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Double Whammy As Shocking Example of Institutional Racism In Both Policing & Education, Traumatises Innocent School Child


As The Community Demands Such Depravity Never Happen Again – 15 Men Speak Up In Support of Girls & Women

The Shockin’ Things A Racist Teacher Chose To Do To A Black School Child Are Traumatic

The Legal Action Pending Against The School And The Police, Who The Teacher Weaponized, Mean That The Child Is Officially Known As Child Q For Legal Reasons
Racist Teacher’s Victimization of Innocent Black School Girl, Arguably Led To Physical & Sexual Child Abuse In Plain SightBy The Police (Including Two Female Officers. And Two Male Officers)
Health & Safety Outrage As School Child On Her Period Is Forced From Her Exam, Forcibly Strip-Searched, Then Forcibly Returned To Exam, Denied The Right To Change Herself, Nor Wash Her Hands.

All In The Middle of An Exam! All In The Midst of Covid!

All Wilfully Disregardin’ Child Safeguarding!

The Community Is Disgusted, Hurt & Outraged!

A Racist Female Teacher Weaponized The Police Against An Innocent 15 Year Old Girl Who Was On Her Period, After Accusin’ Her of Smellin’ of Cannabis, Searching Her, Findin, No Drugs On Her. And Then Calling Police To The School To Further Disrupt Her Education, By Draggin Out of Her Exam, For Which She Had Duly Prepared, And Causin’ Them To Subject The Innocent Child To A Strip Search In A So-called School Medical Room.

Following The Recent Publication of A Safeguardin’ Review of The Case, The Teacher Has Been Sacked By The School. However The Two White Female Officers, Who Some Believe Commited Sexual Assault, Given The Illegallity of The Search, Remain In Their Jobs. They Have Been Moved To Desk Duty, Whilst A Misconduct Investigation Is Carried Out By The IOPC (Independent Office of Police Conduct).

For Legal Reasons, Includin ‘ Anonymity & Protection of Identity, The Child Is Known Officially As Child Q . The Report Concluded That Racism Most Probably Played A Part In Her Ordeal.

Diversity & Unityv – Police Depravity

The Details of Child Q’s Ordeal At The Hands of Racist Teachers & Racist Police Officers Are Graphic, Horrific & Raw. What Those Institutionalized Officers Made That Defenceless Child Do To Herself Before, During And After An Improper Strip Search Are Outlined In The Subsequent Safeguarding Report (Included Via Link At The End of This Opinion Piece). The Full Extent of Those Details Must Be Made Clear, Such As They Are In The Report. This Is So The World Knows Just How Low The Current MET Allowed Itself To Go.

This Is Because One of The Tools of Racism Is Minimization. Minimization Must Be Combated If Members of The Global Majority Community Are Going To Fight Such Depraved Indignities. And This Detail Will Help The Community Overcome Them More Emphatically. Along With The Help of Friends, Allies & Fellow Decent Citizens.

An Anonymity Court Order Is In Place As Obtained By Her Lawyers Bhatt Murphy Solicitors (Civil Liberties Specialists). So It Is Equally Important To Simultaneously Protect Child Q’s Anonymity And Not Disclose Her Identity Nor That of The School.

Hopefully Child Q Will Grow Stronger & Come Back Even Greater, As A Champion Who Fought Collusion & Corruption And Social Destruction. But Now Is Not The Time. She Needs Time To Heal. In The Meantime It Is For Society To Support Her In The Name of Common Public Decency, Democracy And Diversity-Come-Unity.

Menstruation At One End of The Reproductive System & Menopause At The Other Becomin’ Less Taboo As Men & Women Pull Together Over Child Q

Girl Guiding Have Rangers Aged 14-18 & Groups For Girls of Different Ages.

Girl Guiding (Formerly The Girl Guides) Have Programmes Supportin Girls Aged 4-18, Before School, In School & After School. Includin’ An End Period Stigma Campaign, Tacklin Period Stigma By Talking Openly, Supportively & Respectfully About Them. Also By Makin’ Sure Free Period Products Are Available In Schools. And Also By Educatin’ Pupils About Periods & Puberty (Relationships & Sex Education).

The British Youth Council Supports Child Q

The British Youth Council Is About Empowerin’ Young People And Including More Youth In Policy Makin’ Includin’ In Education. It Looks At Various Youth Issues And Offers Various Youth Programmes & Projects.

It Recently Issued A Statement On Its Website Officially Supportin Child Q.

BYC Say 16 Year Olds Need A Voice Via The Vote For A Better Democracy

Girl Guiding And The British Youth Council (BYC) Work Together To Support Each Other As Youngsters And The Youth of Today. They Work Together To Help Have Their Voices Heard & Have A Greater Say In Things That Effect Them Day To Day. This Includes Helpin’ To Make Official Change. One Thing They Want Is To Reduce The Voting Age In The UK. From 18 Down To 16.

