TheOrator.Press ~ Extra Coverage Special: Jamal Edwards ~ February 2022

In Honour, Recognition & Celebration of Jamal Edwards, A Man of The People Who Connected With Paupers & Princes

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Jamal Edwards Was An Entreprenuer, Philosopher, Producer, Philanthropist, Community Leader, Business Leader, Princes Trust Ambassodor, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Director, Jet Setter, Global Citizen, Son, Brother, Family Member, Friend, & Human Bein’, Unlike Any Other, MBE, “Most. Beautiful. Edwards.” (And Member of The British Empire…)

Here Is The Humble Hero In His Own Words…

Jamal Edwards In His Own Words “Funny, Mysterious & Hardworkin’. May He Rest In Eternal Peace, Power & Positivity. Lived 1990 -2022

We Salute Jamal Edwards ~ And ~ All That He Tried To Do, Did Do ~ & Was Yet To Do ~ Had He Not Been Taken So Soon.

TheOrator.Press Launched Its First Issue In September 2020 After The Murder of George Floyd In May 2020, Because We Believed Then As We Do Now And Did For Many Years Previously, That Constant Negative, Biased, Prejudicial & Deliberately Unbalanced Reportin’ Concernin’ Members of The Global Majority Community (TGMC) Plays A Significant Role In The Mistreatment of TGMC By The Police. This Is By Perpetuatin’ The Grotesque Notion That Black Lives Are of Little To No Value And Thus Takin’ Them Does Not Matter. (Our Vision & Mission Statement Explains That We Aim To Focus On A More Positive, Fair, Non Stereotypical And Balanced Narrative).

As Such We Especially Recognise & Celebrate, That, As A Man of Great Eloquence, Although He Died Young, Jamal Edwards Did Achieve The Goal He Set For Himself, As Reflected In One of His Favourite Quotes (Cited Below). This Particular Achievement Means He Is Indeed Immortal Further To Buildin’ The Phenomenally Successful SB.TV & All That He & It Went On To Achieve.

The Great Legacy of What He Achieved Will Live Way Beyond Him & For Eternity.

As Rapper Ghetts Posted, “Mission Acomplied. Well Done. Fly High. Thank You.”

We All Die. The Goal Is Not To Live Forever. The Goal Is To Create Something That Will.

a favourite quote jamal edwards, son of brenda & brother of tanisha

Family, High Society & More Inspirational Jamal Edwards Quotes


“‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ is one of my favourite quotes and something I’m trying to live by.”

“If we can look at music and culture in the same way, people won’t be told ‘no you can’t do that’, they’ll chase bigger dreams and be free to express themselves how they want.”

Right & Wrong

“Just because something is trendy and popular does not make it good, or right, or beneficial. Make your choices based on what you’ve experienced to be true, not what the crowd is chanting”You are strong enough to see & follow what is good & avoid what is not. Use that strength to benefit not only yourself, but even those who oppose you.”

Ambition,Expectations, Mindset, Goals & Perfection

“Go live life.. Chase your dreams, the only thing holding you back is yourself.”

“Don’t be afraid of losing people, be afraid of losing yourself trying to please people.”

“Expect little from people. Expect a lot from yourself. That’s the secret of a happy life.”

“Don’t try to be perfect, just try to be better than you were yesterday.”

“Set goals so high they demand an entirely different version of you.”

“Huge goals, clear vision, strong mindset.”

Social Media Millionaire Businessman Steven Bartlett Reveals It Was Jamal Edwards Who Inspired Him & He Spoke To The Producer & His Mother Just Days Before His Sudden Death

Within Hours of Jamal’s Mother Announcin’ The Sudden Death of Her Beloved Son On Twitter, In A Statement On Sun Feb 20th 2022, Social Media Entreprenuer Steven Barlett, Posted A Response On The Professional Networkin’ Site Linkedin. In It The Latest & Youngest Millionaire To Join The BBC’s Hit Business Programme, Dragon’s Den, Revealed That As An 18 Year Old University Dropout,Tryin To Start A Business, He Searched For Inspiration And Found It Followin’ Jamal’s On Social Media, Spendin’ The Last of His Money On Jamal’s Book, And Watchin’ His Presentations On Skype. He Said “There’s No One I Looked Up To More.”

Steve Persevered, Became Successful And Developed A Friendship With Jamal. And It Was Only A Few Days Before His Death That Steven Had Spoken To Him & His Mother, Where He Took To Opportunity To Thank Them Again For The Inspiration Back When He Was Startin’ Out. He Said Jamal Had Paved The Way & Given Him A Example of A Young Black Man Achievin’ Big Things At Very Young Age. He Now Says Jamal Will Continue To Be An Inspiration To Him Not Least For His Grace, Class & Respectable Values.

