TheOrator.Press: Events Dear Boy. Events! Preview Interview With International Chef Ainsley Harriott MBE ~ October 2022

Prior To His New World Cup Flavours Series Starting Next Month TheOrator.Press Online Magazine Enjoyed Sharing A Few Words With One of The Nations Favourite Chefs

(Photos Courtesy of ITV/Agent/Insta) Ainsley’s New ITV Series Ainsley’s World Cup Flavours; Food Includes: Ainsley’s German Kebabs Donar Kebabs With Garlic Sauce, Half Time Nachos By Candice Brown And Ainsley’s Jerk Chicken Wings With Dutty’ Fries (“Dutty” Pronounced In Patois If Possible!) – And – His Cod Fritters With Spicy Aji Dip . With Mixologist Carl Anthony Brown, 2016 Great British Bake off Winner Candice Brown (Unrelated) Plus Jill Scott And Ian Broudie. All Receipes And ITV X

From Super Stardom & My World Kitchen, To The World of Football And World Cup Cuisine, Chef Ainsley Harriott Is Cooking Up A Storm Around The World In His New TV Series.

He Talks To A Mix of Footie Friends Before The World’s Biggest Football Competition Kicks Off In November (Sunday November 20 2022)

It’s A Sporty Combination of Footie & Food In Ainsley’s World Cup Flavours

Hardwork, Dedication & Perserverance Means Ainsley Harriott MBE Is Now One of The Most Successful Chefs In The World. And As A Result He’s Done A Lot of International Travel

In 2019 ITV Broadcast His Dream Series of A Lifetime Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen. We Recommend You Watch It As He Cooks His Way Around Different Caribbean Islands. He’s Literally In Chef’s Paradise (Available On ITV Hub/ITV X).

The Man Must Be Blessed Because Now They Are About To Broadcast Another Series of A Lifetime Where He Gets To Indulge In One of His Other Passions – Football!

From Saturday October 22nd 2022, On ITV – 11.40 am, ‘Ainsley’s World Cup Flavours‘ Will Be The Field of Play For Various Famous Football Fans Over The Following 5 Weeks.

They’ll Be Sharing Stories of Football Forays, Favourite Football Matches, Fun Football Facts, And Fabulous Food For Football Fuel. With Food From All Around The World, It’s Official – The Culinary Countdown To The World Cup Starts Here.

We Took The Opportunity To Have A Chat With Ainsley Before It All Kicked Off!

TheOrator.Press (TO.P) Ainsley Harriott Interview Feature Part One Previous Issue

Part One (September 2022)

Horticultural Hero

Loving The Lionesses

Ainsley’s World Cup Kitchen

TheOrator.Press (TO.P) Ainsley Harriott Interview Feature Part Two Current Issue

Part Two (October 2022)

FIFA World Cup Sponsors Budweiser Famous For The Easy Open Twist Off Cap

In May 2022 TheOrator.Press (TO.P) Saw Ainsley In Action At The British Library As He Treated A Dedicated Audience To A Talk About His Career, Struggles Along The Way, And His Journey To The Top.

Following On From That, Further To His New World Cup Flavours Series Scheduled To Be Broadcast On ITV Saturday October 22 2022 We Caught Up With Him Again For A Pre-Series Interview.

It Was Edgy, Interesting And A Great Warm Up To His New World Cup Series. At 65 Ainsley’s Long Since Earnt The Right To Speak His Mind And We Gleaned Some Interesting Insights,

The Passing of The Queen Last Month Saw An Historical Outpouring of Different Opinions, Emotions & Expressions Over The Last Few Weeks. And We We Talked About The Queen’s Passing. Amongst Other Things. Without Doubt One of The Late Queen’s Favourite Events In The Social Calender Was Vistiting A Certain Famous Flower Show. This Year Ainsley Visited The Event Too. As He Is Apt To Do.

Last Month We Looked At How A Prickly Legal Issue Arose From What Appears To Be An Unfortunate Health & Safety Issue Befalling One of His Companions. We Had To Ask Him About It As It Became Big News And Was Out There In The Public Domain. However Subsequent Legal Proceedings Meant He Declined To Discuss The Case In Any Great Detail.

We Discussed The Lionesses Success And His Own New Food & Football Show And How The Production Team Selected Guests For The Show. It All Sounded Cool. But Then We Saw The Schedule And Experienced A Bit of A Disappointing Blow Based on The Lack of Racial Diversity.

However, Ever Positive In This Second Half of Our Ainsley’s Interview Feature We Also Look At How His Personality, Presenting Style And Positivity Has Helped With Mental Health. And We Also Discussed The Other Sport He Loves – Namely Tennis. And Roger & Serena And How He Lives In Hope.

So It Was Rather Like A Chat of Two Halfs. But As Ever With Ainsley, Along The Way There Were Some Laughs. And of Course Some Very Tasty Grub!

Making A Meal of Things Has Previously Helped One of Ainsley’s Fans With The Grieving Process. This Helps Highlight The Power of Diversity & Inclusion, Self-Care & Relaxation. And Everyone Finding Their Own Thing That Works For Them.

