TheOrator.Press: “Events Dear Boy. Events.” The Brit Awards ~ February 2022

Adele Wins 3 Out of 4 Brit Award Nominations & Dedicates Her Best Album Award To Her Son & His Father And Declares That She Likes Bein’ A Woman And She Likes Bein’ A Female Artist!

BRIT Awards February 8 2022, The O2, Greenwich South London (Photo By JM Enternational). Adele Looks Sensational As She’s Styled In Her Bespoke Pierpaolo Piccioli Dress, With The Generous, Luxurious, Fabulous Fabric Casscadin’ Down From The Top of The Piano Towards The Stage Floor On One Side & The Lining Lushiously Laid Out On The Other. This Was All Set Against A Stunnin’ Sparkly Golden Wall Backdrop. Never Before Have We Seen Such Confident Piano Prop Play From This Songtress Who Has Previously Generally Simply Stood on Terra Firma & Let Her Voice Alone Do The Talkin’ (Through Her Singin’) @adele. Shoes By Valentino’s Atelier Collection #ValentinoGaravani 03 Rose Edition. Dress @pppiccioli

Adele Helps Keep Girl Power Alive Whilst Holdin’ Onto Womanhood

This Was The 42nd Brit Awards Bash And One of The Few Music & Entertainment Events To Survive Covid Over The Last Few Years. In 2020 The Brit Awards Took Place In February At The O2 Just Before Lockdown. In 2021 They Took Place At The O2 Again, But At Reduced Capacity, Much Later In The Year, Namely May And As A Test Run For Live Events Startin’ up Again As Part of The Lockdown Lift. This Year They Reverted Back To February & Took Place on Tuesday The 8th, Again At The O2. Technically It’s Only Approximately Nine Months Since The Last One.

And This Was A Brand New Brits Baby Indeed. In Autumn Last Year The Organisers Announced Mo Gilligan Would Host The Show And He Was Accompanied By Essentially A Groundbreakin All Black ITV Presentation Team Which Included Clara Amfo, Munya Chawawa, And Maya Juma. Organisers Also Announced Last Autumn That They Would Scrap Male & Female Category References For This Year’s Brits So That Nominees Could Be Celebrated “Solely For Their Music & Work, Rather Than How They Choose To Identify or As Others May See Them.”

However, Durin’ This Inaugural Gender Neutral Brit Awards Ceremony, So Designed To Include Gender Neutral Performers & Individuals Such As Singer Sam Smith Who Identifies As Non Binary, Adele Declared “I Understand Why They Changed The Name of This Award, But I Really Love Bein’ A Woman, I Really Love Bein’ A Female Artist, I Really Do. I’m So Proud of Us.” @adele

This Was Whilst Collectin’ Her Second of Three Awards On The Night, The Award For Best Artist. Her Ownership of Her Femininity Through Her Frank & Heartfelt Statement Raises The Issue of How To Effectively & Fairly Achieve Inclusion, Without Causin’ The Alienation of Different Community Members. No Doubt This Debate Will Develop As Various Other Women Have Made The Same or Similar Point Already This Year Includin’ On ITV’s This Morning And Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch, And In The BBC Documentary Womanhood Last November.

Meantime In Keepin’ With Old Fashioned Glamourous Show Business Style She Made Three Dress Changes Throughout The Night.

Posin’ Earlier On The Red Carpet With Her Left Hand Purposefully Poised On Her Hip Sportin’ A Stunnin’ New Diamond Ring, Mid Way Throught The Evenin’ Givin’ A Stunnin’ Performance of ‘I Drink Wine’, And Later Winnin’ Three of The Four Brit Awards She Was Nominated For, She Stole The Show & Was The Talk of The Town.

After Her First Award She Changed Into Her Pierpaolo Piccioli Piano Dress To Perform ‘I Drink Wine’ And For Her Second & Third Award She Had Changed Into Her Short Black Velvet Jacket Dress By Marianna Senchina @Marianna Senchina Which Showcased Her New Svelte, Toned, Fit Figure.

