TheOrator.Press Bond Premier Special: No Time To Die ~ October 2021


Mr Bond!

As A Special Agent of Her Majesty’s Secret Service James Bond Has The Royal Seal of Approval. Hence He Has Royal Premieres. This Latest One Was A Long Time Comin’ As The Pandemic Meant Numerous Delays Since Its Original Release Date of April 2020 Kept Even The Royals Waitin’. And Global Citizens Around The World. For Virtually A Year & A Half. But All Good Things Come To He Who Waits!

Photo: Official Bond Website, 007.Com – Inside The Royal Albert Hall Tuesday 28 September 2021 The Love For Bond Was Sky High. And The Spotlight Was Also On The New Fab Four In The Royal Box, Their Royal Highnesses The Duke And Duchess of Cornwall And The Duke And Duchess of Cambridge.
Rami Malek’s Bond Villain ‘Safin’ Appears To Be The Only Person Keen on Wearin’ A Mask. This Despite The Fact That The Pandemic Has Dominated The World
(…The Unachievable Nirvana For Classic Bond Villians).

And Then There Were Two Fab Fours

Finally Held At The Royal Albert Hall, The Latest Royal Bond Premier On Tuesday September 28th 2021 Saw A New Royal Arrangement. The Newly Reformed Fab Four Were In Attendance, Namely ~ William & Kate, Camilla And Charles. Previously, For A Brief While, The Fab Four Were William & Kate And Harry & Megan. But Apparently Secret Operatives Come In Different Guises & Operate In All Kinds of Places.

Reportedly Feeling Maligned, Manipulated & Utterly Miserable H & M Felt Compelled To Activate Their Own Special Mission And Go Operate Abroad Away From Certain Insufferable Royal Restraints. There They Created Their Own New Fab Four, With Little Archie & Baby Lily Makin Up Their Own New Special Unit. They Dropped A Few Interview Bombshells Along The Way, Revealin’ Tales of The Dark Arts Commissioned Against Them By Various Royal Operatives From Whom They Felt The Need To Escape & Live In A Much Happier Place.

Daniel Craig Made Five Bond Films During His Time In The Hot Seat (Never The Ejector Seat) Casino Royale, Quantum of Solice, Skyfall, Spectre, No Time To Die And Now He Is Also Steppin’ Away From A Well Established Operation. And In This Case The New Fab Four Sat In The Royal Box To Give Him A Public Royal Send off. Suffice To Say It Appears They Don’t Do That For Everyone!

Tuesday Sept 28 2021 At The Royal Albert Hall London Was Officially No Time To Die!

Craig Combines Vulnerability & Physicality To Leave Behind A Lastin’ Legacy

Given The Global Pandemic & Subsequent Delays And Various Release Dates In Various Countries There Are A Number of Trailers For This Bond Movie This One Is The American Release October 8 2021

Royal House of Windsor Is Not Bond’s Only Big Brand Associate As The 007 Network Is Global & Glorious And Infinitely Associated With Various Style And Fashion Forces, Encompassin’ All Things Fierce, Fast, Fabulous, Elegant And Excellent. Here We Report On A Few of Them As We Take A Look At An Amazin’ Bond Installation & An Associated Series of Collaborations Based Around The Royal Burlington Arcade In Piccadilly, A Recent Special Bond Documentary #25 By CNN Another Great Documentary By ITV & Special Treat Productions 2006 – A James Bond Special – The Making of Casino Royale (As Narrated By Rob Brydon on Uncle Bryn Fame – Amongst Other Things). Both Are Available On You Tube.

Craig Has Aged Some 15 Years of Course, Durin’ His Reign As The Longest Servin’ Bond, As Have We All. The Difference Is He Is Still Supremely Fit, Fierce, And Thoroughtly Appealin’ Despite The Passin’ of The Years (…Even If, Let’s Keep It Real, The Make-up Department Were Somewhat Heavy Handed With The Face Powder At The UK Premier ). Fabulous Bella Figura Bond Producer Barbara Brocolli Says “The Thing About Daniel, With His Portrayal We’ve Really Been Able To Explore The Emotional Life of Bond. We’ve Seen Him Be Very Vulnerable. I Think That’s The Trademark of His Extraordinary Reign As James Bond.” We Respect That & Get That. Nonetheless, What Stands Out Most To Us Is Daniel’s Incredible Physique, Fitness & Very Distinct (Very Tidy & Efficient) Runnin’ Style. He Has Set A New Standard of Physicality And We Thank Him For That Because It’s Quite Fascinatin’ To Watch & Adds An Admirable New Powerful Element To The Character.

