TheOrator.Press Extra Coverage News Nuggets: MAGA September 2020 When Exactly Was America Great? (Part 1)

At His Funeral George Floyd’s Niece, Brooke Williams, Asked

“When Has America Ever Been Great Anyway?”

Good Question!

So When Exactly Does MAGA Believe America Was Great?
– & –
Great For Whom & For Why?

When Exactly Was America Ever Great Anyway? And What Exactly Does MAGA Mean?

Brooke Williams, George Floyd’s Niece Said At His Funeral Tuesday June 09 2020 That As Long As She Can Breath She Will Fight For Civil Rights & Her Uncle Did Not Die In Vain. In Her Address To The Congregation She Asked “When Was America Ever Great Anyway?”
And By Implication “What Exactly Does MAGA Mean?

The Fountain of Praise Church, Houston, Texas, Did George Perry Floyd Proud.

Contemplation & Saying Goodbye To George Floyd – Murdered By Police Monday May 25 2020 – Laid To Rest Tuesday June 09 2020


Rev. White of The Fountain of Praise Church June 9 2020

Rev. White of The Fountain of Praise Church Tuesday June 9 2020 During The Funeral Service For George Perry Floyd Said of George’s Cry Out For His Mother;

“We Thank You For The Life of George Floyd, Oh God. That At A Moment He Called Out For His Mama, We Believe That The Ears of Mamas Across This Nation Reared Up. That The Ears of Mamas Across This World Heard Him Cry Even Though For One Mama, All Mamas Began To Wail. We Began To Wail For Our Children. We Began To Wail For Our Grandchildren. We Wail for Men Across This World Because of One Mama’s Call.” 

George Floyd Was A Huge Lebron James Fan & Would Want Us To Feel Like We Won The Championship

(Says His Nephew In Touching Tribute)

Brandon Williams, George Floyd’s Nephew, Made A Touching Tribute To His Uncle (Below, Right) By Sharing That He Was A Huge Lebron James Fan. Lebron (Below Left) Is Revered As One of The Best Professional American Basketball Players Ever & Is Regularly Compared To Michael Jordan, The Basketball Legend. In His Career Since 2010 Lebron Has Been In Nine Finals With Three Teams, Namely The Miami Heat, The Cleveland Cavaliers & The LA Lakers.

Brandon Shared That When The Cavaliers Came Back Against The Golden State Warriors To Win The Championships In 2016 George Was So Happy He Felt Like He Won The Championship Himself, As He Was Such A Huge Lebron James Fan & James Was Still With Them At That Time. Since Then Whenever His Nephew Asked How He Felt or Was Doing He’d Joke & Say “I Feel Like I Won The Championship.”

“Get Your Knee off Our Necks”

Reverand Al Sharpton Passionately Deplored Bad Police Officers At George Floyd’s Funeral

The Reverand Declared George’s Murder Both

“A Murder & A Hate Crime.”

If Found Guilty Felons Receive Extra Time For A Hate Crime.

The Plea For Justice

Civil Rights Attorney Crump Gave A Powerful Speech At The Memorial Service of George Floyd Thursday June 4th 2020 (One of A Number of Memorial Services Before George’s Actual Funeral On Tuesday June 9th 2020). He Said, Addressing A Large Congregation Which Included People Listening Outside The Church, Reverand Jessie Jackson, Martin Luther King III, & Celebrities Including Comedian Kevin Hart:

“The Plea For Justice Is Simply This. Doctor Martin Luther King Said He Who Passively Accepts Evil Is As Much Involved In It As He Who Helps To Perpetrate It. He Who Accepts Evil Without Protesting Against It Is Really Like Cooperating With It. On That Video What We Saw Was Torture.  What We Saw On That Video Was Inhumane. What We Saw On That Video Was Evil. So America, We Proclaim As We Memorialize George Floyd, Do Not Cooperate With Evil. Protest Against Evil. Join The Young People In The Streets Protesting Against The Evil, The Inhumane, The Torture That They Saw On That Video. We Cannot Cooperate With Evil. We Cannot Cooperate With Injustice. We Cannot Cooperate With Torture. Because George Floyd Deserves Better Than That! We All Deserve Better Than That! His Family Deserves Better Than That! His Children Deserve Better Than That!”

Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump – George Floyd’s Memorial Service Thursday June 4 2020

“All George Wanted From Life Is What Any of Us Want. As Thomas Jefferson Said In The Declaration of Independence, The Inalienable Rights Endowed By Our Creator, Tarries To Life, Liberty & The Pursuit To Be Happy On This Earth. That’s All George Was Asking For, Like Any & All of Us. But He Was Denied Those Rights & We Will Seek Justice In His Name. We Are All United As A People Who Are Gods Children – Seek Justice In His Name.”

Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump – George Floyd’s Memorial Service Thursday June 4 2020

“But Beyond The Specific Justice, In His Case, The Prosecution of The Four Individuals Who Denied George of His Life, We Seek A Broader More Transformative Justice. A More Just System of Policing. A More Just Treatment of People of Colour. A More Just Criminal Justice System. In Essence What We Are Seeking To Do Is What My Personal Hero Thurgood Marshall Said – Make The Constitution Real For All Americans.”

“What We Want Is Not Two Justice Systems In America, One For Black America & One For White America, What We Endeavour To Achieve Is Equal Justice For America & George Floyd Is The Moment That Gives Us The Best Opportunity I Have See In A Long Time of Reaching That High Ideal That This Country Was Founded on.”

Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump – George Floyd’s Memorial Service Thursday June 4 2020

“Thank You So Much. This Is The Plea For Justice. On Behalf of The Family, The Children, We Will Get Justice. We Are Committed To It.”

Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump – George Floyd’s Memorial Service Thursday June 4 2020

Then The Unthinkable Happened. The Unimaginable. The Unfathomable. The Police Did It Again. To Someone Else. Deliverin’ More Police Brutality Evil, Inhumanity, Abuse & Torture. Traumatizing Three Children In The Process!

The Police Brutality Shootin’ & Maimin’ of Jacob Blake, In Front of His Kids

Benjamin Crump Was Moved To Issue A Statement Virtually Three Months To The Day of George’s Floyd’s Murder, That He Had A New Client Family…After Police Killed Another Unarmed Black Man. Jacob Blake Was Shot & Maimed 7 Times, In Front of His Three Sons Aged 8, 5, & 3. George 2020 Was Killed May 25. Jacob Was Maimed August 23 2020. Attorney Crump Issued The Statement Below August 24th 2020.

When He Wakes Up From Surgery Jacob Blake Asks His Father – Why Did They Shoot Me So Many Times?

Jacob Blake, Maimed By Police, Sunday 23 August 2020. Benjamin Crump’s Office Have Chosen To Include The Video of The Police Shooting & Maiming In Their Statement Above & It Can Be Viewed By Clicking on The Word “Video” Highlighted In Blue. It Is Extremely Distressing. Especially Bearing In Mind How Much Time The Police Had To De-escalate The Situation & Avoid Shooting Anyone.
For Example, A Simple Instruction To Stand Still, Not Move & Slowly Put One’s Hands Up In Air or Kneel On The Ground. Especially As Three Terrified Little Children Witnessed The Whole Evil Episode.

Unarmed Black Man, Jacob Blake, Was Shot 7 Times In The Back By Police. In Front of His Three Young Children. Sons Aged 8, 5 & 3. Despite Making No De-escalation Attempts To Prevent Him Returning To His Vehicle, The Police, After A Number of Days, Released A Story Saying He Admitted He Had A Gun & They Believe He Was Going To Get It. Despite His Three Young Boys Being In The Vehicle. Meanwhile, During Protests Over On-going Police Brutality, 17 Year Old Trump Supporter, Kyle Rittenhouse Had Already Shot & Killed Two People When He Casually Sauntered By Police. Yet The Police Did Nothing To Him. Except High Five Him, Thank Him For His Help & Give Him Water. He Was Allowed To Go Home Under His Own Steam & Later Hand Himself In In His Own Time.

Speaking To CNN, Thursday 27 August 2020, Attorney Benjamin Crump Said “This Is The Tale of Two Videos.” He Explained “….Which Illustrates There Are Two Different Justice Systems In America. One For Black America. One For White America.” He Outlined ” A Young White Kid Shot Two People, Was Arrested & Taken Into Custody, Despite Walking Around With A Long Rifle. A Young Black Man Was Shot & Maimed But Had No Weapon on Him.” “Our Goal Is That Our Children Get To Live Lives With Liberty & Justice Too”.

