TheOrator.Press: Manners Matter! Serving & Protecting Who Exactly? They Match The Description – July 2022

Certain MET Police Officers “Match The Description of ‘Unskilled’, ‘Unimpressive’ And ‘Lazy Policing’ As Police Assaults On British Citizens Are Caught On Camera. Again. And Again. And Again!

Here Are Three Similar Cases. Some Believe Some Cases Amount To The Physical Abuse of Citizens & Children By The Police

Innocent 14 Year Old School Child Subjected To 8 Adults Dressed Up In Police Uniforms Traumatizing Him

Police Officers Knelt on This Innocent Small Framed Asthmatic Innocent Child . They Triggered Thoughts of The Police Murder of George Floyd In America. And The Child The 14 Year Old Thought He Was Goin’ To Die. He Is Now Traumatized.

On or About June 23 2022 In Croydon, A School Child, With A Visibly Small Frame, Clearly Dressed In School Uniform, Later Discovered To Ashmatic, Is Set About And Knelt Upon By At Least 8 Adults. Naturally And Foreseeably He Found It Traumatizin’.

Most Importantly He Was Later Discovered To Be Innocent.

This Fact Could Have Been Discovered Much Sooner And Much Smoother, Because The Adults Concerned Were Police Officers, Dressed In Police Uniforms And Therefore Supposedly Trained To Carry Out Effective Basic Police Enquiries.

If These Demonstrably Under-Skilled Officers Had Bothered To Have An Age Appropriate, Civilised, Humanity Based Conversation With The Child And Made Some Basic Equiries By Politely Talkin’ To Him This Whole Situation Could Have Been Avoided. Instead They Steamed In And Pretty Much Immediately Skipped Those Basic Procedures And Forced Him, Deliberately, And Quickly To The Ground. As Can Be Seen In The Video.

There Was Approximately 8 of Them Just Touchin’ Up, Coverin’ Up (Public Scrutiny) & Lookin’ Out (For Each Other). It Looks And Sounds Like Gang Warefare Rather Than Professional Policin’.

One Played The Role Cover Up And Look Out For Members of The Rest of This Group of Police Officers. One Argued With The Public That The Child Would Have No Reason Not To Openly Cooperate If He Had Done Nothing Wrong. Bearin’ In Mind The Police Made Little or No Effort To Explain Themselves Before Laying Hands On The Child, Nor Did They Give The Child A Fair & Reasonable Chance To Understand Why The Police Were Interferrin’ With Him, Nor To Explain Himself In Response That Officer Was Clearly Wrong About That. Also, Usin’ His Own Logic, Why Does That Officer Feel The Need To Try And Osbcure The Behaviour of His Colleagues If They Are Doin’ Nothing Wrong? The Child Was Subsequently Proven Innocent, Asthmatic, And In Fear of His Life,

Furthermore, If That Officer Has Nothing To Hide, By His Own Logic No Doube He Is Happy To Explain Exactly What The Mark Is On His Sleeve, Top Right In Front of The Camera Screen, That Filmed Him And His Police Colleagues? And How It Came To Be There?

The Public Purse

Meanwhile On Behalf of Her Son, The Mother of The Innocent, Slightly Built, Asthmatic, 14 Year Old School Boy, Is Now Thinkin’ of Takin’ Legal Action Against The MET Police For The Trauma Her Child Suffered Due To This Particularly Woeful Case of MET Manhandlin’.

And If Their Case Is Successful, Which of Course The Community Would Want It To Be, Knowin’ That Today It’s Him, Tomorrow It Could Be Them – Who Pays For The Compensation?

The Public Purse. Not The Individual Police Officers.

So Whenever The Police Chiefs Complain Again About Not Having’ Enough Government Fundin’, They Would Do Well To Consider Their Own Contribution And The Contribution of Their Officer’s To Police Accountability. Literally! Shobby Police Behaviour Costs The Taxpayer Money.

The Police Should Be Given As Much Honest Public Fundin’ As They Deserve. After All, Good Policin’ And Good Law & Order Helps To Keep Us All Safe. And Most Members of The Public Simply Want Justice & Peace. But The Public Deserve High Professional Police Standards And Proper Financial Management. Be It From Central or Local Government.

