TheOrator.Press Corporate Consciousness Page: The Good Side of Digtial Technology And Social Media Helps ‘Black Women Rising’ Link Up With Conscious Biopharmaceutical Company ‘Gilead Science’ To Deliver Just What The Doctor Ordered…(Or Should Have Ordered!)…Through A Poigant Piece of Performance Art ~ May 2023

Photo: Sponsors of Unseen Unheard The Play That Puts The Treatment of Black Female Breast Cancer Patients Under The Microscope

The Powerful, Emotional And Pertinent Play ‘Unseen Unheard’ Is A Thespian Contribution To Advancement Within The Medical Profession. For The Whole of Society. And The Betterment of Humanity!

Whilst This Play Is Specifically About Breast Cancer Here In The UK It Also Highlights And Exemplifies Some Systemic Anti-Black Policy Existent In Both Britain And The United States.

At The Same Time It Showcases The Fact That There Have Always Been Corporate Organisations Willing To Help Support Social Change In Society For The Better By Sponsoring And Actually Being Pioneers of Progress. And In This Case Such A Sponsor Is Gilead Sciences As Featured Here On TheOrator.Press Corporate Consciousness Page This Month (May 2023). It Is A Biopharmaceutical Company With Corporate Consciousness.

Unseen Unheard Is Helping To Open The Eyes & Ears of The Medical, Technological And Scientific World

The Powerful Comedy Drama ‘Unseen Unheard’, Sponsored By Gilead Sciences Inc, Lifts The Lid off A Bitter Pill To Swallow. Historically On One Hand Anti-Black Practitioners Have Treated Black People As Though They Are Superman In Terms of The Pain Inflicted Upon Them (Mentally, Physically, And Spiritually). And Yet Simultaneously On The Other Hand They Have Treated Black People As Though They Are Sub-Human In Terms of The Inhumanity They Have Subjected Them To (In Terms of Indignity, Indecency, Socially, Family And Psychologically).

The Courage of Black Women Who Have Documentated Their Experiences of Breast Cancer Treatment, Combined With The Creativity of The Play’s Actors, Writers And Directors, Together With The Crucial Pioneering And Philanthropic Work of A Group of Modern Day Scientists, Is Now Providing A Much Needed Tonic To Help Remedy This Terrible And Traumatic Truth And Provide A Much Brighter Future.

This Play Is Not Only Pertinent, Powerful And Emotional. It Is Timely. Three Years Ago This Month (In May 2020), Whilst The World Was In Lockdown, The Global Community, Thanks To Technology And The Courage of A Teenage Girl Who Made The Most It In The Best Way She Could Under Unexpected, Unimaginable, Horrific Circumstances, All Witnessed The Cold-Blooded Police Brutality Murder of George Floyd. Much of The World Was off Work As People Were Ordered To Stay Home. And So The World Was In A Unique Position of Being Able To Do Something About This Particular Murder. It Refused To Stay Home. And Protests Erupted Worldwide.

All Four Officers Involved Have Since Been Convicted of Murder And Manslaughter (Depending On The Role They Played On That Fateful Day). One of The Most Important Components Involved In Securing The Murder Conviction of Derek Chauvin (The Senior Anti-Black Murderous Police Officer On The Scene) Was A Star Witness Who Made International Headlines Due To The Power, Precision And Delivery of His Scientific, Medical Testimony. A Scientist. A Forensic Scientist. A Doctor. Dr Martin Tobin. During His Testimony He Made A Number of Humourous Mentions of The Fact That He Is Irish. And In His Senior Years. But His Testimony Was That of An Expert Witness Who Turned The Case On Its Head. #DrMartinTobin

Like The Women In This Play, Who Also Make A Number of Humourous References, As They Chat About Their Different Experiences In A Safe Space Support Group, He Too Managed To Find Humour Whilst Simultaneously Giving A Presentation Full of Pathos Within The Context of Important Medical First Hand Testimony Surrounding The Issue of Sometimes Fatal, Painfully Heart-Breaking And Often Devasting Anti-Black Behaviours. They Were Just Presenting Such Evidence Within Two Different Sets of Circumstances. The Two Sets of Sometimes Humourous Testimony Are Nonetheless Comparable, For This Is A Matter Underlined By One Issue. Policy. The Issue of Policy Making, Policy Makers. And Who Gets To Sit Around The Table When Policies Are Made. In So Many Areas of Society! And Different Areas of Medical Care.

These Struggles Are The Result of Social Engineering And Policy By Design And Default. As Are The Default Position Outcomes Often Faced By Anti-Black Policy Makers. Because They Are All Part of Outcomes Constructed Systematically. Often Without Accountability. To The Detriment of The Black Community.

And Those In Power Know It. Because Inevitably They Are The Ones That Make The Policies. That Is Why Corporate Companies Around The World Promised To Review Their Own Behaviours, Policies And Practices. Including Being More Attentive To The Issues of Diversity, Equality And Inclusion. The Protestors In The Streets Were Young, Old, Black, White, Male, Female And Utterly Visible To The Whole Wide World In Lockdown. No One Knew What The Pandemic Would Ultimately Bring or When We’d All Get Out of It. But It Was Clear At The Time That This Was The Now or Never Moment For Social Justice Reform.

The Leanne Pero Foundation Was Founded In 2019 By Leanne Pero (Third From The Left) Who Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Aged Just 30. Black Women Rising Is At The Heart of The Foundation And Curates Various Projects And Activities Including The Podcast “Untold Cancer Stories“. The Foundation Is So Successful It Has Recently Established A Fraternity Group Called Black Men Rising

Well As Discrimination In Breast Cancer Treatment, Because The Anti-Black Policies Are Systemic, Institutional Racism Can Be Found In Other Areas Too, Such As Mental Health And Maternity Care

@bell_riebeiroaddy MP For Streatham

During A Recent Heartfelt Speech In The UK Houses of Parliament (April 2023) Equality Activist And Streatham MP Bell_Riebero-Addy Detailed Some Shocking And Heartbreaking Examples of Anti-Black Treatment Within The Maternity Care Section of The Health Service.

