TheOrator.Press Extra Coverage News Nuggets: MAGA October 2020 When Exactly Was America Great? (Part 2)!

At His Funeral George Floyd’s Niece, Brooke Williams, Asked

“When Has America Ever Been Great Anyway?”

Good Question!

So Exactly When Does MAGA Believe America Was Great?

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Great For Whom & For Why?

When Exactly Was America Ever Great Anyway? And What Exactly Does MAGA Mean?

Brooke Williams, George Floyd’s Niece Said At His Funeral Tuesday June 09 2020 That As Long As She Can Breath She Will Fight For Civil Rights & Her Uncle Did Not Die In Vain. In Her Address To The Congregation She Asked “When Was America Ever Great?” And By Implication “What Exactly Does MAGA Mean?

The Fountain of Praise Church, Houston, Texas, Did George Perry Floyd Proud.

Brandon Williams, Brooke’s Brother, And George’s Nephew, Also Made A Poignant Speech.

They Were Among The Many Family & Friend Who Did So. People Congregated Outside The Church Too.

At His Funeral, Brooke’s Brother, George “Perry” Floyd’s Nephew, Brandon Williams, Also Revealed That He Was A Huge Lebron James Fan And The Cavaliers’ NBA Championship Win In 2016 Made Him (George) Feel Like A Champion Himself And He Would Encourage His Nephew To Feel Positive And Like A Champion Whenever He Met Him. It Was Very Movin’.

A Mother’s Love Shines Down

The Reverand Mary White of The Fountain of Praise Church
During George Perry Floyd’s Funeral Tuesay June 9 2020 Declared “That At A Moment He Called Out For His Mama, We Believe That The Ears of Mama’s Across This Nation Reared Up”

Get Your Knee off Our Necks

The Reverand Al Sharpton Declared George’s Police Brulatiy Killin’ As Both “A Murder & A Hate Crime.” If Found Guilty Felons Receive Extra Time On Top of The Original Crime, If Proven To Have Been A Hate Crime. He Passionately Deplored Bad Police Officers
“Get Your Knees Off Our Necks”

The Plea For Justice

Civil Rights Attorney, Ben Crump, Gave A Powerful Speech At The Memorial Service of George Floyd Thursday June 4th 2020 (One of A Number of Memorial Services Before George’s Actual Funeral On Tuesday June 9th 2020). He Addressed A Very Large Congregation Which Included People Listening Outside The Church, Reverand Jessie Jackson, Martin Luther King III, & Celebrities Including Comedian Kevin Hart. Within His Powerful Speech He Said:

“But Beyond The Specific Justice, In His Case, The Prosecution of The Four Individuals Who Denied George of His Life, We Seek A Broader More Transformative Justice. A More Just System of Policing. A More Just Treatment of People of Colour. A More Just Criminal Justice System. In Essence What We Are Seeking To Do Is What My Personal Hero Thurgood Marshall Said – Make The Constitution Real For All Americans.”

“What We Want Is Not Two Justice Systems In America, One For Black America & One For White America, What We Endeavour To Achieve Is Equal Justice For America & George Floyd Is The Moment That Gives Us The Best Opportunity I Have See In A Long Time of Reaching That High Ideal That This Country Was Founded on.”

Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump – George Floyd’s Memorial Service Thursday June 4 2020

Racism In High Office

A 1920 KKK “American First” Rally (History.Com). They Openly Paraded The Slogan After President Woodrow Wilson Used It To Reflect America’s Anti-Intervention Attitude To The First World War 1914-1918. Wilson Was Re-elected In 1916 & America Eventually Entered WW Anyway

Last Month We Looked At The Critical Question Posed By Brooke Williams Durin’ The Eulogy She Gave At Her Uncle’s Funeral: “When Exactly Was American Great Anyway?” Her Eulogy Led Us, TheOrator.Press (TO.P), On The Road To Discovery About What MAGA Actually Means. And It’s Not Pretty.

In That Article We Looked At The Origins of The Make America Great Again (MAGA) Movement And Where It Took America To.

Today The KKK Support The America First Policy Under Trump And His Re-Trumplican Party And MAGA Under Trump Has Gone Even Further And Emboldened Neo Nazis To Throw off The Robes And Display Their Racism Openly.

