TheOrator.Press Pressing News: In The Most Horrible of Ironies A Young Black New Yorker, Aged Just 30 Years Old, Suffered A Mental Health, Homelessness, Hunger And Fatigue, Crisis And Was Killed Within Minutes of Shouting About It. Monday May 1st 2023. Mayday In The UK. And The Start of Mental Health Awareness Month In Britain And America – May 2023

“That Was Deeply Disturbing. And That Caused A Lot Of Fear In People. And Actually The Mayor And I Are Working So Hard To Restore That Sense Of Safety. We Have The Cameras On The Subways. We Have More Police Officers, We’re Assisting With Overtime. We’ve Been Doing So Much. And The Numbers Have Been Improving. The Number Of Crimes On Subways Has Been Declining.” She Said There Are Consequences, Implying Jordan Neely Deserved What Happened To Him. Elon Musk Liked A Twitter Poll Which Asked “Did Jordan Neely Deserve What Happened To Him?”
“I Do Want To Acknowledge How Horrific It Was To View A Video Of Jordan Neely Being Killed For Being A Passenger On The Subway Trains,” She Said On Thursday. “And So Our Hearts Go Out To His Family. I’m Really Pleased That The District Attorney Is Looking Into This Matter. As I Said, There Had To Be Consequences, And So We’ll See How This Unfolds. But His Family Deserves Justice.”
“No One Has The Right To Take The Life Of Another Person.” “This Was An Unarmed Individual Who Had Been On The Subway Many Times, Known By Many Of The Regular Travelers. And You Know, Sometimes People Have An Episode Where They’re Displaying Their Feelings In A Loud And Emotional Way, But It Became Very Clear That, You Know, He Was Not Going To Cause Harm To These Other People,” She Said Of Neely. “And The Video Of Three Individuals Holding Him Down Until The Last Breath Was Snuffed Out Of Him. I Would Say It Was A Very Extreme Response.”

On ‘CNN Tonight‘ Monday May 15 2023, News Presenter Alisyn Camerota Announced That The Crowd Funding Page Set Up For The White Killer And Ex-Marine Who Choked The African-American Fellow Subway Traveller Jordan Neeley To Death By Putting Him In A Chokehold – For 15 Minutes Until His Body Went Limp – On Monday May 1st 2023 – Has Since Raised Circa £2, 000,000 For His Legal Defence Through Crowd Funding.

This Is In Huge Part To The Right Wing Governor of Florida Ron Desantis Tweeting A Message of Support Over The Weekend Of Saturday May 13 2023. Different Factions The Political Right Wing Are Coming Out of The Woodwork And Showing Their True Colours As They Support And Defend Him Over His Killing over An Unarmed, Homeless, Hungry, And Tired.

On Monday May 15 2023, Exactly A Fortnight To The Day Since Jordan Neely’s Killing, DeSantis Notoriously De-Funded The Teaching of Diversity, Equity And Inclusion In Public Schools And Colleges Saying “The DEI Experiment Is Over”. He Passed Legislation Declaring It Illegal To Spend Pubic Funds On Such Courses or Projects Saying DEI Did Not Stand For Diversity, Equity And Inclusion But Discrimination, Indoctrination Instead.

Later That Evening On The Aforementioned ‘CNN Tonight‘ Show, Monday Night May 15 2023, During A Panel Debate Discussing This Development Democrat Mondaire Jones Said He Thinks The Florida Governor Is A Psychopath.

News Show Presenter Alisyn Camerota Interjected Saying She Thought That The Terms Was Reserved For Murderers. However Technically, That Is Not So.

Characteristically Psychopaths Are Notably Anti-Social or Lacking Certain Social Skills, Lacking Remorse, Lacking Empathy, Very Egotistical, Very Manipulative And Notoriously Narcissistic. And They Also Often Have A Physical Sensitivity of Some Sort Which Is An Achillies To Them Because They Feel They’ve Suffered Because of It. Hence They Like Positions of Power And Controlling Others. And Making Them Suffer.