Steven Took The Time To Post His Reply To Brenda’s Announcement At The Same Time He Was Startin’ His 3 Day Sellout Tour of His Live Podcast ‘The Diary of A CEO‘ At The London Palladium. It Is The No.1 Business Podcast In Europe & The Recent Live Tour Ran From Monday 21 – Wenesday 23 2o22 Just As News of Jamal’s Passin’ Over The Weekend Was Breakin’ Across The Globe. Clearly It Was Heartfelt.

Youngest Dragon Ever Steve Barlett Said Jamal Proved It Was Possible For Young Black Men
Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson Worked With Jamal Edwards As A Virgin Media Business Ambassador

Also Postin’ Their Condolences Were Virgin Media Business, Virgin Media O2, & Sir Richard Branson Who “Liked” Messages Posted By The Two Companies. The Former Also Stated That Jamal Was Inspirational, Touched Many Lives & Was One of Their First Business Pioneers. And The Latter Again Described Him As Inspirational Sayin’ The Cultural Impact He’s Made On The Music World Will Live On”.

Another of His Millionaire Business Friends, Entrepreneur Richard Asomugha, Who Remembered Him For His Signature Self-Belief Posted And Simply Posted: “Self-Belief All Day Long” Jamal Edwards – “Rest Well King.

Click Below To See Steven’s, Richard’s, & Richard’s, Posts : (Steve Bartlett’s Post) (Richard Branson’s Post)

(Richard Asomugha’s Post)

A Mother’s Tough Love & Strong Work Ethic

Jamal’s Dynamism, Dedication & Discipline Brought Him Many Admirers In The World of Politics & Business. So Much So He Published A Series of ebooks On Business Strategies (Above).

Jamal’s Strict Upbringin’ Gave Him Focus & Drive Which Helped Him Develop Self-Belief And Learn How To Take The Lead & Succeed. But He Never Forgot His Community. He Shone With Versatility!

Millionaire Businessman Richard Asomugha Has Said Previously That He Considers Jamal Edwards To Be His Mentor & Stated:
“When He Came To My School He Changed My Mindset.”

On Numerous Occassions, Includin ‘ When He Appeared With His Mum on ITV’s Daytime Discussion Show Loose Women In November 2021, Spoke of How His Mum’s Work Ethic Inspired Him. He Said He Wasn’t Allowed To “Play Out” On His Estate, But Instead To Stay In & Knuckle Down, And He Would Feel Bad If He Let Her Down. He Was Very Close To Her & Strove To Impress Her. And He Did So. She Was Burstin’ With Pride For Him.

Loose Women, Tight Knit!

Jamal Paid Compliments To His Mother’s Inspirin’ Work Ethic When The Two Appeared On ITV’s Loose Women In November 2021

In The Same Month That The Hip-Hop, Rap, & Grime Music Scene Celebrated As It Made Groundbreakin’ Progress At The Brit Awards February 2022, Due In No Small Part To The Behind The Scenes Strategies of Music Producer Jamal Edwards, The Urban Music Landscape Has Sadly Most Unexpectedly Shifted Again After The Sudden Shockin’ Death of This Young Rainmaker Only Days Later. The Irony Is Agonizin’ Brutal And Incomprehensible.

The Brits Were Held On Tuesday February 8 2022 And Less Than A Fortnight Later, On Monday 21 – 02 – 2022 Brenda Edwards Did What No Doubt Was The Toughest Thing She Ever Did In Her Life, And Issued An Early Mornin’ Statement Announcin’ The Truly Shockin’ News That Her One & Only Son, Her Firstborn, Had Died, Aged Just 31.

The Statement Was Issued On The Loose Women Twitter Account And Later On The Lunchtime Show The Discussion Panel Chairwoman, Charlene White, Read It Out To The To The Loose Women Audience, As The Ladies Were Clearly All Devastated, But Had Decided The Show Must Go On – In Accordance With Brenda’s Wishes.

Judi Love Made A Special Appearance As A Fifth Panellist (Beyond The Usual Four) In A Show of Extra Support. The Other Three Panellists Were Linda Robson Who Shared How Jamal Had Helped Her Son Louis Explore His Musical Talent, Frankie Bridge And Carole McGiffin. It Was Heartbreakin’ To See Such Sufferin, Yet Simultaneously Movin’ To See Such Bondin’ (Click Video Below).