Under The Trump MAGA Administration Barbarity Is Meted Out At The Borders Too As Would Be Asylum Seekers Are Seperated As Families, Kept In Cages, Denied Hygenic Facilities, Brutalized, And Tortured.

Trump Supporters With Long Wooden Fire Torces Storm A University Campus Chantin’ Nazi Slogans & Givin’ Nazi Salutes Saturday August 12 2017

We Also Saw The Horror of The Jacob Blake Police Brutality Shootin’ And Maimin’ And The Rayshard Brooks Police Brutality Shootin’ And Killin’ (Both of Which Occured Shortly After The Police Brutaligy Murder of George Floyd). We Outlined How Civil Rights Lawyer Ben Crump Highlighted How The Treatment of Those Two Men Compared To The Treatment of Trump Supporter Kyle Rittenhouse By The Police Demonstrated That There Are Two Justice Systems Operatin’ In America. A Black Judicial System. And A White Judicial System. (After He Walked Around With A Gun And Fatally Shot At Protesters, He Was Befriended By The Police Before Bein’ Arrested. Most Amicably.)

But Trump Did Not Get Where He Is Today Alone As We Pointed Out In Part 1 Last Month (September 2020) Before Him There Was Army Aviation Veteran, Charles Lindbergh, Who Received The Medal of Honor Aged Just 25, In 1927, For Completin’ The First Ever New York To Paris Solo Flight. But By The Time He Reached Age 39, In 1941, When It Came To Stirrin’ Up Racial Hatred And Disharmony He Was Arguably Most Dishonourable.

The Pre World War I And Post World War I Foreign Policies of American President’s Woodrow Wilson And Warren G Harding Respectively, Based On The Concept of “America First”, Favoured Isolation, Neutrality And Normalcy. And This Ideology Was Favoured By The Extreme Far Right White Supremicists. The Klu Klux Klan Came Out To Support In In Their Droves (And Robes).

On September 4 1941 He Launched The American Pressure Group America First And Made A Notorious Speech On September 11, Just One Week Later. He Drew The Nazis Out of The Woodwork As He Blamed Three Sets of People for American Foreign Policy Problems. Namely The British Government For Needin’ Help In The Face of The War. The American Government For Bein’ Seemin’ Increasingly Willin’ To Give It. And The Jewish Community For Bein’ Seemingly Too Powerful And Influential All Round. And So Again Came The Cry Loud & Clear “America First”. But Japan’s Pearl Harbour Attack On America December 7 1941 Rendered That Cry Redundant. But Extreme Right Wing Presidential Candiate Pitchfork Pat, Tried To Stoke It Up Again.

Pitchfork Pat

Pat Buchanan AKA Pitchfork Pat Is So Known As He Gave A Speech At The 1996 RNC Rally At Which He Spoke of His Fear of Peasants With Pitchforks Takin’ Over The Elite. He Himself Tried To Run For President Three Times And Failed. 1992. 1996. And 2000.

President Nixon’s Watergate Scandal 1972-1974, The End of The Vietnam War In 1975, High Unemployment, High Inflation, & Low Economic Growth, The Iran Hostage Crisis of The Late 70s Early 80s, & The American Boycott of The Russian Hosted Olympic Games 1980 (After Soviet Russia Invaded Afghanistan) All Meant That For A Long Time During The 70s & At The Start of The 80s There Had Been A Malaise In The Air. A Lasting Feeling of Disenchantment, Known As The “The Vietnam Syndrome”. A Significant Number of Americans Were Disinclined To Go To War, Disillusioned & Wanting To Stay Home & Look Inward Again. And So The “America First” Foreign Policy Was Back.

“Make America Great Again” Is Also Not New. Ronald Reagan Used The Slogan In His First Presidential Campaign In 1980. “Let’s Make America Great Again.” George Bush Senior Ran As His Vice President.

By His Second Term As US President Reagan, Like Nixon Before Him, Was Being Counselled By A Nationalistic Isolationist Espousing Supremacist Views (Namely Political Polemic Patrick Buchannan).