In Order To Carry On With Hope In Life Focusing On Positive Elements In Life Can Sometimes Help. A Particularly Notable Element of This Case Is The Social Unity That Has Been Shown In Terms of Men & Women Bein’ Equally Outraged And Digusted By The Treatment of This Female Child By The MET Police, Whilst She Was On Her Period. The Fact That She Was Menstruatin’ Is Not In Anyway Being Considered A Source of Shame For Her But, Which of Course It Should Not Be. The Shame & Disgust Is Levelled At The Two Female Officers Who Failed To Show Her Any Humanity, Dignity, Nor Empathy. Indeed It May Be That The Female Teacher Who Called The Police And The Two Female Officers Who Did The Dishonourable Deed Were Relyin’ On Her Feelin’ A Shame And That Would Allow Them To Do What They Did And Get Away With It. If So, How Wrong They Were.

This Case Has Come To Light At A Time When The Government Menopause Task Force Is Making The Case For Menopause To No Longer Be A Taboo Subject And For Women To Be Accomodated In The Work Place As The Government Makes A Business Case Not To Continue Losing Female Workers of A Certain Age. In The Process Menstruation Is Being More Openly Discussed Too, With The Objective of Making Female Reproduction Topics All Round Less Taboo. In Some Tiny Tinnie Small Way This May Help Led, In The Fullness of Time, To The Easin’ Of Child Q’s Pain of What Happened To Her On That Day, In That School, In December 2020. It Was Wrong. And Even The Government Acknowledge That It Was Wrong.

It Is The Perpetrators of This Crime Against A Child And Civility Who Are Shamed, As Should Be The Case. Hopefully Going Forward In A Show of Social, Gender & Diversity-Come-Unity, Menstruation (Particularly For Young Teenage Girls) Will Never Be A Source of Shame, Abuse or Humiliation For Any Woman Ever Again. We Are Livin’ In A More Enlightened Age.

We Have Outlined 15 Quotes & Contributions From Men, Includin’ Fathers, And Grandfathers, Havin’ Their Say On The Case And Bein’ Supportive of Child Q In Their Own Way. Read Their Various Comments At The End of The Article.

Speakin’ On ITV’s Lorraine Show On International Women’s Day. Tuesday March 8 2022, Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan Spoke of The Importance of Supportin’ Women & Girls When It Comes To Menopause & Periods As Well.
The Government’s Menopause Task Is Advocatin’ That Society Work Together More In Support of The Female Section of The Population When It Comes To Menustration At One End of The Reproductive Cycle And Menopause At The Other.
Men & Women, Boys & Girls. Young & Old.
In Particular It Is Focused On Seein’ That Women & Girls Are More Supported In The Workplace & In Schools As Discussed Reently On Breakfast TV.
The Menopause Task Force: Makin’ Conditions Better Around Menstruation & Menopause.
And Encouragin’ The. Male Population To Be Included In Helpin’.

It Is Also Worth Noting, That Beyond Her Mere Existence, Rather Like Margaret Thatcher Becoming Prime Minsiter, Dame Dick Being The First Female And First Openly Lesbian MET Commissioner, Has Seemingly Done Little To Nothing For The Female Cause.

Ironically On Her Watch The MET Has Been Identified As Institutionally Mysogynistic. The Murder of Sarah Everard By One of Her Officers, The Photographing of Two Murdered Sisters Hannah & Bibaa Smallman And The Subsequent Circulation of Those Unauthorised Photographs In A Police WhatsApp Group, The Grotesque Messages In The Charing Cross Police Station WhatsApp Group (Includin’ Mockin’ The Disabled And Wanting To Kill Black Children) And Now The Strip Search of A Black Girl Sittin’ An Exam Instigated By A Female Teacher And Executed By Two Female Officers, Being Examples of Some of The Worst Mysogyny In The MET’s History.

Under Dame Dick’s Watch The MET’s Approach To Corruption “Is Not Fit For Purpose” Accordin’ To This Month’s Daniel Morgan Report. She’s Definetely Done Nothing For The Sistershood As Far As Anyone Can See. The Whole Community Needs To Unite, Men, Women, Black And White To Fight And Ensure Her Type of Poor Policing Leadership Is Gone For Good.

Based On The Facts Currently Known About What That Female Teacher And Those Two Female Police Officers Did To Child Q, Whatever That Was, It Was Not Professional Teaching Nor Policing

Instead It Was Evil In Operation.
It Was Callousness.
It Was Cruelty.
It Violation of Safeguarding Policy.
It Was Breach of Basic Hygiene, Health & Safety & Common Decency.
It Was Gross Continuous Abuses of Power.
It Was Wilful And Neglectful.
It Was Child Racism, Sexism, Collusion & Corruption
Writ Large!

