TheOrator.Press Business Feature Special: ‘FIELD’ By Fortnum’s ~ February 2022

Playin’ The Field And As Fresh As A DaisY!

Fortnum & Mason’s Latest Restaurant Is Producin’ Earthy, Sexy, Saucy Cauliflower, Caper Butter Cabbage, & Cool Cocktails. It Could All Plant Ideas In Your Head!

Plant Based Afternoon Tea At FIELD BY FORTNUM

New “Plant Led”Eco Friendly Restaurant Is A Model of Corporate Consciousness & A Very Tasty Little Business

We Look At How Fortnum & Mason Are Helpin’ The Environment And Society To Heal Through A General Business Policy of Long Term Sustainability & Social Responsibility.

Includin’ In Their New Restaurant FEILD By Fortnums



PART ONE: TheOrator.Press February 2022 Issue

Part 1

Less Plastic Fantastic & More Sustainability & Social Responsibility






In Their Classic Colour

‘Eau de Nil’

(Also Pictured Above Left)

New Plant Led Restaurant ‘FIELD By Fortnum’s’ Is Focused On Seasonality And “A Plant-Led” Menu, Ethical Farmin’ & Fishin’, Sustainability & Social Responsibility. Its Four Pillars of Sustainability & Social Responsibility Are People, Product, Packaging & Planet. The People Are Their Suppliers, Customers And Employees.

It Values Sourcin’ Fresh, High-Quality, Community Conscious, And Climate Conscious Produce And Ingredients From Small British Businesses And Like-minded Enterprises. In Particular It Supports Small Scale Fishin By Day Boats, And Regenerative Farms Which Take A Holistic Approach To Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Soil Health, Water Quality & Carbon Sequestration.

Has A Rooftop Apiary Atop Its Famous Store In Piccadilly And Since 2018 It Has Been Linin’ The Area Around Its Own Roof Top Beehives Hives With Moss & Wild Flowers To Help Cultivate Cleaner Air Through Carbon Removal. It Claims This Is Just One Way It Is Workin’ To Operate Sustainably And Build A Repsonsible Business For Longevity.

It Has Also Pledged To Reuse, Repurpose, & Upcycle Glassware, Crockery, Furniture & Packagin From Within It’s Business Where Possible. Futhermore Food Waste Is Weighed And Recorded Daily To Monitor It Wastage. And Where Possible And If Such Waste Can Be Avoided It Is Reduced By Usin’ It Towards The Creatation of New Dishes Such As Soups For Instance.

Since 2016 F & M Has Been In Partnership With The Felix Project Which Saves High Quality Food Which Cannot Be Sold & Delivers It Daily & Weekly To Charities Helpin’ Vulnerable People Includin’ The Elderly, Homeless & Refugees, Via Emergency Food Hubs, Soup Kitchens, Community Kitchens, & Schools. Founded By Stephen Chamberlain In Memory of His Son Felix.

The Fortnum & Mason Travel Cup Is Available In Classic Eau Di Nil & Also Red. It Has A Body Made of Bamboo Fibres & A Lid Made of Silicone i.e No Plastic!
This Reusable Cup Therefore Eradicates The Need For Single Use Plastic Drinkin’ Vessels.
(Also Pictured Above Centre In The Classic Fortnum’s Light Blue Colour ‘Eau de Nil’ )

Fortnum & Mason Have Been Movin’ Away From Single Use Plastic Since 2012.

Their Eau Di Nil Water Bottle Launched 10 Years Ago Is Testimony To That (Pictured Above With Their Sustainable Cup & Flask). And There’s Also A Flask Too. Completin’ A Trio of Change In Hydration Habits Is The Travel Cup With A Heat Resistent Body Made of Bamboo Fibres & A Sealable Cap Made of Silicone.

Now At Least A Decade Since Startin’ That Campaign They’ve Gone Several Steps Further & Launched A New Stylish Eco Friendly Restaurant. As From Thursday February 17 2022 Former Pop Up ‘FIELD’ Is Now A Permanent Pleasure Palace of Plant Based Food. And On Day One of Their “Soft Openin” We Took A Look.