He Is A Prime Example of How Institutional Racism Can Come To Be Everyday Reality. He Advised Three Republican Presidents In Succession Yet He Was & Still Is, An Ouvert White Supremacist & Segregationist. He Admired The Disbanded AFC, Had Nazi Sympathies & Detested Establishment Diplomacy. He Reflected That In His Political Advise & Views (Which Included Saying “The Achievements of That Organisation (AFC) Are Monumental”, Persuading President Reagan In 1985, To Visit A German Military Cemetery Where SS Soldiers Are Buried & Resisting The Deportation of Nazi War Criminals From Eastern Europe). He Essentially Picked Up Where Lindbergh Left off. To This Day He Pretty Much Makes All The Same Arguments Defending His Racism.

Ironically, It Was President Reagan Who In 1983 Ratified Martin Luther King Day As An Annual Federal Holiday (After Campaignin’ By MLK’s Wife Corretta Scot King).

The Extreme Right Has Been Rebranded ‘The Alt Right’ By Steve Miller, Steven Bannon, And Breitbart Media. And They Have All Attached Themselves To The White House As Part of The Trump Administration

Trump Supporter Christoper Charles Cantwell (Pictured Above Wearin’ A “Radical Agenda” T-Shirt) And Holdin’ A Handheld Torch) Became Known As The Weeping Nazi After He Fell Over Durin’ This Racist Rally & Fell From Terrorist Grace. Many Disowned Him After International News Reports Clearly Showed His Face. Cantwell Apparently Cried Upon Learnin’ That He Faced Felony Charges For Illegal Use of Tear Gas And Malicious Bodily Injury By Means of Any Caustic Substance Agent, Explosive or Fire.

As An Advisor In The White House With Openly White Supremacist Views Pat Buchanon Was Superceded By Steve Banon Under The Trump Administration. Things Were To Take An Unimaginable Escalation. As An Interview In 2018 With Fareed Zakaria Saw Him Layout His “Radical Agenda” In Accordance With His Idea of How To Make America Great Again (As Orchestrated By Extreme Right Compatriot Steven Miller).

For A Self-Portrait of Steve Bannon, What He’s All About & Why Trump Sought Him Out, An Interview He Gave To Fareed Zakaria In 2018 Is Crystal Clear In Terms of His Racist Rhetoric & Reasoning. Economy & Jobs Are The Presentable Platform. White Supremacy Is The Unpalatable Purview. Rebranding As “The Alt-Right” (The Alternative Right) Is The Camourflage. Online Newspaper “Breitbart” Is The Media Manipulation Tool. Stoking Up Race Wars & Culture Wars Is The Radical Agenda.

Trump Is A Self-Declared Nationalist & Bannon & His Associates Are The People He Has Chosen To Keep Presidential Company With, Including Overt Alt-Right Activists Stephen Miller & Richard Spencer & Patrick Buchanan.

Bannon Co-Founded The Alt-Right Newspaper Breitbart In 2007 & Was Recruited To Trump’s Election Campaign In 2016. He Was Appointed Chief Strategist In The Trump Administration Inaugurated In 2017. The Two Fell Out By January 2018 After A Book Published Around The Same Time, “Fire & Fury” By Michael Wolff, Included Disparaging Comments About President Made By Bannon.

After Buchanan Picked Up The Baton From Lindbergh, They Took It & Ran All The Way To The Border With It. Buchanan Became Known As “Pitchfork Pat” Following A Speech He Gave At The RNC In 1996 At Which He Referenced “Peasants With Pitchforks” Coming For The Elite. He Endorsed Trump As Presidential Nominee In 2016. Richard Spencer Met Steven Miller At Duke University Conservative Union (During His PhD In European History, Which He Incidentally Failed To Complete). He Coined The Term Alt Right To Distinguish His Brand of Paleo Conservatism From The Established Republican Conservatism. After Trump Was Elected In 2016. He & Mark Enoch Led Trump Supporters In Performing Nazi Salutes. He Can Be Seen In Film Recordings Shouting “Hail Trump! Hail Our People! Hail Victory!

In September 2020 Bannon Was Arrested For Fraud Relating To The Build The Wall Charity. Steven Miller Who Engineered The Build The Wall Policy, Is A Close Associate of Bannon & Orchestrated The Family Separation Policy At The Border.