Ironically She May Have Become A Victim of Her Own Success Because Whilst Many Remarked How Stunnin’ She Looked Whilst Performin’ ‘I Drink Wine’, Draped On Top of Her Piano, They Then Soon Also Noted The Beauty & Simplicity of That Performance Could Perhaps Have Been Presented To Her Ticket Buyin’ Global Fans Who Arrived In America To She Her Perform In January, Instead of Cancelling’ Her Performance Dates In Las Vagas Last Minute (As Announced On Her Instagram January 20 2022 To The Disappointment of Her Thousands of Fans). Re-schedulin’ & Refunds Are Still Ongoin’.

Speakin’ On The Graham Norton Show The Followin Friday (11 February 2022) She Confirmed For A Residency At Ceasar’s Palace She Simply Would Not Be Happy Performin’ That Way And Believed People Would Be Able To See Through Her If She Tried To Act Like She Was Because Given The Venue She Wants To Be on Par With The Place And Always Likes Elevate Her Game Accordingly. She Also Confirmed Shows Should Be Rescheduled By The End of The Year.

Anne-Marie Has A Madonna Moment

Madonna Takes A Tumble And Carry’s On ‘Livin For Love’ At The Brits 2015
Madonna Confirms Lyrics To ‘Livin For Love’ Are An Insane Coincidence After Her Infamous BRIT Awards Fall

Ed Sheeran Opened The Show With His Song ‘Bad Habits’ In A Curious Collaboration With Metallic Rock Pop Group Bring Me The Horizon Who Shared The Stage With Him. The Screamin’ Metallic Vocals And Dark Set With Morbid Imagery Was A Bit Disconcertin’. But Maybe This Was To Reflect The Dark Nature of The Song, Which Belies Its Otherwise Happy Poppy Sound @edsheeran.

Sheeran Has Previously Lamented A Time When He Lost His Way, Travellin’ & Tourin’ Alone, Keepin’ Poor Company & Accumulatin’ Excessive Weight, Which Ultimately He Did Not Like. He Found His Way Back To A Happier Place When His Little Baby Girl Came Along & Made Him Realise He Wanted To Live As Long As Possible For Her.

This Redheaded Golden Boy Loves A Collaboration & We Love Him For That And It Is Clear To See His Most Important Collaboration Is As A Husband, Father & Dedicated Family Man.

*Best Song ~ Adele ~ Go Easy On Me*

It Seems She May Have Surprised Herself As She Told The Crowd “I Can’t Believe A Piano Ballard Won Up Against So Many Bangers. The Award Was Presented By Brett Goldstein From Sports Comedy Ted Lasso, Along With His Co-Star Hannah Waddingham Who Gave Adele A Helpin’ Hand Up On To The Stage From The Stairs As She Carefully Navigated Her Steps In Her Fabulous Full Length Frock.

*International Song ~ Olivia Rodrigo ~ Good For You*

Presented By Hollywood Couple Johnny McDaid & Courtney Cox of Monica From Friends Fame. Olivia Later Sat With Mo & Maya Who Drank Shots But Did Not Include Her. They Gave No Explanation For That But As The American ‘Drivin Licence’ Singer Is Only 18 And The American Legal Drinkin’ Age 21, Maybe She Previously Declined The Indulgence.

Then Came A Couple of Live Performances Firstly From Anne Marie & KSI With Songwriter, Record Producer & DJ Nick Gale Aka ‘Digital Farm Animals’. And Secondly A Solo From KSI Singin’ His Fabulous Hit ‘Holiday‘. Heaven Knows We Need One!

Holiday Is Also The Name of Madonna’s Stratespheric 80s Track Which Pretty Much Launched Her Career. And There Was High Drama In This Early Section of The Show As Anne Marie Had A Madonna Moment Circa The Brit Awards 2015. She Fell Forward Down A Few Steps After A Simple Mis-Step In Clunky Books. This Despite A Dancer Seemingly Holding Her Hand And Helpin’ Her Down The Stairs.

