TheOrator.Press Business Feature Special: ‘FIELD’ By Fortnums ~ March 2022

Playin’ The Field & As Fresh As A DaisY!

Fortnum & Mason’s Latest Restaurant Is Producin’ Earthy, Sexy, Saucy Cauliflower, Caper Butter Cabbage, & Cool Cocktails. It Could All Plant Ideas In Your Head.

The Woodland Afternoon Tea At FIELD BY FORTNUM

New “Plant Led” Eco Friendly Restaurant Is A Model of Corporate Consciousness & A Very Tasty Business

We Look At How Fortnum & Mason Are Helpin’ The Environment And Society To Heal Through A General Business Policy of Long Term Sustainability & Social Responsibility.

Includin’ In Their New Restaurant FEILD By Fortnums

This Second & Final Part of TheOrator.Press Restaurant & Business Review Follows On From Part One (Last Month February 2022 ~ Special Business & Restaurant Review)

PART TWO: TheOrator.Press ~ March 2022 Issue

Part 2

British Honey Bees. Sugar? Nah, Honey, Honey!

Fortnum & Mason Produce Their Own Honey From Their Bee Hives Across London. And They Also Operate Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

New Plant Led Restaurant ‘FIELD By Fortnum’s’ Is Focused On Seasonality And “A Plant-Led” Menu, Ethical Farmin’ & Fishin’, Sustainability & Social Responsibility. Its Four Pillars of Sustainability & Social Responsibility Are People, Product, Packaging & Planet. The People Are Their Suppliers, Customers And Employees.

It Values Sourcin’ Fresh, High-Quality, Community Conscious, And Climate Conscious Produce And Ingredients From Small British Businesses And Like-minded Enterprises. In Particular It Supports Small Scale Fishin By Day Boats, And Regenerative Farms Which Take A Holistic Approach To Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Soil Health, Water Quality & Carbon Sequestration.

Fortnum & Mason Has A Rooftop Apiary Atop Its Famous Store In Piccadilly And Since 2018 It Has Been Linin’ The Area Around Its Own Roof Top Beehives Hives With Moss & Wild Flowers To Help Cultivate Cleaner Air Through Carbon Removal. It Claims This Is Just One Way It Is Workin’ To Operate Sustainably And Build A Repsonsible Business For Longevity.

Art Installation By At Fortnum & Mason

Figs @Field. Strawberries@Field From The Field@Field. The Possibilites Are Endless. The Meadow Lady Cocktail Is Finished With A Flower Petal @Field. We Loved It! @Field. In-House Honey@Field. Fortnum Have Their Own Honey Bees To Help With Natural Enviromental Ecology. Beautifully Packaged Earl Grey Tea @Field Is Accompanied By His Lesser Known Less High Profile Relative Countess Grey Tea On The Drinks Menu @Field

In Autumn 2021 This Glamourous Art Installation By Architect Made With Fermented Sugar (Pictured Above) Draped Fortnum & Mason’s Atrium And Had People Buzzin’. Afterwards The Pieces Were Auctioneed Off To Raise Money For Bees For Development An Online Resource Centre For The Empowerment of Beekeepers & Trainers To Develop Sustainable Livelihoods Worldwide.

Fortnum & Mason Have Honey Makin’ Rooftop Hives Atop Somerset House, St Pancras, Piccadilly, Bermondsey & Hoxton ~ And ~ Their Prized Golden Nectar Is Harvested Every Autumn.

From The Roof top Beehives of Fortnum & Mason Honey Bees Through Their Interaction With Flowers & Pollination Activity Help Maintian Natural Ecology.