TO.P: (Continued From Part One Last Month) We Loved Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen It Was So Good. ITV Are Actually Re-Running It Now. As of Last Week.

AH: People Loved It. I Get So Many Comments About It. From Different People From The Different Caribbean Islands Who Loved Their Particular Homeland Being Featured In A Particular Episode. And Non-Caribbean People Too. It Was A Dream Come True.

We Here At TO.P Have Watched The Series A Number of Times (ITV, ITV 2, The Food Network) And The End of The Series With The Production Company’s Surprise Highlights Gets Us Everytime. It’s A Real Tear Jerker Which You Don’t See Coming From A Cooking Programme.

It Is Literally Some of The Best Television Ever Made In The History of Television. No Exaggeration. One Reason It Was So Well Received Is Because It Was Broadcast During Lockdown When There Was Not A Lot of Joy Around. This Series Is Just Tropical, Joyful, Soulful And Educational. We Utterly Recommend It (Available On ITV Hub).

In Fact The Power of Good Television Was Highlighted By A Young Man Who Attended Ainsley’s Talk In May 2022, At The British Library, Who During The Q & A Session Shared That He Was Recently So Grief Stricken At The Loss of A Loved One He Could Not Function. The Only Thing That Brought Him Back Around Was Watching Ainsley’s Cooking Programmes On The Television. And He Said He Found Humour In A lot of Ainsley’s Idiosyncratic Sayings.

Clearly Ainsley’s Cooking Style Is Not Just A Tonic For The Body But Also A Tonic For The Mind And Mental Health. This Is Clear First Hand Evidence of The Power of Quality Television And Diversity & Inclusion.

The Black & White Photo Above Is Ainsley Takin’ A Moment For The Mental Health Campaign artoflondon (Their Exhibition This Year Is In Association With Piccadilly Lights). May Is Mental Health Awareness Month In The USA & In The UK Mental Awareness Week This Year Was May 10th -16th. The Take A Moment Campaign Exhibited In London’s Piccadilly Circus & At The Piccadilly’s Burlington Arcade For A Month Before That (March – April 2022). Members of The Public Are Still Also Invited To Upload Selfies As They Take A Moment Too.

The Audience Member Also Asked Ainsley To Tell The Story of How His Greeting “Well Hello Jill” Became A Meme, Because He Found It So Funny. It Was When Ainsley Was Doing An Outside Broadcast For ITV’s This Morning A Few Years Ago With Alison Hammond. He Was Trying To Raise The Energy & Enthusiasm Levels of A Senior Viewer Who Was Given A Surprise Visit By The Show And Suffice To Say It Took A While.

Recalling The Contribution From This Male Member of The Audience Member Is Pretty Pertinent As Next Month Sees Mental Health Awareness Day, Monday October 1oth Annually, And His Tale Highlights The Importance of Humour, Positivity & Authenticity. All of Which He Found By The Simple Act of Watch Ainsley Cooking & Being Himself.

And We Had To Ask, How The Big Man Manages To Look So Good On The Outside At 65 As Well As Keeping A Positive Mind. The Answer Was Good Food And Good Moisturisation – Including The Help of Good Old Vaseline. Amen!

World Mental Health Day
October 10

Despite Tennis Giant Federer “Retiring” Due To A Nagging Knee Injury & Serena “Evolving Away From Tennis” Ainsley Remains Optimistic He’ll See His Favourites Play Again. Tennis Is Other Sporting Love.

TO.P: So What About Serena Making Her Announcement Last Month And Federer Making His Announcement This Month (Photos: Instagram)?

AH: Serena Didn’t Say She Was Retiring “She Is Evolving Away From Tennis” So I Think She May Be Back. At Least Playing Some Doubles. Federer Too.

TO.P: Yes Federer Actually Said He Was Not Walking Away From The Game Because He Loves It Too Much And Serena Said She Does Not know Yet What Her Involvement Will Look Like But She Also Still Loves The Game. We Can’t Wait To Hear Serena Commentating As That Is An Area Much In of Need of Diversity. It Especially Needed It When Serena Was Playing. But As They Say ‘Rome Was Not Built In A Day.’

AH: As She’s Evolving Away From Tennis, She Might Not Be Doing That.

TO.P: We Live In Hope!

Meantime There Are Some Great Commentators Like Jo Drury And Marian Bartoli.

The Queen’s Passing, The Royal Family & The Commonwealth Question

TO.P: One Lady Who Also Never Retired But Recently Left Us Nonetheless Is The Queen. What Have You Made of The Coverage Over The Last Couple of Weeks – Especially As You’ve Been To The Palace Having Received An MBE For Services To The Cooking Industry?

AH: “It Was So Emotional. If Anything I Just Border On The Generation Where There’s The Utmost Respect For The Queen. Where You Would Stand Up When The National Anthem Was On Telly. It Was Just Like Saying Grace Before You Ate.”