“There Were Some Very Fine People On Both Sides”

Trump, 2017,
Durin’ A Press Conference Following Clashes In Charlottesville The Weekend of August 11 & 12 2017. Black Lives Matter Protesters & White Supremacists Clash After The Council’s Decision To Remove A Statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee
Self-Confessed Nationalist!
Self-Confessed Nationalists!

The KKK Are Part of The Trump Base. A Base To Which He Plays. The White Supremacist Terror Group Was Formed Immediately After The End of The Civil War In 1865 As Its Founders (Defeated Confederate Vets) Wanted America To Still Be As It Was, In What They Considered The Good Old Days. When All Black People Were Legally Enslaved. In Their Heads They Wanted To ‘Make America Great Again!

Police Records Show That Fred Trump, President Donald Trump’s Father, Himself The Son of A German Immigrant, Was Arrested At A KKK Rally In 1927 & Later Discharged. A Film Produced By Channel Four Called Meet The Trumps: ‘From Immigrant To President’ Historically Details Fred Trump’s Supremacist Views. This Is Despite His Own Ancestors Changing Their German Name From Trumpf To Trump. They Clearly Having Felt Concerned About Their Own Immigration Status At Some Stage. Identity Crisis – or – Identity Politics?

“You Have People On Both Sides of That”

Trump, 2016
His Response When Questioned About The Fact That He Placed Ads In Four New York Newspapers Calling For The Death Penalty For “The Central Park Five”.
They Were Proved Innocent In 2002 After A Serial Rapist Confessed To The Crime of Raping A White Woman In Central Park.
DNA Evidence Corroborated That Confession. Proving All 5 young Men Innocent

As Far Back As 1989 Trump Was Embroiled In Controversy Over His Attitude To Black People & The Police After Saying “Bring Back The Death Penalty & Bring Back Our Police!” Following The Arrest of 5 Young Black Boys After A White Girl Was Raped In Central Park, New York. DNA Evidence & A Subsequent Confession From The Real Culprit Proved Their Innocence. They Had Been Coerced Into Confession By Police Brutality & Later Received A $41 Million Dollar Settlement From The City. At The Time Pat Buchanan Echoed Trumps Call & Called For The (Innocent) Young Men To Be Lynched & Horsewhipped. He Endorsed Trump In 2016. Trump Has Tweeted Extracts From Buchanan’s CNS News Column In Which He Espouses White Nationalist Views

Trump’s Desire For Unpunishable, Unaccountable, Brutal Police, Such As Bull Connor & Wallace Headly Style Policing Is So Strong He Later Envoked One of His Notorious Sayings.

“When The Looting Starts, The Shooting Starts”

President Donald Trump Friday May 29 2020
After Protesters Demonstrated In Minneapolis Following The Police Brutality Murder of George Floyd;
– Also –
Racist, Miami, Florida Police Chief Walter Headly, 1967
After An Outbreak of Violent Crime During The Christmas Season of 1967 Which He Blamed On Young Hoodlums Aged 15-21. He Also Said “We Don’t Mind Being Accused of Police Brutality”

US President Donald Trump Tweeted A Threat To Send In The National Guard In Response To Protests Against Police Brutality Friday Night May 29 2020 (Following The Police Murder of George Floyd The Previous Monday May 2020)

“….These THUGS Are Dishonoring The Memory Of George Floyd, And I Won’t Let That Happen. Just Spoke To Governor Tim Walz And Told Him That The Military Is With Him All The Way. Any Difficulty And We Will Assume Control But, When The Looting Starts, The Shooting Starts. Thank You!”

Trump Was Hostile To Mayor Jacob Frey Since Autumn 2019 & Harboured A Grudge After He Billed The Trump Campaign For Hosting “A Trump Rally.” On The Other Hand He Praised The Minneapolis Police Union For Selling “Cops For Trump” Shirts The Same Year

Self-Confessed Nationalist & Police Brutality Exponent, US President Trump Tells The July 2017 Police Convention “You Can Take Your Hand Away” When Putting Arrested Citizens In “The Paddywagon”

“MAGA Loves The Black People”

Trump, May 2020 – When Asked If His Tweet “MAGA Night At The White House” Was Stoking Up Violence By His Fans, Saturday May 30 2020, Following Demonstrations The Night Before, Over The Police Brutality Murder of George Floyd The Previous Monday, May 25 2020.
Some People Tried To Breach White House Fencing During The Demonstrations.