One Thing Bond Knows How To Do Is Adapt. One Such Adaptation Has Been Bond’s Respectful Inclusion of Frontline Workers At The Premier. The Focus Has Been Notably Less on The Usual Celebrity Suspects & More Geered Towards The Armed Services, Members of The Public Who Are Front Line Workers, Members of The Production Team & Contributors From The Music Scene (The Bond Theme Created By Marty Norman Bein’ One of The Most Instantly Recognisable Pieces of Music In The World). And Proceeds From The Premiere Will Go To Charties For Past & Present Members of The Intelligence Services. The Bond Production Team Is Showin’ Leadership In The Midst of A Pandemic And Doin’ It With Some Style.

The James Bond Installation At The Royal Burlington Arcade

On Monday September 20 2021, Just 10 Days Before The No Time To Die Film Release On Thursday September 30 2021 A James Bond Installation Was Launched In The Royal Burlinton Arcade, Pall Mall, Piccadilly, Showcasin’ Various Bond Partnerships And An Exhibition of Bond Props, Artefacts & Photographs, As Well As A Dedicated Bond & Bollinger Champagne Bar.

The No Time To Die Team Highlighted Bond’s Famous Association With Luxury Car Brand Aston Martin & The DB5 By Placin’ Two of Them At The Entrance To The Installation So That Pall Mall Passers By Could Be In No Doubt What It Was About. N. Peal The Gentlemen & Ladies Shirt & Cashmere Sweater Company And Omega The Premium Swiss Watchmakers To Name But A Few Are Also Long Time Bond Brand Associates Based At The Burlington Boutiques.

The Installation Is Available Until November 7 2021 And Open To The Public Without Entry Charge.

The Global Bond Brand And Some Bond Partners, Collaborators And Videos

Shoemakers Crocket & Jones Offer Discernin’ Gentlemen The Chance To Strut The Bond Look From Head To Toe As Demonstrated In This Video (@crockettandjones_official) The Smooth Operator Indulges In A Martini Cocktail Shaken Not Stirred And Some Cool Classy Quality Footwear Courtesy of 007 Bespoke Footwear Technicians. Clearly For The Well Heeled Who Like To Get off On The Right Foot In Supreme Style.

Bond Now Has His Own Annual Global Day. October 5th. One Might Reasonably Expect It To Be The 7th & Be Surprised That It’s Not. However It Is The 5th Because The First Bond Film In The Brocolli Production Franchise ‘Dr No’ Starrin’ A Then Unknown Sean Connery & Ursula Andress (As Honey Ryder) Premiered In London October 5 1962. In 2022 That Will Be 60 Years Ago. Celebrations Have Already Begun With Giant Silver & Gold Time Piece Exhibts Formin Part of The Installation (See Picture Montage Below).

As The Champagne Was Quaffed Pre Premier On Tuesday September 28 2021, Ahead of The Film’s General UK Release Thursday 30th September 2021, The New Bollinger Champagne 007 Bar At The Burlington Arcade, Pall Mall, Piccadilly London Was Awash With Excitement. Leadin’ The Pack As Guests Left For The Royal Albert Hall Was Wine Expert @Olly Smith. The Bar Which Opens 12-8 Mon-Sat And 12-6 On Sun Offers Ltd Editions of Bollinger To Celebrate It’s Association With Bond Over The Last 40Years. (Picture Montage Below). @champagne_bollinger

Lashana Lynch Is Scalin New Heights As New 007 Agent Nomi And That’s Been Commercially Embraced By Mobile Phone Company Nokia. They Feature Her As Her Action Woman Bond Character On A Special Security Services Mission In Their New Advert. It Shows off The Bond Worthy Features of Their New Mobile Phone. Integral Google Maps & GPS Features Are Used To High Effect Nomi As She Gives Her MI6 Live Updates of Her High Level Observation of The Bad Guys’ Every Move, As She Keeps Them Under Survelliance. (See Picture Montage Below).

Daniel Craig’s Bond Has Raised The Level of Fitness & PhysicalityTo A Height Never Known Before In The Bond Films As Played By Any of The Other 5 Former Bond Actors. New 007 Lashana Lynch Is Serious About Trainin, As She Show Here. Apparently She Did 600 Sit Ups A Day As Part of Her Trainin For The Role.