FIELD Is Not About The Faux Naughtiness of School Girls “Runnin’ Through Fields of Wheat” A La Former Prime Minister Theresa May, But The Real Restorative, Relaxin’, And Rare Combination of A Proactive, Well Thought Out, Eco Aware, Vegetarian And Vegan, Herbivore And Carnivore, Venue & Menu, With The Style, Sensitivity, And Design Generosity, To Cater For Various Discernin’ Gastronomic Proclivities.

This Is All Whilst Mindful of The Climate Conscious Goal of ‘Net Zero Degrees.’





(Also Pictured Above Right)

The First Ever English Lockdown In March 2020 & One of The Worst Ever Police Murders Two Months Later In May 2020, Were Two Momentous Events In A Momentous Year That Changed World History Forever. Health Consciousness & Corporate Consciousness Have Been Elevated To Unprecedented Acute Importance Ever Since.

As Well As Adjustin’ To Lastin’ Covid Consequences, Companies Are Havin’ to Address Calls For Social Justice Reform As Clients, Customers, Colleagues, Civilized Citizens And The Up-&-Comin’ Next Generation Demand Social Justice Reform And Real Change So As To Avoid Experiencin’ Such Civil & Social Horrors Again.

Fortnum & Masons Was Established In The Historically Significant Age of 1707 When Britain Was Immersed In The Slave Trade And The East India Company Was Responsible For Virtually Half The World’s Trade (And Subsequently Went On The Rule The Raj In India), As Part of The British Empire.

It Is Now, Once Again, Living Through Another Historically Significant Age, Day After Day, As It Strives To Survive This Twin Pandemic of The Corona Virus & People Responding To Police Brutality Saying Enough Is Enough.

Ever Aware of The Social & Political Climate, And Willin’ To Adapt, Fortnum & Mason Is Facing Certain New Modern Day Realities And Is One of Those Companies Embracin’ Corporate Consciousness. As Such It Has Committed Itself To An Expansive Programme of Equality, Inclusion & Diversity, As Well As The Aforementioned Sustainability.

Click Link For Insight Into The Company’s Position:

Here Were Look At Some of Their Initiatives, Includin, Supportin The Food Charity The Felix Project, Supportin Environmental Protection Through Their Future Matters Programme, & Supportin’ Diversity & Development Through Their In-House Staff Schemes. And The Fuel To Fight Measure.

It Looks Like This Company Has Genuine Corporate Consciousness & Genuinely Cares About Change For Good As The Company Has Made A Genuine Commitment To It. Indeed It Says We Have A Collective & Individual Responsibility To Be The Change In The World We Want To See (A Favourite Mantra of Oprah’s). Yet It Also Appears There Is Still One Particular Area Where There Is Room For Significant Generational Improvement (The Treatment of The Caribbean – Which We Look At In Part Two Next Month In Our March Issue). Overall However Their Efforts & Embrace of Change Are Impressive & We Live In Hope.

A Relaxed & Restorative Healthy Haven In The Middle of Shoppin’ Heaven

Daily Specials Are Available At FIELD.

It Offers A Very Democratic Menu Caterin To Vegans, Vegetarians, Carnivores, Big Eaters And Light Eaters Alike.

Even Though It Is A “Plant-Led” Menu It Is Very Broadminded & Versatile.

As Specially Sourced, Seasoned & Served Plant, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Beef & Fish Options Are Available.

It Offers Quality Options For Every Gastronomic Lifestyle. All Produced As Ethically As Possible.

The Peace Lilly Plant: FIELD Is At Peace With Itself. It’s A Peaceful Restaurant Retreat With A strong Set of Food Production Ethics. And it’s Plant Based Menu Is Much More Than Dull Vegetables & Limp Lettuce
FIELD Abounds With Plants. Some Just Decorative & Some Simply Delicious.


The Display of Greenary On Show Throughout The Restaurant Is Somehow Reassurin’ Given FIELD’s Commitment To Offerin’ Quality Plant Based Food. It’s Wonderfully Spacious, With Tables Socially Distanced, And Yet It Also Has A Cosy Relaxed International Flavor.