It Was Particularly Nasty Behaviour By The Female Police Officers Because As Two Fellow Female Human Beings Who Were Adult Women, Know or Will Have Known, What It Is To Menstruate. Thus They Could Only Have Operated Out of Hate When They Subjected Child Q To What They Did In Makin’ Her Remove Her Sanitary Towel For The Search, Bear Down By Coughin’ (Which Causes Extra Bleeding) And Then Denyin’ Her Access To The School Toilet Facilities For Washin’ And Changin’. And Sendin’ Her Back Into The Examination Room, With Little To No Chance of Concentratin’. And In Great Discomfort & Distress. Thus This Was Arguably A Hate Crime. And It Should Be Prosecuted As Such If So, Notwithstandin’ The IOPC Report. Hate Crimes Are In A League of Their Own.

Menstruation, Namely Having A Monthly Period, Is Of Course A Natural, Biological, Female, Physical, Sensitive, And Physiological Bodily Burden, Experienced By Young Girls From The Age of Approximately 12 Years Old (Sometimes Sooner). And So Factually & Physically Those Two Female Police Officers Knew The Trauma They Were Inflicting On This Child – And They Did It Anyway.

Meanly. Maliciously. Mercilessly.

There Can Be No Doubt That Child Q, As A Young Female Teenager, Would Have Been Cryin’ And Beggin’ For Understandin’ In This Moment of The Most Inhumane Suffering Being Imposed Upon Her. She Was Powerless In That Moment, And Racially Persecuted, Which She Knew, And We Know, She Did Not Deserve. It Was Just Perverse.

The Physiological Burden of Menstrual Sufference Is Particularly Heightened During Puberty Due To Teenage Sensitivity & Embarassment During This Time of Natural Biological Transition From Childhood To Adulthood Aged 13-18. In Ignoring That Fact These Two Female Metropolitian Police Officers Demonstrated An Unprofessional Lack of Empathy, An Unprofessional Lack of Descalation Skills, And An Unprofessional Failure To Communicate Appropriately, Effectively, And Considerately In Dealing With The Inappropriate Call To The School By The Teacher Concerned. They Nor The Teacher Are Fit For Purpose.

Additionally, Another Notable Nasty Element of Their Behaviour Is That They Perpetrated This Racist Attack On A Child In December 2020. 2020 Is One of The Most Momentus Years In World History For Two Main Reasons: The Global Lockdown And The Police Brutality Murder of George Floyd. The Latter Caused The World, Including The Corporate World, To Revile, Reflect And Seek Social Justice Reform. There Were International Protests. Television Dramas, Schedulin’ And Advertisin’ changed, And The Four American Police Officers Responsible For Mr Floyd’s Murder Were Arrested. These Four British Police Officers In This Child Q Case Knew That. It Was Impossible Not To Notice. The World Demanded Better Policin’ – In Particular, Policing Without Racism. And Again, These British Police Officers Did What They Did Anyway.

Black Lives Did Not Matter To Them. Not Even The Life of An Innocent, Diligent, London School Girl, In School, In School Uniform, In London, In An Exam (The Pressure of Which Would Already Have Been Considerable In & Of Itself). Theirs Was An Act of Defiance. Possibly A Hate Crime. Certainly A Crime Against Common & Public Decency. Child Q’s Fellow Pupils Will Have Beeen Aware of This Momentus Police March Into The School And Detainment From The Particular School Examination Room.

This Pledge of Alligence To The Queen Is Made By MET & GMP Constables And Others Throughtout The Country On Completion of Trainin’.
Police Power Abusers & Mis-users

Under The Circumstances, As A Child Q Was Subjected To This Indecent Police Power Abuse, It Amounts To Physical Abuse of A Child…And Arguably Also Sexual Child Abuse of A Child Too.

The MET Has Admitted That The Search Should Not Have Happened. Thus The Search Was Unlawful And As Child Q Was Made To Perform Various Physical Acts To And Upon Herself Involving Her Private Parts, Reproductive System, And De-robing, It Was Furthermore Both An Invasion of Privacy And Sexual Interference With A Child By Making Them Perform Intimate Acts In Front of Two Adult Strangers For No Reason Other Than Their Perverse Satifaction, Which The Child Did Not Want To Do .

As That Child Reportedly Changed In Personality As A Direct Result of The Imposition of These Unprofessional Police Officers Upon Her Life & Upon Her Person It Was Also A Form of Personal Injury, Caused By Mental & Emotional Cruelty, And Resulting In Emotional Distress And Harm.

