TheOrator.Press: Education, Schools, University, Language & Leadership Special: Changing The Culture Around Toxic Techology & A Lack of Accountability ~ February 2023

Self~Described Actress, Comedian And Presenter Emily Atak Is Taking On Parliament, Misogyny, A Culture of Male Toxicity, Its Lack of Accountability And Big Tech Companies, In A New, Powerful, Brave, BBC Documentary Posing The Question…Emily Atak: “Asking For It?”
A New Drama By Writer And Actor Emma Dennis Edwards Looks At The Issue of Consent Amongst Teenagers
And A Shocking By Intrepid Documentary Maker Ben Zand Looks At Incels As Recently Featured On Hollyoaks

Throughout February People Have Been Talking About Emily Atak’s Documentary Asking For It Which Aired Tuesday January 31st 10.00pm On BBC 2. It Is So Very Powerful, Graphic And Necessarily Confrontational. In No Uncertain Terms It Addresses The Problem of Digital Sexual Deviancy & Using Technology To Harass Women
One Week Later On Tuesday February 7th 10.00pm Channel Four Broadcast A Brave, New, Powerful One Hour Drama Focusing On The Issue of ‘Consent’ And The Mis-use of Technology
Plus An EU Organisation Has Just Banned The Use of Tik-Tok In Its Offices Too (Reportedly For Security Reasons)
It Seems Something Is Beginning To Click When It Comes To Technology Mis-use And The Failure of Tech Companies To Do Anything Effective About It

As One of The Bright, Brave And Brilliant School Girl In Emily’s Documentary Said

Yeah We Do Really Have To Be Our Own Support Groups To Be Honest. Women Have To Support Each Other Because Even Though There Are Men Supporting, There Isn’t Enough At The Moment. So It Won’t Help If Another Woman Is Attacking Another Woman Saying ‘Oh Well What Were You Wearing? We Really Have Help Each Other.

an innocent school child. one of many in a consultation group who revealed in emily atak’s documentary ‘asking for it?’ that she had been the subject of sexual harassment (by old men) whilst wearing her school uniform on her way to and from school

Former First Lady Michelle Obama Seems To Agree Because Also This Month She Posted Happy International Day of Women And Girls In Science Day. She And Many Others Believe One Way To Help Change The Misogynistic Culture Prevailing In Tech World Is To Include More Women And Girls Generally And Particularly In Well Earned Positions of Influence & Power #STEM

However, In Recent British History We Have Had More Women In Parliament Than Ever Before And We Had The First Ever Female And Openly Gay Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Yet During Which Time We’ve Seen The Disgusting WhatsApp Group Content Following The Murder of Sisters Biba Henry And Nicole Smallman And The Police Rape, Murder And Bodily Desecration of Sarah Everad And The White Supremacist Misogynistic Murder of Female Politican Jo Cox. The Levels of Misogyny, Sexism, Homophobia, Racism And Corruption Are Reportedly Still At “Institutional” Levels. Evidence of This Has Been Uncovered By Legal Cases Material And The Discovery of WhatsApp Group Content

This Clearly Indicates This Is Not About The Ladies, But The So-Called Gentlemen. And It’s Them That Many In Society Believe We Should Now Be Focusing On

Why Was Emily Atak Aka Charlotte Hinchcliffe (r) In The Hit Series The Inbetweeners Asked To Pose In The Latterly Scorned Lads Mags of Yester Year Aged Just 17 (Legally Still Just A Child)?

The Power of Comedy?

Toxic Technology In Channel 4 Drama Consent?

The Ultimate Issue Is The Depraved Mind of The Sexual Techno Terrorist Not How The Innocent And The Unconsenting Dress, Because Ultimately The Offending Act Is Committed By That Sexual Techno Terrorist. And That Should Be The Starting Point

The Documentary Emily Atack: Asking For It? Highlights The Impact of Digital Sexual Harassment On Physical & Mental Health

Produced By Little Gem TV [Emily Atak:] ‘Asking For It?’ Poses This Infamous Age Old Question In The Context of Sexual Harassment, Notwithstanding Ms Atak’s Youth (At 37) And Her Famous Career Path (From The Age of 17) As The Character Charlotte Hinchcliffe In The Hit Show The Inbetweeners. Questioning Female Attire And Behaviour At The Heart of A Misogynistic Society Supported By A Biased And Brutal Male Dominated Legal System, Which Has Since Become Supported By A Digital Age, Male Dominated, Suicde Associated, Self-Satisfied Tech Industry.