Situated Within The Ground Floor’s Elevated Mezzanine Area Which Sells Preserves, Biscuits, And Teas To Tourists & High Society, It’s A People Watchin’ Paradise For Those Who Take A Table At The Restaurant’s Periphery.

In Addition To The Main Menu There’s A Fish of The Day, Soup of The Day And A Quality Meat Cut of The Day.

The Atmosphere Lends Itself To Versatility, So One Can Chillout, Work Or Socialise As One Wishes. All The While Tryin’ Teas, Cocktails & Delicious Dishes, With Friendly & Efficient Service (12% Service Charge Applies).

Quintessentially British Diversity

L-R: Fortnum & Mason Executive Chef Gerson Oppelt (From South Africa), Receptionist, Wilson, (From Macau), Receptionist, Antoine (From France), And Manager, Paolo (Da Abruzzo, Italia), The 420 Montepulciano (Da Abruzzo Italia), By Torri Cantine, (Available On FIELD By Fortnum’s Wine List), A Very Smart F & M Sales Assistant (From F & M’s Sales Department), A Handsome Man At The Door (From The Fortnum’s Website), Gerson With His Team Reviewin’ An F & M Cookbook.

Fortnum’s Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives For Its Staff ~

From Such A Quintessentially English Company Fortnum & Mason’s Diversity Policy Is Good To See And Very Much Needed In A Modern, Developed, World-Leading Country Such As Britain.

In A March 2021 Statement Posted On Its Website The Upmarket Food Store “Last Summer When The Black Lives Matter Movement Shone A Light On Issues of Diversity, Fortnum’s Committed To Carefully Considerring What Course of Action Would Be Taken To Truly Deliver On Our Ambition For Diversity & Inclusivity (D & I)

They Have Engaged The Services of Jon Weg, As Chief Transformation Officer & Executive Sponsor For D & I With A View To Buildin’ An Inclusion & Diversity Network. They’ve Promised Survey’s, Listenin’ Groups & Regular Q & A’s With The CEO & Executive Team. Plus It Offers Apprenticeships (Through Its “Future Matters” Talent of Tomorrow Scheme, Launched In 2016).

Future Matters:

And It Also Offers Staff Other Motivational & Incentivisin’ In-House Opportunities, Such As Its Quarterly Staff Recognition & Celebration Event Called The Fortnum’s Values Awards And Its Exceptional People Awards.

Receptionist, Wilson, From Macau, Was A Joy, As Were Fellow Receptionist Antoine From France & Paolo From Italy’s Abbruzzo Region (With Whom We Discussed Our Love of The Region’s Montepulciano Red Wine).

Fortnum’s Motivational & Incentivising Staff Support Helps Create A Happy Team. Our Waitress 19 Year Old Megan Was Encouraged To Join By Her Colleague & Flatmate 19 Year Old Sophia. Both Indigenous South Londoners. We Have It On Good Authority That The Head Pastry Chef At Fortnums Is A Lovely St. Lucian Lady Who Is Responsible For The Delicious Desserts And Pastries. Apparently There Was An Onsite In-House Foodie Jamaica Day Last Year Which Sounds Fabulous. So We’ve Got Our Fingers Crossed That We Might Get An Invite This Year.

The Former Head Chef of The Jubilee Tea Rooms And Now Executive Chef For The Whole F & M Group Started Out By Studin’ Advanced ‘International Caterin’ & F.O.H Hotel Management’ (Front of House) In South Africa. Now As Executive Head Chef Gerson Is Managin’ Hundreds of People Within Various Teams Inside The Famous International World Class Food Emporium, Havin’ Worked His Way Up With The Company.

Future Matters:



Regal Gastronomic Plates of Plant-Led Pleasure


It Was Tasty, Satisfyin,’ And Left A Longin’ For More. And This Was Just Day One! Can’t Wait To Return To This ‘Plant Pleasure Palace’.

tHEORATOR.PRESS MAGAZINE ‘field by Fortnum’s review special’ FEBRUARY 2022

So I Liked The Idea You Were Your Own Boss, You Did Your Own Sort of Business, You Looked After Yourself & You Made Your Own Money. And That Appealed To Me. That Side of Bein’ In Control!