His Answer “No Not At All. I Have No Idea If They’re Going To Be There. By The Way They Love African Americans. They Love Black People. MAGA Loves Black People”
Made Clear That He Sees MAGA As A Set of People Not Just A Campaign Slogan & Black People As People Other Than MAGA.

He Also Claimed That The Demonstrators Did Not Care About George Floyd & That They Would Have Been Greeted With “The Most Vicious Dogs & Ominous Weapons I Have Ever Seen” Had They Breached The Fence.

Racist Police Chief Bull Connor Infamously Used Water Hoses & Vicious Dogs Against Civil Rights Demonstrators In 1963 – Which Was So Wicked And Wrong It Actually Garnered Sympathy For The Movement

The Obama Backlash & The Bogus Birther Movement

President Barack Obama Was A Two Term President. First Elected In 2008, He Along With His Vice-President, Joe Biden, He Was Re-elected November 7 2012. Barak Obama Is An Example of American Greatness

Barack Hussein Obama Was Elected As President of America In 2008 And Again In 2012. This Charismatic, Yale Educated, Lawyer And Civil Rights Activist, Was Known To Be Half White On His Mother’s Side And Half African On His Father’s Side, And Born An American In Hawaii (The 50th State of America Since 1959).

He Was A Two Term President Despite A Conspiracy Theory Attack By Paleo Conservatives & Neo Conservatives Who Claimed He Had No Legal Right To Be President Because He Was Not Born In America & Was A Secret Muslim. These Were Clearly Untrue Claims & Proven To Be Such.

However This Was A Backlash To Barack Obama’s Election Success, Clear, Intellectual, And Oratorial Skills, & Reformative Policies, Which Helped Poor People, Including His Most Proud Achievement – Obama Care. His Re-election Proved Such Racism & Bigotry Was In The Minority.

Nonetheless It Was Sadly Not The Wonder Panacea To America’s Rough Racial History Many Imagined It Would Be. President Trump’s Obsession With Undoing & Belittling His Work Is A Continuation of That Racist Backlash. The Election of Biden Would Represent A Powerful Push Back Against Such Bigotry Once Again.

So When Was America Great?

The NAACP, President Truman & Desegration of The Army, Desegregation of Schools, Desegregation of Buses, Lyndon B Johnson & The Civil Rights Acts of The 1960s, And Electing America’s First Black President, President Barack Obama

The Statue of Liberty Set In Front of The American Flag

In His DNC 2020 Acceptance Speech (See TheOrator.Press: September 2020 Front Page) Joe Biden Referenced The 1930s Nazi Persecution of Jewish People Under Hitler And Compared It To The White Supremacist March Organised By White Supremacist Group Unite The Right, In Charlottesville, Over The Weekend of August 11 & 12 2017, Under The Trump.

The KKK Is At The Heart of White Supremacy In America. This Terrorist Group Was Formed Christmas 1865 By A Small Number of Defeated Civil War Confederate Losers In A Terrorist Attempt To Retain The White Supremacy Which Underpinned The American System of Slavery. Followin’ Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclaimations When The Laws Changed The Power Balance Changed And The Plantation Owing Elite Feared Their Wrongdoing Might Be Avenged And They’d Never Be As Powerful Again. The Terror Group The KKK Was Born of That Fear & Police Were Intertwined With Them As An Instrument of Oppression. Lincoln’s January 1st 1863 Emancipation Proclamation And The Various Others The Followed Until Complete In December 1865, Was A Bitter Defeat To Them, As They Believed America Was Great When It Was Antebellum.

Antebellum Was Basically When Black People Were Enslaved, Powerless & Illiterate. The KKK And Their Facilitators And Enablers Harkened Back To The Laws, Social Order, And Legal System That Kept African -Americans Enchained, Enslaved, And Emasculated. They Wanted It To Stay That Way Because To Them The Power Abuse, Physical, Sexual, Manual, Educational, Economical, Commercial, Judicial, Residential, International Was Enjoyable. And Profitable. They Loved The Power A System Based On The Theory of White Supremacy Gave Them, So They Engaged In A System of Terror In Order To Keep It.