Meanwhile The Sexually Harassed Are Left To Fend For Themselves. And In Too Many Cases That’s Too Big A Task To Ask As There Have Been Suicides And Homicides. Despite Being Incredibly Brave And Strong Ms Atak Explains The Physical And Well-Being Impact Digital Sexual Harassment Has Had On Her.

We Know How Vile And Destructive Anonymous Keyboard Cowards Are And The Disgusting Things That They Type. However What We Rarely See Is The Impact On Victims In Real Time. What Was Really Impactful Was Seeing Emily Bite Away At Her Thumbs To The Point of Bleeding. She Weeps A Number of Times. And Talks of Her Terror And Feeling Unsafe When Not In “A Safe Space” And Triple Locking Doors.

The Main Modern Day Difference To The Problem of Sexual Harassment & Abuse In Today’s Society Is The Use of Technology And Anonymity By The Predominately Male, Perpetrators. It’s Online, Anonymous, Proflic And Horrific. And The Vast Majority of Society Questioned On The Issue Don’t Believe That The Giant Tech Companies Who Enable These Creeps Are Not Doing Enough To Deal With The Problem Effectively.

And Yet In Comparison For Instance When It Comes To Perceived Musical Copyright Infractions They Mysteriously Appear From Nowhere Issuing Infringment Notices Direct To The Phones of Stunned Members of The Public Upon Whom They Come Down Like A Ton of Bricks Threatening All Kinds of Legal Action Unless These Listeners Immediately Cease And Desist. So It Appears That Their Inaction On Sexual Harassment And Terror Is A Corporate Choice Based On Protecting Music Companies And Their Profits Rather Than Women And Girls And Their Bodies And Well-Being.


The Actress, Comedian, And Presenter Is Campaigning For New Legislation To Tackle The Problem. The Discussions, Details & Differences of Opinion Along The Way Are As Controversial And Shocking As Ever. With Social Media And The Numerous Incidences of Abuse Scandals Coming To Light The Debate Is Just Alot More Transparent. And Graphic And Bold These Days Because Survivors of This Outrageous Terrorising Behaviour Are Determined To Fight And Empower Themselves More.

As Part of That, A Big Development Is Changing The Narrative By Looking More Forensically At Male Behaviour And The Need For A Shift In Culture And Peer Pressure. Good Men Who Support Women Are Being Asked To Call Out Toxic Male Behaviour And Help Establish A New Less Sexist, Misogynistic And Terroristic Abuse And Mis-use of Ubiquitous Technology.

Over Half A Decade Ago Fellow Comedian Tracy Ullman’s Comedic Mugging Sketch Was A Pioneering Skillful Parody of The Complacent & Misplaced Police Practice of Victim Blaming Women. Often Woman Are Asked What They Were Wearing In Cases of Rape & Sexual Harassment Instead of Those Who Are Paid To Serve And Protect The Public Focusing on The Behaviour of Sexually Criminal Men Who Commit These Offences.

The Wrong Above Superbly Highlighted By Comedian Tracy Ullman Addressing A Very Serious Issue In Her 2017 Comedy Show And It’s The Same Questions Over & Over & Over Again Almost As If The System Was Designed To Bring The Complainant Down. Again!

Men, Boys And Horrifically Even Children And Nuns Have Been Subjected To Attacks of Rape & Sexual Harassment Too. It Is Sadly Not An Unknown Phenomenon. It Is Patently Obvious That A Sexual Terrorist Is A Sexual Terrorist Regardless of What Their Victim Was Wearing. Each And Every Civilized Socialized Individual Has A Social, Civil And Criminal Obligation Is To Control Themselves Regardless of Another Person’s Wardrobe.

Nobody Should Be ‘Interferring With or Exposing Themselves To’ Somebody Else Without Legitimate Consent. This Point Is Also Very Powerfully Made In A One Hour Drama Special Called ‘Consent’ Broadcast On By Channel 4 This Month (February 7th).

Again Technology Is At The Heart of It, As Writer And Actor Emma Dennis Edwards Highlights Throughout The Drama And With A Shocking Twist At The End! The Focus On The Power of Peer Pressure And Toxic Male Behaviour Prevalent In Society Today, Which Both Men And Young Boys Have Been (Legally) Getting Away With For Decades And Decades Is Especially PowerFul. As Is The Dynamic Between Rich Powerful White Male, Lawyered Up And Supported By The System And Middle Class, Black Aspiring Black Girl, Without Legal Force And Unsupported By The System. Especially As They Were Actually Friends!

