TheOrator.Press Business & Leadership Feature: Bajan Born R & B Pop Princess Rhianna Sprinkles A Little Hollywood ‘Stardust’ In Crystal Palace, aka ‘The Palace’ As She Visits A Local Barber Shop Called ‘Star Fades’ With Her American Fellow ‘Rock Star Rap Star’ Boyfriend A$AP Rocky, After He Performed Live At The Relocated Wireless Festival ~ July 2022

Local Businessman Matthew Karamera, Founder of The Social Events Platform ‘’ Was on Hand To Help Provide A Warm Welcome As They Arrived Unexpectedly.

They’re Arrival Showcases Entrepreneurship Within The Black Community

After An Earlier Performance On The Wireless Festival Stage, Set Up For The Second Year In Crystal Palace, Rap Artist A$AP Rocky Begins To Relax And Unwind, As Popular Barbershop Owner Nigel Gives Him A Shape Up At His Hair Care Salon ‘Star FadesIn Front of A Large Group of Music Fans.

Clearly Both These Gentlemen Are Supremely Confident And Committed To Self-Care, Personal Grooming & Professionalism. It’s A Beautiful Thing To See With The Fans Outside Looking In And RiRi Inside Keeping An Eye on Things (And Taking Care of Filming) As Her Man Is Sandwiched In The Middle Sufficiently Self-Assured To Take Care of His Presentational Well-Being In Front of His Woman. Long May It Continue.



GoLyv.Com Founder And Smooth Operator Matthew Karamera With Rhianna And Above With Former Hill 44 Cafe Owner Kieron (Right) From Whom He’s Taken Over. From There He’s Launched A New Social Events Pop-Up Business To Compliment His Social And Business Events Ticketing Platform (Which Was Launched November 2021).



Rockstars Rhianna & A$AP Rocky Rocked Up Unexpectedly After ‘Star Fade’ Barbershop Owner Nigel (Pictured Above Giving A$AP A Shape Up) Caught Their Attention With His Dancing Whilst Listening To The Wireless Concert Taking Place Across The Road In Crystal Palace Park. Bob Marley Performed (At The Crystal Palace Bowl There In 1976).

Celebrity Barber Going From Strength To Strength After Taking A Stand And Going Solo

In 2016 @asaprocky Became The First Black Man To Head A Dior Advertising Campaign @diormenofficial

Nigel (Pictured Above Giving Celebrity Client ASAP Rocky ‘A Shape Up’) Is A Shinning Example of Self-Belief, Knowing One’s Self-Worth, And Perseverance Over The Last Few Years He Has Built Up His Own Following After Having The Courage To Leave A Former Barbershop Collaboration After He Felt Working Conditions Imposed Upon Him Were Unreasonable And Unfair. Reportedly He Needed A Little Time off For An Important Moment And Was Not Granted It.

Having Previously Given Years of Dedication He Decided He Deserved Better Treatment Than That And So Left So He Could Do What He Needed To Do In That Moment. Many of His Clients Supported His Point of View When They Heard What Happened. And Within A Relatively Short Period Of Time The Opportunity To Fly Solo At This New Location Presented Itself And With Family Financial Support He Was Able To Make The Most of The Opporutnity. Since Then He Has Gone From Strength To Strength Within Five Years.

Bearing In Mind Rhianna Is Also A Hollywood Actress Having Been In The ‘Oceans’ Movie Series He Has Within That Short Period of Time Had His Movie Moment. So It Just Goes To Show That With Self-Belief, Hard Work, Focus, Confidence, Positivity, And Support One Can Make One’s Dreams Come True. Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining. Sometimes It Just Takes Staying Positive And The Help of A Protective Umbrella To Help A Person Travel A Little Further For The Better In The Face of A Storm And Hazardous Times!

Business Reconaissance Is Highly Important


In An Exclusive Interview With TheOrator.Press Matthew Says For Him It’s Not Just About Customers Walking Through The Door, It’s Also About Knowing What They Like. And How To Better Engage With The Community Itself And This One of The Things His Business Tends To Focus On.

It’s Done Through Building Relationships And Using Data Driven Analysis For Community Engagement. For Instance Metrics Such As Footfall Figures, Analysing Footfall And Footprints, Conversion Rates, Discounts, Yet Driving Sales, And Using Sales Promotions, Being Data Driven It’s About Understanding The Numbers.

Interestingly He Explains That Some Entrepreneurs Like To Be Creative So They Often Like To Visit Different Area’s To Research Different Levels of Business Potential, Competition And So On And So Forth. He Had Long Since Being Visiting The Area And Doing Some Business Reconnisance Even When It Previously Operated As A Café And As It Was Even Being Built.

He Was Pleased To See The Business Being Built As It Was The First One Along This Particular Stretch of Anerley Hill. But No Sooner Had It Been Built Another Cafe Showed Up Virtually Next Door Presenting Serious Competition. So Even Though He Personally Does Not Live In The Area He Knew Alot About It (Not Least of All Through Visiting His Girlfriend Simone, A Local Resident).

As A Regular Customer He Was Using The Cafe Space Whilst Working On His Own Business. But Ever The Entrepreneur He Was Simultaneously Calculating Different Things Such As How Busy It Was, The Customer Demographic, And Stylistic Details Such As Lighting And Ambience (The Latter Two of Which TO.P Believes Are Seriously Important And Notices How Many Dining Establishments Overlook This Detail To Their Detriment).

Location, Location, Location

What Gives Your Customers The Cherry On Top?

Matthew Says Competition Is Healthy But The Question Is How Do You Differentiate Yourself As A Brand?