As In The First Video Above, Madonna Fell Backward When A Dancer Was Supposed To Rip A Clock Off Her For Dramatic Effect But It Got Stuck & She Was Pulled Down The Stairs Backwards Along With The Cape. She Eventually Managed To Unfasten It Herself (As The Sayin’ Goes, “If You Want A Job Done…”).

Remarkably Both Ladies Recovered Quick Smart Like The Rock Stars They Are & The Show Went On, As Accordin’ To Show Biz Folk Law, It Must. The Life Lesson From These Two Music Goddesses Would Appear To Be ‘It’s Not About The Fallin’ Over, It’s About The Gettin’ Back Up’ (And The Recovery Bubble Bath & Spa Treatment…).

Anne-Marie Later Tweeted About The Tumble Sayin’ She Didn’t Need The Ankle Anyway. Good Sport! (Literally. She’s Got Karate Moves. She Kicks A***! She’s Officially Karate Qualified And She Faux Kicked One of Her Dancers off The Stage As Part of Her Performance). And Later An Anne-Marie Ankle Account Tweeted “Wow. Bit shaken up but I’m ok. Bit bruised but with a bit of ice should be fine” xxx @Anne Marie’s Ankle 8.46 pm February 8 2022

* Best Pop/R & B Act (New Category) ~ Dua Lipa*

Dua Lipa (Who Cleaned Up At Last Year’s Brits) Sent A Thank You Message By Video As She Was In America Rehearsin’ For A Performance In Miami The Followin’ Day.

Then Came Another Thrillin’ Musical Performance For The Post Lockdown Audience, This Time From Female Rapper Little Simz With ‘Sometimes I Might Be ‘Introvert’ & ‘Woman’. It Was Full of Colour, Class And Confidence. Little Wonder Given That Although This Was Her Debut Performin’ At The Greenwich O2 Academy, She Has Reportedly Sold Out The O2 Academy Brixton, At Least Three Times Over. And It Seems There Was Some Notable Royal Approval Too…

Litte Simz Performed “Introvert” & “Woman” At The Gender Neutral Brits 2022. The Performance Included A Surprise Appearance From Emma Corrin Star of Netflix Drama The Crown, In Which She Plays Lady Diana emmaloiuse corrin @thecrownnetflix @LittleSimz

*Best Alternative Musician or Rock Artist ~ Sam Fender*

*Dance Act ~ Becky Hill*

Becky Hill Was Especially Emotional & “Heart-Warmed” Havin’ Been Previously Dropped By A Record Label, Then Signed Up With Polydor, And Still Supported By Her Manager Who Believed In Her From Way Back When After She Won The Voice And Was On Stage With Her To See Her Get The Award. She Said She’s Loved Dance Music Since She Was 12 And It Was 16 Years Since The Brits Had A Dance Category. She Also Said It Was An Honour To Be In The Category With Her Fellow Nominees Amongst Whom Was Calvin Harris (See Full List of Winners Below).

Gilligan Goes Gallagher

Followin’ Hill’s Award & Before Cuttin To The Break Debut Host Mo Gilligan Did An Uncanny Impression of Liam Gallagher of Oasis Complete With Floppy Dog Ears Hat & Faux Fur Parka. Impressions Are One Of His Signature Gifts & He Brought To His Gifts To The Brits.

Spectacularly, After The Break The Man Himself Arrived, And Gave A Classic Gallagher Performance, Not Before Makin’ A Grand Show Biz Entrance Flying Televised To The Event & Touchin’ Down In A Private Jet On The O2 Roof’s Helipad. It Was ‘Gallagher Gone Large! And With Mo’s Impression It Was Great Comedy & Great Rock n’ Roll Rolled Into One.

The Brits Have Tried Music & Comedy Combos Before With James Corden, Ant & Dec, And Most Recently Jack Whitehall Up Untill Last Year For Instance. Suffice To Say They’ve Had Various ‘Hits’ & Misses With Various Combos, Sam Fox & Mick Fleetwood Amongst The Most Notorious. This Year Mo’ Held His Own Out There For An Extended Two & A Half Hour Show. No Easy Gig & It Is Always Tough To Get The Balance Right When It’s Not Just About Your Night. Rock n’ Roll Is A Curious Mix of Insccurities & Egos So Inevitably There Are Highs & Lows. As Sam & Mick Know.