Notably, Many Lawyers Are Also Parliamentarians. And So It Would Be Folly To Think, Despite Her Noble And Righteous Quest, Ms Atak Won’t Be Asked What Will Be Considered Legally Reasonable Questions, In The Midst of Her Mission. Answering Them Requires Due Consideration And Preparation. Not Moral Indignation nor Righteous Outrage. The Currency of The Law Is Evidence, Not Emotion. Accepting And Dealing With That Is Part of The Fight For Progress. Forewarned Is Forearmed!

Similarly One of The Great Strengths of This Documentary Is It’s Disarming Quality, Honesty And Transparency. EmilyKnows Who She Is And How She Got Here And She’s Owning It. She Tells The Audience About Who She Is, Her Career Path And The Issues And Demons She’s Dealing With. And She’s Owning Her Beauty And Her Sexuality And Refuses To Be Vilified or Objectified Because of Either of Them.

She’s Very Intelligent, Bold, Savvy And Funny, And Having Had The Courage To Take On A Public Campaign About D–k Pics And Sexual Harassment, Not Just For Herself But All Women And Girls Subjected To It, She’s Letting It Be Known, She’s Not Having It! And Certain Boys And Men Need To Change Their Behaviours.

Word On The Street About Unwanted D–K Pics On The Phone

The Problem

She, Many of Her Followers, Online Forum Members, School Girls, Female Safety Campaigners, And Many Others Have Been Subjected To A Variation of Socially Unacceptable Digital Sexual Violations.

The Detail Given Is Graphic. And It Includes Sending Unwanted D**k Pics, Declarations of Masturbation, Desired Locations of Ejaculation, Threats of Rape, And Penetration With All Kinds of Life Threatening Objects,  Photos, Videos, Voice Notes, And Text Messages. And Yet The Tech Companies Are Doing Next To Nothing To Stop It.

“Who Doesn’t Want To Be Sexy And Funny?” She Says As Well As Explaining It Doesn’t Mean She Wants To Be Flashed At She Because She Wears A Top The Shows Her Clevage. “Why?” She Asks “Can’t People Understand That”? It Turns Out They Can Which She Discovered When She Undertook Substantial Research Trying To Get To The Root of The Problem.

Some Posbbile Solutions?

(Legally) New Legislation Making Sexual Harassment And Indecent Exposure Online As Criminally Culpable As It Would Be If Perpetrated In Person.

(Technology)    Call Out The Tech Companies

(Minimally & Repeatedly If Necessary) Block The Offender

(Transparently) Get The Issue Out In The Open. Name, Shame And Tell Friends, Family And Associates What’s Happening.

(Educationally/Culturally) Confront The Anonymous Keyboard Cowards Safely With Education And New Social Ettiquete    

Powerful Actions

She Has Had The Courage To “Spearhead” A Public Campaign Which She Has Taken To Parliament Seeking A Change In The Law By Giving A Talk On The Subject.

She Has Called Out The Tech Companies (As Have Many Others).

She Has Named, Shamed And Confronted At Least One The Anonymous Keyboard Cowards By Messaging Him Back. He Had Used A False Name But Finally Stopped Nonetheless. Probably After Getting Scared. (Ironically He Then Blocked Her To Stop Her Messaging Him).

She Has Blocked The Account of A Particular Offender (Inevitably It Raises The Question Why She Did Not Block More And Sooner. Blocking Is An Issue She Addresses In The Documentary, Whilst Talking To A Reclaim These Streets Co-Founder).

Different Social Groups & Professionals Emily Consulted With Include:-

Community Members

             Her Own Online Social Forum On The Subject (1)

                                                       Her Parents (2)

        A Group of School Girl Survivors (3)

A Group of School Girls Who Confirmed That The Harassment Was Mainly NOT From Boys But From Men With One Making A Face of Disapproval Saying “Yeah, They’re Like Old”. “Generally Older Guys.” “Rarely Anyone Our Age”.

And Another Says

 “I Feel Like It’s Mostly Middle-Aged Men Because Their Parents Didn’t Educate Them On These Boundaries.

Another Highlighted A Grotesque The Lack of Care & Concern By The Tech Companies

“I Reported An Image And I Got A Response Back Within An Hour And It Was Nothing. It Said There Were No Abnormalities That They Detected.”

Whilst Emily With A Classroom of Girls, She Did Not Speak To A Classroom of Boys.