Fortnum’s Naturally Made Honey Is Available To Buy In Store or Online. @fortnums

The Art of Inclusion

Artist David Remfrey MBE Tells The Story of Beverley & Her Pot of Tea & Others He Painted In The Jubilee Tea Room Gallery

Women’s Right’s

The Quintessentially British Store Has Been Supportin’ Progressive Social Change Since The Days of The Suffragettes When It Gave Fortnum Hampers To The Independent Political Movement Which Fought For Women’s Right To Vote. The Chairman At The Time Had A Daughter Who Was A Member of The Revolutionary Group Who Adopted Violent Methods To Get Their Voices Heard. This Included Smashin’ Shop Windows, Includin’ Fortnum & Masons. They Knowingly Risked Prison Where They Were Force Fed And Often Brutalized, Injured, or Even Murdered By Employees of The State. In Their “Fuel To Fight” Promotional Leaflet They Pledge To Continue Supportin’ The Fight For Women’s Rights..

And Yet, Tea Planations, Sugar Plantations, Big Money From Brutal Slavery, Empire, And The Raj Are Undeniably Integral To The History of The East India Company (Pictured Above Represented In India And At It’s Headquarters, East India House In Leadenhall In The City of London) With Which They Are Associated Due To Their Specialization In Tea And Sale of Cotton Goods, Silks, Spicies & Various Other Fineries. The East India Company Was Formed By Royal Charter With The Mission of Exploitin’ Trade In India And Asia. It Used Enlsaved Africans For Labour.

Many of Those Who Fought For Women’s Right To Vote Were Associated With Those Who Sought Abolition, Equal Social Rights, And Improved Prison Conditions. Both In Britain And The USA. For Instance African American Abolitionist & Women’s Rights Activist Sojourner Truth (1797 – 1883) In 2014 Was Included In Smithsonian Magazine’s “100 Most Significant Americans of All Time”. Susan B Anthony (1820-1906) Who Was Both An Abolitionist & A Suffragist, Inspired By The Quaker Belief That “Everyone Is Equal Under God.” Her Father Was Friends With Abolitonists William Lloyd Garrison (A Prominent Journalist & Social Reformer) And Frederick Douglas (An African Amercian Freeman). And British Victorian Woman Emmeline Parkhurst (1858-1928) Founder of The Suffragette Movement In The UK Was In 1999 Included In Time Magazine’s “100 Most Important People of The 20th Century”. Her Father Too Was Also A Supporter of The Abolitionist Movement And She Had Read Uncle Tom’s Cabin As A Child.

Whilst Fortnum Cannot Change History They Can Work Towards A Much Better Future. This They Have Started To Do Through Their Future Matters Programme;

Music To Our Wines & Beers

This Creative Environmentally Conscious Musician Has Come Up With A Very Impressive Way To Make Re-cyclin’ A Little More Rock n Roll. He’s Used A Wooden Fortnum & Mason Presentation Wine Box To Build A Stylish Modern Day, Re-Shaped Ukelele. George Fornby Would Be Proud!

Drinking Wine & Makin’ Music At The Same Time Sounds Very Harmonious. Has Other Tips On How Recyclin’ Beer & Wine Bottles Can Help Strike The Right Note And Could Even Help Keep Beverages Cold .

The Grenada Chocolate Company & Sail Boat Chocolate

The Grenada Chocolate Co. Practices Ethical Shippin’

Single Origin, Farm To Store, & Sailboat Chocolate

Artisan Chocolate Producer The Grenada Chocolate Company (GCC) Is Focused On Lowerin’ Travel Emissons & Operates Its Unique “Tree To Bar” Production’ Process, Whereby Its Chocolate Is Produced In Grenada Where Organic Certified Cocao Beans Naturally Grow.

The Company Roasts Them & Liquifies Them Into Chocolate. It Then Wraps & Packages Them Themselves. This Ensures They Have “Single Origin” And “Farm To Store” Provenance. The Beans Are Processed In A Solar Powered Factory. And Packaged Usin’ Recyclable Packaging.

They Also Operate Ethical Shippin’ By Supplyin’ What They’ve Branded ‘Sail Boat Chocolate’ Which Is 99% Emission-Free. By Law Certain Maritime Vessels Must Have Some Marine Diesal Fuel As An Emergency Contingent Hence The Company Maintains The Highest Possible Minimal Emission Status. They Achieve This Virtual 100% Zero Emissions Status By Usin’ Sailboats, Horse & Cart And Ultimately Fortnum & Mason’s Own Electric Vans. Basically They’ve Stepped Away From Mass Production, Become More Bespoke & Investined In A Simplier Yet More Conscientious Operation. This Is Exceptional, Admirable, & To Be Commended.