As Such She Should Be Afforded The Necessary Financial & Therapeutic Assistance To Help Her Make The Best Possible Recovery, Which of Course Will Not Be Easy. But Child Q, Through No Choice of Her Own, Is Now A Beacon For Civil Rights And The Civil Rights Fight. The Fact That She Found The Strengh To Report In Great Detail What She Was Subjected To Means That This Case Is Now An Historical One On The Record For Which She Can Now Seek Legal Redress And As Such Will Set Legal Precendent, With The Objective That This Will Never Happened Again.

In Light of All Their Gross Abhorrences The Female Officers Involved Should Be Charged In Law With Both Civil And Criminal Offences. Not Least of All The Indictable Offence of Misconduct In A Public Office And Breach of Duty In A Public Office.

Wednesday 23 March 2022 Chris Bryant MP Suggests Misconduct In Public Office Should Become Statute Law Rather Than Just Remain Common Law As It Is Now. It Would Help Much More To Root Out Bad Cops. In Response Kit Malthouse Conceeds It May Be Time For Such A Tougher Law.
The Quality of Characters Allowed Into The Police Has Plummeted According To The Daniel Morgan Report Issued Wednesday 23 March 2022

They Should Also Be Suspended Immediately, With A View To Being Dismissed From Working With The Police or Children Ever Again. Permenantly. On Thursday March 24 2022 The BBC London News Announced That The Two Officers Have Finally Been Removed From The Streets. Not Yet Sacked, But Put On Desk Duty.

One Has To Wonder What Other Evils They Were Allowed To Perpetrate In That Time, And What Actually Constitutes Gross Misconduct In Their Bosses Minds.

And What of The Two Male Officers? Only One of Them Is Under Investigation (Three In Total). What of The Fourth Officer?

The Minister’s Malaise Is A Cop Out

Police & Crime Minister, Kit Malthouse, Is, Just As Bojo Did Over Sue Gray’s Report On Gather-Gate/Party-Gate, Hiding Behind The Existence of An IOPC Investigation By Not Taking More Decisive Action Nor Making More Meaningful Statements. With The Height of Irony He Does However Manage To State His Concern For The Officers By Sayin’.

“They Deserve Due Process”.
Well, Child Q Deserved Due Process Too!

And Now That She Has The Support of Civil Rights Lawyers & The Global Majority Community (T-GM-C) And Their Allies She Is Now Fightin’ Her Corner And Is On The Road To Legally Gettin’ It.

Had Child Q Been Afforded The Professional Teaching And Professional Policing With Due Respect And Consideration Each & Everyone of Those Public Workers Were Paid Public Money To Provide, None of Those Officers or Teachers Involved Would Be In Public Mess They Now Find Themselves In. So It Is Perverse That Ultimately It Is They Who Appear To Be Gettin’ Malhouses’s Sympathies As He Says They Should Not Be Relieved From Their Duties. This Is Clearly Gross Misconduct And In The Real World Gross Misconduct Means Immediate Dismissal.

In Civil Law Cases Liability Is Usually Decided Upon By A Judge Or Judging Panel Deemed Capable of Not Being Swayed By Undue Influence And Instead Limiting Their Considerations Soley To The Evidence Presented In Courtroom of The Case.

In Accordance With The Contempt of Court Act 1981 Only In Active Criminal Cases After An Arrest And The Case Becomin’ Active Must Spoken or Written Publications Avoid Material Which Will Cause “A Substantial Risk of Serious Prejudice.” This Is Because A Jury of 12 Ordinary Men & Women In A Criminal Case Is Considered More Suseptible To Undue Influences Such As Newspaper Reports For Instance, Than A Legally Educated Judge or Judging Panel.

Therefore Just Because An Investigation of A Civil Nature Has Been Instigated Does Not Automatically Legally Mean That People Must Automatically Have Nothing To Say. It Depends Whether or Not Those Civil Law or Criminal Law Circumstances Are In Play.

Firstly, The IOPC Is A Civil Body Not A Criminal Body And Secondly It Has Made Clear It Has Finished Its Deliberations And Is Simply Finalizin’ The Report. Therefore Malthouse Was Free To Speak Up And Talk And Offer Meaningful Proclamations of Support. . Because At This Stage Non on His Comments (Nor Those Comin’ From Any Others) Could Have Caused “A Serious Risk of Substantial Prejudice.” And FurHe Simply Chose Not To. He Also Chose To Repeatedly Ignore The Question of When He Knew About What The School And Police Had Perpetrated Upon Child Q.