Basic Questions Need To Be Asked Though About How The MET Are Managin’ Their Money. For Instance Why Are 8 Police Officers Dispatched To One Innocent Slightly Built Child. And When They Get There Why Do They Hang Around Lookin’ Like Criminal Lookouts? Why If They’ve Nothing To Hide Do They Deliberately Try And Cover Up The Actions of Their Colleagues – Which They Can Clearly Be Seen To Be Doin’? And Yet When Actual Crimes Are Bein’ Committed The Public Struggles To Find A Policeman or Woman.

Public Friskin’ & Searchin’ Technique

Stop & Search Is Supposed to Be Conducted Proceduarlly, Professionally And Promptly

Also Notable Here Is How Technically Poor The Actual Search of This Child. Frankly The Officers Do Not Seem To Know What They Are Doin’. Are One Point A Huge Officer Actually Kneels On Him. After The Police Murder of George Floyd In May 2020, In America, That Is Particuarly Triggerin’. They Should Be Aware of This. Either They Are And They Just Don’t Care or They Are Ignorant And Their Trainin’ Is In A State of Disrepair.

No Doubt Many Observers Have Witnessed More Professional Searches On Night Club Doors. Sucn A Professional Pat Down Usually Beings With A Polite Discourse From The Person About To Carry Out The Search And Then A Pat Down Across The Shoulders, Along The Torso With Arms Out, Down The Leg, Down The Other Leg, Front And Back, As Quick As You Can.

However This Officer Looked Like He Was Lingerin’, Then Just Fumblin’, In One Position And Then Back Again, And Then Others Join In. Then He Wonders off. Then He Comes Back. Then When He Realizes There’s No There There, He Lingers Again, Instead Releasin’ The Handcuffs, Which Should Never Have Been On In This Seemingly False Arrest, In The First Place.

And Then Most Tellingly, Only After His Lingering And Fumbling Does He Try And Have A Conversation With The Child. And Take Out His Record Book. That Is Literally Back To Front.

It Is Notable That A Number of The Officers Ask “What Are We Supposed To Do?” This Would Indicate That Nobody Told Them Durin’ Trainin’. Such As It Is. Whatever The Reason Some of These Officers Seem Clueless. Which Is Terrifyin’ For The Public.

Recruitment Standards Have Plummeted According To Report

Daniel Morgan Was A Private Investigator Murdered In The Car Park of A Sydenham Pub In 1987 By An Axe Through His Head. The Grizzly Murder Never Saw Justice For Daniel As Nobody Ever Took The Stand. Many Believe This Was Down To Police Corruption As His Death Was Believed To Be Related To The Underworld. And The Underworld Are Believed To Have Infiltrated The Police.
Due To His Family’s Continued Campaigning An Inquiry Was Set Up In 2013. It’s Report Was Released In 2021 And The Outcome of A Report On The Report (By HMICFRS) Was Urgently Discussed In The Houses of Parliament In March 2022. The Panel’s Report Declared The Police Institutionally Corrupt And The HMICFRC Obstructive & Ill-Equipped To Deal With Corruption. The Panel Took Eight Years And Three Volumnes To Produce Their Report
Improvement Recommendations Were Largely Ignored After Justice MacPherson Declared The MET Institutionally Racist In 1999. Stephen Lawerence Was Just A Teenager When He Was Murdered By Five White Racists Aged Just 19
22 Years After The MacPherson Report The Daniel Morgan Independent Panel Report Declared The MET Institutionally Corrupt In May 2021. Since Then, In June 2022 The HMICFRS Has Put The MET Into Special Measures Which Means It Is To Be Inspected More Regularly

It Is Notable That In March 2022 The Morgan Report Into Police Practices As Conducted By Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) Found That Members of The Criminal Fraternity Had Infiltrated The Police And Managed To Become Police Officers. The Police Were Problematic Before McPherson. And They Did Little To Nothing Effective About It. Because of That They Just Got Worse. To The Point Where The Daniel Morgan Independent Panel Declared Them Institutionally Corrupt In May 2021, 22 Years After McPherson Report Declared Them “Institutionally Racist.”