As If To Accentuate Their Inhumanity & Utter Lack of Common Decency Jacob Was Handcuffed To The Hospital Bed When He Came Round From His Operations, Following The Shooting Which Paralyzed Him. Speaking To CNN His Father Said He Found That To Be “Overkill”. He Also Reported That His Son Asked “Why Did They Shoot Me So Many Times”? He Said His Son Lost Count After 4 or 5. He Just Wanted His Son To Get Better So He Did Not Press Him on What Happened At That Time, As He Did Not Want Him To Get Emotional. Officers Involved Still Remain At Liberty.

Jacob Blake Was Shot On His Child’s Birthday – As Was RayShard Brooks

The Shooting of Blake Was Not The First Since George Floyd’s Murder. Jacob Was With Sons Because One of Them Was Celebrating His Birthday. Rayshard Brooks Was Also Shot & Killed on His Daughter’s Birthday. The Officer Who Shot Him Twice In The Back As He Ran Away, To Avoid Being Handcuffed, Has Since Been Charged With Murder. Brooks Had Made Plans With His Daughter That Day Because It Was Her Birthday & They Were Going Skating. Brooks Was Shot June 12th 2020. Officer Garrett Rolfe Was Fired The Next Day. He Is Now Suing The Atlanta Mayor & Police Chief Saying His Rights Were Violated & He Has Been Humiliated. He Shot Brooks After Getting Into A Wrestling Match On The Ground With Him As He Tried To Handcuff Him After Deciding He Had Too Much To Drink. Brooks Had Fallen Asleep In His Car & Blocked Traffic In A Wendys Restaurant.

Brooks Got Hold of The Officer’s Taser & Fired It Twice Without The Officer Going Down. Two Discharges Is The Most A Standard Taser Can Make. The Officer Shot Brooks In The Back Twice As He Ran Away. Brooks Had Explained He Had Family Within Walking Distance, Yet Once Again, The Officer Failed To De-escalate The Situation & Instead Killed A Black Man, Traumatized A Family & Hurt The Community.

America First. Racism Next.

To Understand When America Was Great According To MAGA, One Has To Understand The History of MAGA. The Trump Administration’s Foreign Policy of “America First” Is Coupled With It’s Domestic Slogan “Make America Great Again” (AKA “MAGA”).

The Latter Changed In 2020 For Second Term Campaigning To “Keep America Great.” That Would Imply That They Have Already Made America Great Again & How It Is Now Is How They Would Like It To Stay.

So Where Is America Now? In The Midst of Terrible Racial Unrest, Stirred Up By Evil & Barbaric Police Brutality & Murder, People At Th Border, Seeking A Better Life Are Caged Like Animals By Uniformed Officers of The State, Horrifying Operations Are Being Performed By Doctors of The State At The Border As A Whistleblower Reveals Women’s Wombs Have Been Removed, White Supremacists Are Attacking People & Lynchings & Abductions Are Being Reported Again, A White Nationalist Is In The White House & Acolytes Around Him Are Building Systems Daily To Facilitate His Agenda.

Meanwhile Black People Are Still Having To Demand Civil Rights & Social Reform. Unemployment Is High, Jobs Have Been Lost & Continue To Be Lost, The Economy Is In Crisis & Change Hangs In The Air, As Civil Unrest Grows Daily & The US Presidential Election Looms. Meanwhile The Reluctantly Acknowledged Corona Pandemic Has Killed Over 200, 000 Americans As The Trump Administration Politicized The Wearing of Protective Masks As Advised To Be Worn By Doctors.

Democrat President Woodrow Wilson (President 1913-1921) – Neutrality

America First Is Not A New Political Ideology Invented By Current US President, Trump. It Was Born When The Flames of War Started To Burn Prior To Declaration of The First World War In 1914. Then Democratic President Woodrow Wilson Wanted To Make It Clear To An Unsettled Europe That The USA Had No Taste For Getting Involved In Other Countries Disagreements. And Instead Preferred To Stay Neutral. In The End American Did Get Involved In The War As One of The Allied Parties Along With Britain France & Italy After German Aggression On US Territorial Waters & Vessels.