The Issues In This Case Are Many And Include:

  1. Racism In The Education System
  2. Institutional Racism In The Police
  3. The Mcpherson Report
  4. The Contempt of Court Act
  5. The Effectiveness of IOPC Rulings
  6. Safeguarding Policy Rules & Regulations
  7. Parental Rights
  8. Child Safety
  9. Adultification
  10. Slavery, Racists Troupes & Racial Profiling
  11. The Issue of Consent
  12. Abuse of Power
  13. Physical Abuse
  14. Sexual Abuse
  15. Emotional Abuse

If He Cared Sufficiently Sincerely, In Line With The Community, He Would, Could, And Should Have Made A Stronger Statement Acknowledgin’ Those Issues, Condemnin’ Police Actions Based On What We Currently Know, And The Teacher’s Too, And Offerin’ Reassurances of Worth To Child Q, Her Family, Her Fellow School Pupils, The Community And Great British Public At Large. He Didn’t Give That – Pure And Simply Because He Does Not Have It In Him. That’s Not In Line With His Agenda of Favourin’ The Police At Any Cost. The Latest Daniel Morgan Report Also Released This Month Speaks For Itself In Terms of The Consequences of Such A Passive Approach To Policing, Collusion And Corruption.

In This Case Whilst The Child Nor The School Can Be Named, No Arrests Have Been Made Nor Have Criminal Charges Been Laid Against The Teachers or Officers Involved. Yet. Thus Hiding Behind The Mere Existence of An Investigation Is Literally A Cop Out & A Classic Delay Tactic Which Enables Officials To Shirk Responsibility. So Often It Leads To Ultimately Doing Very Little or Nothing Once Considerable Time Has Passed And Things Have Been Kicked Into The Long Grass.

Jackie Doyle-Price, Conservative MP For Thurrock Also Posed Questions In Parliament Monday March 21st 2022. The Response, In The Commons, From Kit Malthouse, The Policing & Crime Minister, To The Urgent Question Concernin’ The Public’s Revulsion About The Treatment of Child Q, Was Largely Considered Inadequate & Not Equal To The Level of World Outrage About The Public Decency Atrocities Committed By The Police Against Child Q, Many Feel As A Matter of Opinion, Based On The Facts, In Ignorin’ Safeguarding Policy And Strip Searchin’ A Menstruatin’ Child Alone They Crossed The Child Abuse Line

The Progression & Outcome of The Legal Civil Action Commenced By Child Q Against Her School And The Police Who Violated Her In It, Remains To Be Seen. Nonetheless At All Times We Must Respect Her Right & Request For Privacy. Something The MET Police Never Did!

The Question Now Is Will Society And The British Courts Allow Them To Get Away With It – This Most Depraved Behaviour Against Common Public Decency And Yet Another Innocent Member of The Black Community?

The Report Is Included Here Via The Link Below. However, Despite Its Finding of Racism And Adultification Crucial Questions Currently Remain Unanswered & Need To Be Addressed:

(1) Teacher Motive: Why Was The Malicious Teacher Who Started The Whole Racist Procedure So Hell Bent On Doing So In The First Place ?Why Did She Perpetrate The Racist Troupe of A Black Person ‘Smelling Like Canabis’ Against This Child? Was It Random or Was There History Between Them? What Exactly Was The Ultimate Objective of The Teacher In Calling The Police? Why Did She Get The Police To Treat A Diligent 15 Year Old School Girl, In School, In School Uniform, In An Exam, In England, Like An International Drugs Baroness, In A Drugs Cartel, In A High Security Prison, In South America?

This Is The Same Racist Gateway Accusation Laid Against Commonwealth Champion Bianca Williams In 2020 By The MET And Against Black Cycling Club Founder Emmanuelle ‘Mani’ Arthur Before That. In Fact In September 2020 The IOPC Found In Favour of His Complaint And Said That No Longer Should An Accusation of Smelling Like Cannabis Be The Sole Reason For Searchin’ Someone. This Is Because Making Up Such An Accusation Is Far Too Easy And Commonly Just A Gateway To Trumped Up Charges & Police Abuse. And Yet Here We Are Again With Child Q, Her Racist Teacher And The Racist Cops Who Indulged Her. So Not Only Have They Breached Safeguarding Guidelines But Also IOPC Rulings.

(2) Police Motive: Why Were The Four Officers So Insistant On Doing What They Did? (Two Male Officers Stood Guard Outside While The Racist Physical Violation of A Child Took Place Inside By Two Female Officers). For Instance The Police Have Previously Announced They No Longer Investigate House Burglaries, Are Notorious For Avoidin’ Gettin’ Involved In “Domestics”, And No Longer “Walk The Beat” As Standard. Yet They Took It Upon Themselves To Strip Search A Child At The Whim of A Random Racist Teacher. How Is It They Have Time For That?

(3) Collusion Motive: Why Were Child Q’s Parents Not Contacted By The School Before The Police Were Called – And – Before She Was Questioned By Police – Which Requires The Presence of An Appropriate Adult? And If This Unauthorised Assault Took Place In The School Medical Room, Who & Where Was The School Medic?