Professional Experts

Jamie Klingler ~ Co-Founder of Reclaim The Streets (4)

The Leader of Reclaim These Streets (Set Up After The Murder of Sarah Everard) Explains That After The Organisation Was Born After She Tweeted She Was Going To Hold A Vigil For Sarah Everad As Did A Number of Other Women And Then She Did A Series of Interviews. And That’s When Came The D—K Pics, Death Threats And Rape Threats.

Emily Says That A Whole Other Load of Sinister. That Honestly Blows My Mind. We’re Just Trying To Get On With Our Day. We’re Walking Home. We’re Walking To Work.

Highlighting The Dress Question She Says “Sarah Had Been In An Anorak. She Had Been In Jumpers. She Called Her Boyfriend. She Was On A Busy Road.”

“It’s Not About What We Do. It’s About Them Wanting To Silence And Control You. And Wanting To Have Power To Make You Feel Like They’ve Got A Piece of You.”

And She Asks “A What Point Do Men Start Taking Responsibility For Sexual Violence?”

Jamie Points Out “There’s A 1.3% Conviction Rate For Rape And There’s So Much About Report This, Do This, Do This. Not Wasting My Breath On It!”

This Chat Helped Emily Realise That “It’s So Much More Than Sex”. It’s About Wanting Power Over Others.

             Professor Jane Moncton-Smith (Natural And Social Science) (5)

Says Rape, Nor Homocide Is Not An Entry Level Offence And She Believes People Should Always Report Because Even If Nothing Happens With The Police The Incident Has Been Put Into Some Kind of Intel. There Will Be Signs, Behaviours, Patterns And Red Flags That Will Be Defended, Excused And Justified Before They Escalate And Do Worse. And There Will Be Mis-Placing of Blame Too As Part of The Process. By Denying The Problem They Don’t Have To Do Anything. It’s Only By Showing The Scale of The Problem And The Nature of The Problem That Anybody Is Forced To Do Anything About It. And We Can Do Something About It!

As Emily Points Out, The Police Officer That Raped, Murdered And Desecrated Sarah Everad’s Body Was A Known Flasher Amongst Other Police Officers In The Metropolitan Police Force And Nothing Was Done About It. If  He Was Stopped At That Point He Would Not Have Been Able To Carry Out The Murder. “It’s So Terrifying” She Says. “The Sarah Everad Case Just Reminded Us That We Aren’t Safe.”

Theresa Cabot ~ Sexual Violence And Abuse Counsellor (6)

Who Says “The Boundary That Men Are Crossing Isn’t What You’re Asking For”. Emily Says The Messages Trigger The Trauma. She Explains That The Men Do Not Know The Harm They Do Because They Don’t Know What Harm Was There Before (This Is Not To Excuse Their Behaviour But To Explain One of A Number of Reasons Why They Should Not Be Doing It In The First Place).

                                                          The Police (7)

Explain That The Miscellaneous Communications Act Means That If A Miscellaneous Communications Act Miscreant Fails To Fully Disclose All Their Technological Misdeeds And Devices They Could Be Culpable For Jail Time of Up To Five Years.

Emily Cries As She Explains The Horrible Words She Is Required To Recall As She Reports Them Are Hard To Hear, Especially In Front of A Male Officer of The Law (He Officers To Excuse Himself But Emily Recovers Herself.

It Is Clear She Is Feeling Some Element of Blame As She Explains She Doesn’t Want Anybody Locked Up But She Wants An Acknowledgment From The Perpetrator of Their Wrongdoing So She Can “Take The Blame Off” of Herself. “So That I Can Take The Blame off Me” She Says.

Seyi Akiwowo ~ CEO of Glitch (An Online Safety Charity) (8)

Explains That Education And Changing Societal Norms Play A Role As Does The Law. However Glitch Is Worried That Another Pathway To Prison Will Simply Lead To “Criminalization And No Education”. So Their Focus Is More on The First Two Elements, Namely Education And Cultural Change.

          Andrea Simon ~ Director of End Violence Against Women (9)

Says Everything Is Focused On The Woman And Her Behaviour And That Is Something That Has To Change.

           Beyond Equality ~ A Male Lead And Male Focused Group (10)

BeyondEquality.Org Encourages Men And Boys To Be Productive And Constructive Individuals In Society And Guides Them How To Achieve That, Using Regular Discussion Sessions On Contempary Issues. One Contributor Outlines Various Pressures Men Are Under To Look A Certain Way, Act A Certain Way, To Be Good At Sex, And To Last A Long Time. And If Those Factors Are Not Attained Then Insecurities Set In. Another Talks About How Sending D—K Pics Are A Way of Trying To Regain Control. And Reveals How Since Coming Out As Bisexual And Joining The Gay Scene Recently, He Has Since Been Subjected To D—k Pics. He Say They Are Unwanted And Unpleasant.

