TheOrator.Press Business, Language & Leadership Page: Product Review ~ Brown Angel Naturals (Essential Oil Beauty & Well-Being High Quality Health Products) ~ September 2021

Rose & GEranium Body Creme Is A Bestseller of Brown Angel Naturals

Rose Essential Oil Reportedly Contains Molecules Small Enough To Penetrate The Deep Layers Of The Skin, Improving Moisture And Collagen Levels.

World Class Quality

Earlier This Year For “TheOrator.Press Business Page Mother’s Day Special (March 2021)” We Spoke To Mother And Daughter Beauty & Well-Being Experts  Angela Andrews of brownangelnaturals And Charleyne Kelly of beautibychar.

We Sampled Some Brown Angel Natural Products And They Were Wonderfully Naturally Fragrant, Special, And Delicious. Yes, Delicious!

At One Stage The Beautiful Smooth, Silky, Fluffy Face Mask We Had On Smelt So Good And Felt So Good We Momentarily Made A Move To Stroke Our Face And Lick Our Fingers. Yes That Actually Happened!

Fortunately In The Nick of Time We Recovered Our Senses And Remembered It Was A Beauty Product Not A Dessert (Even Though It Smelt Like And Felt Like The Most Creamy Dreamy World Class Cheesecake).

Brown Angel Natural Products Are Indeed World Class And At The Upper End of The Market. They Are Not Cheap. But They Are Very Reasonably Priced For The Expertise, Natural Ingredients, Quality Ingredients, Supreme Production Great Packaging, Excellent Service And Dedication That Goes Into Creating Each And Every Item. If Anything They May Well Be Under-Priced Considering Some Other Brands In The Natural Beauty Market And What They Charge For Comparatively Inferior Products Within A Similar Price Range.  Which Is To Say Products By Brown Angel Naturals Are Incomparably Wonderful, Worth The Investment, And Without Doubt Likely To Improve Your Well-Being.

Fragrant Gentlemen Welcome

Essential Oils of Lime, As With All Citrus Fruit, Are Found In The Skin (The Zest), And Contain Cleansing, Protecting And Energising Antioxidant & Anticbacterial Elements

This Is Bergamot Which Looks Like Lime But Isn’t. Lime Is The Image On The Left. Both Are Zesty, Sexy And Uplifting!

“Smells Are Very Good In Terms of Receptors In The Brain. And As Essentials Oils Are Natural Chemicals And Able To Have The Molecules Vibrate In Different Fields And The Energy Aspect of It, The Essential Oils Will Play A Part In It.”

Angela Andrews, Founder of Brown Angel Naturals, Talking To TO.P (TheOrator.Press)

As A Diversity, Equality, And Inclusion Magazine Which Is Male Centric, What We Especially Love About Brown Angel Naturals Is That They Include Male Well-Being Products Too. Most Products Can Used By The Men If They Want To Use Them, But Above And Beyond That, Given That Some Old School Guys Can Be A Bit Particular About Such Things, Even Metro-Sexuals Too, Brown Angel Naturals Produce Specific Well-Being Skin Care  Products For Men As Well As Women.

These Include Beard Oils, Shaving Oils And Naturally Male Friendly Body Massage Oils. These Stem From The Natural Properties of The Essential Oils Used Such As Ginger, Sandalwood And Bergamont. So Men Can Also Experience The Outstanding Natural Quality of These Products Too. And Angela Can Make Them Bespoke To Order, That Is To Say  Especially Designed For The Needs of Any Particular Discerning Gentleman.

And For Those Who Have Not Yet Embraced Male Grooming or Indeed For Those Who Have, The Products Are So Full of Depth, Care And Attention And Come With Such Simple But Effective Presentation That They’d Make Great Presents For Most Gentlemen.

Help From Spots & Puberty To Menopause & Maturity

It’s More or Less What God Has Provided For All of Us In That The Earth Is Able To Heal. It’s Not Just The Physical Body But Also The Spiritual Body. The Emotional Body. So All These Properties Come Together.