Wilson, One of America’s Most Racist Presidents, Proceeded To Unleash A Devastin’ Policy of Racial Segregation (After Trickin’ The Black Community Into Votin’ For Him By Promisin’ Greater Equality). In Doin’ So He Undid Much of The Civil Rights Progress Achieved Durin’ The Reconstruction Era (After The Civil War 1865-1877) In The Latter Half of The Previous Century. He Cemented His Actions By Screein’ The Film “The Birth of A Nation” At The White House In 1915. It Celebrated The KKK And Demonised The Black Man & Woman. Wilson Was Declarin’ That He Supported The Terrorist Group’s View That America Was Great Antebellum (Before The Civil War. Namely When Black People Were Enslaved). At This Time The KKK Was Officially Endorsed And Revived By The White House.

This Cemented The Segregation Jim Crow Laws Introduced In 1877. The Reconstruction Era Officially Came To An End At This Time (After The Republican Party Had Tried To Establish Post Bellum Racial Integration And Were Met With White Supremacist Resistence). Jim Crow Laws Were Ushered In Instead. Jim Crow Was A Racist Minstrel Caricature Invented In The 1830s By Young Theatre Actor T D Rice To Demonise Black Men As Cunnin’ Docile And Dumb. This Racist ‘White Person Black Face’ Caricature Was So Effective In Being Destructive It Had A Set of Laws Devised Around It. In Essence It Literally Travelled From The Theatre To The Legislature.

Segregation Remained Law Until The 1965 Voting Act Signed By Democrat President Lyndon B Johnshon Confered The Right Vote On Black People Followin’ Martin Luther King’s Civil Rights March From Selma, Alabama To The State Captial In Montgomery Alabama. The Movement Garnered Global Inter Faith Support After Members Were Subjected To Police Brutality And Terror – Which Was Televised Around The World).

Republican President Warren G Harding (1921-1923 – Normalcy

“America’s Present Need Is Not Heroics, But Healing; Not Nostrums, But Normalcy; Not Revolution, But Restoration; Not Agitation, But Adjustment; Not Surgery, But Serenity; Not The Dramatic, But The Dispassionate; Not Experiment, But Equipoise; Not Submergence In Internationality, But Sustainment In Triumphant Nationality.”

President Warren G Harding As Part of His 1920 Campaign Speech.

He Won Both The Electoral College & The Popular Vote By A Landslide. After The End of WWI In 2018, The Refusal of Congress To Ratify The League of Nations Obliging America To Support Future Wars, The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, The Start of Prohibition, & The Consequent Rise In Racketeering & Bootlegging, Americans Were Keen For Some Alone Time.

Democratic President Franklin D Roosevelt (1933-1945) – Napalm

Twenty One Year’s After The First World War History Repeated Itself As American Joined The Second World War, Despite Previously Maintaining An Nationalist, Isolationist “America First” Policy. After Japan Bombed Pearl Harbour With Napalm Bombs On December 7 1941 Only Then Did America Concede Something Had To Be Done By Them Gettin’ Involved. The President In The Office At The Time Was democratic President Roosevelt. He Had Previously Come Up With The New Deal Which Helped America Recover From The Great Depression of The Early 1930s. But He Was To Die In Office (April 1945) Month’s Before The War Drew To A Close (Armistice Day November 11 1945).

The AFC 1941Lindbergh Lashed Out & Landed Up With Neo Nazis

Military Aviation Pilot Charles Lindbergh Received The Medal of Honor, The Highest In The Us Military, For Completing The First Solo Flight From New York To Paris, In 1927. He Was Just 25. Fourteen Years Later Aged 39, A Few Months Before America Finally Entered The Second World War (On December 7 1941) He Delivered An Infamous Speech Espousing Strong Isolationist & Racist Views. He Was A Key Member of “Non-Interventionist” Pressure Group The AFC (America First Committee), Launched September 4 1941 (A Week Before His Notorious Speech On September 11 1941). AFC Reached A Membership of Approximately 800,000 With 450 “Chapters” In The Country, Before Pearl Harbour Rendered It Redundant.