Takeaways Regarding Toxic Technology After The “Asking For It” Documentary

Brave International Documentary Maker Ben Zand Who Has Travelled To Some of The World’s Most Dangerous Cities – And – Modern Male Alleyship Support Group Beyond Equality

Inevitably Different People Will Takeaway Different Things From This Documentary. For Some There Will Be The Important Acknowledgment That Many Men, Arguably Most Men, Do Not Send D—k Pics. So It’s A Question of Certain Men Making Certain Choices. Some Men Need To Look At Themselves In The Mirror. Long And Hard. Secondly, As One of The Contributors Pointed Out, There Needs To Be A Reframing of The Idea That A Real Man Does What He Wants And Gets Away With It. And Thirdly, Much More Focus Needs To Be On The Real World Impact of Behaviours Not The Ideal World Intention of Behaviours.

It Was Powerful Very Stuff!

Ultimately It Has Been Made Evermore Clear That Men Who Wish To Support Women Need To Committedly Call Out Chauvinistic, Misogynistic, Sexist Behaviour Perpetraged Their Fellow Men. They Need To Call It Out In Honour of Their Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Cousins, Female Friends And Associates. As A Show of Respect To Their Female Love Ones. Before Things Continue To Escalate And Get Out of Control.

The Possibility of Extreme Escalation Was Made Clear By Another Documentary On Channel Four, Broadcast Sunday Night February 27 2023, 10.00pm. It Was Distrubing With Detail And Content Pretty Much Never Seen Before On UK TV (Although Hollyoaks Recently Ran A Related Storyline). Incel And Femcel Individuals Consider Themselves Life’s Losers Based On Their Looks And Lack of Sexual Experience And Blame Everyone Else But Themselves. Their Frustration Manifests In Hate And A Desire To Kill Others. In Some Cases Even Their Own Mothers.

TO.P (TheOrator.Press) Has Made An Executive Decision NOT To Picture or Discuss Them In Any Great Detail Because They Must Not Be Allowed To Take Advantage of The Oxygen of Publicity Given That They Revel In Their Notoriety. Paradoxically Even When Killed By Themselves (Suicide) or The Police (Deliberately Self-Engineered Death By Cop) Following Killing Sprees, Often Mass Shootings, They Are Revered By Their Followers And Fellow Self-Declared Losers As Demonic Dieties.

However What Is Tragically More Disturbing Than Their Existence, Again, Is How Little Official Authorities Appear To Be Doing About It. The Excellent Yet Extremely Disbturbing Documentary Was Made By The Also Very Brave Ben Zand Who Helpfully Explains To The Channel 4 Viewers Very Quickly On That Incel Stands For Involuntarily Celibate. Femcel Is The Female Version. Zane Met A Member From Each Gender. Both Virgins, Both Belivers In Hate. Both On The Margins of Society.

Dr. Kaitlyn Regehr of University College London, Studies Data Around These Loners Who Tend To Have No Friends, No Girlfriends or Boyfriends, Except Other Incel Loners And No Genuine Social Skills, As The Documentary Evidences By Showing Their Postings (With The Help of An Undercover Expert). Regehr Confirms They Are Insular And Spend Hours And Hours Come Days Alone On The Dark Web Watching The Likes of Snuff Movies, Blood And Gore In So Called Slasher Movies And Negative Images of Body Dismorphia (Including Self-Harm). “It Is Through These Processes That Things Move off Screen And Onto The Streets.” She Says.

For Example, The Coroner’s Inquest Into The Death of Both Gunman Jake Davison And The 5 People He Executed In Plymouth In August 2021 Was Published On February 22 2023. In A Statement Outside The Coroners Court A Lawyer For The Victim’s Families Made Categorically Clear That They Considered It Too Late For Police Apologies And That They Had No Interest In Such Worthless Offerings. It Seems They, Like The Rest of The World, Have Seen, Too Many ‘No Apology, Apologies’ Which Barely Say Sorry, From The Establishment, Over Sized Egos, And Corrupt Individuals, Which Ultimately Have No Value. Instead The Families Are Demanding Better Police Practice, Policy And Competency. Especially With Gun Licensing. Unselfishly They Are Thinking of Others.