The HMICFRS Report On The Daniel Morgan Independent Panel’s Report Stopped Short of Concerring With The Panel, But It Did Conclude The MET Had Been Obstructive To Panel’s Work And Had Woefully Inadequalte Counter-Corruption Measures In Place.

Appearin’ To Adopt Gang-Like Tactics, Some Police Officers Match The Description of ‘Unskilled’, ‘Unimpressive’, ‘Lazy’ Policing, As They Display –

1. A Lack of Basic Manners

2. A Lack of Professional Communication Skills

3. A Lack of Community Relation Skills

4. A Lack of Proportionality

5. A Lack of Proper Procedure

6. A Lack of Safeguarding Against Child Abuse

7. A Lack of Ability To Catch Actual Criminals

8. A Lack of Appropriate Trainin And

9. A Lack of Unwillingness To Improve

As They Traumatize Yet Another Innocent Black School Child!

This Time Their ‘Gateway’ Tactic of Choice Was That Old Chestnut “You Match The Description…” (It Could Just As Easily Have Been Their Other Favourite ‘Gateway’ Claim -“You Smell of Cannibis” – or – Their Other ‘Gateway’ Fishin’ Exercise “You Were Drivin’ Erractically”. Sometimes It’s A Combination of Two or Three of Them As In The Case of Commonwealth Gold Medalist Bianca Williams, Her Boyfriend And Their Baby. All of Whom Were Also Innocent. Includin’ The Baby Which They Actually Tried To Criminalize. And Failed.).

Yet They Appear To Have Presented No Evidence of An Actual Crime Log From A Member of The Public At The Time Givin’ Such A Description of Any Such Crime.

Where Is The Evidence of This So-Called Description? Who Gave It This Description? To Whom In The Police Did They Give It? What Time Did They Give To The Police Force? And This Child Is Innocent – What Have They Done About The Real Culprit?

Meanwhile, On The Same Day As This Destructive Behaviour From The Police, The MET Was Continuing To Run A Series of Public Relations & Recruitment Campaigns Trying To Convince Members of The Community To Join Their Gang! The Latest One Was In The Evening Standard On June 23 2022 (Featuring Officers Michael Wallace And Ian Smellie Tryin’ To Convince People How Great Workin’ For The Met Is).

And No Doubt The Will Once Again “Appeal To The Community For Help” As And When It Suits Them. The Very Same Community They Keep Terrorising And Traumatizing. This Approach To Community Policing Hardly Represents The Best of Example of Police Intelligence.

Often Officers Appear No Better Than The Other Gangs On The Nation’s Streets Terrorising Communities. In Fact They Are Arguably Worse Because With Rights Come Responsibility, And After All These Years, Particularly After The Macpherson Report, Many Believe They Still Haven’t Got The Balance Right. And Are Not Effectively Trying.

It Highlights The Fact That The Police Do Not Seem To Learn From Their Mistakes. They Seem To Just Get Worse And Worse. So It Would Appear They Have No Desire To Learn. After The Horror of The Child Q Case, One Would Have Thought That Someone In A Leadership Role Would Have Said, We Need To Be More Professional And Careful How We Treat Kids. But No. They Just Carry On As Before And So We Get This Case.

And This Case…
Officer Seeks To Explain Why Him & His Colleague Stopped The Two Men AFTER He Attacks One of Them. Instead of Talkin’ To Them Both In A Polite & Civil Manner Beforehand. This Is Contrary To The Code of Conduct Outlined Below And S.3 of The Criminal Law Act 1967 Which He Misquotes

On July 15 2022 A Young Innocent Black Man, Who Was Out With His With White Friend, Was Subjected To Two Police Officers Matchin’ The Description of Racist, Violent, Unprofessional, And Ultimately Wrong. Once Again.

His White Friend Was Physically Unscathed But Undoubtedly Emotionally Traumatized.

Neither Officer Spoke To The Young Men With “Respect And Courtesy”. This Is A Breach of The Police Conduct Regulations. Instead One, A PC In A Yellow High Vis Jacket Started By Aggressively Saying Put Your Hands Behind Your Back. Both Men Asked Why And Explained They Hadn’t Done Anything.

