TheOrator.Press Theatre Review: ‘Much A Do About Nothing’ 1993 (The Movie) Stands The Test of Time In It’s Own Right & Has Also Inspired The Next Generation As Evidenced By ‘Much A Do About Nothing’ 2023 (The Theatre Production In The West End). Both Are Utterly Magnificent Despite The 30 Year Age Difference ~ February 2023

Denzel And Keanu Rode Into Town In 1993 Directed By Kenneth Brannagh

Then (1993) & Now (2023)

Writer ~ William Shakespeare

Kenneth Branagh ~ Director

Claudio ~ Played By Robert Sean Leonard

Borachio ~ Played By Gerard Horan

Don Pedro ~ Played By Denzel Washington

The Complete Works of Shakespeare

Leonato ~ Richard Briers

Hero ~ Played By Kate Beckinsale

Film Score ~ By Patrick Doyle (R)
Real Life Classical Composer & Music Player

Balthazar ~ Played By Patrick Doyle (R)

Benedict Married Beatrice Eventually.
Kenneth Branagh Was Once Married To
Beatrice Actress Emma Thompson
In Real Life Actually

Benedict ~ Played By Kenneth Brannegh

Beatrice ~ Played By Emma Thompson

Conrad ~ Played By Richard Clifford

The Complete Works of Shakespeare

The Complete Works of Shakespeare

Doctor Dogberry ~ Played By Michael Keaton (Left)

Don John ~ Played By Keanu Reeves

Don John ~ Played By Keanu Reeves

The Friar ~ Played By Jimmy Yuille (L)

The Friar ~ Played By Jimmy Yuille (L)

Antonio ~ Brian Blessed

Tuscany ~ Played By Tuscany

Margaret ~ Played By Imelda Staunton

Ursula ~ Played By Phyllida Law

Verges ~ Played By Ben Elton (R)

Gerard Horan Borachio, Don ohn’s drunken henchman.

He assists Don John in sabotaging Claudio’s and Hero’s wedding by making Hero appear unfaithful and initially succeeds, but is caught boasting about his crime by Dogberry’s men and forced to confess.

Denzel Washington as Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon; remarkable for being one of the few “marriageable” men in the piece who does not get married by the end of the play, though he does play matchmaker for others. In the second act, when he and Beatrice are alone, he quietly asks her, “will you have me, lady?”, revealing his true feelings for her. Beatrice gently rebuffs his proposal, and the two remain friends. He believes, with Claudio, in Hero’s alleged infidelity, but is likewise earnestly sorry when he learns the truth.

Richard Briers as Leonato, Governor of Messina and the father of Hero. He loves his daughter immensely, but upon hearing the false news of her infidelity, he wishes she had never been born. He eventually accepts the Friar’s counsel and becomes party to the pretense that Hero has died, testing Claudio’s remorse over disgracing Hero, before finally reuniting the two young lovers in the end.

Kate Beckinsale as Hero, the naïve, kind-hearted only child of Governor Leonato, who is in love with Claudio. She is falsely accused of being unfaithful to Claudio on the night before her wedding. At the end of the film, Don John’s plot against her and Claudio is revealed and they are happily married as was planned in the beginning.

  • Kenneth Branagh as Benedick, a nobleman in the court of Don Pedro. He is fairly arrogant but shows himself to have a good heart during the “wedding” scene, as he is the only man from Don Pedro’s entourage who implicitly believes Hero. His vanity and brash persona make his interactions with Beatrice argumentative, but at the end of the film, Beatrice and Benedick agree to marry.
  • Emma Thompson as Beatrice, Leonato’s niece, and Hero’s cousin and chamber-mate. She is a strong-willed woman who charms and impresses all who know her with her wit and intelligence. She confesses her love for Benedick and agrees to marry him.
  • Keanu Reeves as Don John, Don Pedro’s evil half-brother. After leading a failed rebellion against Don Pedro, he conspires with his men Borachio and Conrade to stop Hero and Claudio’s wedding by ruining Hero’s honor. When his plot is found out, he attempts to escape but is captured and imprisoned.
  • Michael Keaton as Dogberry, the local constable. He is not as clever as he thinks, and is given to malapropisms. He and his men accidentally catch Borachio boasting about his involvement with separating Claudio and Hero. His men arrest Borachio and his conspiring friends. He ultimately saves the day by forcing Borachio to confess his part in Don John’s plot.
  • Imelda Staunton as Margaret, Hero’s waiting gentlewoman who is tricked by Borachio, and mistaken for Hero by Don Pedro and Claudio.
  • Brian Blessed as Antonio, the brother of Leonato. He is very friendly, but is incensed by the accusations leveled against Hero.
  • Ben Elton as Verges, the local headborough and Dogberry’s partner.
  • Jimmy Yuill as Friar Francis, the priest at Claudio and Hero’s wedding who fervently defends Hero from the accusations made against her.
  • Richard Clifford as Conrade, a henchman of Don John.
  • Phyllida Law as Ursula, Hero’s other waiting gentlewoman.
  • Patrick Doyle as Balthazar, Don Pedro’s musician.

Debris Stevenson ~ Re-Mixologist
Josie Daxter ~ Director

Claudio ~ Played By Jez Davess Humphrey

Borachio ~ Played By Dalumuzi Mayo

Don Pedro ~ Played By Jack D’Arcy

Leonato ~ Played By Jessica Enemokwu

Hero ~ Played By Thuliswas (Tilly) Magwaza

Balthazar ~ Played By Jerome Scott

Benedict ~ Played By Daniel Cawley

Beatrice ~ Played By Isolde Fenton

Conrade ~ Played By Tomas Azocar-Nevin

The Complete Works of Shakespreare

Doctor Dogberry ~ Played By Eleanor

Don John ~ Played by Jasmine Ricketts

Friar ~ Played By Zoe Hannah Ankra

George Seacole ~ Played By Oliva Ng

Margaret ~ Played By Nathaly Sabino

Ursula ~ Played By Chloe Cooper
Who Also Plays
The Sexton
(aka Church Yard Attendant)

Verges ~ Played By Kira Golightly

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