Bond Travels The Globe In Style As A World Class Globe Trotter. This Is World Class Luggage. And It Commands Very Special Baggage Handling. If Ever Baggage Control Lost This Luggage They Would Have Some Serious Questions To Answer From The Highest Order. @globe_trotter1897

Ana de Armas Highlights Here That Bond Girls Have Developed Into Modern Day Bond Women. And They Know Girl Power Always Kicks In When They Need It. No Longer Are They Just Lookin’ Pretty & Waitin’ To Be Rescued. They Are Equals And Kickin Up A Storm.

An International Ambassador of Iconic Classic British Style

Even From His Casino Royale Audition (See Montage Above) Daniel Craig’s Bond Has Been Distinguised By His Physicality. He Was Put Through His Paces By Stunt Coordinator Gary Powell And Stunt Double Ben Cooke @garypowellstunts And He Also Worked With Former Military Man, Turned Personal Trainer, Sam Waterson Who Describes Him As The Most Physically Fit Client He’s Ever Had. His Approach Is “Performance Not Asthetics.” He Says The Asthetics Are A By Product of Performance Trainin. He Explains They Trained Usin’ Movement Patterns Similar To Those In The Film’s Action Scenes. In The First Film, Casino Royale, He And Freerunner Sebastian Foucan Are In An Action Packed Combat Scene Which Sees Them Fightin’ Hundreds of Feet Up In The Air On A Crane And In His Last Film, No Time To Die, He Dives Down Over A Cliff Edge And Virtually Flys Up A Steep Stoney Staircase On A Motorbike In An Old Italian Town, It Looks Amazin’ And Trainin’ Must Have Been Superhero Intense. It Clearly Required Supreme Fitness & Mobility. And It Seems The Clothes Also Needed High Level Flexibility.

Italian Designer Massimo Alba Was Chosen To Become A Bond Brand Partner Because He Was Able To Create A Suit Suitable For A Body Like Craig’s Bond. He Describes Bond’s Famous Baby Corduroy Suit In No Time To Die As A Suit Designed To Expose The Body – Not Protect It. He Professes That The Fabric Is Unique & Feels As If It Were Part of The Body. “It Becomes Part of It And Takes On Its Shape” He Says. Alba Is An Independent Designer Who Branched Out On His Own After Years of Workin’ In The Fashion Industry. As Well As His New Relationship With The Bond Production Team He Also Collaborates With Other Designers On Ethical Causes Includin’ The Use of Sustainable Materials And Wildlife Protection In Africa @massimoalba.handkerchief

The Brand Power of Bond’s Wardrobe Was Highlighted When Pierce Brosnan Wore A Black Jumper In Die Another Day, Back In The Day (2002 To Be Precise) And Male Bond Fans Went So Mad For It That It Sold Out Like Hot Cakes Within Days Causin’ A Widely Reported Sartorial Crisis. It Remains So Popular That It Is Still A Regular Style Item In The N. Peal Gentleman’s Range Today. The Shirt Worn By Ursula Andres On The Beach In The First Ever Bond Film, Dr. No, Back In 1962, Is Still A Classic Style Item In The Women’s Range. But Seriously – Who Knew Corduroy, Would Make A Cool Clothin’ Comeback – ? But It Has! And – Like ‘ The DC ‘ In His Final Bond Movie – It’s Better Than Ever!

From Head To Toe With Stylish Clothes, Accessories & Footwear Bond Travels Well

@crockettandjones_official Actually Sell Bespoke Handmade 007 Shoes Such As The Patent Leather Pair Craig Wore On The Red Carpet For The No Time To Die Premier. He Also Wore A Turner & Bull Dress Shirt And They Too Are Based At The Arcade, Also Retail The Tie Displayed In The Montage Above & Many More Like It Too. Talkin’ of Stylish Neck Wear, Chopra Jewellers Teamed Up With De Armas Who Plays CIA Agent Paloma To Dress Her In The Amazin Diamond Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet Worn In The Film & Photographed By In-house Bond Photographer Greg Williams For Their Promotional Campaign.