Jake Davison Was An Incel Member. But That Was Not The Predominant Messaging To The Public. Not Even In The First Incident of His Attack Physical Attacks Nine Months Back. Had The Official Messaging Been Different The Public Might Have A Better Chance of Survial And Been Better Placed To Protect Themselves. Instead The Messaging Was Expressions of Shock, Isolated Incidents And No Known Motive. Their Seems To Be A Nasty Prevalent Practice In Officialdom of Pretending There Are No Problems In Their Domains. Why? Well If There Are No Problems They Don’t Have Fix Them.

Yet Ben Zand’s Documentary Makes Clear That Davison Was A Typical Incel Who Considered Himself “Short, Fat And Bald” With No Chance of Being Liked By Women And A High Probability of Remaining A Virgin. Subsequently He Hated Women. Self-Improvement, Personal Growth, And Accountability Were Not His Preferred Remedy.

#Emma Dennis Edwards The Author of Channel 4’s Documentary ‘Consent’ Which Looks At Technology Mis-use & Peer Pressure

As Atak Says In Her Documentary (Whilst Talking With Klingler) “If The Law Took These Things Seriously And There Were Harsher Consequences For Things Like That, It Would Definitely Cut Down On It.”

In School Report Parlence Top Marks To Ms Atak On Having The Courage, Class And Cool Transparency To Undertake This Parliamentary Presentation Project For The Benefit of Her Fellow Women And Girls. And Unashamedly Herself. The School Girls She Consulted With Were Amazing Too As Were Those Youngsters Who Starred In The Sixth Form Drama Consent (Written By Emma Dennis Ewards). And Well Done Ben Zand. Well Done To To Each And Every One of Them. We Look Forward To Hearing of Their Progress. @emilyatak #Emma Dennis Edwards @BenjaminZand

However, As For The So-Called Leaders Who Are Actually Paid To Lead Us, Serve And Protect Us (As Oppossed To Themselves) And The Utterly Dogdy, Disgusting And Downright Duplicitous Men, They Really Must Do Better! To The Genuine Gentlemen Who Support Women And Girls And The (Under Reported) Boys And Men Amongst Them, Good Effort. Keep Up The Good Work. May All Your Voices Be Heard!

Giant Tech’s Failure To Deal Effectively Problems of With Sexual Harassment, Homophobia, Misogyny, Bullying And Racism Just Leaves Room For More Conscientious Innovators To Step And Come Up With Solutions (For Example As We Posted Back In March 2021 On Our Instagram @TheOrator.Press.on.Insta When Thierry Henri Left Social Media Because of Racism, Black Geeks Are Growing And Doing Their Thing Very Impressively Within An Ever Expanding Black Tech Movement Supported By The Likes of Earnst And Young, JP Morgan, HSBC, PWC, And Microsoft. See The Hype Collective And The Black Tech Broadcasts TheBroadcasts.Co.UK).

Tik-Tok Can Be Fun And A Force For Good. However It’s Anonymous Nature & Lack of Regulation Make It A Potential Ticking Time Bomb. Canada & The EU Have Recently Banned Employees From Using It

Photo: Pixabay

As Tensions Grow Between China And The West, Especially As China’s Indications That It Will Be Militarily Supporting Russia With The War In Ukraine, The American Congress And Over Half The States In America Have Banned Employees From Using Chinese Video App Tik Tok Over Cybersecurity Concerns.

And On Tuesday February 28 2023, Canada Announced It Will Be Following In America’s Footsteps. Earlier In The Month The EU Announced An Initial Ban Over Concerns About  Propaganda From Beijing, Data Sweeping of Information From  Western Users, And The Disturbing Appearance of Spy Balloons Over Western Shores.

Mona Fortier, President of The Canadian Treasury Board, Said In A Statement, “While The Risks of This Application Are Clear, We Have No Evidence At This Point That Government Information Has Been Compromised”..

The Statement Also Said of The App “It Pre Presents An Unacceptable Level of Risk To Privacy and Security”.

Practically Speaking The App Will Be Removed From Government Issue Phones And Thus Will Be No Longer Operational.

It Added That The Federal Government Will Also Block The App From Being Downloaded on Official Devices In Future. Effective As February 2023.

These Measures By These Countries Make Clear Just How Dangerous Technology Apps Can Be Beyond Innocent Practical Use And Fun And Games. They Can Be Dangerous On So Many Levels Both In Terms of Citizen’s Day To Day Dignity, Privacy And Safety To Government Level, International Espionage And National Security.

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