TheOrator.Press Great News Nuggets: September 2020

New Baby Daugther For Athletics Star Bolt

What A Stunner From The Runner

Joy As Kasi Bennett Delivers An Amazing Little Number of Her Own

Congratulations To New Parents Kasi Bennett & Usain Bolt on The Birth of Their Gorgeous Baby Girl

(Monthly Publication – First Issue September 2020)

Olympia Lightening Bolt ~ Born Sunday May 17 2020

Yummy Mummy Kasi, Makes A Model Mother

Happy Daddy Usain , An Ambassador For G.H. Mumm Champagne, Is Feeling In The Pink
…& Baby Makes Three

The Legend. His Ladies. His Legacy.

Baby Bolt Was Born In The Momentous Year of 2020 In The Middle of A Global Pandemic & Social Justice Reform Protest Movement. As With The Natural Joy of A Newborn She Symbolizes Hope For A Bright & Better Future. Her Father Was Born 21 August 1986 & Her Mother & July 1990. Both Have Been Showing off Their Beautiful Newborn on Their Social Media Accounts. Usain Has Official Accounts on Both Twitter & Insta’ @Usainbolt

Usainly Gorgeous

Bolt ~ Bennett~ Baby!

What a beauty. Welcome to the World “Olympia Lightening Bolt”.

Her Father Is A Legend. Her Mother Is A Model. And She Instantly Sounds Like A Superhero. It’s The Stuff of Dreams, Fairytales & Adventures For Normal Mortals, But A Day To Day Reality For The Living Legend That is Usain Bolt.

TheOrator.Press Is Beaming Inside With Pride & Joy & Happiness For Him & His New Little Family & hopes to be covering the family closely for years to come. In the meantime to start, we dedicate this month’s “Great News Nuggett” Section To The Family, In honour of the couple’s first baby, our first edition, and our first baby too.

Usain & Kasi Have Been Together For Approximately Four or Five Years Now & Appear To Be Very Much In Love. Like So Many Couples They Have Endured Ups & Downs. Unlike So Many People They Never Gave Up At The First Sign of Trouble or When Things Got Tough (Sometimes Very Publicly So & Embarrassingly So). Instead They Thought Things Through & Fought Things Through & Stayed Together And Got Through To Delivery The World Such Happy News. That Is A Huge Credit to Them.

Someone Who Will No Doubt Be Estatic About That Is Usain’s Mum Jennifer Bolt (Who Was A Runner Herself…Until Usain Started Beating Her When They Challenged Each Other To A Race). As Far Back As The Rio Olympics She Made Clear In Interviews That She Hoped He Will settle Down & Start A Family, As She Was Keen For Grandchildren To Come Along Sooner Rather Than Later. Congratulations To Her, As Her Wish Has Been Granted To A Large Extent. Congratulations To Granddad Wellesley Too. He Taught Usain About The Importance of Punctuality & Was Pretty Strict About His School Attendance. But It All Came From A Place of love, Which Usain Says He Appreciates A lot More Now, As He Might Otherwise Not Have Got To Where He Is Today Without That Discipline.

Nonetheless, Notwithstanding His Mother’s Wishes, Usain Has Said He Will Not Be Getting Married Before 35. But Judging By How Loved Up He Looks & How Happy He Seems With Fatherhood, It Appears That As Usual He Might Just Be Ahead of The Game.

Signature Victory Pose. Beijing Olympics 2008. He Won His First Triple of The Triple Triples. He Won The 200 m in 19:30 Beating Michael Johnson’s Olympic Record of 19:32
Bolt Returns To Beijing, China’s Capital, in 2015, & Celebrates After Winning The Men’s 100 m final At The IAAF World Championships

“I Didn’t Dream of Success, I Worked For It”

Bolt Is Tall, Dark & Handsome, & Naturally Charismatic & Confident. He Is Considered Something of A Super Hero All Around The World, Especially Here In London, & In Jamaican, His Motherland. As Such He Is Very Marketable & Has Built Up A Huge Multi-Million Brand Over His Career.

He Has The Ability To Draw Large Crowds. So Much So He Is Credited By Many As Having Revived The Popularity of Athletics Single handedly. His Race Celebration Style of Posing On The Spot & Making The Signal of A Lightening Bolt Is World Famous & Practiced By People From Kids, To Parents, To Mascots, To Fellow Athletes, To Princes & Presidents.

Living Legends Together. Bolt & Obama. Olympian Usain Bolt & Former US President Barack Obama Meet In Jamaica April 2015

Why? He Is An Inspiration, A Believer  & Achiever  of Epic Proportions. So Much So Many In The Traditional Print Press Denounced Him As Arrogant. He & His Supporters Rose Above That & Kept The Faith. He Is An Inspiration To Millions of People, Including Business People & Here’s Why. He Is An Exceptional Human Being Who Gives Hope To Others. How? The Unprecedented Triple Triple. Most Probably Never Ever To Be Repeated By Another Human Being For Generations.

If Indeed Ever. He Won The Olympic Gold Medal In Beijing 2008 In The 100 Metres, 200 Metres and 4×4 100 Relay.  He Did The Same In The London Olympics, Including As Part of “Super Saturday” In 2008 & He Repeated It All Again In Rio, To Score A Personal Hatrick. So He Has Won 9 Consecutive Olympic Medals In Total. He Wanted To Be A Legend At What He Does. And He Is. Having Worked Beyond Hard To Achieve That. As One of His Many Legendary Quotes Reflects, Where He Says  “I Did Not Dream of Success, I Worked For It”.