Certain Different Politicians, World Leaders, Military Personnel Past And Present Have Been Accussed of Being Psychopaths Before Now Because of These Dramatic Commonality of Characteristics.

But Not All Psychopaths Are Murderers. And Not All Murderers Are Psychopaths. Nonetheless However, Politicians Are Commonly Thought To Be Duplicitous, Liars, Self-Interested, Manipulative, Ruthless, Untrustworthy, And Deeply Disappointing. With Psychopathic Tendancies, Including Being Shameless.

In Any Event It Is A Well Known Adage That Most Political Careers End In Disaster. For One Reason or Another. This Has Been Going On Since The Time of Ceaser And Before. But Right Now Political Standards Are At An All Time Low. Notably Since It Became OK To Refer To “Grabbing Women By The P***y” And Still Get Elected As Leader of The World’s Leading Demoracy. And OK To Laugh At A Victim Being Mocked By The Person Found Liable For Sexually Assaulting Her, During A Televised Town Hall Meeting.

    • Monday May 1st 2023

      The Killing of A Black Man On A New York Subway Was Recorded On By A Freelance Journalist Juan Alberto Vasquez. Three Men Were Involved. Only One of Them Appears To Be Charged So Far.

    • Well Known Local Michael Jackson Impersonator Jordan Penny Had A Mental Health Episode On A New York Subway F-line Train In Soho Manhattan. During The Course of This Episode He Cried Out That He Was Homeless, Hungry And Tired.

    • Within A Few New York Minutes Daniel Penny A Fellow Passenger & Ex-Marine Had Him In A Chokehold, Where He Restrained Him For 15 Minutes Until His Body Went Limp. Penny Was Aided And Abetted By Two Other Men In The Subway Carriage Who Helped Hold Neely Down While Penny Killed Him

    • Of The Men That Aided & Abetted Penny One Was Black Man And One Was White Man. The Ex-Marine Is Also White. Jordan Neely Was Black.

    • The Police Are Called During The Transmission of This Scenario. After Neely Was Killed Police Questioned Penny And Let Him Go Without Charge. Much To The Public’s Outrage

    • Police Report States Jordan Neely Was Erractic, Hostile And Threatening People, Throwing Trash Around And Undomiciled.

    • Manhattan DA Alvin Opened An Investigation.

    Wednesday May 3rd 2023

    NY Governor Kathy Hochul Isssed A Statement Saying How Behaviour Has Consequences And She’s Cut The Crime Figures. Showed No Interest In Neely And His Family, As She Failed To Even Mention Him or Them (See Video Above Left).

    Adrienne Adams of NY City Council Stated In No Uncertain Terms: “Perceptions Of Black People Have Long Been Interpreted Through A Distorted, Racialized Lens That Aims To Justify Violence Against Us. Let’s Be Clear: Any Possible Mental Health Challenges That Jordan May Have Been Experiencing Were No Reason For His Life To Be Taken.”

    “The Initial Response By Our Legal System To This Killing Is Disturbing And Puts On Display For The World The Double Standards That Black People And Other People Of Color Continue To Face. There Must Be Accountability For His Killing, And A Thorough Investigation By The Manhattan District Attorney That Accounts For The Facts And These Realities Is Critical.”

    “NY Lieutenant Governor, Antonio Delgado, Tweeted “The Consequences For Mental Health Problems In New York Should Not Be Death”

    The City’s Chief Medical Examiner Ruled The Killing To Be A Homocide. Specifically Caused By Compression of The Neck.

    Brad Lander New York City Chief Financial Officer (Known As A Comptroller: An Independently Elected Official Who Maintains The City’s Financial Health And Safeguards Against Waste And Abuse)  Tweeted Wednesday  Evening “NYC Is Not Gotham. We Must Not Become A City Where A Mentally Ill Human Being Can Be Choked To Death By A Vigilante Without Consequence.”

