TheOrator.Press Venue & Loo Review: Vue Cinema WestEnd (Leicester Square) ~ Nov 2021

‘No Time To Die’

TheOrator.Press Loved The Movie & Liked The Venue

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Tickets Courtesy of Vue Entertainment Leicester Square (First Viewin’)
Bookin’ Made At The Everyman Cinema, Crystal Palace, South East London (Second Viewin’)
  • TheOrator.Press Cinema Venue Review. The Vue Cinema Complex, Leicester Square, West End, Central London. Nov 2021 (‘No Time To Die‘)

Vue Cinema Tickets Can Be Easily Booked Online Saving Time Queueing In Person On Arrival (Although Proof of Purchase Must Still Be Shown Before Enterin’ Each Screenin’ Room).

Review of The Vue Cinea Venue, London, Leicester Sq, West End (On A 10 Points/10 Star Basis)

Vue Entertainment Cinema Gift Cards Are Available

  1. Service: 10/10 Stars. Staff Genuinely Friendly & Helpful. Nice Vibe From Them. And All The Team We Spoke To Actually Includin’ Their PR People (Which Ironically Is Not Always The Case).
  2. Snacks & Refreshments: 8/10 Good Bar (Alcohol & Soft Drinks). Plus Lounge Area. Good Snacks. Good Openin’ Times. Pricey!
  3. Seating: 9/10 Stars. Reclinin’ Chairs Well Worth The Upgrade. Would Love Them At The Back of The Cinema Too Though. Should Be Optional Whether To Sit So Close To The Screen or Not
  4. Toilet Facilities: Just 2/10 Stars Sadly. What A Shame! Cinema Goers Really Need More Attention And Consideration Paid To This Basic Part of Operations. And This Is So Typical of So Many Venues Who Let Themselves Down In This Much Neglected Area. Time Is Especially Precious When Away From A Cinema Screen Mid Movie! The Lower Ground Had No Paper In Any of The Four Cubicles.The Middle Floor Had None In Most of The Numerous Cubicles. And The Top Floor Was About Fifty Fifty.
  5. Audience Attendance, Atmosphere & Ambience: 8/10 Although Only Approximately 60 Per Cent Full There Where Enough People To Make It A Good Cinema Experience & Create A Nice Audience. We Collectively Shared Laughter (And Other Emotions) & It Was A Comfortable Atmosphere. The Vue Was The Choice of More Than A Few That Night. The Cinema Was Also Generally Busy (For Other Films Apart From Ours). However A Main Escalator Was Broken (Which Didn’t Help The Toilet Investigation Situation). But They Did Warn of This Mechanical Failure On Their Website. Let’s Hope It’s Fixed Soon.
  6. Offers And Affordability: 10/10 Stars. The Vue Have Incredibily Good Ticket Prices Available Right Now
  7. No. of Screens: 10/10 Great Choice (Many Screens)
  8. Sense of Security: 5/10 It Felt Secure Enough Compared To Any Other Cinema. But We Saw No Actual Security Staff. And There Was A Strange Man Hangin’ Around The Bar Lounge Watchin’ People Goin In And Out of The Toilet Area All Night (Who Nobody Seemed To Notice). One Would At The Very Least Expect Security Cameras Are In Place & On The Case (In Every Venue). Bearin’ In Mind There Is A Bar It Would Be Good If Notifications Were Visible Detailin’ What Crowd And Safety Control Protocols Are In Place In The Abscence of Security Staff.
  9. Cleanliness: 8/10 The Cleaners Came In Immediately After The Film Finished, To Sort Out The Popcorn Strewn Screenin’ Room. And The Veune Purports To Do Regular Deep Cleans. Again Toilets Could Be Better Looked After And More Regularly Attended Too. But Generally The Cleanliness Seemed Good Overall.
  10. Covid Consciousness: 7/10 This Is A Cashless Venue. Book Online And Collect Tickets or Pay By Card In Person. It’s Automated So There Are Special Machines, No More Manned Ticket Offices. This Is Designed To Significantly Reduce Human Transactional Touchin’ Thus Reducin’ The Chance of Catchin Covid. Sanitization Stations Are Posted Throughout The Venue And There Are Notices Suggestin’ People Wear Face Covernings (Although There Was No Insistence or Governance Such As We Could See). And People Where Not Wearin’ Masks Generally. Nor Medical Style Protective Gloves. Nor Social Distancin’ Generally By Staff Nor Movie Goers Movin’ Around The Buildin’. The Actual Seats Allocated To Movie Goers Inside The Screenin’ Room Did Look Like Social Distancin’ Was In Operation Though In Terms of Seats Occupied But That May Just Been By Customers Themselves Selectin’ Seats When Bookin’ Online, Because As We Said, It Was Not Full Capacity. Again, The Veune Purports To Do Regular Deep Cleans.

An Establishment Is Often Judged By The State of It’s Loos. Fixin’ The Stituation In This Case Should Be A Relatively Simple Thing To Do. And It Would Bring This Venue Review Ratin’ Up From 70+ % To 80+ % Immediately.

It Is A Really Good Score Nonetheless. It Was Overall A Great Movie And A Good Movie Night Out. And Those Reclinin’ Seats Are Game Changers When It Comes To Movie Goin’ Comfortablility & Relaxation!

Thank You Again To The Vue Cinema Leicester Square For Havin’ Us And Supportin’ Us And We Look Forward To Seein’ You Again Soon.

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