This Co-Exits Alongside Such Treatment Within The Breast Cancer Treatment Arena And Is Clear Evidence That The Problem Is Systemic.

The Excellent Dispatches Documentary By @RochelleHolmes Further Documents This Wretched Racist Reality

Photo: ‘Breast Cancer Ribbon’ DamaliConceptuals Facebook & Pixabey

Included In The Play Are Some Essential Statistics Gathered From Research Conducted By A Survey of Black Female Patients Diagnosed With Breast Cancer As An Online Magazine Who’s Mission Is To Present Greater Diversity Within The Media Arena, One Finding That Resonated With Us Here At TO.P (TheOrator.Press) Is That 96% Did Not See Enough Women of Colour Represented In The Media When Addressing The Subject of Breast Cancer Treatment. So Consequently, Practically, For Instance, Black Women Have Found That No Prosthetic Breasts Are Available To Test In Their Skin Colour, Because Nobody Has Shown Them Due Respect And Consideration. So As Well As Breast Cancer They Have To Deal With The Painful Realities of Racism.

This Is Indicatative of The Earlier Point That The Mistreatment of Black Breast Cancer Patients Does Not Exist In Isolation But Is Systemic And Part of An Overall Mistreatment And Lack of Due & Respectful Consideration of Black People In General, Including In The Media. This Is Why We Started Our Magazine. To Add To Media Diversity And Thereby Provide A Platform For Afro-Caribbean People To Speak In Their Own True Authentic And Intelligent Voice.

For Further Information, Including How Stress From Racism And Allostatic Load (Chronic Stress) Can Increase Black Women’s Chances of Getting Breast Cancer See

This Medical Magazine Also Highlights The Need For More Black Doctors Within The Medical Profession And How Organisations Such As The Society of Black Academic Surgeons Is Working On That.

The Importance of This Is Highlighted In A Seperate Article Which Details The Findings of A 2020 Study That Found The Survival Rate of Black Babies Care For By Black Babies Virtually Doubled. That Says It All. The Question Is ‘Why’?

Some Corporate Companies Have Been Better Than Others At Sticking To The Various Pledges Made Or Support Shown At The Time. And Sadly There Have Been Further Horrific Police Atrocities Since Then. But Simultaneously There Has Also Been A Shift In Society And Many More People And Companies Are Now Much More “Awake” To Such And Similar Social Injustices. And They Are Finally Willing To Help Do Something About It. Sadly, With Such Awakening Historically There Has Come Politicial, Social And Media Resistence And The So Called “War on Woke” Is A Contemporary Example of That.

But The Fight For Social Justice Has Been A Long One And Taken Many Forms Including The Abolition of Slavery And The Civil Rights Movement That Followed. Martin Luther King Famously Appealed To All Faith Leaders And Various Denominations of Positive People To Support The Cause. And They Did. Catholic People. Jewish People. Muslim People. Black People. White People. Working Class And Middle Class. Rich And Poor. Men And Women. It Inspired People Around The World.

Earlier This Year Bakari Sellers, An Amercian Lawyer, And CNN Commentator, Whilst Commenting On The International News Channel Within Hours of The Release of The Shocking Video Over The Weekend of Friday January 6 2023 – Sunday January 8 2023 Evidencing The Police Brutality Murder of Tyre Nichols, Pointed Out That The Murder (of This Innocent Young Black Man Driving Home Dragged From His Car And Beaten To Death By 5 Black Police Officers During A DWB – (Driving Whilst Black) – Traffic Stop – During Which He Too, Like George Floyd, Called For His Mother) Was Symptomatic of Anti-Black Policy Making – Every Bit As Much As The Poisonous Water System Outrage In Jackson. @bakarisellers

There Is An Area There Known As Cancer-Alley Because Many Industrial Companies Have Processing Plants Running Along The Mississippi River Which Runs Through The Area (Composed of Former Plantations) Where Many African-American People Live And Who Have Had Disproportionate Diagnosises of Cancer.

Here In Britain It Was Also The Evidence of A Forensic Scientist That Helped Secure A Conviction In A Famous Anti-Black Murder Case. Albeit Many Years Earlier. Dr Angela Gallop In Her Book When The Dogs Don’t Bark Tells of How She Helped Convict Two of The Five Stephen Lawerence Murderers Through The Use of Forensic Science. As Both A Past President of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences And An Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) She Too Is A Member of The Scientific Community With An Appreciation of The Arts. Just Like Gilead Sciences Inc Who Supported The Production of This Simple But Excellent And Very Effective Play.

Clearly Throughout The World Science Matters. And We Salute Gilead Sciences For Their Support of ‘Unseen Unheard’. And For Their Amazing Work. They Are Indeed “Creating Possible” As Per Their Motto. No Man Is An Island And The Play Is Testimony To The Life-Changing Power of Collaboration. And As Ever It’s About Building And Maintaining Momentum. Hence (Despite Its Short Run One Week Run At @TheatrePeckham – Thursday April 27 – Thursday May 4 2023) The Play Is Going On Tour. So Watch This Space. Meantime See Our Seperate Theatre Review Of ‘Unseen Unheard’ In This Month’s Issue. @blackwomenrising @gileadsciences @theatrepeckham @blackmenrising

We’re Working With Organisations Around The World As Well As Here In The UK And Ireland To Eliminate Healthcre Inequalities And Promote Social Justice

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