    NY Mayor Adams Eric Adams, Speaking To CNN Wednesday Night Referring To Brad Lander Calling Penny A “Vigilante” Said “It Was Not Very Responsible” Lander Showed His Mettle By Tweeting A Dictionary Definition of The Word Vigilante.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Said “The Mayor’s Statement Feels Like A New Low.” “Not Being Able To Clearly Condemn A Public Murder Because The Victim Was of A Social Status Some Would Deem ‘Too Low.’

    The Mayor Condemned This Reference To Murder As Irresponsible Too. He Preferred To Indulge In The Usual “Investigation” Delaying Tactics And Take Cover Behind Behind A Brief Statement He Made Sure To Get Out Quickly To The Media.

    “Any Loss Of Life Is Tragic. There’s A Lot We Don’t Know About What Happened Here, So I’m Going To Refrain From Commenting Further.”

    “However, We Do Know That There Were Serious Mental Health Issues In Play Here, Which Is Why Our Administration Has Made Record Investments In Providing Care To Those Who Need It And Getting People Off The Streets And The Subways, And Out Of Dangerous Situations. And I Need All Elected Officials And Advocacy Groups To Join Us In Prioritizing Getting People The Care They Need And Not Just Allowing Them To Languish.”

    Later That Night Speaking To CNN He Said: “Let’s Let The DA Conduct His Investigation With The Law Enforcement Officials. To Really Interfere With That Is Not The Right Thing To Do And I’m Going To Be Responsible And Allow Them To Do Their Job And Allow Them To Determine Exactly What Happened Here.” 

    “We Have So Many Cases Where Passengers Assist Other Riders. Each Situation Is Different. And We Don’t Know Exactly What Happened Here. I Was A Former Transit Police Officer And I Responded To Many Jobs Where You Had A Passenger Assisting Someone. And So We Cannot Just Blatantly Say What A Passenger Should Or Should Not Do In A Situation Like That, And We Should Allow The Investigation To Take Its Course.”

    Protesters Including Mental Health And Homelessness Advocates Took To The New YorK Subway Where The Killing Happened. Police Use Heavy Handed Tactics Displaying An Utter Lack of Basic Communication And De-escalation Skills. But Instead Just Thuggery, Violence And Power Abuse.

    Thursday May 4th 2023

    Kochul Issued A Second Statement In A Desperate Crisis Management Exercise In Which She Finally Mentions Jordan Neely By Name And Calls Penny’s Response To His Mental Health, Homelessness And Hunger Crisis Extreme. (See Video Above Right). Few Commentators Are Convinced That She Said Because She Meant It.

    A Spokesperson Claimed “She Was Asked About Someone Not Being Charged For Murder And Said There Should Be Consequences” (Er, They Need To Review Video Above Left)

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tweeted I Have Yet To Hear A Real Explanation From Any Official Hesitating To Condemn The Killing Of Jordan Neely About What Makes Condemning This Violence So Complicated.” “Killing Is Wrong. Killing The Poor Is Wrong. Killing The Mentally Ill Is Wrong. Why Is That So Hard To Say?”

    Brad Lander Adding To His Statement of The Day Before Comptroller Told NY’s ‘City & State’ Publication On Thursday; “We Can’t Be A City Where People Take The Law Into Their Own Hands, And Choke Someone To Death Whos Having A Mental Health Crisis. I Think It’s Responsible For Elected Officials To Say So”

    Mayor Adams Continued To Cover Behind His Wednesday Statement: “I took the train today from the Day of Prayer service, and the passengers that stopped on the train and spoke with me were saying, ‘Mayor, thank you for allowing the process to take its way,’” Adams said. “There are going to be those who are going to criticize no matter what is done, and I have a responsibility for this entire city, and I have faith in the criminal justice system, and I’m going to let the process take its place. Those who believe that I should do something differently, I respect that. But I have to make the right decision for the city of New York.”