Usain Bolt & Prince Harry Have Become Good Friends After Meeting When Harry Was On His First Royal Caribbean Tour In 2012

In 2018 The International Olympic Committee (The IOC) Disqualified The Jamaican Team’s Relay Result From 2008 After Samples From The Team That Year Were Re-analysised & Found To Contain A Prohibited Substance In Nesta Carter’ s Sample.

As Carter Pointed Out In A Statement At The Time That Substance Was Not Banned At The Time & Is Was Only Afterwards Recognized As Having Been A Contaminate In Many Products, Which CAS (The Court of Arbitration In Sport) Accepts.

I Have Always Been A Clean Athelete And Would Not Do Anything Knowingly To  to risk my reputation or the reputation of my country, or that would cause pain to Usain, Asafa, Michael and the Jamaican people,” Carter said in a statement.

 However The Decision Stood With The IOC Saying: “Methylhexaneamine fell within the scope of the general prohibition of stimulants having a similar chemical structure or similar biological effect as the listed stimulants. Under the then applicable system, stimulants which were not expressly listed, were presumed to be Non-Specified Prohibited Substances.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (“CAS”) has confirmed that the presence or use of substances falling within the scope of generic definitions of the Prohibited List, can be used as a basis of establishing anti-doping rules violations.”

Ever Positive Usain Announced His Support For Nesta By Posting A Picture of All Four of His Team Mates With The Gold Saying: “The Rules Are The Rules But At The End of The Day The Joy of Winning That Relay Gold Medal In Beijing In 2008 With My Team Mates Will Last Forever”. In Doing So, on Top of All His Other Qualities Usain Demonstrated Loyalty. Nesta Had Been By His Side On The Relay Team At The World Championships In 2011, 2013 & 2015. Usain’s Show of Loyalty Says A lot About His Strength of Character, Something He Will No Doubt Pass onto His Daughter.

It Was At The World Athletics Championships In 2009 That Usain Gave One of This Most Awesome Performances. He Set A World Record By Running 100 Metres In 9 Minutes 58 Seconds. Over 10 Years Later That Record Has Never Been Beaten. And Is Unlikely To Ever Be Beaten. Bolt Also Set A World Record At The Same Championships For 19:19 Seconds In The 200 Metres. He Was Subsequently Signed Up For An Endorsement Deal By Richard Branson’s Virgin Media Internet Service Which Emphasized How Fast It Was. The Ad Campaign Was Very Entertaining, Popular & Successful.

Usain Set Two World Records In Berlin 2009. 9:58 100 M & 19:19 200 Metres. Here Showing His Entertaining, Fun, Sociable Side

Jamaican Super Food For A Superhero

Daddy Cool! Daddy Cool!

The Jamaican Hard’ Food & Root Vegetable “Yam” Is often Credited As A Magic Ingredient Contributing To Usain’s Sporting Prowess. No Doubt Baby Bolt With Be Feed on A Liquidized Versions of Some of The Many Yam Dishes Made In Jamaican.

No Doubt Also That Surrounded By The Love of Her Mother & Father, Grandparents, Uncles & Aunties She Will Grow Up Fit & Healthy, Confident & Strong, With A Mind & Will of Her Very Own, To Decide For Herself What She Wants To Be & Achieve, When She Is Good & Ready.

A Brave New World

It Is One of Life’s Great Truisms That As One Life Ends Another Begins. We Are Living In Unprecedented Times Right Now, With Both Covid-19 & The Black Lives Matter Movement Seeing Global Protests & Demand For Social Reform Following The Police Murder of George Floyd In The USA. Given That They Are Two of The Biggest Events In World History, And Impact The Black Community Disproportionately It Is Impossible To Ignore Their Existence Right Now.

As The World Navigates Its Way Through This Period of Great Transition, With Companies Looking Into Their Past & Making Grand Gestures of Change & Support, White People Supporting The Civil Rights Movement In Numbers & Ways It Has Never Done Before, And The Black Community Gearing Up To Vote In The Up Coming US Presidential Elections Like Never Before, There Is A Sense of Hope, Change Being Long Overdue & The Time Being Now, Which Will Ideally Translate Into Collective World Progress For The Black Community Such That Our Experiences & Struggles of Today Will Not Be Those of Our Children of Tomorrow.

Ideally That Will Mean More Than Ever Before By The Time The Next Generation Come of Age They Will Be Living Life As Per Dr. Kings Dream. A Life Where Black & White Can Play & Unite & Not Be Judged On The Colour of Their Skin But The Content of Their Character. Not Just Together Socially & In Their Private Lives, But Throughout Society & It’s Numerous Systems That Were Proactively Designed To Oppress & Impoverish Black People & Empower & Rich White People At Their Expense. These Include Banking, Business, Education, Employment, Housing, Commerce, Shopping & of Course Policing & The Administration of Justice…And The Press & The Media.

In That Sense We Still Have A Long Way To Go, But The Babies of Today Give Us Hope For Tomorrow. Hope That They & Society Can Bolt Forward Stronger, Wiser & Better Positioned To Bring Greater Peace, Prosperity and Progress To The World In Ways That Surpass The Past. Thereby Honouring The Fight of Their Forebears, Whilst Living A Better Life That Is Truly Theirs. Where Ready Access To Justice, Equality, & A Good Living Is Something Everyone Shares As Equal Human Beings.

Meantime We Thank Goodness For All Our Little Blessings & Treasure Them & Ourselves The Best We Can, Keeping Safe & Healthy Along The Way, & Working Towards A Greater Day.

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