Angela Andrews, Founder of Brown Angel Naturals, Talking To TO.P (TheOrator.Press)

This Is A Broadminded Brand And Everyone Is Included Across The Biological Spectrum From Puberty To Menopause, From Maturity To Seniority, Older, Younger, Boys, Girls, Men And Women, Black And White. Brown Angel Naturals Has Something To Offer Everyone.

The Brand Provides Natural, Simple, Yet Luxurious Products To Clear Up Pimples, Minimize Wrinkles, Counter Hair Loss, Maintain Flowing Locks, And Help Clients Pre-Exercise & Physical Exertion, or Post Exercise And Gentle Relaxation.

Most of All What We Love About This Business Is That It Was Born of A Mother’s Unconditional Love. As A Young Child Her Daughter Was Ailing From Certain Lupus Symptoms And Angela Was Unimpressed With The Suggested Mainstream Medicines So She Did Some Research And Decided To Invest In Nature’s Natural Remedies. And So Began Her Holistic Healing Business.

From Being Told At One Stage Her Daughter Would Be Unlikely To Have Children To Now Being A Dotting Grandmother She Knows First Hand That Her Products Work.  She’s Literally Built This Natural Well-Being And Beauty Business From The Ground Up. Well They Do Say “If You Want A Job Done Properly…Do It Yourself.” And She Did! She Is A Very Special Lady And A Supremely Successful Business Woman. As Well As Being A Loving Mother And Dotting Grandmother.

The Proof of The Pudding Is In The Eating

Another Great USP of Brown Angel Naturals Is Angela’s Excellent Consultation Service. Through Consultation She Can Assess Your Body or Skin’s Needs Based On Their Condition. We Tried A Seriously Gorgeous Face Mask With Ingredients Designed To Heal, Nourish, Reduce Skin Irritation And Be Kind To Sensitive Skin. It Included Calendula Oil, Shea Butter And Vitamin E. As We Said Earlier, It Looked, Felt, And Smelt Good Enough To Eat So Much So We Had To Remind Ourselves That It Was A Beauty Product And Not A Dessert. That Is Testimony To Angela’s Belief That All That We Need To Heal Has Been Provided By Nature’s Bounty.

The Reason We Were Given This Particular Product Is Because During Lockdown Our Skin Had An Unusual Inexplicable Minor, But Noticeable Flare Up. It Was Only A Minor Flare Up, Not A Major Ray Winstone Style Tear Up, But Lockdown Was A Deeply, Deeply, Deeply, Worrying Time So We Wanted It Gone As Soon As Possible As We Were Worried About What It Was or Could Be. After Using The Product Just A Few Times, Literally It Was Gone. As Simple And As Honest As That. You Can It Try For Yourselves And See What We Mean. We Liked The Reassuring Tingly Feel of Cleansing Granules In Amongst The Smooth, Silky Texture Which Clearly Included An Exfoliating Element.

Interestingly During Our Aforementioned Interview Angela Said She Got Increasingly Busy During Lockdown. 

“The Era Was About Well Being And People Came Across Me And Looked At What I Did. A Lot of People Wanted To Be Healthier And They Were Looking For Healthier Options. The Shops Were Not Open. They Could Not Go And Visit Beauty Salons, So People Decided To Take Care of Themselves, Themselves.”

The Arthritis Oil Was Very Lovely To Use As A Simple & Effective Remedy To A Serious Problem

TheOrator.Press Was Launched In Lockdown September 2020. With All The Increased Writing And Typing We Were Feeling Quite Arthritic In Our Fingers. Amazingly When We Mentioned That To Angela She Told Us About Her Arthritis Oil And Sent Us A Sample. Again, As If By Miracle, Within A Short Space of Time We Noticed The Difference. In Days Not Weeks!