Mo Made The Effort To Look Impeccably Smart. The Red Carpet And A Great Tuxedo Are One of The Most Glamorous Combinations In Show Business And Mo’s Tux Is One of The Best That’s Ever Walked The Line. With Stylin’ By SjrStyles. The Patent Leather Shoes Took The Sharp Super Smooth Look To Another Level (Pictured Above). Perhaps He Should Have Simply Kept It There All Night.

To Present The Show Mo Choose To Change Into A Stunnin’ Green Blue Ozwald Boateng Suit. As Ever With Ozwald It Was A Work of Art In Itself @ozwald_Boateng. Nevertheless, The Same Suit With An Sharp Smart Open Neck Shirt Might Have Been Even More Cordial Clobber Than A Shirt, Tie & Waistcoat, Especially In A Room Full of Boozy Music & Entertainment Creatives. Maybe The All Buttoned Up Look Was More Representative of Music Executives Than Music Creatives And Didn’t Quite Chime With The Rock n’ Roll Vibe, Boozy Night & Larkin’ Around All The Time. A Free Flowin’ Shirt As Per His Free Flowin’ Delivery Style & Antics May Have Read A Bit More Authentic.

Case In Point Bein’ The Dropin’ of The F Bomb. Despite Being Trussed Up He Still Momentarily Messed Up And Let Himself Down. As Well As Bein’ Arguably A Little Overdressed, He Was Demonstrably A Little Over Excited And Committed The Live Broadcast Blooper of Casually Swearin’ On Live TV Pre-Watershed. Perhaps If The Focus Had Been On The Presentation Being More Sharp And The Shirt Being A Little More Smart Casual That Could Have Been Avoided. But There Was Obviously A Private (No Doubt Delicate, But Inevitable) Dressin’ Down In Which He Was Asked To Apologise After The TV Ads.

This He Duly Did And With Lots of Kids Watchin’ From Various Schools, Not Just The Brit School, A Suitable Apology Was Made Before He Completed What Was Overall A Decent Debut On The Brit Awards Stage.

He Managed To Put His Own Stamp On The Event & Connect With The Live Crowd With Another of His Signature Moves, The Call & Response Audience Inclusion – i.e. “When I Say A, You Say B”. Mo: “A!” Crowd: “B!”

He Visited The Brit School Recently & Some of The Students Were In The House & Lovin’ It (Includin’ Havin’ Their Picture Taken With The School’s Most Successful Alumnus, Adele, As Pictured Above).

Acting The Cheeky Chappie With Outrageous Affrontary Is Another Signature Mo Move, And Just As Ant & Dec Called Out Boris When The Gather-Gate Party-Gate Scandal Broke Durin’ The Last Series of ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ (December 2021), Mo Invited The Prime Minister To Join The Rock n’ Roll Soriee At The O2 Sayin’ “I Know You like A Party, Come Down Man, I Know You Like A Cheeseboard.”

Ever Keen To Include Others, Another Mo Signature Feature, He Brought Along His Auntie Patrice & Asked That Someone Get Her “A Large Rum & Coke And Two Magnums.” Also On The Drinks Menu Were CosMOpolitans. MOjitos. And Passion Fruit MOtinis. All With Maya Jama Tendin’ Bar.

She Seemed To Be Channelling Her Inner Cher On The Red Carpet Which Takes Us Back To Some Great Music of The 90s And One of Entertainment’s Original Rebels. We’ve Watched A Number of Great Maya Music Interviews & Would Love To See Her Interview Cher. That Would Be Somethin.’ In Fact, Is She Doesn’t, Maybe We Will! @MayaJama

The Gallagher Makeover Deserves It’s Own Award & Fitted In With The Event So Well Highlightin’ The Mercurial Mancunian Musician At This Main Stay Music Event. Seriously, Hilariously, Impossibly Spot On. Wonderin If Liam Liked It “I Said Maybe!

