Do You Have To Be Fearful…?

EE: I’m A Worker. I Work Very Hard. I Think I’m Pretty Open. You Can Have Conversations With Me. You Know, Ultimately The Final Decision Rests With Me, But I Do Listen, I Do Like Conversation, I Do Like Interaction. So That’s How…I Hope They Think I’m A Good Boss. That’s All You Can Hope For Because They Work Very Hard On A Very Good Magazine, They Could Get Other Jobs Anywhere. So The Fact That They’re There Makes Me Think They Must Be Happy.

Michaela Coel Liked It So Much, Come November She Was On The Front Cover (Photo By Malick Bodian)

Work With The Old & The New

CL: So How Do You See Your Publishing World Changing. People Buy Less Magazines. But In five Years How Does It Look?

EE: I Began At ID When I Was 18. It Was All About Club Kids. You Had To Be Out There And The Only Way You Could See Street Fashion Was To Be Out There. Then I Inherited A Magazine Now I Have Inherited A Brand. The Magazine Is The Highest of The High. The Best Paper. The Best Photographers. When You Manage A Brand It’s Not Just About That. It’s About Digital. It’s About Audio. It’s About Events. For Somebody Who Is So Forward-Looking,  So Into Events,  When We Launch A Cover, Instagram Is Our Cover Essentially. We’ve Found A Way of Making It Work Hand-In-Hand. And Instagram Is So Great For Me. You Know.

CL: So Magazines Aren’t Dead.

EE: They’ve Got To Work In Hand With Digital Platforms.  But Also, I’ll Tell You Something, New Readers of Vogue, Young Readers Come To Us For Digital, Audio And Figures We Put Out

CL: So Do You Think That Will Change, The Kind of Readership That You Will Court, The Age of Your Readers, But Also Where They Come From?

EE: At The Moment You Know I Think The Readership Is Getting Younger, Because of The Whole Digital Landscape, And I Hope As We Move Forward We Get New Readers And We Also Keep Our Loyal Readers.

CL: Do You Think There Will Ever Come A Time When We Won’t Have Print Magazines Anymore

EE: No I Think Print Will Always Exist Alongside Digital But It Will Probably  Be Something More Precious Sort of Better Paper, Something More Collectable That You Want To Keep In Your House, Almost Like Artwork, So No I Don’t Think Print Is Going To Die. Few Copy. More Quality.

CL: Almost Like A Book

EE: A Table Book

CL: I Love That!

EE: I Know. I Do! [Laughs]

Stay True To You & Loyal To Your Friends & Supporters

@Edward_Enninful Goes Way Back With The Famous Supermodels of The 80s & 90s. Various Shots of Linda Evangelista Famous For Saying She Would Not Get Out of Bed For Less That $15,000 Back In The Day .
@LindaEvangelista Worked Alongside @CindyCrawford, @Naomi, And @CTurlington

Touchingly Edward Spoke To Lacqua Not Only of Respecting The Loyalty of Long Term Vogue Readers (As Well As Embracing The New Generation) But Also His Loyalty To His Supermodel Friends, Including Linda Evangelista Who Was Featured On The Front Cover of The September 2022 Issue, Something He Explained He Was Not Going To Deny Her.

Evangelista Was And Still Is A Supermodel Stunner.

However It Has Been Well Documented, Both By Herself And Others Recently, That After A Cosmetic Procedure Went Horribly Wrong Recently She Has Suffered A Crisis of Confidence.

The Photoshoot Was Something She Wanted To Do As Part of Her Road To Recovery, And Edward Embraced That Part of Her Journey.

He Was True To Their Long Term Friendship From Way Back In The 199os, When Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, And Christina Were The Supermodel Crew. They Were All The Rage Taking Up Reams of Column Inches, News Headlines And Fashion Pages. And He Was True To His Life-Long Commitment To The Power of Inclusivity And Diversity. And Indeed Loyalty!

Now That, Is A Thing of Beauty!

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