The Sample Size Mini Toner Lasted Forever (Which Is To Say A Very Long Time For Its Size). It Smelt Uplifting And Was An Absolute Tonic. The Arthritis Oil Came In The Same Size Sample Bottle But Went A Lot Quicker Because We Used It On Our Hands All The Time And Of Course It’s Great For Hip, Elbow, Knee And Ankle Joints Too. So We’d Recommend The Full Size 100ml Bottle From Day One Because As An All Over Easy And Lovely To Use Restorative Treatment This One’s An Absolute Keeper!

The Brown Angel Naturals Rose & Frankincense Cream Can Be Made Especially As A Night Cream, Body Cream, And Hand Cream Depending On Your Needs. There Is Also A Rose And Geranium Body Cream. It’s A Bestseller And Having Used It As All Three We Can See Why. Rose Is The High Class, Romantic, Sensual Skin Champion In The Essential Oils Pantheon And One Gets A Sense of The Divine From The Frankincense Which Is Also Known To Be Good For The Skin. And Geranium Is Wonderfully Uplifting. And Known To Be A Little Sexy

We Found That Once You Start Using It You Won’t Won’t To Stop. Again, It’s Simply That Good. Literally!

These Products Are So Exceptional In Terms of Quality They Would Make Great Presents For Oneself First And Foremost In The Name of Self-Care, Self-Love And Self-Maintenance. But Also For Worthy Friends, Family And Associates For Special Ocassions (If You’re Feeling Generous And They’ve Been Really Nice To You). These Lovely Lotions And Powerful Potions Come In Mini Sizes And With Great Packaging.  And We Received Ours By Post Within A Very Short Space of Time From Ordering.

And For Professionals Angela Sources Great Essential Oils Too, Including The More Unusual Ones Like Fennel, Basil, Sage, And Carrot. Alongside The Classics Such As Lemon And Lavender. She Also Uses Neroli Essential Oil In A Number of Her Products (The Flower of Which Is Pictured Above). We Advocate And Practice Self-Love And Self-Care Here At TheOrator.Press, Including Aromatherapy, And The Essential Oils From Brown Angel Naturals Are The Best We’ve Ever Come Across.

Lavender Is The Queen of Essential Oils As It Is No.1 As The Most Popular As It Can Be Used In So Many Ways For So Many Things. It Has A Real Calming Effect And Combines Well With So Many Other Other Essential Oils Too. Some Establishments Even Make Lavender Ice-Cream, Other Lavender Foods, And Lavender Martinis As Demonstrated On The FoodChannel.Com


Brown Angels Naturals Have Four Main Hair Conditoners For Different Hair Symptons Which Can Be Modified & Personalised
Help For Hair Loss Is Here

The Shampoo For Dry Hair With Rosemary, Clary Sage And Lavender Smelt Uniquely Lovely And Did The Job of Making The Hair Feel More Soft, Smooth And Volumized.

The Hair Crème Conditioner No.4 (Leave In or Wash Out) For Managing Hair Loss Symptoms Included Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Rosemary & Peppermint Castor Oil, Shea Butter And Hemp Seed Oil. It Was Formulated To Help Prevent Hair Loss, Promote Growth And Lock In Moisture.  And It Did Make A Noticeable Big Difference Especially Its Lovely Glistening Effect.

We Liked Conditioner No.4 So Much We Used It As A Leave In Conditioner On A Daily Basis, So The 200ml Tub Finished Before The 150ml Shampoo Which We Used Less Frequently. Perhaps It Might Be Worth Buying A Tub or Two Depending on Your Use.

Overall This Is An Ethical, Natural And Stylish Well-Being And Beauty Brand With Essential Oils Central To What It Does. The Products Are Great And Are Made For All Skin Types And Colours. And A Consultation With The Brand Founder, Angela Andrews, For Bespoke Products Based On Your Particular Needs Is Very Much Worthwhile. https//

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