With A Signature Move Gilligan Goes Gallagher At The Brit Awards 2022 @mothecomedian

*Group of The Year ~ Wolf Alice*

Then There Was Another Live Performance As Grantham Girl Holly Humberstone Took To The Stage To Sing ‘London Is Lonely W/o You’

Mum’s The Word For Rapper Little Simz ~ As Little Simz Goes Large

*Best New Artist ~ Little Simz*

The Young Music Artist Brought Her Mother Up On Stage & Said “Look At What You’ve Done Mum, Look At What You’ve Done”. Her Diminuitive Mother Was Beamin’ With Both Pride And Bewilderment At The Enormity of The Occassion. Little Simz From Islington Imparted Encouragment To The Audience By Sayin’ She Was Livin’ Proof If You Work Hard Dreams Can Come True, No Matter Where You Are From And Urged People To Keep On Dreamin.’  Wonderfully She Revealed That Her Stage Name Was Inspired By Her African Name ‘Simbiatu Ajikawo’. This Was Simbiatu’s First Brit Award Win. The Award Was Presented By Olympic Gold Medal Winner Swimmer Tom Daley of New Found Knittin’ Fame And Jazz & R & B Singer & Former Brit Winner Celeste.

Brit Award-Winnin’ Little Simz With Her Delighted Diminutive Mother Who The Rapper Acknowledged For Helpin’ To Make It Happen @LittleSimz

Adele Performed “I Drink Wine” From Her New Album, As She Positioned Herself Sittin’ Nicely Comfortable & Relaxed On Top of The Piano. This Is Something She’s Never Done Before At The Brits. She Is Clearly More Confident Executin’ Such Stage Craft Now Followin’ Her Physical Transformation & Personal Development In America And Subsequent Self-Evident Gain In Physical Confidence & Versatility. She Has Previously Explained That Whilst In America She Began Workin’ Out Prolifically To Help With Her Mental Health & Stability. Performance Pictured Above Courtesy of

*Hip Hop, Rap & Grime Act ~ Dave*

This Was Dave’s Second Brit Award Followin’ His Win For Best Album In 2020 With ‘Psychodrama’. This Category Marks Major Progress In The Music Industry In Terms of Hip Hop, Rap & Grime Bein’ Finally Officially Recognised By The Mainstream Music Industry. For The Longest Time They Have Treated It Dismissively. Indeed Dave Thanked Fellow Rap Artists “Who Have Suffered For Years And Years And Years And Years And Broken Down So Many Barriers In This Industry.”

*Best International Group ~ Silk Sonic*

Aka Duo Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak Who Joked That There Was Two of Them But Only One Award, With Anderson Takin’ Ownership Rights As Bruno Already Has One.

There Came Another Live Performance From Winner Sam Fender Know As The Angel of The North & The North East’s Bruce Springsteen. He Supports The North East Homeless Centre & They Were Supportin’ Him Right Back & Were Watchin’ On Night Havin’ A Brits Party Back In Shields. He Performed 17 Goin’ Under.

*Best Artist of The Year ~ Adele*

(Presented By Sir Mo Farah)

So The Question Is What About The Women Who Want To Remain Women? And Adele Addressed It!

This Was Adele’s Second Award of The Night And Was Presented By Sir Mo Farah (As Above At The Top of This Feature). She Declared “I Understand Why They Changed The Name of This Award, But I Really Love Bein’ A Woman, I Really Love Bein’ A Female Artist, I Really Do. I’m So Proud of Us. I Am. I Really Am.” @gomofarah @adele @LittleSimz

*Songwriter of The Year ~ Ed Sheeran*

This Was Sheeran’s 7th Brit Award ~ His Track The Shape of You Is The Most Streamed Song On Spotify (Currently Embroiled In Mayor Controversy After Neil Young Pulled His Music From The Music Streamin’ Platform After It Reportedly Signed A $100 Million Contract Givin’ It Exclusive Distribution Rights To The Podcast of Right Wing Commentator Joe Rogan. Brian Cox Star of The Sky Drama ‘Succession’ @coxusa Was Easily One of The Coolest Guys In The Room, At 75 A Rock Star In His Own Right, He Presented Sheeran’s Award.