“I Watched All of It. I Was Transfixed. It Was A Sense of Pride. I Love The Way It Was Just Dedicated To Her. It Was Necessary. It Was Wonderful.”

“At One Stage When It Was On My Daughter Had To Cycle Somewhere And She Said The Roads Were Virtually Empty And Also Very Quiet.”

TO.P: What About The Very Blatant & Brutal Bullying Campaign Against Harry & Meghan By Some Quarters of The Press? We Are Sad That They Were So Upset That They Up And Left. That’s Why We Have Buckingham Palace In Darkness As Our Masthead. They Had To Do What Was Right For Them And Their Own Family. It Is Tragic That They Were Driven To That.

AH: I Think Every Family Has Issues. Hopefully Time Is A Great Healer. Princess Di Was Hounded By The Press. She Would Have Understood Them. We All Got Letters When The Phone-hacking Happened.

[We Press Him To Confirm Whether He Is Amongst The Long List of Celebrities Who’s Phones Were Hacked By Certain Tabloids, As We Know That During The Phone-Hacking Litigation Victims Were Contacted By The Metropolitan Police To Inform Them of The Evidence They Had Uncovered. Some People Settled And Others Went To Trial. Ainsley Declines To Be Drawn On The Subject As He Prefers “Not To Look Backwards But To Instead Look Forwards” With Particular Focus on The New Series.]

AH: People Get Through Things. Everyone of The Queen’s Children Has Had Issues.

(Above: The Imperial Royal Crown. Now Passes From The Queen To The King. And A Painting of A Busy Colonial Port From Ainsley’s Episode of The BBC’s Geneology Programme ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’)

TO.P: There Is Also The Issue of The Empire Plundering The Lands of Others. And You Know Much About This Subject As You Featured In An Episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?” (Which Was Apparently One of The Most Watched Episodes Ever). And During Which Research Uncovered A Notorious Brutal Scottish Slaver Who Had Enslaved Your Distant Ancestors.

AH: In Terms of Statues I Think “Let’s Put Up A Plaque. Let’s Write It Down. So People Can Wonder What All The Fuss Was About”.

“History Is Important.”

“So How Do We Say Who Is Right or Wrong?”

“But We Could Say How Would People Like It If A Statue Was Put Up of Jimmy Saville In A Local Area Because He Was Once A Great Entertainer?”

“As For The Jewellery They Might Have To Give Things Back.”

Ainsley’s Statue Comparison Makes The Point About Reviewing Historic Monuments Very Well Indeed. This Is Especially So Given The Physical & Sexual Horrors That Were Committed Within The Legalised & Immortalised System of Slavery Compared To The Way Jimmy Saville Has Fallen From Grace Due To His Illicit & Illegal Sexual Activities Within Mainstream Society.

He Is Naturally Passionate About This Subject As Seen During His Episode of The Aforementioned BBC Geneology Show Who Do You Think You Are? Looking At A Plaque In A Derelict Church, Put Up In Memory of The Former Scottish Slaver Who Enslaved Harriott’s Ancestors He Says Similar To What He Said To Us In This Interview:

“In Recognition of What? In Memory of What? Why Should He Be Remembered? Why Should He Have A Plaque On The Wall To Remind People He Kept Hundreds of People As Slaves. What Do You Want To Recognise That For?

World Class chef Ainsley harriott MBE on the remnants of plaque On a crumbling wall in a derelict church in the former colonies honourING notorious slaver john davy

The Issue of Empire Is A Vexed One. But It Is One That Must Now Finally Be Honestly & Openly Discussed, As Many Countries Are Evermore Considering Whether To Leave The Commonwealth And No Longer Have The British Monarchy As Head of State In Their Country.

The Queen’s Passing Marks The End of An Era (The Second Elizabethan Era) And The Start of Another (The Carolingian Era). Only Time And History Will Tell How Restitution And Reconciliation Will Resolve The Issue of Recompense, Reparations And Redress

In The Meantime The World Cup Is Soon Upon Us And Football Is Said To Be The International Language of The World In Terms of Finding A Way To Communicate.

The World Will Inevitably Be Consuming A Lot More Food And Drink And Ainsley’s New Series Is Set To Provide Good Conversation And Good Grub With Inspiration From Around The World,To Help Fans Enjoy It In Style.

Qatar Is The First Arab Country To Ever Host A World Cup. France And The Star Player Mbappe Will Be Looking To Win The World Cup Again As Defending Champions. Budweiser Are Hosting The Event Notwithstanding Qatar Has A Majority Tee-Total Population. No Matter What Happens…It’s Goin’ To Be A Special One!

Ainsley’s World Cup Flavours, ITV 11.40am From Saturday October 22nd 2022

The World Cup Begins November 2022

(Click For Details)

Hot Topic! The Qatar World Cup November 20 To December 18 2022 Is The First To Take Place In The Arab World. Ainsley’s World Cup Flavours Starts A Month Before On Saturday October 22 2022 On ITV And Leads Up To The Start of The World’s Biggest Football Competition. October Is Coincidentally UK Black History Month

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