    Friday May 5th 2023

    Daniel Neely Was Arraigned And Charged With Second Degree Manslaughter. He Was Released On $100,000 Bail.

    It Was Announced That Penny Will Have To Face A Grand Jury

    A Statement From Penny’s Lawyers Read “When Neely Began Aggressively Threatening Daniel Penny And The Other Passengers, Daniel, With The Help of Others Acted To Protect Themselves Until Help Arrived”

    Saturday May 13th 2023

    Re-Trumplican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Tweeted:

    “We Must Defeat The Soros-Funded DAs, Stop The Left’s Pro-Criminal Agenda, And Take Back The Streets For Law Abiding Citizens. We Stand With Good Samaritans Like Daniel Penny. Let’s Show This Marine… America’s Got His Back.”

    And He Shared A Link To A Penny Funding Raising Page Which Read “Click Here To Give Now To Daniel Penny’s Legal Defense Fund…Daniel Penny Is A Twenty Four Year Old College Student And Decorated Marine Veteran Facing A Criminal Investigation Stemming From Him Protecting The People.

    At The Time The Fund Was Approximately $800,00. After That Tweet of Support It Soon Rose To Approximately $2, 000, 000.

    Tuesday 16 May 2023

    DeSantis Doubles Down On His Support The Former Serviceman Saying In A Press Conference “Vets Support Other Vets” (Indicative of The Fact That This Is Again Not A Question Propriety But A Gang Mentality Such As Can Be Found Within The Police)

  • Monday July 17 2023

    When Penny Is Expected In Court Again To Face The Grand Jury And Enter A Plea

What Is Interesting About The DeSantis Statement of Saturday May 13 2023 Is That Like Kochul’s First Statement It Too Shows No Regard For Jordan Neely Nor His Family. No Regard For Justice And The Rule of Law. And No Regard For Propriety. There Is No Evidence On That Video That Shows Daniel Penny Did Act Like A Good Samirtan. Instead of Rendering Help To His Fellow Man (Different To Him By Skin Colour) He Subjected Him To Fatal Harm. It Shows Him Holding Jordan Neely In A Chokehold For 15 Minutes.

Neely Was A Man Who Declared Himself Homeless, Hungry And Tired. He Was Also Unarmed. And So He Was Not Much of A Threat To Anyone. And As It Transpires It Was Penny, The Ex-Marine, Aged 24 Who Was A Threat To Him.

Furthermore There Is Hardly Anybody In That Carriage. Just A Group of Big Strong Looking Men.

There Does Not Appear To Be Significant Trash Visible Around In Carriage In The Video Despite Accusations Neely Was Throwing Trash Around.

What It Does Do Is Appear To Be All About Right Wing Politics. It Reflects Continued Resentment For George Soros The Billionniare Jewish Man, Who Was Subjected To A Subsequent Anti-Semitic Attack By Elon Musk On Tuesday May 16 According To The ADL And The Board of Jewish Deputies. And Hatred For The Manhattan District Attorney(DA) Alvin Bragg (Who Brought A Felong Prosecution Against Former President Trump For Falsifying Business Records In Relation To His Arrangement of A $130,ooo Hush Money Payment To Porn Star Stormy Daniels And Then Covering It Up).

Mark Gaetz, Who, Like Trump Has Faced Legal Sexual Impropriety Investigations, (Although The Trafficking Investigation Against Him Was Dropped In Febuary 2023) Called Penny The Subway Superman. And He Accused The Prosecutor of Being Pro-Crime Because of His Decision To Take Action Against The Ex-Marine.

This Case Is Very Reminiscient of The Kyle Rittenhouse Case Where A 17 Year Old Vigilante Armed With A Gun Shot Three Men Dead During The Demonstrations Over Police Bruality In Kenosha Wisconsin. He Was Championed By The Far Right. In That Case He Was Aquitted. The Facts of This Case Are Very Different. But The Far Right Still Want To Hijack It.

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