During The Offending Speech Lindbergh Asked “Who Is Responsible For Changing Our National Policy From One of Neutrality & Independence To One of Entanglement In European Affairs?” It Was A Rhetorical Question Which He Answered By Listing Three Groups: The British Government, The Jewish People & The Roosevelt Administration.

He Accused Britain & Roosevelt’s Administration of Lying & Using Propaganda So Britain Could Gain Help In A War That Did Not Involve America & Roosevelt Could Gain Prestige & Power; & Jewish People of Having Too Much Power & Self-Interest.

Of Britain He Said “If It Were Not For Her Hope That She Make Us Responsible For The War Financially, As Well As Militarily, I Believe England Would Have Negotiated A Peace In Europe Many Months Ago & Be Better Off For Doing So.”

He Said of The Jewish People: “Their Greatest Danger To This Country Lies In Their Ownership & Influence In Our Motion Pictures, Our Press, Our Radio & Our Government.” He Added “We Cannot Blame Them For Looking Out For What They Believe Are Their Interests, But We Must Also Look Out For Ours.” Making It Clear He Saw Them As Other Than American He Continued “We Cannot Allow The Natural Passions & Prejudices of Other Peoples To Lead Our Country To Destruction”.

Of Roosevelt’s Administration He Said “The Roosevelt Administration Is The Third Powerful Group Which Has Been Carrying This Country Toward War. It’s Members Have Used The War Emergency To Obtain A Third Presidential Term For The First Time In American History.” He Continued “The Power of The Roosevelt Administration Depends Upon The Maintenance of A Wartime Emergency. He Concluded “The Danger of The Roosevelt Administration Lies In Its Subterfuge.”

Lindbergh Resigned From The Air Force After Roosevelt & Many Others Publicly Strongly Denounced His Views. But The Message Was Loud & Clear;

  • No Interest In Helping Other Nations
  • Disdain For Other Races & Their Needs
  • Disrespect For The Established Diplomatic Order

The Non-Interventionist Stance of The AFC, Including It’s Refusal To Give Aid To Others On The Basis That It Weakened America’s Own Resources, Gave The Impression It Did Not Care About Others, Including Those Suffering The Horrors Happening In Nazi Germany. That Attracted A Number of Racists & Far Right Elements. Including The Nazis Themselves. Dogged By Accusations of Racism, Anti-Semitism & Nazi Sympathizing, The America First Committee Disbanded After America Entered The Second World War Following The Bombing of Pearl Harbour.

A 1920 KKK “American First” Rally (History.Com). They Openly Paraded The Slogan After President Woodrow Wilson Used It To Reflect America’s Anti-Intervention Attitude To The First World War 1914-1918. Wilson Was Re-elected In 1916 & America Eventually Entered The First WW Anyway

Patrick Buchanon Picks Up The Baton Laid Down By Lindbergh

President Nixon’s Watergate Scandal 1972-1974, The End of The Vietnam War In 1975, High Unemployment, High Inflation, & Low Economic Growth, The Iran Hostage Crisis of The Late 70s Early 80s, & The American Boycott of The Russian Hosted Olympic Games 1980 (After Soviet Russia Invaded Afghanistan) All Meant That America Was Not Feeling Great For A Long Time During The 70s & At The Start of The 80s. There Had Been A Malaise In The Air. A Lasting Feeling of Disenchantment, Known As The “The Vietnam Syndrome”. One Symptom of Which Was That A Significant Number of Americans Were Disinclined To Go To War, Disillusioned & Wanting To Stay Home & Look Inward Again. And So The “America First” Foreign Policy Was Back.

“Make America Great Again” Is Also Not New. Ronald Reagan Used The Slogan In His First Presidential Campaign In 1980. “Let’s Make America Great Again” George Bush Senior Ran As His Vice President.

The “Vietnam Syndrome” Stemming From The 1970s & Early 1980s Meant That American Citizens Once Again Felt Disinclined To Delve Into Anymore External Wars & Woes, So Instead Decided To Focus Introspectively

By His Second Term As US President, Reagan, Like Nixon Before Him, Was Being Counselled By A Nationalistic Isolationist Espousing Supremacist Views (Namely Political Polemic Patrick Buchannan).