(4) Weaponization of The Police: Actually, Why Were The Police Called At All? Nobody Was In Immediate Danger. The Child Was In An Exam. Her School Blazer, School Bag, Socks & Shoes Were Searched And No Drugs Were Found. She Was Not A Drug User Nor A Drug Dealer. And Why Has The Teacher Concerned Not Been Prosecuted For Usin’ The Police To Terrorise A Child i.e Wasting Police Time? Should Such Weaponization Become A Crime, So That Those Thinkin’ of Doin’ It In Future Will Have To Think Twice? This Has Become The Case In America.

(5) Health & Safety Breach: Why Was She Deliberately Denied The Hygience, Health & Safety, And Human Right To Change Herself And Wash Her Hands In The School Toilet After These Police Power Abusers Did What They Did – In The Midst of Covid When Handwashing Was An Official Essential Medical Survival Tool?

(6) Exam Results: Why Was She Dragged Out of An Exam Which She Described In Her Statement To The Safeguardin’ Review Panel As “The Most Important of Her Life”? How On Earth Was She Expected To Continue Her Exam In Her Subsequent Traumatized Condition After She Had Just Been Abused? And How Did This Disruptive Removal & Return Mid Impact Her Exam Results & Her Education Goin’ Forward?

(7) Minimization: Why Did Siddiq Khan, The Major of London, Have To Point Out To The IOPC, In An Open Letter, That Unlawful Discrimination Against Child Q Constitutes Gross Misconduct And Thus A Charge of Gross Misconduct Should Be Included Against The Officers, Not Just Misconduct? If Found Guilty of Gross Misconduct They Can Be Dismissed Immediately. Surely That Should Have Been A Consideration By The IOPC Automatically.

(8) Why Are The Police Assumin’ The Right To Treat Age As A Subjective Variable Factor – When Age Is An Objective Legal Matter of Fact? Just As The Police Would Not Accept It Was Okay For An Adult Man To Sleep With An Underage Girl Because Felt She Seemed Older, So Too The Police Have No Right To Legally Treat A Child As An Adult Because They’ve Decided Children From Inner London Are More Resilient. Adultification And Being Labelled Physically Tougher & Resilient Is A Racist Relic From Slavery Used As An Excuse For Raping, Beating, Beating Up, And Overworking Slaves And Their Children. The Admission By x And Y Is Tantamount To Police Witness Evidence That The MET Has Been Profiling Black People As Slaves, And In Turn Property, And In Turn Equating Them To Animals And Treatin’ Them As Beasts For Years. This Is Bearing In Mind The Report’s Finding That Racism Most Probably Played A Part And Adultification Was Imposed Upon Child Q. Furthermore Since When Has It Been Police Practice To Treat Anyone The Way Child Q Was Treated At All Generaally – But Especially Durin Menstruation Specifically? That Level of Inhumanity Is Only Possible When An Instituition Adopts The Attitude And Mentality of White Superiority Festerin’ Throughout Slavery. In This Case It Is On Display Writ Large.

A Strong Statement of Support For Child Q By @uklabourblackwomenMPs. In Stark Contrast To The Malthouse Malaise Are Leaders In The Black Community And Their Allies, Includin ‘ @uklabourblackwomenMPs Who Have Put On Record Their “Collective Shock & Indignation At The Report of A 15 Year Old Girl Being Subjected To A Strip Search By Police Whilst At School.” @officialhackneyabbott (Diane Abbott MP)
@dawnbutlterbrent (Dawn Butler MP) @marshadecordova (Marsha De Cordova MP)
@queenflo1809 (Florence Eshalomi MP) @kateosamormp (Kate Osamor MP)
@bell_reibeiroaddy (Bell Reibeiro-Addy MP) (And Kim Johnson MP)

In A Case Which Plummets New Historical Levels of Police Depravity & Impropriety It Is Notable There Has Been No Meaningful Condemnation From Bojo The Prime Minister (Responsible For Running The Country), Priti Patel The Home Secretary (Responsible For Appointin’ The New Commissioner), Nor Dame Dick The Old Commissioner (Responsible For Running The MET When The Assault Happened And Police Standards Were Run Into The Ground). These People Are At The Highest Levels of Government & Policing In The Country And Should Not Need To Be Prompted Into Action After The Police Have Plummeted To The Lowest Levels of Depravity In The Country’s History. Their Silence Is Deafenin’.

At PMQs On Wednesday March 23 2022 In Response To Helen Hayes MP For Dulwich & West Norwood Askin’ The PM Whether His Government’s “Characteristic Dither & Delay” Was Acceptable When It Comes To Child Safety – He Answered With Typical Bluster & Cowardice.

“I Think That Is A Completely Ridiculous Characterisation Of The Response Of The Government Because, Of Course, The Reports Of This Incident Are Deeply Distressing And Deeply Concerning.“Everybody Shares Her Feelings About That But The Metropolitan Police Have Rightly Apologised And The IOPC Is Investigating, And For That Reason It Would Not Be Right To Comment Further.”