They Cowardly Wore Large White Hoods & Robes To Disguise Themselves, Because Whilst Many Were Simple-minded Racist Thugs, Many Were Also Government Officials, Police Officers, Church Ministers, Lawyers, And Judges, Who Knew Such An Abhorrent Association Was At Odds With Their Image of Respectability In Other Quarters. And of Course They Feared Reprisals.

They Have Been Repeatedly Pursued By The FBI. Over The Years They Were Exposed By A Number of Public, High Profile, Notorious, Historical Misdeeds And Crimes Against Humanity. In Particular Family Separations, Kidnappings, Lynchings, Rapes, Child Abuse, Arsons And Massacres. Most Notably:-

1865 Immediately After Officially Losin’ The Civil War (1961-1965) When Failed Confederate Losers (Literally Losers) Formed The Terror Group

1871 President Ulysses S Grant (1869-1877) Signed The Ku Klux Klan Act 1871 Which Endeavoured To Protect The 14th Amendment Durin’ The Post Bellum Reconstruction Era From 1865 To 1877. This Era Saw Lincoln’s Republican Party Try To Facilitate The Social Integration of Freed Slaves Into Mainstream Society. The 14th Amendment Guaranteed (On Paper) Equal Treatment of All Americans Under The Constitution. The Ku Klux Klan Act 1871 Indicated Legal Sanction Against Them In Order To Achieve That.

1877 Followin’ The Commencement of The Jim Crow Laws Which Were Instituted When The Reconstruction Era Ended (Segregation Became Official Throughout All American States After Attempts At Integration Durin’ The 12 Years of Reconstruction Meet With White Supremist Resistence And Hate From The KKK And Reconstruction Essentially Failed)

1880s By The 1880s All Major U.S. Cities Had Their Own Local Police Service. They Were Made Up of Largely Ad Hoc Vigilante Groups Still Riddled With The Mentality of The Implementation of Plantation Discipline And Metin’ Out Summary Justice. Outside of The Law. From Day One They Were Infiltrated By White Supremacists And The KKK.

1896 After The Supreme Court Decision In The Case of Plessy v Ferguson (Originally Started In 1892) Which Ruled That Segregation On Trains Did Not Violate The Constitution. So Long As Facilities Provided Were Equal In Number (Even If Not Quality) It Was Constitutional To Be “Separate But Equal.” White Supremacists Were Again Unleased.

The NAACP Was Founded By Both Black & White People, Includin’ W.E.B, Du Bois, Joel Spingham, Mary Ovington And Ida Wells. It Is An Example of American Greatness

1908 The Springfield Massacres, Illinois (Where Black Homes, Businesses, Churches, Were Razed To The Ground. Police Provocatively Moved Two Black Men From Springfield Jail To Another Jail In Another Town, Prior To Their Trial. Thus Technically They Were Still Officially Innocent Until Proven Guilty. But A Bayin’ Mob Were Bayin’ For Blood So It Let Loose On Those Who Were Left Behind Instead (Which Is What The Police Intended).

1909 Partly As A Response To The Pain And Shame of Springfield, The NAACP – The National Association For The Advancement of Coloured People – Was Formed To Help Highlight The Horror of Lynchings And Massacres Inflicted Upon The Black Community As Well As The Brutality of Discrimination Day To Day. Often It Was Inflicted By The Klan Riddled Police Afflicted By The Racism Disease. The NAACP Also Supported Improved Education, Employment And Housin’ Facilities.

1915 After The Release of The KKK Propaganda Film Birth of A Nation Directed By DW Griffith & Produced By DW Griffith Corp – Which Was Screened By Woodrow Wilson At The White House – Durin’ The First WW. However The FBI Became More Interested In Their Activities As A Result And Laws Were Enacted To Make Some of Their Activities Federal Crimes.

1920s Terrorising Police Brutality And Klan Activity Was Very High In The Post War 1920s. There Were Numerous Massacres And Attacks on Whole Black Communities. The 1920 Massacre, Ocoee, Orange County, Florida. The 1921 Massacre, Black Wall Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 1923 Massacre, Rosewood, Florida.