The PC Then, Instead of Engagin’ In Dialogue And Explainin’ Why He And His Colleague Stopped Them He Puts His Arm Around His Neck And Endeavourts To Drag Him To The Floor. His Colleague, Later Revealed To Be A Sergeant And Senior Officer Then Joins In. Then For No Discenrable Reason He Starts Punching The Black Man, Whilst The Shorter Agitator Pins Him Down With A Knee Across His Neck And Upper Body.

Only When A Hero Neighbour Who Has Heard All The Commotion Shouts At The Officers To Stop Because They Are Bein’ Recorded, Do They Stop.

Even Afterwards They Stand Up Off The Man, The Shorter of The Officers Still Holds Onto Him, Havin’ Placed His Hands Behind His Back, With No Explanation Why. No Official Arrest. No Reading of His Rights. No Procedural Propriety At All. And No Paperwork Up To This Point.

Only Once The Neighbour, A Conscious, Carin’, Civic-Minded Woman Comes Down From Her Residence To Engage With The Officers And Ask Why They Are Punching The Man, Do They Seem To Realise That They Have Done Wrong And Try To Now Calm Themselves.

The Black Man Is Being Held With His Arms Behind His Back By The Other Officer (The Shorter of The Tw0). Neither Officer Has Blue Gloves On At This Stage. However, Havin’ Already Forced The Black Man To The Ground With No Explanation Why He And His Friend Where Stopped, Nor Any Paper Work, And Then Launched Their Assault, The Sergeant Only Now Endeavours To Explain Their Gateway Claim, Which Is Once Again Another Nameless, Faceless Caller Told Them That Two Men Where Tryin Steal A Bike. Durin’ The Course of His Exposure The Sergeant, Aggressively Asks “When Are We Ever Right?” (Rather Like The Officer In The First Case Above, Involving A School Child).
Again, His Trainin’ Should Have Told Him That. But Basic Common Sense, Good Police Work And Common Decency Should Also Tell Him, That The Answer Is When Police Explanaitions And Enquiries Are Made Before Escalating A Situation To Physical Violence. Not Afterwards!

The Original Agitating Officer Now Seems Very Keen To Keep A Low Profile Whilst The Sergeant, Wittingly or Otherwise Makes A Number of Admissions And Tries To Walk Back His Behaviour And Shift The Blame To The Black Man For Not Explainin’ Himself. The Video Tape Clearly Shows, The Officers Approached Without Courteous Professionalism, Without Giving’ Any Explanation, And Without Any Evidence, Paperwork or Explanation.

The Sergeant All Too Late In The Day, Only Now Finally Explains (As He Should Have Done Politely In The First Place) That He’s Had A Call That Two Men Were Tryin’ To Steal A Motorbike. Both The Black Man And The White Man Explain That The Bike Belongs To The Black Man.

Outrageously This Sargeant Tries To Sweetalk His Victim Before His Victim Keels Over As A Result of The Officers Brutalizing Him.
And Even Then This Sargeant Fails To Offer Him Immediate Medical Help. He Appears Preoccupied With Savin’ Only His Own Posterior.

Again Only Now Does The Sergeant Do What He And His Colleague Should Have Done In The First Place, Which Is Request The Keys And Some ID. That Would Have Descalated The Situation In The Very First Place. He Is Suppossed To Be Trained To Do That. Not Only As An Officer But As A Senior Police Officer.

He Displayed No Skills Whatsoever. Instead He And His Colleague Launch An Attack Instead of An Enquiry. And Then They Seek To Rely On S.3 of The Criminal Evidence Act 1967. However, That Only Affords Them Protection After All Other Options Have Been Exhausted. All Other Options Were Not Exhausted In This Case. And S.3 Only Applies During The Prevention of A Crime or A Lawful Arrest. No Crime Was Committed In This Case And Neither Men Were Lawfully Arrested.

Despite This Ms Henry’s Complaint (As A Witness) Has Been Rejected By The Lewisham Police Service Who Have Declined To Refer Themselves To The IOPC (Independent Office For Police Conduct). The Man Himself May Yet Make A Complaint (As A Victim of Police Brutality). If So Ms Henry’s Evidence Will Be Vital To His Case.