Mott Green, Late Founder of The Grenada Chocolate Company Was Interviewed By Sir Trevor Mcdonald In Grenada In 2012.
The Caribbean Based Company Is On A Mission To Lower Emissions
Fair Transport ( Uses Engineless Cargo Ships
Mott Green Tragically Died June 1 2013 Followin Electricution (Whilst Workin’ On A Solar Powered Chocolate Makin’ Machine)

The Former Belmont Plantation In Grenada Now Operates Usin’ So Called Ethical Shippin’. This Short Video Shows How Sail Boat Chocolate Travels From ‘Tree To Bar” & “Farm To Store” In An Effort To Minimize Sea
Travel Emissions And Also Retain Food Provenance

Same Ole’ Same Ole’? Who Profits From Modern Day Plantation Estates?

Earl Gray Has A Lesser Known Associate Tea Named Lady Gray
The Royal Blend

The Company Operates Usin’ The Business Model of A Cocoa Growers Co-operative. Landowners From Developed Countries Produce Their Product In Developin’ Countries At A Fraction of The Cost It Would Otherwise Be. Indigenous Workers Are Said To Be Paid Above The Market Rate (Undisclosed) And This In Turn Is Said To Help Boost The Local Economy.

Although GCC Are One of The Few Craft Chocolate Makers Producin’ Chocolate On The Same Land Where The Cocoa Bean Is Grown They Simultaneously Use A Minimum Amount of Brazillian Co-operative Produced & Milled Fine Organic Raw Sugar, Organic Bio-dynamic Vanilla Beans From Costa Rica, And Organic Soy Lecithin For Emulsification (Smoothness & Shine).

Sadly The Promotional Sail Boat Chocolate Video Highlights That Apparently There Are No Carribean or Grenadian Executives, Within The So-Called Grenada Chocolate Company. Instead, It Depicts Caucasion People Overlookin’ A Plantation, With Caribbean People Workin’ On That Plantation – Which Suffice To Say Is Over 400 Years Old! And It Includes Various Other Images Depictin’ Impoverished Black People. For An Organisation So Progressive This Imagery Seems Very Regressive And Anti-Climactic.

It Brings To Mind The 1999 Movie Notting Hill, In Which, Despite Notting Hill Bein’ The Home of The Famous Annual Caribbean Carnival, No Black People Are Featured In The Movie At All. Why The Writer Richard Curtis (Who Has Worked Extensively With Diversity Champion Sir Lenny Henry Producin’ Comic Relief) Bothered To Call It Notting Hill At All Is A Mystery Given That He Chose Not To Cast Any Representation of The Original Black Community From The Notting Hill Area. ‘The ‘Mangrove 9′ Case Featurin’ A Black Owned Restaurant In Notting Hill Repeated Subjected To Police Harrassment Is One of The Most Famous & Important Legal Cases In Black British History & Police History For Instance But Yet The Black Community Were Just Whitewashed “off The Street”. It Appears To Have Been What Is Known In Movie Production As “Sanitized For A Mass Audience.” It Caused Outrage.

Why The Grenada Chocolate Company Is Called The Grenada Chocolate Company When It Has No Grenadain Directors or Owners Nor Apparently Any Caribbean Executives Is A Similar Mystery.

It Also Brings To Mind The East Indian Tea Company Again. Yes, The Modern Day Production Practices of The Grenada Chocolate Company Are Different But The Postion of The Players And Major Profit Makers Looks Like The Same’ Ole’ Same Ole’.