Loose Woman Chair Charlene White Reads Brenda’s Statement To The Programme’s Audience Monday February 21 2022

Charlene White Read Out The Official Statement Which Jamal’s Mum Brenda Had Posted On The Loose Women Twitter Account At 8.16 AM Mon Feb 21 2022

Jamal With His Mother And Sister In A Fabulous Family Photo

Only Time, Togetherness & Support Will Heal. But It Is A Loss From Which The Music & Entertainment Business, Wider Community & Family Will Always Reel. None More So Than Tanisha His Younger Sister And Brenda His Mother.

Perhaps Some Comfort Will Come From The Numerous Shows of Support Floodin’ In One After Another. Prince Charles & Clarence House Tweeted Monday Mornin, Local MP Rupa Huq Gave A Glowin’ Account of Her Constituent In A Sky News Interview With Jane Secker (And Even Noted His Passin’ In The House of Commons Durin’ Prime Minister’s Questions Days Later On Wednesday February 23 2022). Kanya King, Founder of The MoBos, Also Spoke To Sky, Singin’ Jamal’s Praises. Secker Also Included Her Own Interview With Jamal Durin’ The Run Up To The 2015 Elections. He Exuded Cool Low Key Star Quality Even Then, Explainin How He’d Like To Interview Politicians With His Down To Earth Style & To Get The Best Out of Them.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan Also Gave A Triubte To Jamal & Social Media Was Awash With Well Wishers To The Family, People Expressin’ Shock & Disbelief, And Songs of Praise For Jamal. These Included Loose Woman Denise Welch, Frank & Christine Lampard Also A Loose Woman, Lady Leshurr, Comedian London Hughes, Comedian Mo Gilligan, Big Nastie, Rapper & Documentary Maker Doctor Green, Music Producer Simon Cowell, And The University of East London (Who Last Year Awarded Him An Honourary Doct0rate) To Name But A Few.

The Importance of Youth Centres & Youth Programmes

Prince Charles & Clarence House Tweet: “Thinking of The Family of Jamal Edwards Today. His Work In Music But Also As An Ambassador For A New Generation, Includin His Work For The Princes Trust, Were An Inspiration To So Many.”

Also Amongst The Vast News Coverage Throughout The Day Was A Simple Yet Touchin Interview On The Local London News With A Local Manager From One of Four Youth Centres In The Acton Area Which Jamal Set Up To Help His Community. Jamal Was Actually Inspired By An Event At Joseph Avenue Youth Centre, On The Estate Where He Grew Up In Acton. He Described It As A Safe Space For Local Kids To Hang Out And Where He Got His Passion For Filmin’. A Film Crew Came To The Centre When He Was 14 & Gave The Kids Cameras And Asked Them To Film Stories Based On People, Events & Ideas Around Their Area. A Year Later His Mother, Brenda Edwards, Bought Him His Own Camera And So Began The Development of A Special Young Man.

Edwards Worked As Junior Runner For The BBC & Tiger Aspect Productions, And Was A Member of The On Young Person’s Panel of The Guardian’s New Technology Conference “Activate”. He Was Invited To Film Interviews With Politicians Such PM David Cameroon & Opposition Leader Ed Milliband And Princes Such As Charles, William & Harry.

This Highlights The Importance of Youth Centres, Youth Programmes & The Nurturin’ of The Young To Help Create Strong Positive Upstandin’ Citizens of The Future. It Is A Simple But Effective Strategy Against The Self-Destructive, Negative, Community Crushin’ Grip of Gang Culture. The Whole Scale Closin’ of Youth Centres In Favour of Property Developers, Which Began Under Thatcher’s Government of The 1980s Left Several Communities With A Very Cruel & Devastatin’ Legacy. Now Would Be A Good Time To Correct It. Jamal Was In Discussions About Developin’ More Youth Centres As He Wanted Others To Have The Chance He Did. Hopefully These Positive Developments Will Carry On In The Community.

Jamal Was Also A Chelsea Football Fan And His Football Team Also Acknowledged Him, Promising To Give A Minute’s Silence At Their Pendin’ Match Against Lille On The Comin’ Saturday, Which Ultimately They Did Do.

Charles & Chelsea Pay Tribute To The Music Man With His Own Music Majesty

Before That Saturday Match, By Monday Afternoon & Throughout The Week, The Site of A Local Mural Previously Created In His Honour, Became The Focal Point For Community Members, Well Wishers, Supporters, And Mourners To Lay Flowers, Chelsea Memorabillia And Messages of Support And Be Together. Brenda Was So Moved By The Show of Love That She Went Down There To Be With Them “Rather Than Sittin & Watchin’ At Home”.

She Sang The Greatest Love of All And Hearbreakingly Revealed That Her & Jamal Had Planned To Come & See The Recently Installed Mural Together, Sayin’ At Least She Kept Her Word. This Would Have Been Her Toughest Gig of All. But She Did It – Clearly Driven By Love & Grief.