The Use of Force – Section 3 (1) Criminal Law Act 1967

Such force must be no more than is reasonable and necessary. Use of force above and beyond what is strictly reasonable and necessary could result in prosecution for assault. The use of force should be avoided if at all possible. Quite simply, remember the following:

  • A person may use such force
  • As is reasonable in the circumstances
  • In the prevention of a crime, or
  • In effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspect offenders, i.e. terrorists, criminals and spectators failing to comply with ground regulations.

If you have no options open to you, other than to use force, you will be required to find assistance if tactically possible, this is advisable for the following reasons:

  • To help and protect yourself from injury.
  • To help protect the person that you are dealing with.
  • To provide a witness, in order to confirm, that only reasonable and necessary force was used, and to protect against a possible charge of assault.

The Black Guy Seems Faint And Eventually Falls To The Ground. Approximately 6 Other Officers Now Turn Up At The Scene But Seem To Have Very Little Interest In The Whole Situation Generally. Again, Considerin’ The Force Is Constantly Claimin’ To Be Short of Resources, This Just Looks Like Another Group of Officers, Standin’ Around In Large Numbers, Unnecessarily and Doin’ Nothing. Again, All Comin’ Out of The Public Purse.

The White Man Is Taken Aside And Allowed To Have His Say. The Black Guy Is Too Weak To Stay Consistently Engaged. He Appears To Pass Out (Whilst The Sergeant Is Tryin’ To Convince Him He Was A Fault That He Got Beaten Up. But The Manages To Muster He Believes The Sergeant Launched A Racist Attack. The Neighbour Agrees. Another Neighbour (This Time A Male) Comes Out To Offer Eye Witness Testimony And Also Agrees It Was A Racist Attack By The Policeman.

Only After The Female Neighbour Calls An Ambulance For The Black Man Does The Sergeant Start Talkin’ About Himself Doin’ “Consequence Management” Which Is Him Belatedly Askin The Black Man If He Wants To Go To The Hospital. But It Appears All Too Little Too Late And Nobody Is Buyin’ It. Again, The Video Evidence Speaks For Itself.

The Sergeant Can Be Seen Tryin’ To Blame The Black Man For The Unnecessary Escalation. But Video Evidence Shows That He Actually Started It And Relished In It In A Heartbeat. He Issues The Standard Denial In These Cases That He Would Do Something Like That (As They All Do). Whereas The Video Shows He Would. And He Did. Possibly For The First Time. Possibly Not. Either Way, The Neighbours Were Clear It Should Be For The Last Time.

The Sergeant Says His Punches And His Colleague Kneeling On The Black Man’s Neck, After They Both Force Him To The Ground, Only Happened Because The Black Man “Offered” Resistence And The White Man Didn’t. Again, Video Evidence Is Ever Increasingly Important In These Cases And In This Case It Speaks For Itself In Demonstrating The Truth or Lack of It Regarding This Sergeant’s Statements.

The Sergeant Claims To Have Ordered An Ambulance But Then To Have Cancelled It Because He Was Given An ETA of Five Hours By The Ambulance Service (A Purported Scenario That Is On The Increase In Police Brutality Cases). There Will Be A Log of Any Such Calls He Made By The Ambulance Service. If Indeed He Made Them. The Video Records The Neighbour Previously Callin’ For An Ambulance, Which Apparently Gave Her An ETA of Just Forty Minutes.

The Sergeant Eventually Tells Both Men Are Told They Can Go Now And The Video Ends Before Any Ambulance Arrives. Whether Either of Men Makes An Official Complaint To The IOPC (Independent Office For Police Conduct) Remains To Be Seen. This Is Different To The Directorate of Professional Standards Which Is Essentially A Directorate of The Met And Headed By An Assisstant Commissioner of The Met. (For Further Details See This Month’s Unassuming Hero Moments Page.)

And This Case…Too. Here The Officer Was Fired!
The First Three Regulations of The Police Conduct Regulation 2020 Relate To Use of Force & Firearms, Honesty & Integrity, Proper Use of Authority, Respect & Courtesy. And Yet They Are Repeatedly Breached.

Police Conduct Regulations

Use of force and firearms

The Standards of Professional Behaviour set out in the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2020 include the use of force and abuse of authority.

Honesty and integrity

Police officers are honest, act with integrity and do not compromise or abuse their position.