Through Conversation And Observation He Assessed That The Previous Owner’s Primary Passion Was Property And Estate Agency And The Cafe Element Was Secondary And Only Meant To Provide A Coffee Area For Clients of The Property Business. Then The Coffee Area And Cafe Element Took Over And He Put In Alot of Investment And Hard Work Into (Along With His Business Partner).

But Ultimately Custom Was Sporadic And Too Quiet As The Requisite Number of Customers Weren’t Coming In. The Pandemic Did Not Help. And Despite The Government’s Eat Out To Help Out Scheme (Thought Up By The Then Chancellor Rishi Sunak) Circa September 2021, This Business Never Fully Rcovered, Having Barely Gotten Started.

The Following Saturday Morning After All The RiRi Excitment of The Friday Night Before, As He Was Leaving His Former Business Premises, Based Next Door To Star Fade Barbers, TO.P Spoke To Kieron The Former Business Owner (And A Friend of Matthew’s). He Has Decided To Relocate Locally And Focus More On His Property And Estate Agent Business Once Again, After Having Got Sucked Deep Into The Coffee Scene.

Being Data Driven It’s About Understanding The Numbers

matthew karamera founder & technology entrepreneur

He Said It Was Exciting To See Rhianna Come To The Area. And He Still Thinks It’s A Good Thing That The Festival Has Come To Crystal Palace As It Gives Local Businesses Exposure, Increased Trade And The Opportunity To Earn Much More Money Over The Festival Weekends. He Doesn’t Believe Such Events Should Only Be Staged In Central London. And He Says The Only Problem He Ever Had Was Festival People Wanting To Use The Toilets Who Were Not Customers.

Some Local Residents Are Not As Supportive However And Have Complained About The Noise, Gardens Being Used As Toilets And Litter-Louting. And A Number of Businesses, Including Tescos At The Bottom of Anerley Hill Near The Train Station Got Crowd Sweeped And Subjected To Mass Shoplifting. Plus Festival Goers Complained of Over-Crowding, Queue-Jumping, Poor Security And General Disorganisation. The Wireless Festival Organisers Have Agreed To Do Better, Including Real Time Litter Patrols, The Installation of More Mobile Toilets And Better Crowd Control.

In The Meantime From Tescos At The Bottom of The Anerley Hill To The Triangle At The Top (The Shopping Hub That Runs Along Church Road, Westow Street And Westow Hill) They Too Take A Dim View And Have Tended To Shut Up Shop When The Festivals On. It Seems There’s A Substantial Amount of Public Relations Work Still To Do By The Organisers.

Long Standing Residents Say They Deserve Inclusion When It Comes To Gentrification

Simone Says “I’ve Lived In The Area For Twenty Years. I’ve Grown Up In The Area. I’ve Seen Alot of The Area Changing. Gentrification. So I Want A Piece of The Pie.

I’ve Grown Up In The Area. I Know The Area. And I’ve Got Some Ideas. Something To Bring The People Here. I Feel Like There’s A Missing Element. We Still Haven’t Quite Decided What We’re Going To Do With The Place. But We’re Really Excited. We’re Young. I’ve A Few Ideas That We’re Going To Bring In, But We’ll See What Works.

In An Exclusive Interview With TheOrator.Press (Online, Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, Positive And Male Centric Magazine) She Explains What Happened The Night RiRi Came To Town. Friday July 1st 2022.

“I Was At Home (I’d Just Got In) I Got A Phone Call From Him (Matthew) Saying “Simone I’m In The Barber Shop. Star Fades Get Here Now. Rhianna. A$AP Rocky.” I’m “What? What?” So I Ran Down Here. But By The Time I Get Here There Were Already Crowds Forming. So I Just Managed To Get A Few Videos And Pictures.

Also Creating A Few Videos Was Miss Fenty Herself

In 2015 Rhianna Became The First Black Woman To Head A Dior Advertising Campaign @Dior @fentycorp

Community Relations Matter And It’s Important To Keep The Whole Community Engaged, Respected, Safe And Moving Forward In Different Circumstances

Reportedly Once The Black Power Couple Were Unexpectedly Seen Pulling Up And Beginning To Get Out of Their Car, With Their Body Guards, People Began Buzzing, Increasing General Excitement Began Building, And Crowds Started Gathering, All Very Quickly. They Had Apparently Been Attracted By Nigel’s Dancing Outside His Shop As He Enjoyed The Summer Evening Listening To Music. Next Thing They Were Inside The Barber Shop Waving To Fans Outside, As Security Manned The Doors.

Police However Were Deployed For Crowd Control Purposes And Shortly After His Haircut The Couple Had To Disperse As The Police Were Concerned About The Unexpected Disruptive Nature of The Crowds Which Continued To Grow. But If It Was Up To The Couple They Would Have Stayed.

Reports Are That The Couple Were Lovely, Friendly And Tipped Generously! They Were Clearly Impressed With Nigel’s Dancing, Barbering And Hospitality.

Refreshingly, Despite The Impromtu Police Presence, This Story Does Not Include In This Instance Any Reports of Police Brutality or Police Impropriety.

In This Sense For Star Fade Barbers, GoLyvEvents.Com, The Wireless Festival, Simone, Matthew, RiRi, A$AP Rocky, Nigel And His Customers This Is A Refreshing Good News Story. We Hope It Helps To Inspire More Black Entrepreneurs, Harmonious Social Integration Through Music, The Continued Development of Peaceful Policing, Calm Yet Effective Crowd Control In Such Situations And Continuous Community Investment And Development From The Wireless Festival Organisers.

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