Imagine For A Moment, The Tables Were Reversed. A Company Called The English Chocolate Company, Bein’ Run In The Country English Countryside, By A Group of Wealthy Grenadian Business People, Whose Sole Purpose For Settin’ Up Camp In The Country Was To Take Advantage of English Resources, Keep English Workers In A State of Servitude, Never Develop Them To Their Full Potential, But Keep Them Sweet By Allowin’ Them To Purchase Only A Limited Amount of Shares In The Company, Such That They Will Never Have Enough To Manifest Decisive Votin’ Power.

We’d Like To Think In The Context of Lastin’ Change For The Better, Especially The Planet And It’s People, We Can All Treat Each Other A Bit Better Than That. We Live In Hope…

Suckin’ The Potential Out of Grenada? Same Ole’ Same Ole’ On The Plantation? Where Are The Indigenous Executives?

Notably On The F & M Website “Stories & Events” Section Sailboat Writes… “As The Name May Suggest, It Has Been On Quite The Journey To Reach Us In Piccadilly.” Actually, More Poignantly, In 21st Centuary Reality, What The Name Suggests Is That It’s A Grenadian Company With Grenadian Company Executives.

Black Entrepreneurs, Millionaires, And Executives Do Exist. We Know Because We’ve Interviewed Them! Because We’d Like To See More of Them Represented.

One of The Associates of This Co. Is Called ‘The Chocolate Detective”. If A Modern Day, 21st Century, Ethically-Minded Chocolate Company, Based In A Caribbean Country After Which It Has Named Itself, Cannot Demonstrably Find, Train, Educate, or Collaborate With, Develop or Mentor, Bright, Intelligent, Inspirin’ Caribbean Citizens, With A View To Progress Beyond An Improverished Position On A Plantation, That Is Definitely A Mystery That Needs Solvin’ With More Innovative, Investigative, & Inspirin’ Dectective Work & Modern Day Solutions. Hopefully It Will Get On The Case With A Higher Level of Equality, Inclusion And Diversity Consultation In Future. After All Future Matters! The Late Founder of The Company Matt Green (Pictured Above).

Fellow Founders are David Friedman, Doug Browne & Edmond Brown.

Click Link To See Interview With Chocolate Entrepreneur Chantal Coady

Fortnums, Like Many Companies These Days, Has Posted An Anti-Slavery Statement On Its Website;

Fortnum & Mason Ambassador, Chef Angela Harnett & The NHS Food Charity

‘Cook 19’ Like Peas In A Pod!

Click Podcast Link Below To Hear How Chef Angela Hartnet & Friends Fed The NHS Durin’ The Pandemic
Angela Hartnett Talks To Food Expert Tom Parker Bowls On The Fortnum & Mason Podcast ‘Hungary MInds’ S.1 Ep.4 About Helpin’ Out NHS Staff With Food From Her Italian Restaurant ‘Cafe Murano’ & Her Food Industry Friends.

Popular Top Chef & Restauranteur Angela Harnett Reveals How Her Family History of Ownin’ Cafe Businesses & A Desire For Independence Inspired Her Restaurant Career. @cafemurano

She Has Italian Roots Courtesy of Her Scillian Grandmother, An English Mother Who Does A Mean Suet Puddin’ & A Scottish Husband Who’s Handy In The Kitchen. Triple Heritage. At Least. Progress!

@murano On Instagram. Served With Pea Pesto, Bream & Jersey Royals.

She Trained With Gordon Ramsey & She’s Not Scared of Him At All!

The Charity Has Many Famous Friends & Has Delivered Over 50,000 Meals To NHS Staff

F&M Are Phasin’ Out Over 70 Tonnes of Single Use Plastic Bags In Favour of Chlorine Free, Paper Bags, With Water Based Ink, & 20% Recycled Material.

They Also Have Bags For Life. Prices Vary Accordin’ To Type & Size With Funds Raised Goin’ To Housin’ Charity Centrepoint. Perfect For Takin’ Away Tasty Food From The Food Hall or Deliverin’ Food To Friends.

Cafe Murano Pastas & Sauces Are On Sale In The F & M Food Hall. @muranolondon

The Store Has Donated Over 500 Easter Eggs & Bars of Luxury Chocolate To Cook 19. @fortnums

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