FRIEND OF FORTNUM’S, Angela Hartnett, Talks To Food Expert Tom Parker Bowls On The Fortnum & Mason Podcast ‘Hungary MInds’ S.1 Ep.4

Regal Gastronomic Plates of Plant-Led Pleasure

Regal Gastronomic Plates of Plant-Led Pleasure

Who Knew Cauliflower, Cabbage & Conservation Can Be Sexy? Want To Get More People To Help Save The Planet? Make It Practical, Pleasurable & Professional. FIELD By Fortmun’s Provides A Simple But Effective Model. Launched As A Pop-up In October 2021, After Christmas & Throughout January This Year It Closed Down For A Refurb And As of Thursday February 17 2022 It Is Officially Back In Town. Permanently.

Fine Dining Is An Art Form & The Seven Essential Ingredients For A Great Restaurant Experience Are Great Management, Great Staff, Great Service, Great Lightin’, Great Ambience, Great Food And Great Drink. These 7 Essentials Are All Very Obvious, Yet All Too Often Gotten Wrong, But At FIELD They Were Spot On.

FEILD’S Woodland Tea Is An Especially Designed Plant Led Woodland Eco System Menu. But It Does Also Include At Least One Meat Option. This Is A Huge Turn Around From The Days When Menus Used To Include Just One Vegetarian Option – Now It Appears The Roles Are Reversed. The Restaurant Has An Al La Carte Menu And Daily Specials Too. On The Woodland Menu Seabuckthorn Is A Shrub Which Produces Berries & Is Highly Valued In Aromatherapy For It’s Natural Medicinal Qualities For The Skin Amongst Other Things. As An Essential Oil It Can Be Used In Massage Treatments And Is Very Good Highly Valued. Meantime Our Al La Carte Choices Were A Delicious Delight.

To Start

Fish Starter (Creamy Dreamy Delicious, Arbroath Smokie With Leeks On Toast).

For Main Course

Vegetarian Main (Cut Through Thick & Horizontally, Supremely Tasty, Grilled Cauliflower Slice With Layers Of Indescribably Tasty Flavour, On A Bed of White Creamy Sauce). Served With An Impossibly Tasty Cabbage Quarter (Pictured Above) With Butter & Caper Sauce & “Chipped Agri”. The Later Bein’ Thick Cut Chips Made From Agria Potatoes Which Are Clearly Especially Selected For Their Chip-Friendly Oblong Shape, Starchy, Fluffy, Floury Flavour, And The Fact That They Don’t Discolour.

For Dessert

For Dessert We Chose The Cheesecake Option. It Was Both Dreamily Creamy And Crunchy In All The Right Places.

Interestin’ Price Point

Interestingly, By A Small Margin The Tasty Fillin’ Vegetable Main Course of Grilled Cauliflower Cost Less Than The Fish Starter of Smoked Haddock. Yet It Was Virtually Neck And Neck. But The Point Bein’, Fish, Vegetable or Beast, Everything Was A Tasty Feast. It Was Tasty, Satisfyin,’ And Left A Longin’ For More. And This Was Day One. Can’t Wait To Return To This “Plant Pleasure Palace.”


The Meadow Lady Is A Lovely A Unique, Elegant, Meadow-Fresh Cocktail From FIELD’s Bar. FEILD’S Double Macchiato Is Like A Strong Bambino Cappucino. The Perfect Alternative For Those Who Don’t Like The Milkiness of Cappucino But Want A More Gentle Double Espresso. Like Us! Hildon Hydration. Don’t Throw It Away. Take It Away. FIELD Is All About “Waste Not Want Not” So We Took That On Board And Took Our Unfinished Hildon Hydration Home.