15 Men Express Voices of Support For Child Q As The Community Rises Up In Disgust At Latest Example of Racism In Schools & Racist Police Abuse. Many Feel It Could Have Been Their Female Relative Abused On That Day, In That Way. A Mother, Sister, Aunt, Neice, Cousin. And It Should Never Happen Again!

Tru Powell, Civil Rights Activist & Father (To A Daughter):

Tru Powell: Words Matter. “Regrettable” Not Good Enough. It’s “Unacceptable!” We Need To Have Zero Tolerance To This Beast of Racism. Father To A Daughter.

Ben Shephard, TV Presenter & Father (of Boys):

Ben Shepherd Acknowledges The Terror Brought To Child Q & Other Pupils By The Teachers & Police Involved In The Case

Basil Linx, Entrepreneur, Father, & Grandfather: It’s Almost Like A Crime Not Just Against The Young Lady But Against All Black Women.  I Think We Should Support Her, Taken It On Board And Feedback To Our Local MPs And Councillors. Just To Let Them Know We Care About Our Young Women. They Are Our Most Important Asset. Our Young Boys And Girls Are Our Most Important Asset. And We Must Protect Them.  I Was Empathetic Because I Have Daughter And Granddaughters And Basically I Wondered How I Would Respond If That Was My Daughter. I Know What My Instinct Would Be. That’s The Kind of Thing That Sticks With You For Life. It’s Not The Kind of Thing You Would Wake Up And Forget.

George, Security Guard, Father And Grandfather: That Was Very degrading. So Degrading. It Shouldn’t Have Been Swept Under The Table. It Should Have Been Dealt With Before. It’s Like Nobody Cared. How Would That Have Made That Young Lady Feel?  There’s A Lot of Things Going On That Nobody Talks About. They Should Get Rid of The Teacher That Did It,  And The Head Teacher, And The Police Officers.

Nigel, Barber, Father And Grandfather, SE London: Totally Out of Order. Totally Disrespectful. Very Rude. We Need To Make A Programme About That So Our Voices Can Be Heard. It’s Very Disrepectful To Every Race. Black & White. There Should Be No Partiality When It Comes To Justice Because When Judgement Day Comes There Will Be No Partiality. The Reason That Happended Is Because She Was A Black Girl. If It Was My Daughter It Would Be Bloody. The Teacher Should Be Locked Up Too Because The Teacher Started It.

Outraged & Appalled: From SE London (Originally From New Zealand): I Don’t Trust Or Respect The Police…They Lie, They Cover For Each Other…They Lack Empathy. They Incite, They Ignite, They Bully & Belittle… I Am Appalled That The Police Officers Concerned Have Not  Been Arrested For Sexual Assault On A Minor!

Trevor, Father, And Grandfather: They Should Be Named & Shamed. We Don’t Want To See Their Privates. We Want To See Their Faces. They Are A Disgrace. They Are Disgusting. Disgusting!

Comedian ‘Quincy’ – The Cockney Prince: My First Thought Was A Thought of Disgust And Also Here We Go Again. And Also That’s My Daughter. I Felt Anger & I Could Have Pre-booked My Prison Cell. Ultimately I Want The Police To See They Are Just Pawns In A Political Game To Make Sure The System Stays The Same. I Would Like Child Q & Her Family To Know They Are Not Alone & The Community Is Behind Them.

Comedian John Ryan – Irish Mental Health, Advocate: We Need To See Her As Our Child. We’re A Community All of Us In Society. My Attitude Is You Look After My Child And I Look After Yours.  And  Where Are The Parents Saying This Doesn’t Happen It Our Schools – As A Show of Support? What About The School Governors?  What Were The Police Thinking? And On What Level Did They Think They Would Get Away With That In 2022? What On Earth Were They Lookin’ For And In What Quantity Did They Expect To Find It In The Private Parts A 15 Year Old School Child Sittin’ An Exam? There Is No Logical, No Reasonable Answer.  It’s Unacceptable. This Was Abuse And Perversion.

They Should Be Named

& Shamed.

We Don’t Want To See Their Privates.

We Want To See Their Faces.

They Are A Disgrace!

Trevor, Entrepreneur, South London,
Father & Grandfather To Daughters

Dal Babu, Former MPS Superintendant & Father (of Girls):

The Police Should Never Have Been Called By The School. The Police Should Never Have Got Involved. It’s Appallin.’ Former Superintendent Dal Bablu. Father of Daughters.

Former MPS DCI Clive Driscoll, Father (of Sons):

DCI Driscoll Rtd Acknowledges That Rules Apply To The Police As Well As The Public

DCI Driscoll Rtd. Says “It’s Important That The Police Always Work Within The Rules. And On This Occasion They Didn’t Do That.”