Sometimes It’s Just A Matter of Breath Takin’ Seconds Between Death & Disaster or Happy Ever After For Bond And So Every Second Counts And Precision Timin’ Is Crucial. Reflecting This, Bell & Ross of The Burlington Arcade Installed A Huge Silver & Gold Clockwork Display Above Their Boutique Celebratin’ 60 Years of Bond & Omega As The Watchmaker of Choice. See Montage Above Where The Watches Are Modelled By Naomi Harris & Bond. A Moment In Time That Seems To Be A Recurrin Memorable Moment In The Bond Film Franchise Is The Emergence From The Water of Some Beautiful Bond Creature. In Dr No It Was Ursula Andress As Honey Ryder, In Die Another Day It Was Halle Berry As Jinx Johnson And In Casino Royale It Was Daniel Craig. In His First Outin’ As James Bond 007 He Understatedly, Yet Unforgetably Wore Limited Edition Swimmin’ Shorts By Grigio Perla of La Perla. They Sold Out Quick Smart And Are Universally No Longer Available Despite Their Subsequent Iconic Status. Intriguingly, Ordinarily La Perla Predominantly Specialises In Female Lingerie.

Kudos To N.Peal In Particular Because Rather Impressively If You Want To Take Your Bond Role Play To A Whole New Level They Retail Bond’s Combat Braces & Combat Trousers For Your Dressin’ Up Pleasure. See Picture Montage Above. Even Bond Sunglasses Have Sold Out From The Bond Store. But There Are Various Styles So One Can Visit The Store & See What They See ( All Kinds of Gifts & Collectables Are There Includin’ A Collectors Edition Roulette Wheel, A Safin Style Face Mask & Even Dry Martin Chocolate Truffles By Charbonnel & Walker (As Pictured Below) @charbonnel-et-walker.

The Premier

New 007 Lashana Lynch @lashanalynch Wore A Canary Yellow Designer Dress By Vivienne Westward @VivienneWestward. Action Woman Lashana Has Teamed up With Nokia (See Nokia Video Ad Above Promotin’ Their Bond Worthy Hi-tech Mobile Phone). New Eve ‘Moneypenny’ (M’s Secretary) Naomi Harris @Naomi Harris Wore A White Strappy Dress By Michael Kors For Whom She Is A Brand Ambassodor & Also Models Luxury Handbags. They Are Based At The Burlington Arcade Although They Have Stores In Various Highend Places @michaelkors Michael Kors Also Work With African-American Model Lori Harvey Adopted Stepdaugther of Entertainer Steve Harvey & Reportedly The Girlfriend of Michael B Jordan @loriharvey.

Whilst Not Based At The Burlington Arcade, Saville Row Bespoke Tailers Anderson & Sheppard Have Been Dressin’ Noblemen & Gentlemen For Years & Operate By Royal Appointment of HRH Prince of Wales No Less. They Are Responsible For The Pink Velvet Jacket Which Daniel Pulled off At The Premiere with His Unique Style & Panache. Although Some Said It Clashed With The Red Carpet We Disagree. Sometimes You Just Have To Mix Things Up & Go Out In Style. Fellow Bond-Girls-Come-Bond-Women Ana De Armas & Lea Seydoux Both Wore Louis Vuitton Dress With Chopra Diamond Earrings. Camilla Looked Beautiful In A Light Blue & Silver Bias Cut Dress, Whilst Katherine Wore A Gold Full Length Gown As An Ode To Goldfinger. It Was One of 8 Dresses From Jenny Packham’s Collection Capsule of Vintage Designer Bond Dresses Styled For Bond Girls Over The Years @jennypackham. Barbara Brocolli Looked Bella Figuura In A Stunnin’ Low Cut, Full Length Black Dress, With Long Chic, Chiffon Sleeves.

Tennis Star Emma Raducanu @emmaraducanu Chose Comfy Flat Light Blue Sandals With A Grecian Style Flowin’ Cream Gown. Fair Play To Her! Whilst Phoebe Waller Bridge Renowed For Her Comedy Writin’ & Now A New Member of The Bond Script Writin Team Went For A Very Low Cut Body Huggin’ Sparkly Black Body Suit By Aquazzura With A White Glamorous Cape Coat. Both Women Were Photographed By Samir Hussein As Were The New Royal Fab Four (Samir Is Famous For His Stunnin’ Picture of Harry & Meghan ‘In Blue In The Rain’). Whilst Ian Gavan Snapped Stormzy Lookin’ Particularly Sharp. Musicians Sceptre And Dave Were Also In The House. As Was Musical Legend Nile Rogers, Pictured Below With Remi Malik. Most Later Posted On Insta Includin’ @007 @dukeandduchessofcambridge @phoebewallerbridgesource @nilerodgers @official._stormzy

The Royal Albert Hall Red Carpet Premier of No Time To Die ~ October 2021

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