1939 -45 World War II Exposed The Fact That Even Though Black Men Fought In The War They Were Still Subject To Army Segregation, Degredation And Disrespect. All On Top of KKK And Police Brutality Terror. But Havin’ Put Their Lifes On The Line (Again – After Previous Generations Had Done In The First World War) Black People Felt Even Stronger That Things Had To Change. James G Thompson’s Letter To A Local Newspaper Made This Clear With His Double V Campaign. It Encouraged Victory Over The Oppressor Abroad. And The Oppressor At Home. The Logic Earned Respect. Amongst Blacks And Whites Alike.

Colin Powell The First Black Secretary of State Said At The 50th Anniversary of President Truman’s Executive Order Desegregating The American Army That Truman’s Decision Allowed Him To Dream The Dream That Got Him To Where He Is. Colin Powell Is An Example of American Greatness

1948 President Harry Truman, Signed An Executive Order Bannin’ Segregation Within The Army (It Took Until 1954 Before Army Desegregation Was Totally Complete, But He Did It). Racist Klan Ridden Police Officers Attacked, Beat And Blinded A Black Army Veteran, Dressed In His Uniform, Havin’ Just Been Honourably Discharged From The Army. Although President Truman Had Been Raised A Racist And Archives Document His Own Racist Correspondence, In His Own Words, As An Army Man Himself That “Turned His Stomach”. This Marked A Major Moment In Civil Rights Progression.

1954 Brown v The Board of Education Which Saw The Supreme Court Rule That School Desegregation Was Unconstitutional And Should Not continue. The Klan Response Was Savagely Hostile.

1955 A Year Later, The Year Long Alabama Bus Boycott Headed By Rosa Parks (Who Refused To Give Up Her Seat To White Man As She Had Been Workin’ All Day On December 1) Helped End Bus Seat Segregation In Montgomery. And The Freedom Riders Courageously Carried On That Work And Fought For Their Campaign of Bus Seat Desegregation Throughout The Country Well Into The Next Decade. Ultimately Provin’ Successful. But The White Supremacists Beat, Bombed And Snipered Brutal Resistence With The Help of The Klan.

1965 Durin’ The Civil Rights March From Selma, Alabama, To The Montgomery State Captial Alabama, Peaceful Protestors, Led By Martin Luther King, Who Knelt In Peaceful Protest Along The Way, Were Subjected To Savage KKK Police Brutality And Violence, Which Was Televised All Around The World. Ironically It Garnered So Much Worldwide Sympathy That Democratic President Lydon B Johnson Signed The Voting Rights Act 1965 Shortly Afterwards. It Was A Major Turnin’ Point For The NonViolent Civil Rights Movement.

2016 After The Election Campaign of The Incumbent President Donald Trump And The Degradation of Professional Behaviour By Re-Trumplican Policiticians. Lynching Has Even Returned Under Trump’s America First And MAGA Administration

Appearing on CNN’s New Day Programme Friday 28 August 2020, Elizabeth Neumann, Former Assistant Secretary of Counter Terrorism In The Department of Homeland Security Reported That, Extreme Rhetorhic Under The Trump Administration Has Encouraged Far Right Attacks, Contrary To The President’s Duty To Protect American Citizens. The FBI Recently Announced That White Supremacist Groups Are The Greatest Internal Threat To America Right Now.

It Is This Kind of Mentality That Allowed Police Officers In Uniform To Kill George Floyd In The Street, In Broad Daylight – With One Officer In Particular Kneelin’ On George’s Neck With His Knee – For 8 Mins 46 Seconds. Whilst Three Others Stood Around And Let Him Do It. This Is Why A Greater America Must Vote To Reject This Wickedness & Evil. America Is So Much Greater Than That!

When Exactly Was America Great? When Champions of Good Over Evil Found The Courage, Class, Humanity, Determination And Integrity To Fight Back Power Hungry Cowards, Oppressors And Disguised Wrong-doers Who Bullied And Abused Others. When They Sang We Shall Overcome. And They Did. And They Continue To Do So…

Ida B Wells. As An NAACP Founder. Ida B Wells Is An Example of American Greatness. As Opposed To Cowardice.

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