Luke, Environmental Consultant: My Daughter Is Studyin’ To Be A Civil Engineer And She’s Experiencin’ Somethings I Went Through At University. The Same One! It’s Tough. But We Have That Commonality And We Are Workin’ Throught It. My Feeling Is At Last Now There’s Transparency. It’s Not About Gender Equality. It’s Still About Race. When They Talk of Gender Equality They Mean Gender Equality For White People. They’re Just Tryin’ To Fool Us As Black People Into Thinkin That It’s Now About Gender Equality.  If It Happened To My Child My First Reaction Would Be That I’m Glad My Child Has Mental Resilience To Survive. And  I’d Be Glad She Now Knows The Truth of How These People Operate. Because After That  She Can Never Be Fooled By Them Again. We Would Have That Commonality. And Then I’d Be Glad I’m Around To Nurture Her Through It. I Can Tell My Children About My Experiences With Racism But There’s   A Jamaican Sayin’ “If You Can’t Hear, You Must Feel.”  Some of Us Lose Touch With Who We Are. It’s Important Not To Do That But Instead To Remember Where We Came From. It’s Very Important Not To Seek External Validation For Who You Are. Self Love Is About Accepting Who You Are, Being True To Yourself And Havin’ Principles So You Can Do The Best For Yourself And Your Family.

We  Need To Realise That We Are Just Tenants In This Country, And That’s Not A Tenancy Agreement We Can Change Because It Was Fixed Over 600 Years Ago. Before They Brought Us Here There Was The Feudal System. It’s About The White Elite Stayin’ Elite And Usin’ Others As Fodder To Do It. Look At Windrush, They Are Still Waitin’ For Compensation. Look At How They Are Treatin’ The Ukrainians. Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Come Over And Have A Home And £300. Not The Same For Those From Africa And Morroco Though. If They Could They’d Refill The Dinghy With Air And Send Them Back In The Same Boat. Instead They Just Lock Them Up. If There Was Armaggadon They’d Throw Kemi Badenoch Under The Bus (The MP  This Week Announcin’ The Sewell Report Policies). But Some of Us, For A Nice Job, Nice House And Pretty Car, Are Happy To Pretend That’s Not The Case.

James, Property Consultant, London; Your Child Is Not An Adult So You Need To Protect Your Child And You Would Want To Send A Message That This Could Never Happen To Your Child Again. If This Happened To Your Child You Would Go Beyond Rational Behaviour In The Process of Trying To Love & Protect Your Child. It’s A Very Delicate Balance Because You’d Want To Knock The Perpetrators Out And Say To Your Child “Never Mind Darling That Could Never Happen Again”. But Then You’d Be In Handcuffs Because of Your Love & Protection For Your Child.  You’d Never See them Grow Up As A Result of This. However I Believe Child Q Is Destined To Do Great Things & She’s Destined For Greatness. Sometimes You Can Turn An Unpleasant Thing To A Great Thing – Just Like A Caterpillar Becoming A Butterfly.

Victor Richards, Actor, Writer, Producer, Father & Grandfather, Leicester: Why Was It Suppressed For So Long? My Thoughts Are With The Family. We Really Don’t Want To Hear of This Happening’ Again. It’s Good The Way The Community Has Come Together. It’s Not Just About Words It’s About Love. So I Hope She Has That & I’m Sure She Does.
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David, Personal Trainer, Chelsea: “You Watch Your Woman Give Birth & It’s Emotional. Then Years Later Your Child Gets To A Certain Age & This Happens To Them. It Bought Tears To My Eyes.

The Court Needs To Ask Those Officers If They Would Like An Officer To Treat Their Child Like That.

I Can’t Be Everywhere Because I Have To Go To Work & My Daughter Has To Go To School. But Anything That Happens She Will Tell Me About It. And I Make Time To Listen. Imagine I Make Time To Listen & I Hear “Daddy This Happened To Me Today” – And She Told Me That Story, These Are The Kind of Things That Make People Take Things Into Their Own Hands. These Are The Kinds of Things That Make People Fight For The Rest of Their Life Until Something Is Done About It.”

Father & Daughter Evian Are Very Close And Hearin’ Child Q’s Story Brought Tears To David’s Eyes

These Are The Kinds of Things That Make People Fight For The Rest of Their Life Until Something Is Done About It.”

David, Personal Trainer & Father To A Daughter

The City And Hackney Safeguarding Children Partnership Review
Issued Monday March 14 2022

HashtagChildQ: Other Members of The Community Are Speakin’ Out Too In Support of Child Q Includin: The British Youth Council –; Girl Guiding –; DignityinSchool – Sistah Space –; Also Community Leader Patrick Vernon (On Linkedin).
Education Consultant Pauline Dean (On Linkedin). And Black Curriculm Patron Stuart Lawerence (On Linkedin).

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