DJs Also Turned Up Later On And Did A Call And Response Session With The Crowd Rhythmically Chantin’ “Jamal”“Edwards”, “Jamal” – “Edwards”, “Jamal” – “Edwards”. The Crowd Also Sang Amazin’ Grace & Lean On Me.

The Brit Awards, Stormzy, And MTV

A Prince Amongst Princes

Earlier This Month TheOrator.Press Reported How Hip-Hop, Rap & Grime Received Wide Mainstream Acknowledgement, Multiple Awards & Vast Screen Time For The First Time At This Year’s BRIT Awards. Behind The Scenes Music Producer Jamal Edwards Had Alot To Do With It.

MTV (Music Television) Was Launched August 1st 1981. Jamal Edwards Was Born Nine Years Later, August 24 1990. Google Was Launched 1998. YouTube Was Launched 2005. In 2006 Google Bought YouTube.

Age 15 In 2005 (The Same Year YouTube Was Launched) Jamal Was Given A Video Camera For Christmas. By 2006 He Founded SB.TV (Smokey Barz Bein’ His Stage Name). This Was Because 25 Years After MTV Was Founded He & His Friends Did Not See Their Style of Music Bein’ Represented On YouTube Nor MTV (Both Perfect Platforms For Musical Democracy – Which Instead Appeared To Be Discriminatory). So He Decided To Do Something About It.

This Showed His True Natural Entrepreneurial Spirit. His Is Another Example of An Iconic Inventor Moved To Create The Very Thing They Went To Market To Find But Discovered It Did Not Exist, Thus Awakenin’ A Pioneerin’ Passion Urgin’ Them To Make It Themselves Instead. Jamal Felt It, Owned It, Channelled It & Bossed It!

2005 Is Also The Year His Mother Won Third Runner Up In The Singin’ TV Talent Show X Factor. Brenda Edwards Launched Her Career From There & Went On To Great Things In Theatre, Music & TV, Becomin’ A Loose Woman Panellist In 2020 (She Began Singin’ In The Pentecostal Church, Like Mica Paris, And Has Also Hosted Songs of Praise As Well As Appearin’ On The West End Stage).

By 2014 (Within 8 Years of Foundin’ SB.TV) Jamal Was Awarded An MBE For Services To Music.

Now A Music Angel, Jamal Edwards, Founder of SB.TV

As Well As Raw “Street Shots” of Emergin’ Artists, SBTV Also Recorded Studio Sessions, Includin’ Some By An Unknown Artist By The Name of Ed Sheeran, First Recorded By SBTV In 2010.  In 2012, Sheeran Won the Brit Award for Best British Male Solo Artist & Breakthrough Artist.

In 2018 Stormzy, Who Was Also Performin’ On SBTV Before Findin’ Fame & International Acclaim, Won Best British Male & Best British Album For Gang Signs and Prayer. And He Famously Closed The Show With A Performance Wherein He Called Out Prime Minister of The Day Theresa May For The Apparent Neglect of Grenfell Victims. (Sheeran Won Global Success Award.)

Then In 2019 What Made Sense To Most People In-The-Know Finally Happened Sheeran & Stormzy Inevitably Collaborated: Take Me Back To London & Own It (Also Featurin’ Burna Boy). But Outspoken Music Producer & MC Wiley Was Not Impressed. But Stormzy Knowin’ Ed’s SBTV History Was Havin’ None of It, Writin’ On Social Media

‘No Wiley You Know Ed Been Doing This From Early, Been A Real One From Early, Can’t Question That. You Know I Love You & Respect You Brother But Nah Don’t Do That.

Sheeran & Stormzy Are Amongst Many SB.TV’ Alumni Who Have Gone On To Have BRIT & Maintain Stream Success Includin’ Emile Sande, Jesse J, Dua Lipa, Skcpta & Dave. The Rapper Ghetts Was Part of The Ensembel That Gave An Outstandin’ Performance At The Brits Tuesday February 8 2022 (Which We Reported On Earlier This Month).

Jamal’s Life Story & Achievements Are So Dynamic That His Early Passin’ Will Be A Continuing News Story. In Particular We Are Focused On His Business Approach, His Well-Bein’ Perspective In Terms of Self-Belief, And The Youth Centre Work He Did For The Community. But For Now We Will Sign Off As We Started – With A Word From The Music Man Himself, In His Own Words…

Jamal Featured In Various Style Campaigns Includin’ This One For Kurt Gieger In Which We See Him Tellin’ Us A Little Bit About Who He Was

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