Authority, respect and courtesy

Police officers act with self-control and tolerance, treating members of the public and colleagues with respect and courtesy.

Police officers do not abuse their powers or authority and respect the rights of all individuals.

A Firearms Officer In The Metropolitan Police Had Been Found Guilty of Gross Misconduct, July 2022, And Dismissed From The Force With Immediate Effect After A Hearing By The Independent Office For Police Conduct (The IOPC).

He Was Exposed As Havin’ Punched A Child In The Face, Whilst That Child Was Handcuffed, Powerless, And Not Resisting. He Later Tried To Claim That He Punched The Child By Accident. He Also Verbally Abused The Child By Shouting At Him & Calling Him A Scumbag.

The IOPC Panel Found That His Violent Behaviour Breached The Police Conduct Regulations Relating To Use of Force; Authority, Respect And Courtesy; And Discreditable Conduct.

PC Steve Martin Also Initially Made A False Account of Events Which Did Not Include His Physical And Verbal Attack On The Child. His Body-Worn Camera Recorded His Unprofessional And Brutal Behaviour.

He Pleaded Guilty To Common Assault After A File Was Sent To The Crown Prosecution Service In January of This Year. He Was Given A Fourteen Month Curfew, Ordered To Pay Costs And Disbarred From Ever Working For The Police Force Again.

The Incident Happened On 28 February 2021. In Leyton, East London. The Officer Claimed To Be Looking For Three Youths Apparently Armed With Knives, After Having Committed An Attempted Robbery. PC Steve Martin Arrested The Boy, Handcuffed Him, Punched Him In The Face And Swore At Him. The Boy Did Not Resist Throughout His Ordeal. He Reported The Assault To His Mother Who Made A Formal Complaint.

Sal Naseem, IOPC Regional Director, Said, “Following Our Independent Investigation, We Found A Case To Answer On The Basis That The Force Used Appeared To Exceed What Was Required In The Circumstances As The Boy Had Given Himself Up And Was Not Resisting.”

Innocent Families And Their Children Deserve Better Policing

The MET Police Slogan Working Together For A Safer London Rings Hollow When They Are All Too Often Seen As No Better Than The Other Gangs That Terrorise Innocent People On The Nation’s Streets

Police Chiefs In The Bad Old Days Used Have A Sayin’ Which Was “Communities Get The Policin’ They Deserve”. Durin’ Lockdown, Whilst Most People Observed The Rules, No.10, The Most Heavily Policed Street In The Country, Got Away With Blue Murder In Covid Terms.

Given The Damnin’ Conclusions of The Sue Gray Report The Fines Issued To The Chancellor Rishi Sunak And The PM Bojo, Were Clearly Just Show Fines, With Rishi Taking One For The Team And Bojo Notoriously Excused By Connor Burns As Havin’ Been “Ambushed By A Cake” (Incidentally It Is Worth Rememberin’ That As Yet Not All of The Pictures From Gather-Gate Have Come To Light As The Police Have Chosen Not To Release Them. So Much For Open Justice.)

With The Tough, Borderline Inhuman Rules They Imposed On The Great British Public, When They Should Have Been Leadin’ By Example, They Did Not Deserve The Blind Eye They Were Given. This Is An Obvious Case of Bias In Policing. Whether They All Get Away With It Will Become Clear At The Next General Election. They May Wish To Forget & Just Move On From Party But The Public Who Remain Traumatized By The Police And By Covid Will Never Forget And Just Move On.

Local, Ordinary, Innocent, Community Members, Some of Who Are NHS Workers, Do Not Deserve This Standard of Policin’, Nor The Traumatizin’ of Their Children, Who It Can Be Guaranteed, Will Never Forget This Mistreatment As Long As They Live. This Is No Matter How Many Lame, Lilly-Livered, Posterior-Coverin’ Statements So Called Leaders Within The Institution Choose To Issue. Simply Put This Standard of Policing, Police Recruitment And Police Training Is Just Not Good Enough. It Is Unacceptable. It Is 2022 And We Have Been Suffering And Fighting Too Long For This Sub-Standard Policing To Be Still Going On. It Needs To Stop. And Cameras Are Provin’ Essential For Gatherin’ Evidence As Part of This Fight.

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