In The Name of Research We Tried The Lovely Soundin’ Meadow Lady Cocktail. After All The Restaurant Is Called FIELD & So We Embraced The Spirit of Things. It’s Original, Paradoxically Light And As Fresh As A Daisy And Simultaneously Suitably Strong, So Naturally In The Spirit of Things We Started Our Own Little Daisy Chain…And Had Another One! The Cocktail List Is Not Extensive, But What Is There Is Creative & Impressive. As Is The Wine List (Which Includes The Aforementioned Montepulciano 420,By Torri Cantine)

Hildon Water

The Standard Up Sellin’ Strategy Before You Even Get Started In A Smart Restaurant Is The Suggestion of Bottled Water “For The Table”. One of The Biggest Sources of Waste In Restaurants & Bars Is Those Subsequently Unfinished Bottles of Water. One Way To Cut Down On That Waste Is To Simply Ask For The Lid To The Bottle You’ve Just Been Sold And Take Your Purchased Water With You When You Leave If It’s Not Finished. That Way You Can Cut Back On Waste & Stay Hydrated. Thereby Doin’ Your Bit For Both Your Body & The Planet. Suffice To Say We Stayed Hydrated Throughout Durin’ Our Travels Home, Despite Our Aforementioned Dedicated ‘Meadow Lady’ Research.

Hildon Water Are Doin’ Their Bit Too. Since May 2019 Hildon Has Invested In Solar Technology In An Attempt To Reduce It’s Carbon Footprint And Installed Over 900 Solar Panels On It’s Warehouse Roof. It Says As A Result Over 30% of Each Bottle of Its Mineral Water Is Made With 30% Renewable Energy.

Hildon (Hildon.Com) Suppliers of Quality Naturally Filtered Mineral Water To High End Establishments, Have Themselves Committed To Maintainin’ The Natural Beauty & Chalk Resources of Their Estate Through Environmental Good Practice, Includin’ Becomin’ Corporate Members of Their Local Wildlife Trust (Coverin’ Hampshire & The Isle of Wight), The Installation of Solar Panels Which Will Reduce Their Electricity Use by 27%, The Removal of Diesal Storage, And The Installation of Owl Boxes, And Bee-Keepin’ Facilities.

Coffee & Digestives

They Only Serve Double Coffees At FIELD or A Fresh Cafetiere. We Went For A Double Macchiato (Usually Single Espressos With A Dash of Milk. And We’d Never Seen A Double MacchiatoBefore). It Was Delic’. Basically A Baby Cappuccino But Just A Tad Punchier. In Italy They Serve Cafe Corretto – An Espresso With A Little Supp’en Supp’en Inside. They Don’t Serve That Here, So We Compromised & Had An Ameretto On The Side. The Heart Momentarily Sank When They Revealed That They Don’t Do Disaranno (As Other Amerettos Have Previously Never Come Close). But Again Field Is Fabulously Different. It Serves Saliza Amaretto Which Is In A League (or Field) of It’s Own (Pictured Above).


FIELD By Fortnum’s (F & M Famously Bein’ The Queen’s Grocer) Is Indeed Fit For A King or A Queen! You Can Select An Entire Plant Based Meal or Mix & Match. Even If You Select All Plant Based Products, The Cookin’ Style, Flavours & Expertise Is Such, You Really Don’t Have To Eat That Much In Order To Feel Full Up. Which Takes Care of Both Your Waistline & Your Wallet Rather.

But As Ever It’s The Drinks That Does It! So If You Are Watchin’ Your Wallet You May Have Watch Your Habits. But As The Sayin’ Goes, If Possible, “A Little of What You Fancy Does You Good.”

What We Love Most Is The Flexibility. You Can Make It What You Want, An Indulgent Treat or Just A Little Bit. A Special Occassion or A Light Lunch. A Little Snack And Then Shop. And Maybe Come Back. Make It Work For You. Whoever You Are What Ever You Do. Or Don’t Do! And If You Love People Watchin’ You Can Simply Sit Back, Relax And Settle In And Maybe Do A Bit of Work On Your Device. Or Simply Enjoy A Tea And Take It Easy With A Sweet Treat. Just Enjoy Playin’ The FIELD!

Part 2 In Next Month’s Issue (TheOrator.Press Magazine ~ March 2022) See What Other Efforts F & M And Some of Its Associates Have Made In Terms of Charity, Community & Diversity

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