*Album of The Year ~ “30” By Adele*

(Presented By Idris Elba)

On Receivin’ Award For Album of The Year The Songstress Dedicated It To Her Son And His Father, Explainin’ That It Was A Journey For All of Them And She’s Glad She Had The Courage To Write About Such A Personal Journey As “Not Many People Do Stuff Like That Anymore.”

She Also Gave A Big Shout Out To Producer Inflo Who She Described As Integral To The Album & Havin’ Changed Her Life, Not Just Musically. It Is Very Noticeable That She Does Seem More Self-Assured, Confident & Physically Fit That Ever.

Havin’ Acknowledged That The Album Was Criticial In Dealin’ With Her Family’s Recent Past, A Rather Sized Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring On Her Enagagement Finger, (Pictured Above) Stirred Speculation That She & Sports Agent Paul Rich Are Lookin’ Towards The Future. Watch This Space!

Dave’s Award Highlights Genre Given A Bad Rap For Way Too Long

Dave Closed The Show With Rap Track ‘In The Fire’ Featurin’ An Ensemble of Musicians, Includin’ A Track Intro From A Captivatingly Powerful, Solo Female Vocalist (See Video Below), Plus A Guitar Solo, A Piano Piece, An Electric Guitar Extravaganza, Various Other Rappers, And A Gospel Choir, All Set Against The Backdrop of A Flamin’ Musical Set With Stunnin’ Professional Pyratechnics. The Crowd Were In Raptures!!! @santanddave

This Performance Would Have Been Even Better Without The Use of The N Word & Profanity. But Nobody And Nothing Is Perfect And This Performance Was The Most Powerful of The Night. The Lyrics (Apart From Those Outlined) Are Compellin’ And Tellin’ And May Even Be Worthy of Bein’ A Teachin’ Tool Within An Education Settin’.

The Whole Performance Should Be Seen In It’s Entirity To Be Fully Appreciated For The Stunnin’ Piece of Musical Artistry That It Is. Video Below Courtesy of The

Other Winners On The Night Were:- *Rising Star ~ Holly Humberstone*

*Producer of The Year ~ Inflo*

*International Artist ~ Billie Eilish*

Brit Award Winners 2022 Dave & A Collaboration of Musical Creatives Closed The Show With A World Class Peformance @santanddave

List of Brit Award Winners 2022

Song Of The Year ~ Easy On Me ~ Adele

Album Of The Year ~ “30” Adele

Artist Of The Year ~ Adele (In Association With YouTube Shorts)

Best New Artist ~ Little Simz

Rising Star of The Year ~ Holly Humberstone (In Association With The BBC)

Pop/R&B Artist of The Year ~ Dua Lipa

Best International Artist ~ Billie Eilish

International Song Of The Year ~ Good 4u By Olivia Rodrigo

International Group ~ Silk Sonic (Aka Bruno Mars/Anderson .Paak)

Group of The Year ~ Wolf Alice

Best Hip Hop/Grime/Rap Artist ~ Dave

Best Rock or Alternative Music Act of The Year ~ Sam Fender

Songwriter of the Year ~ Ed Sheeran

Producer of the Year ~ Inflo

Dance Act of The Year ~ Becky Hill

Becky Hill Voice Runner Up Voice Uk First Series 2012. Brit Award Winner Ten Years Later, Brits First Gender Neutral Ceremony2022. She Said She Was “Heart-Warmed” After Her Pop Perseverance Paid Off @beckyhill

The Brit Awards 2022 Embraced Diversity, Digitality, Gender Neutrality…And Technology With Tik Tok, You Tube Shorts And NFT Digital Art All Playin’ Their Part, In Votin’ Promotin’ And Merchandise.
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