But President Reagan Had uttered Racist Rhetoric Before Buchannan Became His White House Communications Director In 1985. In 1971 Audio Recordings Were Made of The Then Senator Reagan Referring To Africans As “Monkeys”. This Is A Prime Example Of How Institutional Racism Is Possible. White Privilege Can Facilitate White Racists Being Placed In High Places & Then Making Policies. Both Reagan & Bucannan Are Examples of That. Regan Was A Firm Favourite With British Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Audio Was Released From Government Archives In 2019 of 1971 Californian Senator Ronald Reagan, Speaking To Then US President Richard Nixon (37th President – 1969-74). In It He Is Heard Referring To African Diplomats As “Monkeys” & Saying “Damn Them, They’re Still Uncomfortable Wearing Shoes.” Senator Reagan & President Nixon Were Discussing African UN Delegates Who Voted On The Issue of Who To Recognize As The Lawful Government of China, A Matter That Was In Dispute At The Time. Reagan Was Later To Become US President 10 Years On (40th President 1981-1989). Just Seven Years After Nixon Resigned In 1974 Over The Watergate Scandal Reagan Was To Become President.

Notorious Nationalist Patrick Buchanan Was A Triple Threat. He Advised Presidents Reagan, Nixon & Ford, Consecutively During Each of Their Three Presidencies.

He Himself Tried To Run For President Three Times. And Failed Three Times. 1992. 1996. And 2000.

From Pat Buchanon To Steve Banon, Steve Miller, And Far Right Brietbart Media

Buchanon Was A Main Campaign Advisor In Nixon’s 1968 Quest For The White House & He Was Travel Companion During His Subsequent Presidency (1969-74). After Nixon Resigned He Stayed As Special Advisor & Helped Oversee The Transition Period of Republican President Gerald Ford. Then Later He Was White House Communications Director For Two Years From 1985-1987 Under President Reagan.

He Is A Prime Example of How Institutional Racism Can Come To Be Everyday Reality. He Advised Three Republican Presidents In Succession Yet He Was & Still Is, An Ouvert White Supremacist & Segregationist. He Admired The Disbanded AFC, Had Nazi Sympathies & Detested Establishment Diplomacy. He Reflected That In His Political Advise & Views (Which Included Saying “The Achievements of That Organisation (AFC) Are Monumental”, Persuading President Reagan In 1985, To Visit A German Military Cemetery Where SS Soldiers Are Buried & Resisting The Deportation of Nazi War Criminals From Eastern Europe). He Essentially Picked Up Where Lindbergh Left off. To This Day He Pretty Much Makes All The Same Arguments Defending His Racism.

Let’s Make “America” Great Again Was Actually Originally Let’s Make “Germany” Great Again. It Was Literally The Rallying Cry of The Third Reich As The 1933 Chancellor Appealed To The German People To Rebuild It’s Glory Days Before The Destruction Caused By The First World War, From Which It Still Had Not Yet Recovered. Despite Coming To Power Through The Establishment That Chancellor Tore It Down Once It Elected Him & He Re-wrote The Rules To Create Nazi Germany.

Buchanan Admired That. Trump Admired It Too.

This Is Why Some Believe That They Both Wanted Trump To Do The Same Thing In America Too.

Pat Buchanan Endorsed Trump In 2016.

The Following Year In An Interview With Politico Magazine, June 2017, Buchanan Admitted “My Ideas Made It, But I Didn’t”.

As An Advisor In The White House With Openly White Supremacist Views Pat Buchanon Was Superceded By Steve Banon Under The Trump Administration. Things Were To Take An Unimaginable Escalation. As An Interview In 2018 With Fareed Zakaria Saw Him Layout His “Radical Agenda” In Accordance With His Idea of How To Make America Great Again (As Orchestrated By Extreme Right Compatriot Steven Miller).

Steve Banon Right Wing Extremist Believes In Ideological Trouble Makin’ As He Outlines Here In This Exceptonal CNN Interview With World Class Journalist Fareed Zakaria June 2018

Next Month, In Our October Issue, See “When Was America Great Anyway?” (Part 2!)

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